Dennis Palm - Mekpart AB
Phone 031-70 99 513 or 0707-26 06 28

Dennis "Waterman" Palm is an expert on Industrial Water Jet Cutting and helped
me to quickly make new Panhard brackets to be welded to the frame. He's holding
Chassisworks' single position brackets in his right hand and my own design with three
positions in his left. If I need to lower or raise the rear end I can follow with the Panhard.
Dennis first draws up the brackets in the cutter program.

Then the machine works automaticly. It took 4.41 minutes to cut. The water has a mind bending pressure
of 60.000 PSI / 4137 BAR and the sand is added at a speed higher than double the speed of sound! That
must be the speed of sand? Dennis and his machine can work on any material - hardened or not. And
the cut is even finer than the one of a laser.

I tack welded the new brackets to the frame for last measuring.