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Please welcome with your responds
to email: bostic (et) vingaland.se

Heavy Duty 4L80E

Built by Kenneth Ståhl of Custom Racing in Örebro to cope with up to 1000 hp in 4444 lbs car! Model
year 1991. Updated. Comes with stock converter. Transmission and stock converter and electrical
harness are with Kenneth in Örebro. All these things 19.999 SEK =)

Dual Aquamist systems!

Dual Aquamist water injection systems, each supporting 750 hp. Set to go into action at preferred level
of boost to cool and to minimize the risk of detonations. Aquamist of the UK are involved in WRC
and many other professional racing forms. However. it might be more useful on turbo engines than
blower engines so it's for sale.
Complete with extra jets, functions very well. Price: 4700 SEK!

Cool SS parts

AC compressor 1000 SEK, condenser/radiator 1000 SEK, accumulator, lines...900 SEK

Brake pads

New in box. 400 SEK.

Smokey/Bagarn/Mökarn induction!

This is a rare special! I had it on my Camaro '67 Whiplash to get cold air under that scoop which was
open in the back - like cowl induction. It's a copy of what Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist made for his own
'66 Nova on ideas from Smokey Yunick and others. I had my friend "Mökarn" (where is he now?) to
weld a complete copy of the model for my Whiplash Camaro. Just a smart way of letting cold air
(horsepower!) into your engine. This one will not be sold for under 2000 SKR.

Fat ET Street DOT cheaters!

One season, thread 4-5 mm. Mickey Thompsson 28 x 13.50 15LT More info on these # 3757 here:
www.mickeythompsontires.com/strip.ETStreet 2500 SEK


Strange US Gear Ford 9" 3.0 never used. Still 4 sale is GM 8.5" ring with 41 teeth, 200 SEK.

Corvette fuel pump!

Corvette 1993-98 Carter in-tank fuel pump. New in box! 1000 SEK.


Never mounted or used. My price: 2200 SEK
• Controls multiple coils on virtually any engine
• Compatible with LS1 engines*
• Compatible with “coil-on-plug” and “waste spark” ignitions
• Can be configured for 2-8 cylinders for “coil-on-plug” applications
• Can be configured for 4-16 cylinders for “waste spark” applications
• Allows the use of aftermarket EFI systems on newer distributorless engines
• Replaces mechanical distributor on older engines
• Retrofits street rods with “coil-on-plug” technology
• Compatible with “smart coils” and traditional ignition coils
NOTE: A crank reference signal and a cam reference signal are
necessary for proper operation.
* Requires conventional 4X ignition trigger signal
Check: http://www.azspeed-marine.com/faedeldi.html

Studs 12 x 1,5 mm

Original SS. Used but fine. 250 SEK

New 4L60E Trans oil tray

Aluminium. With gasket. New, never used. 300 SEK.

Camaro '67 stuff!

Original Camaro 1967-68 RS gas cap 300 SEK Congratulations Vesa!
Original Camaro 1967-68 aluminium fender lower panels.

SS Spoiler

SS 3-piece front spoiler plastic, NEW! Swedish kronor 1100 SEK

SS Swaybar

SS original swaybars front and rear - both for 2000 SEK
SS Hotchkis hollow swaybars 1 7/16” front and 1 3/8” rear w. poly bushings both Sold

Just notes from the top of my head of other things 4 SALE
until I can write any informative ads and include any
prices and pictures:

* Boxes of Pennzoil 10W-40 half synthetic engine oil...or maybe I'll keep it. =)
* Aluminium drum for TH400, welded with small cracks, 2000:-
* SS misc inner front body parts in plastic
* SS original A/C radiator - SKR 1000:-
* SS original A/C accumulator and misc. connections - SKR 900:-
* SS original swaybars front and rear - both SKR 2000:-
* SS original stainless exhaust system 2500:-

More more more...please be back.

Heavy Fashion!

The Limited Edition T-shirt and hat! Join the Blackout Fashion Group!

The front. Sizes: Kid 140 cm (4.6 feet) - S - L - XL - XXL
I'm sorry but please note that only L and kids sizes are left.
No hats left either.
I'm planning for Generation II of Blackout Fashion Design...

The back. Not printed on the kid size t-shirts.

The modern hat with hard, bent peak and the Blackout embroidery. Velcro adjusted.
SStreamliner! One size fits all.

