December 30 - 2004

People die every minute! You can help!
Blackout Full Size Racing has given 1.000 Swedish Crowns to "Medecins Sans Frontieres"
to help them work in the enormous catastrophe in southeast Asia. We chose this organization because
they insist on flying over the military dictatorship of Burma to check. This organization is often the first
to reach the area and people in need. 1000 Swedish Crowns is not very much but it's something and
we hope that all of you can contribute in some way!!? You'll feel a little better.

December 30 - 2004

Second layer...Click it.

December 29 - 2004

The walls and roof are done, now it's time to paint the floor. Patrick is using laser to get it straight. Click.

December 28 - 2004

Yahoo! Last night the guys finished the painting of the garage!
This is what it looks like.

December 27
- 2004

More garage porn. Click the picture if 18 years old or older.

December 25
- 2004

The toughest Impala SS in Sweden is built in Gällivare! Anton Matti says his inspiration
is from the Blackout SS, but he sure takes his own project a bit further. Take a look on
a scale that is built the right way: Polar Circle Cars
Updates frequently.

December 24
- 2004

I don't know about you, but I think something is wrong with Santa Claus, or Tomten as
his real name is! I can now reveal the fraud with the help of these proof pictures! In
2001 Tomten (who I missed myself) came in a dress with ropes and snow and was
said to smell whiskey!!! In 2002 Tomten (who Susanne missed) was much smaller
and had a femalish voice! In 2003 we thought that this must be the real Tomten, until
we read Tommy Olsson on his dress!! And now in 2004 Tomten (who Axel's sister
Frida missed) was much smaller again, had a squarish belly and sounded femalish
again! There you go! It must be a fake! But Axel is not sure about it...

December 19
- 2004

Today it was the last day for Axel in the Go-Kart School, with Diploma and everything.
But he had to fight for it during two hours. Some tears. Here he's fighting with
Click picture to get the latest news on this!

BTW, this is the last picture taken today before Gothenburg was hit by the snow!

December 18
- 2004

Why do I think of Woody Allen when seeing Tony Tight?
Click pic for latest report from the garage.

December 14 - 2004

What is a typewriter?
Scandinavia's leading special magazine publishing house in motoring and motorsports,
FABAS - has just released a magazine for youngsters - Bilsport Junior. It is a really
wonderful publication! Even mom and dad can learn and laugh. Our son Axel was really
excited and has already sent in his answers to a couple of the many trivia quizzes.
He also wanted to contribute as a reporter and that was a good moment to show him
what a typewriter is (was). I told him I used such a mechanical apparatus when I was
writing for Bilsport. He was fascinated that it was POSSIBLE TO WRITE WITH IT!
And now he also understands the point in when Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are
eating corn at their camper vacation and they sound like a typewriter!

Every Christmas in Sweden they show a compilation of new and old favourite Disney
cartoons. And there is always this caravan vacation scene. Every Swede on earth knows it.

December 12 - 2004

Now look at The World's Most Important List!

The Bolt-On Masters are surrounding me and my old nitrous performance from 2001 at the Top ET List!
It happened at a chilly Atco's Raceway this weekend and finally Glen "Stumpy" Koenig and Pat Gish
met again after their meet at the SSHS-4 when Stumpy won! Now Pat has the edge with a 12.55
to Stumpy's 12.57. Performed in a thrilling fender-to-fender run! Congratulations to both of you!
Click on the graphic to enter The Top ET List enabling you to read the details on these great performers!

December 11 - 2004

Old news!!

Got a crazy idea, and the officials said OK! So I raced a camper during a lunch brake at a drag race
at Pite Dragway in 1982 and it was published in All Mighty Hot Rod Magazine in May 1983!
It had to be very special to make it into that mag of course...

Hahaha! At last I found my old edited 3rd generation copy VHS of my race with the
camper behind the Camaro in its early iron-year of 1982! Wonderful memories!
Shouldn't be too hard to better that with the Blackout SS...?
Since the clip is quite long - 1 min 48 seconds - I offer you three sizes and two formats.
And if you know the song and the band I would appreciate that information!

Please perform a "Right Click - Save Target As" to save our server from traffic break down...

