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December 25

Race report done!

December 24

At last! The real Tomten!

We remember how the early years were...

Finally the real one showed up! We could tell because of his love for his mission!

And when Axel came back from playing Xbox (he missed Tomten!!!) he
became as happy as a seven year old can be on Christmas Evening when
unwrapping one hard gift after another. Like the metal TF from Race Rock!
He saw it when we were there in October and begged for it but we said no
because it's not a toy...

And from Uncle Björn he got a detailed cast '40 Ford delivery with a
flathead. The first thing he said was "I will be careful with this one"
Made in China,
as everything else today. And you know what, the
Race Rock Top Fuel dragster was also manufactured in China...
Maybe we should go together and make a Group Purchase on a
series of Impala SS in China? Full scale!

Wow, now we have light in our bubble bath! In case you think that we
only keep Axel's interest towards the automotive world (which we've
never done deliberately, on the contrary actually!) we wanted to show
his underwater flash light and underwater camera.

Merry Christmas!

December 23

Some of the Christmas cards we've got

Axel's sweet English girlfriend Laruen Somerville sent a very nice
drawing of reindeer Rudolf and also a picture of herself in her
colourful roadster.

And at Klas Insulán and Ann-Sofie Herlogsson's home it appears
that something has happened with their gender roles...or maybe not?
Ann-Sofie is best dressed anyway even if I really like the dress Klas!
(The guitar is a 1965 Guild, model Duane Eddy)

The craziest couple I know. Sune and Nina. Masters
of motorcycle stunt performance!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

December 17


And the audience laughed and laughed.

You know kids. Axel began carefully in the background. During next
song he stepped up next to the girls, watched them carefully and
just copied their moves. I was more and more embarrassed and only
thought about how to get him out of there but he of course didn't
even look in my direction, he was in heaven!

We were having a superb Christmas Smorgasboard cruise on the boat
"Trubaduren" and these ladies worked both with serving and entertaining
us. When I realized that the girls and the people just laughed and
thought it was fun I slowly could manage. Very soon Axel was in front.

The bartender gave Axel a party wizzle which he played like a flute
and when hearing that awful sound in a sensitive ABBA medley I for
one gave up and went outside for air. My eyes were filled with tears!
This was our laugh of the year.

And who do you think got all the dancing afterwards? Yes, the
totally intrepid Disco King from Dalaskolan.

December 5

At last!
Blackout SS unloaded at Autoshop in Orlando!

How to unload a container with the help of a tow truck.

Lennart "Baker" Bergqvist looks happy to be a "raggare" again!

The slicks and front runners finally on American asphalt. Delayed for
6 weeks and 1 hour! See you again in February, buddy, then you
have to tell me about your cruise to Panama you luxury car you!

November 26

I got an email from my friend Samuel "The Crazy Swede" Hübinette
showing his next year's factory Mopar ride
- the new Charger - which
was on display at SEMA Show in Las Vegas!
The 2004 Formula D Champion in USA (and almost in 2005) will
step up from the Viper and will be drifting with this cool fullsize
Charger with a 600 HP 6.1 Liter HEMI instead!
Sam, I told you, I can take care of the back up-car!? You know I've
also been sliding on frozen lakes in my youth!! A piece of cake =)


Webmaster Jaanus at Underwerks seems to have gotten the Blackout
flu as one of his servers broke down when flooded by cooling liquid.
Have you heard about a problem like that before?
As the server is getting better all the time I can update this site.
I've been adding a little at MEDIA and RACES
but more will come this way.

SSHS5 - Picture Of The Year

People category

Sean Alford and his family went to Atlanta to watch the Battle of the
Heavyweights. Wife Kim is a professional photographer and in this
moment their sweet 8 year old daughter Sydney just turns around
to say something when an Impala SS nails a Mercury Marauder.
I have a lot more good pictures to show from this race since
Anders "Al Benson" Albinsson also was at Atlanta Dragway
on duty for Bilsport Magazine! As soon as I get some time...



October 24 - November 11

USA trip with more adventures than expected!

