The race at Säve in July must have been the last 1-day event for us!? More of this than racing.
Our worst season yet! We managed one (1) quartermile run and one (1) eight mile run.
That's a total of 603 meters of racing in one season...Thought seriously about quitting.

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However, all new problems could be linked to one single source - the
new headers. Ceramic spark plug boots and
NASA hi-tech material
Silica couldn't help. Headers has to be reworked.

4, Säve Depå, Gothenburg 1/4 mile. Did attend, sort of...


July 31 - Aug 1 Bilsport Action Meet. Mantorp Park 1/4 mile Missed it because of no transport!!!
7-9 Linde Open 1/8 mile on their new dragstrip! Swedish Final in Pro Mod. Classes full, entry closed.
14 - 16 TSDS Finals. Sundsvall 1/4 mile (to race Kent! But a long haul up to Norrland again!)
29 - 30 Skaraborgs Streetfinals. Moholmsstrippen 1/4 mile Prepared with trackbite. Well, we arrived...

10 - 13 FIA European Finals, Santa Pod Raceway, England 1/4 mile Lotto!?