Windows 256 KB
Quick Time 256 KB

Well, these following links don't work yet. Give me a couple of violent nights and I'll fix it!

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Windows 1000 KB

Quick Time 512 KB
Quick Time 1000 KB

December 4 - 2004

Should I laugh or should I cry? Very good friend Stumpy sent a mess about very good
friend Karl Ellwein who once again cuts ET and increases MPH with his Nitrous 383
Impala SS! That moves Karl in front of me on the Most Important List in the World
and puts me down to the # 8 spot. *Sigh* Of course I'm laughing, we are super happy
for King Karl and I was waiting for it. Karl is very skilled in what he does and he is dedicated.

So is Stumpy. He ran a 12.61 @ 105 MPH putting himself in # 1 Position for "Bolt On"-
Impalas, far ahead of the competition! I'm am very glad I gotten to know them both and I look
forward to meeting them next summer again! And then 10.6's won't stop the Blackout SS...
Your friends the Pro Mod Team OFAB Motorsports and Kenneth Feldthusen,
Northrace and Tony Tight and our family salute you Karl and Stumpy!

December 2 - 2004

OFAB Motorsports crewmen Tommy "Aga" Olsson and Ulf "Goofy" Schöllin are filling the walls under the
supervision of Patrick Wikström. Now everything is happening very quickly in the new garage. The walls
will be painted on saturday! Click on any of the garage-pictures here at NEWS to get to the recent
garage history and all the pictures.

November 27 - 2004

Finally together in the soon to be Best Damn Garage in Town! Europe's quickest and fastest Pro Mod
and Europe's quickest and fastest Impala SS. We are awaiting something that may well be the World's
quickest and fastest Lincoln Mark V... Click the picture to get more of today's pictures!

November 25 - 2004

A picture from Lennart "Bagarn" at Autoshop who says:
"Please stage Jerry so I can go and call Callies and ask them about Bostic's new crank"

November 21 - 2004

At last! Axel has begun the Karting school at Team 13. Click it to see more!

November 20 - 2004

Since the computer is fixed and the broadband connection to the server is working at
I will have more time to update the SSite - at least until the garage is completed
and I can start to work with the Impala again (...a week before the first race...?)
So, among many things I've put in more pictures in the Parties section and have put
some of Dales photos from Bonneville on his page at the Thanks-section.
More will happen.

November 19 - 2004

The carpenters have been working a couple of days with the panels and isolation. When the long wall
is completed they'll move on to the short walls and after that they'll build the second floor on top of that
side where you see Tommy talking in his mobile phone. That will be the Pro Street Side for the Lincoln
Mark V and Impala SS projects. The other side will be the Pro Mod Side for Patrick's Camaro - the
fastest and quickest Pro Mod in Europe. Click it!

November 14 - 2004

Patrick Wikström inspects the perfect concrete floor in The Best Damn Garage in Town. He and Tommy have also
changed all the fluorescent lamps in the ceiling. We are waiting for the carpenters to come and do the rest. Click it!

November 7 - 2004

Good bye Dear Moses! Thanks for all the fun! Jonas Wiborg from Linköping
bought my original LT1, the 355 Moses which I raced 2000-2002. Jonas had
a nitrous meltdown in his own engine in his 1995 DCM SS. I hope that Moses
will do a better job. This "stock" engine gave me a 12.57 sec timeslip but that
was before the latest updates with a much funnier camshaft and more...
Can we await lower 12's or even high 11's? Realistic if the hook is there!
Good luck both of you!

November 6 - 2004

The Southern Super Heavy Shootout # 4 in Atlanta, Georgia was won by my first Impala-idol John Rafteseth. Runner up
was my latest Impala-idol King Karl Ellwein. 10.6 to 10.9 sec. John put down an early 10.29 just to rumble and then
backed off to consistent 10.6's during the rest of the day. King Karl also planned consistent racing so he didn't
experiment at all to cut his fresh personal record 10.88 (bettered now to 10.87) so he kept it to the 150 hp nitrous
jetting all day. Smart racing by both finalists of the "Big Dog" class! Congratulations both of you!
More about this race here: SSHS4 @ Impala SS Forum
More details about Big John's, King Karl's and everybody else's fast Impalas here: Top LisSSt

Look at this beautiful heavy SS racing gang! They thought of me when I needed it most - when sitting at
home wishing I was there with them! SS-racers is a wide spread family! From the left:
Will Koenig, Houston Texas, Kenny Canniff, Tampa Florida, Nabil Guffey, Mechanicsville Maryland,
Karl Ellwein, Southern Maryland, Gene Zebley Georgia, James Wallen, Orlando Florida.

