Why a Supercharger?
Because it's the coolest thing!

Autumn 2001 - with Turbos in almost every car on the
Mall's parking lot and Nitrous in all the rest...nah...

I became tired of Nitrous because of the never ending
anxiousness over all the bottles, bottlepressure, bottle filling,
filter cleaning, voltage, relays, timing retard and all that.

My Family never liked to sit next to those "dangerous" bottle
bombs on the race trips either. Agneta was really happy when
I told her I would stop using Nitrous and go Supercharging.

I raced Nitrous very successfully already in the early 80's
in my Whiplash Camaro and again with the Impala SS on the
stock LT1. Happy one day, melted pistons another day.
I know the greedy beat.

My mentor, late Lennart "Baker" Bergqvist of Autoshop
Racing Engines, suggested early on the use of an intercooled ProCharger
when I was ordering an LT1 with 1000+ HP from him.

Autumn 2006 - I'm noticing that each year more and more people are
choosing centrifugal Superchargers. I'm especially glad to know that some of them
are inspired by what the Blackout SS could do when the real power finally came
along - much thanks to Jonas Alholt who knew the potential.

OK, it hasn't been a straight forward adventure to get this to work either.
But I'll never regret the choice of a Supercharger - only certain choices and
beliefs on the way which made this project delayed by years
and much more expensive. You never stop learning.

But really, I wanted the SOUND! =)

So why the choice of F-1R then?
Take a look at ATI ProCharger's chart: www.procharger.com/models
Note that my friend Kent Edin is using a F2 on the King of Spades-engine
which Karl Ellwein built for him...