You can follow our recent trip to Orlando, Florida and the SSHS5 race at
Atlanta Dragway, Georgia day by day with both short reports and mobile
phone images on Pit Lane / Atlanta Dragway (click on Menu row to the left).
Thanks Rickard "Hawkeye" Waltgård for your support at home base!
I will try to make the Race Page from this ASAP. And a Vacation Page
as well since we visited the theme parks Disney World, Universal Studios,
Kennedy Space Center and Autoshop Racing Engines.


October 23

Well, the new front bar to the roll bar is welded, polished, chromed
and now wrapped to luggage for the flight to Orlando tomorrow.
Axel, Agneta and Tony will join the adventure on October 29th.
Must tell you, Axel won the Disco contest in school!
He is just like daddy!

Maybe there is a chance that I can land in Orlando tomorrow Monday
evening after all? It depends of course on many factors after a
hurricane like Wilma, what's left and what's working?
Good Luck over there tonight!! And let me have some
luck as well...I have forgot how it felt!


Daily Update at Pit Lane!
Thanks to my friend Rickard "Hawkeye" Waltgård you'll be able to
follow our project day-by-day at the Pit Lane forum! I'm in contact with
him and he just put down the notes. Beginning tomorrow! (Friends and
relatives want to know how the trip goes...).
If I'm lucky (BWAHAAAAAAA!!!!) and make it to Atlanta with the SS
and everything I guess the updates will be by the hour.
Thank you Hawkeye!

October 21

Yes! Another welder in my collection!

I got Jonas Alholt to TIG-weld the new front bar to my roll cage, just
to make sure that Blackout SS will pass the NHRA inspection (?)
I met Jonas because he had 4-wheel scales and knew how to use
them. Since it's well known that he's an extremely good TIG-welder I
also tricked him into helping me with this bar so I could visit his
garage and see his extreme twinturbo 289 Mustang.

Look at this masterpiece!! Click it to see a biggie!

A nice fun guy Jonas Alholt. Engine engineer at Volvo in daytime and
at planet Melmac in the evenings. Guru in many issues. I'll put him
in Thanks when I come back from my US-tour.

Site of the month (half English-Swedish and half Swedish-English and
a whole lot of fun pictures and doings):
Melmac Racing

Just go in there and you'll understand! One of my few inspiration sites!

October 20

At last! Click to get it downloaded!
Right click, Save Target As...
Enjoy a solid Solifer ride good people!

Hey what's going on!? Wilma who?

Everything changed in a couple of days! Suddenly there IS a storm
and it could be
the worst ever to hit Florida!! This is a prediction from
Weather Channel.
I'm supposed to land in Orlando on Monday
and Blackout SS is supposed to arrive in Miami on Tuesday!
It sure doesn't look like it!
I had no idea of the magnitude of the curse on me!

October 15

I just checked the tracking service and the Maersk container
ship carrying Blackout SS to Florida is On Time!
No storms, no pirates so far on the Atlantic Ocean!

October 14

Lindahl Twins at World Street Nationals!

From Trollhättan, Sweden to Orlando, Florida with their ProMod '57
Chevy to compete in World Street Nationals! Lindahl twins Mikael
and Magnus and crew qualified #10 on the first rounds on Friday
with 6.95. Although this machine is good for 6.4's at least.
However they've been forced to put in some 200 pounds in the car
to keep the weight minimum in Super Pro Street class. And
the zoomies are changed to giant headers-muffler things.
So on Thursday they even could take the Race Rock cruise
with this machine! Cool!
Read more about it here:
Pictures from this gigantic cruise:

October 8

Click to get to the MEDIA-page and see what the leading
caravan magazine has to say about our mischief.

October 7

"Out To Shop Racing Indians!"
Alla hälsar och gratulerar så mycket till Er fantastiska framgång!
Svenskt craftmanship går upp i värde många snäpp efter detta!


You make us Swedes back home proud!

Click on picture to get to Engine Masters website where you can read
about all dyno runs!

Safe trip Blackout SS!

It was a fantastic day in the harbour of Gothenburg today when
the container with our Impala SS left for USA! It seemed like the
whole city was out in their boats to cheer the ship!
Click picture to see a much bigger one.
Or click here to get the tracking service...

October 6

Finals tomorrow - and it looks like it will be a fight between two-time
Champion Jon Kaase and our Autoshop's Lennart "Baker" who
has lead all week but in the last dyno-run today Jon Kaase
squeezed by with a minimal 0.67 points margin!

