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"Once upon a time there was a Prince with an overall in a terrible color...

He was always hungry and since he also was a little bit confused sometimes,
he could mix up his work with his food.

The Prince worked very thoroughly and sometimes it had to be very quickly...

And he was very happy when he, at the end of the day, looked back on what he had done.

He could do just about everything! He could install the pinion at the exact specs.

And he could do it even on the ring.

But one day he had a Strange experience! Some big name washers were very bad. So he had
to make some new washers at work in high nickel steel!

But the worst experience was when he tried to assemble the Pinion Support with the Strange kit's
3/8" UNC bolts that just went on and on and on - when the Prince used his torque wrench and
some 50 oil, exactly like the manufacturer's specs advised. Could those bolts be used only once???
Then he got really angry and sent his friend Bostic to a shop to buy some real 12.9 bolts! Then the
"clicks" were heard in the torque wrench at 40 lbs. And Bostic was happy that the Prince had
discovered this fault - or else Bostic just might have shot the Pinion Support through the asphalt...
...and that he didn't want!

Now the Prince was very happy to deliver yet another case to a happy friend. This time it's
3.73 gears and a spool and it will come to good use in battles over in United Kingdom!
The case with 4.11 and Detroit Locker differential will follow to be a back up.
This Prince has put together several Ford rear ends to many friends over the years.
And they lived happily ever after..."

Now the 4.10 gears and Detroit Locker is out (left) and the 3.73 and spool is on the way in. Interesting!

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