Smokey Yunick will always inspire

This photo is taken on North Beach Street in Daytona Beach, Florida about the same time as Smokey
passes away in May 2001. My last visit was too late.

July - 2009

Bye bye!

We moved in here in April 2005 after a whole winter's work to finish it. Now we move the Impala SS and
equipment to TCDGIT - our garage at home and will convert from Members to Hangarounds of TBDGIT.
I'm sure we will meet Tommy AGA Olsson and Patrick Wikström and team as often as before. TBDGIT
is not a place, it's a state of mind. An era ends - a new starts. Thanks buddies for all the laughters!
Of course, a very sad moment in a way, especially if you look back - scrolling down:

March 17 - 2008

What kind of door is this?

Are there more people, or is it just me who wants pizza when seeing an opening like this? Or an egg?
The Classic Pizzeria Arc Gate is now to be seen and walked through in TBDGIT thanks to our
retro designer Tommy Aga!

It shows that Tommy has been here a lot this winter...I guess it's him because I haven't been able to be
here so much myself thanks to all the daily work at Dockhouse. I'll be back in April!

The kitchen will be just fabulous even if I personally think it takes too much space from the storage
space behind the wall to the right. But I guess we'll manage...
And Thanks Tommy for all the work you do in our garage!

December 8

Stylish 2nd floor

Someone is still building on the second floor in TBDGIT during the nights!? It seems like we're gonna
have a nice fence in natural wood bars and polished Stainless. True Scandinavian simplicity style
but with a twist of hangman's Wild West closer to the ceiling! This "Tomte" who is creating this when
everybody else sleeps, must have a degree in styling?

November 30
And now what?

Someone is building on the second floor during the nights!? And the new Stairways To
Heaven isn't even finished... Who can that be? Tomten?

October 28 - November 4

Wow! Tommy Aga has started to build our new Stairways To Heaven. Looking good. Thanks Tommy!
Now he has painted it AGA red, a color in which we have painted many things in our garage.

September 26

TBDGIT proudly presents

The Great Lathe!

We now have a lathe in TBDGIT, and a BIG one! A Köping in very good condition and with complete
everything! Not your ordinary Black & Decker. Christmas came early in 2007! Hugs and kisses Tommy!

The best there is! Köping! Dig it!
Jonas Mr Al Holt fell on his knees and prayed "I buy it!"

"The lathe is an ancient tool, dating at least to the Egyptians and, known and used in Assyria,
Greece, the Roman and Byzantine Empires.
The origin of turning dates to around 1300 BC
when the Egyptians first developed a two-person lathe..."

I just love WIKIPEDIA

June 6

I asked my very handy and practical wife Agneta if she could help us out and make the clinker bricks
floor in our new bathroom in TBDGIT, since she just finished the work with our laundry room at home.
-Of course, she said and brought her own cutter and after a couple of hours it was finished...

Wow! She will make the edging of 1/3rd bricks when wallpaper is done.
Tommy and his daughter Theresia made the choice of these fine clinker bricks, which are more
greyish in real life than in this capture.

June 5

Tommy prepared the floor with moist stopper / wet blocker (or what the right English word would be?)

Multi-skilled Tommy "AGA" Olsson is always doing some work with the garage.

June 2

Bathroom - Week 2

Look how nice they're doing it, Tommy Aga and Christoffer Brådfors! It's not an indoor shed, it'll be a
fully integrated bathroom with all the wetroom necessities, right kind of floor and everything that the
official Swedish building rules demands!

Spotlights and special gypsum floor boards. Nice!

May 22

Bathroom - Day 2

Christoffer totally exhausted after an evening of good, hard work! Only a 5 minute break for coffee.

May 21

TBDGIT suddenly towards civilization!

Finally we decided to hire a professional carpenter - Christoffer Brådfors - to have this bathroom done on
second floor! We always thought - and believed - that we should do it ourselves, on some
"spare time" Ha! =) In the forefront Tommy's Easter Cadillac Sedan De Ville (Later They Wanted)...

Serious amount of material is already in place thanks to our terrific fork lift.

