10 Years

Trollhättan 1/8 mile in the year 2000.
2010 is our 10th Anniversary in owning and racing this 1996 Impala SS which we
over the years have rebuilt into the much more angry and faster Blackout SS.
Let's hope this Anniversary season will be a good one.

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May 14 Blackrace, Göteborg City V
May 22-23 Skaraborgs Street Open, Moholmsstrippen, Moholmen
July 10 Test'n'tune + Big Buck Bracket / Winner Takes All! - Moholmsstrippen, Moholmen
August 6-7 Bilsport Action Meet, Mantorp
August 13-15 Linde Open, Lindesberg
August 28-29 Skaraborgs Street Finals, Moholmsstrippen, Moholmen

Page updates when we see how the race schedule forms during
the season and what we will choose to run.