More sharp dressed people and things here: Blackout Fashion Group

October 29 - 2004

Our friend Lars-Inge Johansson and his crew manager Micke Westberg visited our town for a sponsor
activity in an AmPro Tools display at the new Swedol warehouse in Gothenburg. Free hot dogs!
Of course we were there. Of course Axel had to drive the Pro Mod '66 Chevelle Station wagon.

October 2 - 2004

The work with "The Best Damn Garage In Town" continues a little quicker after the racing season is over. The floor will be
casted next week. We work on our cars in the garage next door until this is finished in November - December. Patrick
Wikström will have his Pro Mod area over there and over here you'll find a white Lincoln Mark V and a black Impala SS.

On the outside we have a channel in from the Göta river which runs through Gothenburg. This is an large area with only
industrial estates and industrial stores. We can't think of a better place to be.

September 30 - 2004

Barolo or Brunello? I had to go to Bologna, Italy for
some serious wine testing. So I'm sorry that my
report from the last race at Santa Pod is late.
But now you'll find it at > Races 2004.
Hm...well I choose Barolo. I think?

September 14 - 2004

We're just home again from our vacation to the United Kingdom and the European
Finals at Santa Pod. I'm still working on the material for > Races so it will kind of look
good for us even if it was terrible. That takes time so meanwhile glue your eyes to our
good neighbor on the ferry over to England - an Alfa Romeo Montreal V8.

August 22 - 2004

Five time (!) Speedway World Champion Tony Rickardsson from Avesta, Sweden joins
Blackout Full Size Racing Fashion Group in a pretty undramatic meet at the
Grand Prix race at Ullevi in Gothenburg!

However, the race itself was dramatic! Of course Tony won many heats, like this one,
but finished "only" third in the Final. More:

August 20 - 2004

In the mail today! We are really longing for this highlight of the year, and our vacation. We're going with
the ferry on the September 2nd to Newcastle, then we'll cruise the Blackout SS up north in Scotland
for a couple of days before driving south to Santa Pod.

August 13 - 2004

Finally at a track again! This time Gardermoen in Norway. Testing of new crank trigger.
Still it was Friday the 13th... More soon at RACES > 2004 > Test 1

August 8 - 2004

Too few races with daddy's Blackout SS in the summer of 2004 is getting Axel active!

The whole race was run by only one official! And a real dictator! Wrong color and you
lost. A black (!) car won the event, the driver's name was "Axel Jönsson". Amazing.

Burnouts in the spit were really loud!

Some had serious problem when getting automatic oil on the rear tires!

Black all what...just like daddy!

July 28 - 2004

A black one! Hehe. Thank you Rickard, Therese and Tony Döbrösi!

July 27 - 2004

It's time to move over from gas station gear oils to the best professional gear oil there is. This is what
the Drag Racing Pro's and the Tractor Pullers are using in their axle housings. Lubrication Engineers
Almasol from Fort Worth, Texas USA. Glad they had a dealership in Stockholm, Sweden!
Expensive? Yes, but cheaper than a set of ring and pinion...

July 16 - 2004

I have tried to make it over there for two years and it has stopped by different reasons. Last year it
was close. This time I registered to see if that will help. Now I only have to work to make it happen.
Southern Super Heavy Shootout 4

July 14 - 2004

The change to 4L80E was interesting but not that easy. Sledgehammer and much coffee were useful.
Old news really, but since the site hasn't been updated in over two months because of virus shutdown,
I might as well put it here before I do more about it at the transmission page.

July 13
- 2004

In the hunt for a better tune of the Jesus-motor we'll now rely on an MSD Flying Magneto
crank trigger mounted on driver side. And a heavy duty MSD HVC coil. However the pick
up arm needed to be longer to reach the 4-magneto wheel. Tommy and Tore fixed that.
Sadly I had no time to install it before the first race at Säve - and when ready for the
next race I found other problems...