However, Tommy did already pre-prepare for it when we built the garage, with electricity, water plumbing
and drain plumbing. Now we'll soon have WC, water heater, wash and a shower. After that we'll go
forward with our kitchenette, fika-table and chairs, sofa-bed etc.
This project will of course help our every long day garage life but also be to great satisfactory at all our
future parties when we don't need to rent those awful Utedass, Bajamaja, Porta Porti or
in straight English - Shit Happens...

April 30 2007

Chilling out Walpurgis (Valborg)

It was very hectic in TBDGIT today.

At least I got five hours over the day beginning to take out engine and transmission.

Then we had a small party just for ourselves. Not all of us were home, Agneta and Axel are at
the cottage this week while I'm working with the Blackout SS. But the rest of us took
advantage of our garage again and had an easy Walpurgis spring celebration.

The Swedish tradition is called Valborg, check interesting facts here: WALPURGIS NIGHT

Tommy had an excellent bar-b-q on the outside where he also recently had these three new
lamps mounted. It will be possible to work on the cars outside on dark warm nights.
Top Fuel Thore shows how he will carry out one of the toolboxes. I think.


Of course also Team OFAB Thriller began to assemble parts into the newly powder painted
Pro Mod Camaro chassie. What was the first part that went in?

Yea. It's a raggerbile!

September 2 2006

The Crazy Razy Crayfish Party!

Start signal! Revving race cars arrive directly from the street to the doorstep!
Frank Gudmundsen in his 500 ci AA/A Comp Trans Am and Michael Karlsson in his 1915 cc VW!
Applauses and cheers! That certainly got all hearts pumpin' and the spirits high! IT'S PARTY TIME!

All about the parties here: >Parties

July 1 2006

Bar-b-que, drag racing and loud music match well together.

Agneta and Tommy doing the math. Figuring out the diameter of a balancer knowing the circumference
only. Agneta used one life line when calling her daddy Thore Roth. The answer was 8 inches. Cheers!

It should be like this always.

We made a 40,2 meter long dragstrip (1/10th of the full length quartermile) and during the evening the
kids developed an advanced handicap system, even if Niclas seemed to bug the system since he was
going quicker and quicker...

Niclas Wikström's cool bike. My God what he pedaled all evening, without getting tired as well.

Top Fuel Thore helped Axel to do a burnout.

Simon Wikström always had to give handicap.

Brasil out after an exciting game versus France in the World Cup! Who could ever imagine that?

"We live here"

May 8 2006

Finally the SS-art is decorating my corner at TBDGIT - The Best Damn Garage In Town! I got it from
Uncle Rick "LoveSS" in Atlanta at the SSHS5-race in November 2005. Take a look here!

July 18 2005

Sweet summer nights!

June 24 - Midsummer Party 2005

We had a sunny Midsummer Party in our garage. More pics later. Click this one to see a mega-version!

May 22 2005

This half of the garage has been very busy the last it
to enjoy close up.

Anxious moments! New motor start up. Oil? Temp? Fuel pressure? Ignition? KP leaning over engine,
Tore walking around and around car in search of anything. They've been working around the clock this
weekend! But everything's perfect. Good luck at Pro Mod Series opener at Santa Pod next weekend!

May 12 2005

At last! The Impala SS in its place in the Best Damn Garage in Town! We've painted the ceiling and
Tommy installed the electrics for the fluorescent lamps and then it was Go Ahead!
A lot of space around the car, all doors could be opened and still a lot of space.

Blackout SS and I just love this place! Now we want to have the company of Tommy and his giant
Lincoln Mark V called The Great White. Click image to see the Big picture!

May 7 - 2005

It takes time even if we are 4 people on it with all kinds of brushes and rollers. And it is TWO times...

May 3 - 2005

Ulf made the second floor today in very good speed! Next step is the ceiling underneath and fluorescent
lamps and the stairs which we decided to have on the wall. Click this picture to see a larger one!

Tommy is finished with the Workbench of his Dreams! Is there a competition for Workbenches....?

May 2 - 2005

Regarding how careful they would be with their new bench - I was wrong!
Everything - and everybody - were on the bench tonight as they
mounted Patrick's tool wall panels. And engine all over.