Price examples in USD outside Sweden:
1 t-shirt 20.00 + postage 5.00 + PayPal fee 2.00 = total USD 27.00
2 t-shirts 40.00 + postage 10.00 + PP fee 4.00 = total USD 54.00
1 hat 18.00 + postage 5.00 + PP fee 2.00 = total USD 25.00
1 t-shirt + hat 38.00 + postage 10.00 + PP fee 4.00 = total USD 52.00
I am sorry about the costs for the Swedish postage and also the
PayPal-fee but there is really nothing I can do anything about.

Inom Sverige:
1 t-shirt kostar 150 kr plus postens kostnader.
1 hatt kostar 130 kr plus postens kostnader.
Vi säljer även på de tävlingar vi besöker. Vi ses!

Any interest, please contact:
anders.envall (at) vingaland.se


Chris Nickell in Illinois, USA, made a series of these unique A-arms for B-body in tubular mild steel!
I sure got a set up, but n
ever mounted them on Blackout SS, so many other things had to be done
first. I just sold them (March 2013) to Martin Franco in LA so they where shipped back to USA. He will
use them on his crazy built SS "Painkiller". More about that later...

Also my "Space age drive shaft" is gone! Well, I needed it back to my SS.
Carbon fiber drive shaft with 1350 u-joints and Strange yoke for TH400 / 4L80E. Built to handle high
torque + heavy weight + length. This model has passed SFI test at 2800 Ft/lbs torque. Back-up drive
shaft going away because I have no use for it, one is enough. Price: 5800 SEK

Misc. LT1 induction parts. Also had stock valve covers...

I'm sorry, both the rear and front bumper skins are sold!

Impala SS 1996 OBD II PCM (tuned by Ed Wright) In it's plastic box.

Metco Instant Center brackets. A quick and not so expensive way
of changing your Instant Center in your B-body for better traction.

Extreme tires. New, never used Kumho Ecsta SPT 255/50ZR17
(original SS dimension) ZR Speed Rated.

Damn good Hoosier 29.0/10.0-15. 4 mm rubber.

The World Record caravan trailer went away too cheap. As most
of the things I sell.

Original Impala SS springs. They sounded "boink boink" if you
dropped them on the floor!

Aeromotive GM LT-1 Fuel Pressure Regulator, 30-70 psi,
rRed Anodized, Fits directly on fuel rail.

Edelbrock Victor Ram 2-R for 4500 carb. Not manufactured anymore!

Complete set 20 pcs Weld Racing closed end XP series extra long
duplex nut. 12 mm x 1,5 Hex: 7/8" Shank length: 44 mm / 1 11/16"
PN: Weld 601-1912.

Computech Race Air weatherstation. Collects all data needed. Can
be connected to computer program. Almost never used.

Ford 9" third member: 4.11:1 std gears, 35 splines, Strange 3.250"
bore N-case, Detroit Locker. Strange 1350 yoke. Never driven.
This Prince assembled it! Back-up going away, have no use for it.

We're fitting the new 2" primaries custom made headers for my car
these days... And this means that my dear fine Quad1 headers are
for sale! Remember, I don't sell them because they've let me down in
any way, I sell them because I need THAT LITTLE EXTRA POWER
in the never ending chase in the total Impala SS performance
of the World! =)

Impala SS original rear spoiler

This reliable anabolic steroids friend is now for sale against his will!
If you're not pushing over 800 horses this one will last for a long time!
Read more about this super rear end here: REAR_END_MENU

Gotta have a rollbar when going quicker than 12.00 seconds on the
strip! If you're not planning to go quicker than 10.00 this 4-point is
for you. Tailormade for Impala SS. Bolts in - bolts out. 1 3/4" x .083
chrome moly and yes, it is also chromed! Only 19.7 kg!

Mark Williams carbon fiber drive shaft. Made for high torque high
weight. Another concern was the quite long Center-to-Center length
of 55.11" (1400 mm) which an Impala SS have with the rearend
moved 3/4" backwards. Weight: 18,7 lb (8.5 kg) 1350 U-joints.
An expensive beauty, but cheaper than two in aluminium...

"Moses" - Extra Prima 355 ci LT1 engine originally in Blackout SS!
Will soon scream on a dragstrip again!

This is the strongest 4L60E you ever have seen! All possible mods
done. It is built to take on up to 900 HP. I've changed to the big
brother truck transmission 4L80E so I have to sell this transmission.

Any interest, please contact:
anders.envall (at) vingaland.se