Well, it's that kind of year...

High cylinder pressure, voltage drop/fuel pump malfunction,
fuel leaning, detonation or ignition malfunction...? All of the
reasons above or just one? The result was that we
reached an aluminium melting point - A Hole in the Wall(et).
And a year off racing.

Much work both at work and at home as you may have seen on
the NEWS page. If you've been there you also know that it's
more than the regular service to do on the SS
to get it running again.
Moreover, I want to update the LT1 with that Victor E intake.
So keep your fingers crossed, we hope to get to a track
and a race or two in 2013...
Axel said to me "Dad, we don't give up in this family!" :-)

However, we weren't totally away from drag racing:

Click bars below

Tierp Arena

(work in progress)

(work in progress)