April 30 - 2005

Patrick back in town, eager to join us in all the happy work in TBDGIT. He and Goofy boarded their
Pro Mod workbench (double the length of Tommy's and mine) and topped it with stainless.

What can you say? Stainless is stainless. But I know how it will sound from this part of the garage:
"NO NO! CAREFUL WITH THE BENCH!!! They will probably work on the floor.

April 28 - 2005

What a happening! At last we have the second floor! The two Swedish snickers (carpenters) to the far
right built this in one day! We don't know exactly how they did it but we are sure that they must have had
some terrific fika along the day! Now we will build the stairs, floor, walls, restroom, store etc. ourselves.
Click the pictures to get really BIG versions!

From Tommy's Lincoln corner. Click it!

Second floor. Spacious!

Ulf "Goofy" Shöllin is not only an OFAB Pro Mod team member, he is
also a carpenter which you find out very quickly on an evening
like this! Tommy is curious of my MDF boarding solution...

I chose to use a laminate floor on top. I believe in a hard surface. If broken it can be changed (no glue).
And I wanted a pale color to make all work easy so I chose Björk - Birch. I'm from Umeå you know - the
Town Of Birches (there are 3000 birches in that town!). I'm happy but I just love Tommy's racebench!

April 27 - 2005

We painted our work benches last night. Tommy boarded his bench and then he and Ulf had a lot
of trimming to do. After that they nailed a layer of fine Swedish Masonite fiber board to get an even
surface. I've chosen a much more lazy solution, an MDF-board.

Very Hot Rod! Tommy found this kitchen plastic floor on a roll at Hornbach's. In this environment it
of course turns into RACING extra ordinary! He glued this mat onto the Masonite. Micke Westberg,
who is the manager for Lars-Inge Johansson's Pro Mod '66 Chevelle station wagon, came by and had
good ideas on the trimmings. I love Tommy's Racing Bench, but I will have another design.

April 24 - 2005

The Pro Street side! Tommy has welded work benches for all of us and he has put air pressure outlets
everywhere! And electric sockets. Next step is to paint the benches, bolt them to the floor and making
the top boards for them and mount the wises and tool wall panels. And soon we'll have the
second floor above us. Thanks Tommy! Click it for a little larger picture!

March 20 - 2005

It can't be luck only... Patrick's awards from his Pro Mod career so far (some are still at home!)
Tommy "Aga" Olsson is the 1st interior designer in our garage and is always getting something done.
We're still awaiting the professional carpenter team to help us to make the second floor on the other side.

While "Top Fuel Thore" and "Goofy" enjoy socializing with some black
coffee - as the rest of us - Tommy is working working working with
the garage. Now he's doing the water and the electrical, and still
has the time to be very social.

A great idea! Family Bar-b-que at the garage (inside the garage, actually!) We filled the garage with the
feeling of a pit area at the races and it really made us believe in summer again! Annelie Olsson and Axel
were the chefs. We also had a lot of visits during this weekend, the door was slamming all the time.

Hot Rod Hot Dog with all extras, also the "Bostic" cucumber. Have you seen Axel? Nah...last time I saw
him he was behind Patricks Camaro...

January 2 - 2005

OFAB Pro Mod clutchman "Top Fuel Tore" Axelsson was
curious of the garage project and came to visit us.

First test of half the garage. This is the right color of the floor. Grey. Following pictures can show
different colors but it's because of the difficult blended light from outside and inside lamps.

Agneta and Axel came with fika. Swedes need to fika many times a day. Everybody fika.
Then everybody works better.

Fika. Coffee and kanelbulle. Cinnamon bun.

Axel's good friend Tommy let him help with funny things. We moved all the things once more.
Then after vacuumcleaning it was time to paint.

It takes time to paint 240 square meters - 2 times - but we were five painters tonight so it was
only an hour. Moving all our things and vacuumcleaning took 4 hours.

When the floor was covered at last, it was of course time for another fika.

Janusz covered the last spot. Tomorrow we'll paint
the second - and last - layer of the grey paint.

