Gunilla Lundgren - Teknikprodukter AB

Gunilla Lundgren (or "Gunzilla" as she calls herself in emails, have no idea why?...) at
Teknikprodukter AB in Åstorp is the wonderful person who seems to have solved my
belt shredding problems! This company is specialized in many industrial areas and
drivetrain/belt transmission is one of them. Gates is one of 100 suppliers. I sent
Gunilla one of my pulleys and she quickly found out that the Gates Poly Chain GT2 -
The King of Belts - is just all right for me! "DONK!" - that was the stone
that fell from my chest to the floor...

Teknikprodukter's cornerstones are Technical Knowledge, Punctual Deliveries, Polite Effort
and a Wide Selection. I can verify that's correct! Saw on their web site that they have more
than 50.000 articles in stock ready to ship immediately! Next day delivery all over Sweden!

Teknikprodukter AB can be proud of their personnel that really fulfill their part of the company
profile! Gunilla isn't only polite, she is sharp with her technical Masters degree education
and 15 years in the industrial business. But that's not motorsport..
I began like this: "You see Gunilla, I compete in dragracing, do you know what that is?"
Gunzilla answered: "Yes, I know Tommy Möller a little, he races a Top Fueler. But I
guess you're not using the same kind of supercharger system as him, are you?"
"Eheeheee...NO...ehehee...hihihi...lalalalaaaa la la..."

Gunilla Lundgren: gln@teknikprodukter

This nightmare may be over thanks to "Gunzilla" at Teknikprodukter?