1. Jon Kaase / Pontiac 509 ci - Torque 689.33 HP 596.66 - 1286.00 points
2. "Baker" / Chevrolet 509 ci - Torque 687.66 HP 597.66 - 1285.33 points
3. Tony Bischoff / Chevrolet 509 ci - Torque 673.66 HP 586.67 - 1260.33 points

Spiderman takes care of it!

"Hank" (Hasse) at Nordtrafik, he's the loading and unloading expert.
With him you're leaving your precious things in good hands.

Since it's a 20 foot container and the SS is almost as long, Hank
built a shelf over the hood for spare transmissions, boxes, tools.
And he put up the Swedish flag.

Hank is acrobatic in a tight container. In and out of the car is no
problem - up on the wall like Spiderman!
"Nah, this modern Impala is
not as wide as most other older american cars"
. Here he builds wheel
stops on the floor. All wood in a container to USA must today be
heat treated of environmental reasons, with approval stamp or else
you can encounter problems in the US customs. No time for that!

Can't hurt to provide the customs officials in Miami with some tricks to
make things easier. Like: Stall it to 3000 RPM and then fly! =)

Thanks all of you at Nordtrafik for taking
care of everything so professionally!

October 5

Go West Old Man!

With a month left to the SSHS 5 the Blackout SS was today handed
over to the nice people at Nordtrafik which will take care of it and send
it in a container to Autoshop in Orlando, Florida, USA. Nordtrafik is
not only the largest car transport company in Sweden (three blocks
away from The Best Damn Garage In Town) they're also standing
behind almost all temporary exports of Swedish race teams to USA.
A positive company that always tries to make your dreams come
true, normally they ship their customer's cars from USA to Sweden,
and they will of course bring home Blackout SS later this winter.
Looki-looki: www.nordtrafik.se
Click the picture above to get a bigger one!


Autoshop still leads Rumble after three days!

Engine Masters website

October 4

Autoshop leads Rumble after two days!

Umeraggar'n Lennart "Baker" Bergqvist from Autoshop in Orlando
is doing well in the Engine Masters bench race in New York! The
World's Biggest Dyno Racing Shootout. He's in the lead among
those who have had their appearences so far but there are a couple
of days more to come with stiff competition! Follow it day-by-day at
Engine Masters website

The Autoshop 509 Chevy had - after the three dyno pulls between 2500
to 6500 RPM - an average of 687.66 in torque and 597.66 in HP. That
gave the leading total score of 1285.33 points. You can see in the
reports on the Engine Masters website that it can be very difficult
to come from other parts of the USA with totally different climate,
to get your engine running well in New York. That was something
Baker learned from last year's competition.

Where is the boat?

We got the message from Nordtrafik that it wasn't time for loading the
container today either. Hm...time flies! Anyway, we used the hours
and started to fabricate a front bar to the roll bar so we can pass
the NHRA inspection.

Tony had to do the dangerous stuff, like drilling through the bolt holes
for the cross bar so we could use them for the front bar as well.
Sören "Support Your Local Dragracer" Fjellstedt came by and
thought that was a nice solution.

Well there it is, in 1 3/4" chrome moly as the rest of the roll bar.
It's really a challenge to climb aboard now! Helmet first when going in
and ass first when going out. It's nice to finally have it there but it will
only be mounted at the races.

October 3

The Rumble in The Bronx!

Click on the banner to get to the short interviews with 40 of the
best engine builders in USA - as Lennart "Baker" of Autoshop
in Orlando. He and Birgitta are there to compete with a 509
Chevy in this exciting bench race.
We wish you GOOD LUCK!
And turn it up just a little, little more...

October 2

Well, now the Blackout SS is ready to be shipped to The US of A.
But not just ready not race yet. We'll have to ship it NOW to be able
to fix the remaining issues in Orlando before going to Atlanta!

Final act before actual track testing the new 4-link is the weighing of
the car on 4 scales. Wow what a difference it made! I got local Guru
Jonas Alholt to help me! Click on picture to be transferred to the
Chassis page to see what final weight and balances we had
and what we got!