December 30 - 2004

First layer has dried since yesterday, in the first half of the garage. Tommy awaits to begin with the
second layer. Patrick and I were also painting tonight.

Tommy also had the serious responsability as the blender. Drip drop...

Now this will dry until next year before we move all the stuff over again to paint the
second half of the garage. We talk every day about our Garage Opening Party...

December 29 - 2004

The walls and roof are done, now it's time to paint the floor. Patrick is using laser to get the
masking tapes straight.

Patrick and Tommy are concentrating on the blending of the special floor paint. We want grey but
first it looked like chocolate milkshake. It is decided by the gram...

December 27 - 2004

The painting now done to 75 %! We're aiming to finish it this year!?

It's always amazing to see the differences when new paint is applied, no matter where.

"Let there be light"

December 18
- 2004

Here's something for Zeke - the puffing Big Bad Wolf.

The original.

Goofy was painting when I arrived. He and Tony did the painting on second floor.
Tommy and Jaanus were the ground support. I took this picture.

Tonight half the garage will be painted. Tomorrow the other half. Hopefully. It is getting really bright!!!


December 2 - 2004

OFAB Motorsports crewmen Tommy "Aga" Olsson and Ulf "Goofy" Schöllin are filling the walls under the
supervision of Patrick Wikström. Now everything is happening very quickly in the new garage.
The walls will be painted on saturday!

"Hello Smokey!? It's Anders from Bilsport Magazine in Sweden!! I called you a week ago! Smokey!!"
"Yea yea...just wait a little, damn'it!"

November 27 - 2004

The new aluminium port with a lot of windows amuses us very much!

Bzzzz...dink! Yes, we like!

The isolated long wall is finished. The carpenters did a very good job!

Now we have moved all our things into the new garage. Patrick's and my things are mixed which could be
an advantage for me when next season starts? All our stuff and the Impala SS is placed 2 meters off the
walls because still much work remains. To tear down the wooden panel, to fill and paint the walls.
And to build the second floor (on the other side) And to paint the floor in two steps. And more...

Patrick and his youngest son Niklas were happy to roll the Camaro into the new garage!

The Good Guy!
Bertil Karlsson - "Farbror Bertil" (Uncle Bertil) is the owner of OFAB / Orust Fartygsservice AB (shipping)
which is the main sponsor of Patrick Wikström's Pro Mod circus. Bertil is the owner of this building
which the Best Damn Garage in Town is a part of. Of course Bertil is also the sponsor of this major
rebuild! We owe him a lot. You can almost see that Tommy is in love with Farbror Bertil...

Finally together in the soon to be Best Damn Garage in Town! Europe's quickest and fastest Pro Mod
and Europe's quickest and fastest Impala SS. We are awaiting something that may well be the World's
quickest and fastest Lincoln Mark V...

November 19 - 2004

The carpenters have been working a couple of days with the panels and isolation. When the long wall
is completed they'll move on to the short walls and after that they'll build the second floor on top of that
side where you see Tommy talking in his mobile phone. That will be the Pro Street Side for the Lincoln
Mark V and Impala SS projects. The other side will be the Pro Mod Side for Patrick's Camaro.

November 14 - 2004

Patrick Wikström inspects the perfect concrete floor in The Best Damn Garage in Town. He and Tommy have
also changed all the fluorescent lamps in the ceiling. We are waiting for the carpenters to come and do the rest.

October 2 - 2004

The work with "The Best Damn Garage In Town" continues a little quicker after the racing season is over. The floor will be
casted next week. We work on our cars in the garage next door until this is finished in November - December. Patrick
Wikström will have his Pro Mod area over there and over here you'll find a white Lincoln Mark V and a black Impala SS.

On the outside we have a channel in from the Göta river which runs through Gothenburg. This is an large area with only
industrial estates and industrial stores. We can't think of a better place to be.

Inside here, so much has been invented and developed in the automotive business that has affected all
of us. Smokey's place in Daytona Beach is now closed for ever. I felt very sad to be here again in 2001
when Henry "Smokey" Yunick himself wasn't. He will always be missed and will always inspire!