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Some facts. Newspaper article.

Chevrolet ads

First Test drive in Bilsport/22 1994. Swedish.

"The Last Leap of the Antilope"
Last Test drive in Teknikens Värld/4 1996
. Swedish.

Buyers guide on Impala SS/Caprice Bilsport/6 1999. Swedish.

The concept for the Impala SS was already there in the Caprice Police Cars 9C1.
Just add some Cadillac to it.

Model Pia Corneliusson sent these pictures of a D.A.R.E.-promoting police car
that is a 9C1 with Impala SS features! Her friend is an officer and is cruising this
missile in the Los Angeles area. Can you spot the differences? Bad guys can...

The Impala emblem on the rear quarter dosn't make it an Impala SS. Not that SS-grille either. Caprice
door handles and vinyl Caprice seats gives it away. Thanks Pia for the pictures. Next time, bring home
the whole car to Sweden!?