September 27

Jeezus talks again! Sounding good! No leaks. No stupid ticks.
Tomorrow we'll run on the roads to see if overhauled transmission is
working with the new TCI-harness and everything? If so, on Monday the
Blackout SS will be parked in a shipping container - destination USA.
SSHS-5 coming up in Atlanta November 5th! Wish us luck, please!

September 24

Good man Frank Gudmundsen turned 50 and had a great American
party with everything from a rock-band to a free bar and B-B-Q
spare ribs in the league of Race Rock in Orlando, designed by his
lovely lady Anne! It was also a costume party: Cowboy/Racer.
Thanks Frank and Anne for a helluva party!

Frank Gudmundsen clinched the 1st Place in Swedish Championship
in the Competition Eliminator this year in his Jerry Haas built Pontiac
Firebird Pro Stocker with a 500 ci Chevy. Congratulations!!
More: www.just4funracing.se

September 23

Tommy Aga wanted to take this pic just to show some evidence of
that also I am working on my car. And to show his new boxes
painted in the checkered flag...

Soon back in business, but not soon enough to be able to race at
Bilsport Action Meet Revivial at Mantorp tomorrow Saturday.
Who's surprised? I'm not.
Click the picture above to get the biggie!

September 21

Welcome home! Tomorrow I'll dress you up!
Click it to see too big picture!

September 20

Jeezus is ready again!

September 19

So what's in the English magazines to read about today....?
El Clicko!

September 18

On Top, and Bottom...

Kenneth Feldthusen and Team Northrace were at the race of their
lives, so far. Invited by the hairy riders at Nostalgia Fuel Altered
Association in England at the Shakespeare County Raceway they
became No 1 qualifiers at the Altered track record of 6.78 @ 198 Mph!
People cheered! Then the crew found one main cap broken... Nightly
work got the spare engine in and today same thing happened. "Must
be lack of balance in the new clutch" said Kenneth. Overall the team
was happy for being there and will certainly try to be back next year!
"I now also will promote this gang so we can have the whole
bunch over to the SDC-race in Gothenburg next year" said Kenneth!

Click these wonderful Sharkman-pics to get the fat ones!

Rob Turner

Wendy Baker

Bob Glassup

Clayton Round

Frank Bennett

Thanks Sharkman for being there and for these pictures!
You're Pure Gold for European Drag Racing! Cheers!

Meanwhile Jeezus is coming together again...

September 17

After a whole day of mechanical troubles Team Northrace and Kenneth
Feldthusen managed a 6.78 @ 198 Mph at the last chance of the day!!!
The people at the grand stands were just cheering like crazy for the
Swedish No 1 Qualifier in this Alcohol/Nitro Altered Jamboree!!!
Also, the old Altered-record at this track was 6.92!
And Good Luck in the Eliminations tomorrow!

"Hey Lauren, this is my bike! Do you want to drive?"
Axel wants to show his English girlfriend his bike which he drives back
and forth outside the garage whenever he visits his daddy - who is
reassembling Jeezus for the moment. Last quartermile race in
Sweden next Saturday - Bilsport Action Meet II at Mantorp Park!
Click Hawkeye's picture to get a big one!

September 16

It's him again! Kenneth Ståhl at Custom Racing in Örebro who did my
shortblock this spring! Yes, he's really an expert on automatic trans-
missions as well, even electronics like the 4L80E. He can walk the talk!

This is one of the explanations for my bad transmission, inside were
this original 16-elements sprag, and it has slipped! "The first thing
you do - in any transmission - is changing to a 34-element!"
Done. And much more!

September 13

It's about territory...

Tonight we had an old red Rallycross Volvo PV running up and down
our street revving and shifting and revving and shifting. That was bad
timing for him because a certain Camaro was unloaded from a big
bus at that time and the gate was open and you know how it is...
The Camaro scared the hell out of the old PV when they met on the
street, and when the enormous echo of the blown alcohol 526
Hemi was gone it was quiet all night thereafter.

September 12

European Pro Mod Champions OFAB Motorsport arrived tonight with a
huge trophy which will be the largest of them all in our garage! Missing
here is KP who drives the bus and Farbror Bertil who takes another flight.