Just to be safe I opened the cover to take a look at my ring & pinion...

My guess is that it would've lasted 1 more run! Note that Silver River...
Well, now all new parts are collected and I see the horizon again!


April 27 - 2004

A new steel bracket holding the supercharger was made and welded to the frame, this
time guided with the help of a Gates Laser kit - thanks Gunzilla, TeknikProdukter!
Horizontal to the left and vertical to the right. Finally the three things necessary to
hopefully solve the belt shredding problem are done:
1 The best belt available
2 Solid engine bracket
3 Supercharger in absolute straight line to crank pulley

April 17 - 2004

Da beers! - buried in ice! Finally the Blackout Full Size Party 2 was running!

90 friends in black showed up and partied! Åza danced all night. In the background
"Gunzilla" Lundgren, Copo-Anders Stålklint and Tommy Aga Olsson.
More pictures on this page soon: Blackout Parties


The Blackout T-shirt and hat had the premiere at the party

The front

The back

The modern hat with hard, bent peak and the Blackout embroidery. Velcro adjusted.

April 9
- 2004

At last! A 4L80E transmission has found its way to Gothenburg and Blackout Full
Size Racing! Tommy helped me to get the beast from the Postal office (my Dodge
was on another mission elsewhere...). It's already taken apart by Robban who will
build it to a state-of-the-art street/strip transmission.

April 3 - 2004

Burg, Germany. Vesa and Bamse and 2352 beers for the upcoming 2Black 2Party.
It takes a whole day to make this trip to Germany and back, but it's worth it.
Especially together with friends like these.


April 1 - 2004

April's fool. Today Axel fooled his teachers that their cars had flat tires in the
parking lot. He really got'em!

The final result. Tore Axelsson made the mount in 6 mm Dural aluminium and Tommy
"Aga" Olsson welded it to the frame with a MIG, even though it looks like a TIG-weld.
Jesus is anchored!
Well, this isn't the final result until I've brushed and painted a little and Thomas Ödlund
has polished it to a mirror.


March 30 - 2004

At last! At 04.00 AM the turtle is in its place in our newly rebuilt bathroom! Axel calls it
"Kjelle" which is how he pronounces Seychelles where we all saw a sea turtle crawl
ashore to lay eggs! After near
5 months we finally see the end of this bathroom project
in the horizon I see the possibility to continue the work with the Impala...and that
will be a lot easier.


March 6 - 2004

Thinking with the help of some cardboard.

Need to make the engine dead still.

3 - 2004

I like.

March 2 - 2004

Heybaberiba!! The new Gates belts have arrived from my new technical belt drive support "Gunzilla" at
Teknikprodukter in Åstorp! It's not rubber - it's polyrethane! These belts are of the same type as the ones
used by the "big boys" in dragracing, so hopefully this is it!

The Poly Chain GT2 polyrethane belts feel unbreakable! Stiff plastic! It is what we all hope shall solve my shredding problems in 2004 so I can have full boost all the way!

The Powergrip GT2 was only 45 mm but with
its richness of cords it felt much stronger than
the Powergrip HTD, and was, even if I just tried
on the street. It lasted through a lot of
abuse and is still intact.

The Powergrip HTD showed to be their
standard rubber belt and we bought a lot of them.
I killed one each run and never got to see full boost over the finish line...

Excerpts of what Gates Corporation US write about their Poly Chain® GT® 2:
"Innovation for Industry. The powerful Poly Chain GT2 polyurethane belt drive system will outperform roller
chain drives and any rubber belt drive system on the market today....delivering the lowest-cost belt drive
system available... In a variety of tests, Gates engineers proved that Poly Chain GT2 belt drives lasted
longer and required less maintenance than the roller chain or rubber belt drives they replaced. Poly
Chain GT2 drives systems are ideal for applications ranging from conveyors to compressors."

Yes, I will also do a variety of tests...

The new belts were an instant success for the whole family!


January - 2004

Planning to grow from a rollbar to a rollcage...