September 11

Tommy just called at 07.50 PM GMT from Santa Pod and said Patrick won in
the Semi Finals over the main competitor of the Bilsport European Pro Mod
Championship - Roger Johansson! 6.43 to 6.73. Still it was Andy Robinson to
meet in the final but Patrick took home the Championship to The Best Damn
Garage in Town! Congratulations Patrick and to Roger as well! Same town!!
More details here: eurodragster.com/santapod/live/2005fiaeuropeanfinals

This is the only picture I got of Patrick for the moment, when he was
grinding a weld on a crank to one of his repaired 526 Keith
Black hemis a couple of days before going to England!

I sneaked this webcam picture from the eurodragster.com site. This is Patrick
losing the Pro Mod Final against Andy Robinson. Funny thing is that this webcam
only gives a new shot every 2 minutes and it happened to take this picture exactly
when Andy crossed the finish line on a superb 6.28 while Patrick hadn't reached
the finish line yet! You see the red rear lights on Patrick's Camaro in left lane.
Tommy on the phone: "The track couldn't take what we put down to it and
Andy produced a very professional run. We congratulate him. But still
we're the champs!"

Now we are just waiting for Sharkmans pictures before we can go to sleep.
eurodragster.com Tog's report on the final round:

Andy Robinson 6.28 @ 226 def. Patrick Wikström 8.08 @ 115
Gus (Andy) pulled an incredible 0.027 reaction to Patrick's 0.115, 1.037 to
sixty feet to Patrick's 0.999. Patrick got loose and was pedalling before
330 feet, Gus also moved about his lane but stayed on the throttle
to take the event win whilst Patrick backed off.

"Magic Carpet" well into the 12's!

Vesa Ollila finally took his junkie Opel Corsa with a well tuned 8V
engine to a 12.67 @ 117.44 Mph (189 Kmh)! Even though the Uråsa
quartermile airfield strip was not prepared and he had a lousy
60 foot and wheelspin on 3rd gear and the air tried to hook the orange
carpet on the roof and... Congratulations Vesa for a job well done!

Today it will be decided!

Patrick Wikström is 2nd Qualifier behind Englishman Andy Robinsson
in the 16 car ladder which will decide European Championship
today at Santa Pod. However it is still raining at the track at 9.41 AM.
And almost the whole Saturday was rained out! How will this end?
Follow it live from here:


Meanwhile Feldthusen is going WILD!

AA/A Competition driver Kenneth didn't go to the European Finals this
year because "there're only a few competition cars there anyway".
Today Team Northrace is going to England allright, but they're going
to Shakespeare County Raceway to race the NSRA Hot Rod Drags
next weekend! They are invited by the Nostalgia Fuel Altered
Association - NFAA . "I think running with the same breed of cars
will be much more fun for us" said Kenneth. Good luck Kenneth and
bring back stories, pictures and videos! You can actually follow this
race live at Team Northrace website.

September 10

Three more to thank! Check out the THANKS page!

I have also updated the crank support page with more
info and pictures. Here: JESUS_C_SUPPORT

September 7

Here are some of the things that have to be unscrewed to be able to lift engine and transmission out of
the SS. It takes 2 days for two persons. It is not a racecar, it is a fully functional street car. Soon.
Thanks Agneta who helped me all day until Tony joined in the evening.

Axel also wanted to help out in the garage so his mother got him an
old Opel carburetor
that didn't work at a junkyard. And I can promise
that it will never work again...

At late evening on the Press Day at Santa Pod, Sharkman of
eurodragster.com and me decided to have a toast for Rob Roy
so that the curse on my car would go away. But since I couldn't
even go to Santa Pod this year (thanks to the curse) we decided
to still do it - but via our mobile phones. (Rob Roy)

Rob Roy's glass will be placed in the garage until the curse goes
away. Glenkinchie is a single malt from Edinburgh.
"Leg spreader" as Smokey would've called it.

September 4

He's ready to FIGHT!

Patrick Wikström is nursing his hungry 526 killer engines. This picture was taken this afternoon and I
recieved a message from Tommy at 9 PM that they had started the OFAB Motorsport Pro Mod Camaro
and it sounded very XXX good! They'll pack and leave for England tomorrow Monday and will attend the
Press Day trials on Santa Pod on Wednesday! The team has worked hard the last days to finish
everything and Patrick has worked hardest of them all. He is highly concentrated, a bit angry and he
wants to FIGHT NOW! He's leading the European Pro Mod championship with only 24 points
before this last race, but he knows he ain't getting anything for free. Complete points list here.
The Goodest of Lucks from Blackout Full Size Racing!

I have something new to show you. I've now mounted a mechanical oil pressure instrument to always
be sure even if the battery or alternator or some electrical systems functions goes down. Feels fine.

September 3

Read all about it in Bilsport #19! No you won't be able to read this
funny article here on this site (journalist Gunnar Ljungstedt had luck,
again. Photographer Jarl Asklund is always reliable). I want you to
take your bicycle and go to the kiosk (turkish word) and BUY
this issue and read about how it happened.... OK?
Maybe I'll publish it here, much later. =)

Today we wanted to have a fresh new start before taking apart the SS.
Agneta and I swabbed the floor and sorted everything out in our garage.
For hours. Then backed the thing in again to its place.
Soon we'll just take everything apart again.
Now we're really pissed but also determined! Just watch us!
Don't come visiting us, no time for chit-chat OK!?
Click pic!

New All Time High
This website noted a new record during August:
5272 visitors sharing 19.70 GB!
But April had a whopping 28.87 GB!
Keep coming, there are more to come in our
"Quest for Heavyweight World Records"

September 2

"Then try to solve this!

Sorry, no trip to England!
The dark cloud following the Blackout SS is dreadful!
When the car was ready in street trim last night I was going
to drive it home and then to the yearly inspection today, the
last possible day to make it street legal before going to England Sunday.
That was the plan.
However, I came around the block and discovered that
the transmission didn't shift from Drive anymore.
I can't say I was shocked. I'm always expecting something to happen.

We were really looking forward to Santa Pod this year as we knew
we had a strong contender. And we'll miss you all, Carla, Sharkman, Tog,
Chris Isaacs, John Sleath, Motler Family...
and many more!
Axel will of course miss Lauren.
Next time! Cheers!

August 30

Please register again
Webmaster Jaanus Heeringsson, Underwerks, has swapped to a
better Pit Lane forum because of the problem we had with hackers
on the first one. But you need to do your easy member registration again
in the new forum. And you can still read (but not write) the old
forum, you'll find the link at the new forum.
Hawkeye has also promised to update from our trip to England and
our record attempts at Santa Pod Raceway at the new forum.
Please join in again, and don't miss a thing!
Thanks Jaanus!

August 28

Per Moe steps up to The 12 Second Club!!

Per Moe drove to his old home country Norway this weekend to make
some runs at the Right On Street Finals at Gardermoen dragstrip.
Noted: 13.12 - 13.03 - 12.84 and finally 12.77 @ 106.2 Mph (171 kmh)
Congratulations Per! That moves you from No 132 (ET 13.24) to
No 94 on the Dynamic ET List! And you already had the second
quickest and fastest Impala SS in Sweden!

Not only the best looking 96 SS on the Swedish westcoast, now it's
also getting really quick! New spark plugs and spark plug wires were
the only changes on this LT1 before this weekend.

The most significant change this year was a Walbro in-tank fuel pump
to be able to use the 100 hp nitrous in a better and safer way. And
3.73 gears, 3/4" extended rear control bars, aluminium drive shaft.
After the race Per changed the rear wheels and drove home to
Kungsbacka south of Gothenburg again. Well done Per!

Yes, we have a lot to do but we're also Swedes. Therefore we
have a genuine Crayfish Party in the middle of everything.

It is tradition that you shall drown the crayfish with snaps. Absolut
chilled in the freezer works very good.
WARNING: The crayfish gives you next day headache!

It's always interesting when Tony explains how he changes the
sparkplugs in the Blackout SS. I don't really know if I can publish
any more pictures from this party, maybe this winter, together
with the pics from the Midsummer Party...?

August 27

Finally I have the Race 1-page up and running. Click on the Race 1-bar above!

August 25


August 20

NEW WORLD RECORD FOR CAMPERS! 16.29 @ 85.14 mph - 137 kmh
Yes, we managed to be ready for Solifer Super Weekend at Mantorp Park and set the new World
Record - barely! More about this crazy thing at Races 2005

If you understand Swedish you can read about it here at
Bilsport Magazine's website.

It'll also be published in Bilsport no 19 which will be out in two weeks.

Also look at Swedish TV-channel Kanal 5 on their new automotive
show "Autobahn". Videographer Pelle Bendz was all over the
Impala SS and the caravan with his four cameras!

Very Important Friends! Will have a proper presentation ASAP.

August 13

HarneSS anyone?

The work has begun. We believe it's ready on Wednesday again?

Meanwhile eurodragster.com is reminding that it's getting closer
and closer... Click it to read it easier.

August 12

As a huge surprise for my extremely patient family I had a car-free day
on Saturday and we went to the best theme park in Sweden - Liseberg
in Gothenburg - and had hours of fun and laughs, like when going
rafting down in "Kållerado", where everybody get wet.
(Well, late night I sneaked out to the garage and had a couples of
hours of solid good work...)

August 11

"What happened? Why are you not at the races!?"

Must be ready again before next weekend!
We could use a little luck now.

August 10

M O O O !!!!!!!

...yea, what is it?

Test'n'tune tonight. Jörgen and me. Interstate and small roads. Everything's OK!
Engine feels smoother and stronger.
New rear end feels marvelous!
We are going to Stockholm to race this weekend! See you there!

August 9

Jeezus lives again!

From Monday to Tuesday it was never ending discussions of how - and
attempts to - start it up. New MSD CPC ignition together with a F.A.S.T.
system and some more new things made it a little difficult.
Visiting friends VW-Micke and Comp-driver Frank Gudmundsen joined
and really enforced the think-bank late tuesday. (Thanks!)
Still it was your's truly in the coffee-drinking-background that pointed out
the problem all along - "make those S.O.B. MSD-boxes know what engine
they're on, there must be a way to enforce the firing order!"
After only 30 hours of no-good cranking it was found! Thanks for listening... =)
But no chance now to go to MECA Raceway In Malmö for
testing! It has to be on the street outside our garage, if we get the time?
Still lot's of small things to do...

August 6

Bilsport Action Meet was a rain off at the dragstrip. Not a single heat
were executed all day! Our friend Vesa Ollila (look at the Thanks-page
on this site later) missed to enter the 12-second club in his junkie-
Opel which has only costed him 15.000 Swedish Crowns (USD 2000)
at the junkyards in Gothenburg! It is not a 16V head but it has been
tuned all right! 13.0 seconds so far. Next time Vesa!
Axel liked to feel the wet rug on the top. Vesa said: "The shag was
cheaper than paint". The car is now called "Magic Carpet"
Nationwide since it was presented in Bilsport Magazine...

Yes, some goodies for us to look at as well...
Bilsport Action Meet is not only dragracing for street cars, it's also
exhibitions, sound competitions, RS-competitions and much more!

And now also Drifting of course! Even if the rain made it slippery
rather than smoky it was kind of fun to watch. Especially when "Brillko"
tried with his blown BB streetracer LeMans. He said:
"So that I get some driving here!" (Since the dragrace was a rain off).
His drifting was cheered, maybe because he never had all
4 wheels on the ground at the same time... =)

Back and forth Mantorp and a lot of Action for one day was a little
too much for 7 year old Axel. But his only complaint was when
we decided to go home...

August 5

"Gulp! No yoke!? You must be joking!? Höhö"
Friend Chris Condor sent me this reality picture from today's mourning
in The Best Damn Garage In Town. Car is ready to race, but a little
metal piece is missing, because of events beyond my control.
"Yoke is on a truck from Germany..."
This is a heart attack time boys and girls! Very very very close!
But the missing yoke is only ONE (and hopefully the last) of many
things that didn't match my plan to get this show on the road in time.
My aim since winter time has been to test on a couple of races before
the important BILSPORT ACTION MEET tomorrow.
We're sad but we're going there anyway to watch this super event.
Wouldn't miss it for all the yokes in the world. Hm.
Sorry all of you Impala SS lovers - I promise to give you back later...!
With interest...

August 4
It doesn't look good at all. Expected the new slip yoke
from USA by UPS today but it didn't happen. UPS
says Monday but the Bilsport Action Meet race at Mantorp
is on Saturday so who needs a yoke on Monday...?
We lost all energy today.

August 3

Jörgen Karlsson always joins quite late, when it's time for some
electronics. He thinks this year's system has some great
advantages. And Jörgen has also made some improvements
in the engine bay when he cleaned up the old mess.
We're aiming to start up and drive for a bit late Thursday.

August 2

It will be fun to see it polished sometime in the future.

It all falls into place.

All is done with the rear end project. 2 months...pheeew!

Axel in the middle of everything as usual. Here he helps Håkan who
does the final mounting of new brakes system and also the mods on
the exhaust pipes together with Tony...BTW...who sent Håkan to the
garage? There must be a God!


August 1

Kenneth Feldthusen solved the ability to turn the crank with a
grinding the support axle for a 26 mm socket. Engine
dressing is coming together piece by piece.

Tore Axelsson has grinded 5 mm off on each inside of rear wheels.
Soon the car is standing on the floor.

July 29

Jeezus is finally back in the engine bay! Mocking up the new MSD
CPC ignition system and mounting all things all over the
Blackout SS. Busy, busy, busy...here!

July 28

At last, a much easier step-by-step
menu now at JESUS_CRANK

Don't forget to click your REFRESH button!

July 27

Water jet cut Mechal aluminium! I'm in industrial hi-tech heaven! Clic!

July 26

Why building a crank support... Click pic!

July 25

Just another late design...

Thank God for Photoshop!

July 24

It was a No Show for Team Blackout Full Size Racing at this year's local big race at Säve airport. Poor
Axel and us who only could look at other teams playing. Patrick Wikström slapped the track record two
times - with a final 6.789 @ 216 mph (349 kmh) with an early lift off (when spare engine on duty said
Thanks for everything and Good bye!). This year the track was extremely good prepared for an airfield,
as said Patrick: "We would have managed low 6.40's if not stopped by this, 6.50 easily.."

Competition Eliminator Finals. Local friends Kenneth Feldthusen AA/A vs. Frank Gudmundsen A/A was
decided at the tree. Same standings for the moment in the Swedish Championship: Kenneth leads over
Frank. This battle will finalize at the SDC-race in Tullinge, Stockholm August 12-14.

July 23

Well, what do you say? Backseat is as normal and comfy as ever
before. No passenger can tell there is an Alston Chassisworks
Battlecruiser 4-link working under here! Until I hit the throttle...
Click pic to get more! Also on the original tank rearwards move!

July 21

My wonderful wife Agneta had her 25th birthday on a beautiful day
where beautiful friends like Polina and Sören "Fixarn" came to visit.
Florist Polina picked the amazing flowers from their garden at sunny
Orust. I gave Agneta a brand new iron as usual...and it hurt in the
forehead as usual. Must buy softer things from now on...

July 19

Watch out! This weapon is good enough for any army! Or for
supporting the new crankshaft in the Jeezus engine. Click on
pic to see more of this water cut birch dummy.

And click REAR_END_FAB9_MOUNT to see back seat coming
together and other stuff.

July 18

Workus Interuptus. As more and more friends are finding their way
down to The Best Damn Garage in Town, there are more bar-b-ques
and parties at the dock. Klas and Annsofie just loved the place.

It's there! To see more click any of the pictures.

July 17

Now also the trunk and the backseat floor are painted BLACK as you
can see! And the Alston Chassisworks rear end is mounted in car.

July 16

Now everything is painted BLACK under the car. It looks like this!
First too many hours of hard work to pull the 12V battery cable and
fuel lines trough the much narrower frame rails! Then lifting the frame
to the body and all that stuff. When all was together - BLACK paint!!

July 14

Stop there! Get back in there an weld a little more!
Tony, always full of gags.

We're getting there! Take a look here!

July 11

Look at those welds! Like a mold of chewing gum or something!?
My special goodie goodie friend Tommy Aga is back under
the Blackout SS! El Clicko on El Picco to see El Moro!

The making of a Crank Support for a streetable LT1 with all the
pulleys, crank trigger and stuff in use. Here JESUS_CRANK

July 7

It has been a very long and hot period. Visitors like to stand next to
the fan - like Johanna Feldthusen

July 6


July 5

There are some new members in the Blackout Fashion Group
Also some new material added at Jesus_Crank and more will

4th of July

Welcome home Jeezus!
And congratulations to all of you Americans everywhere!

July 3

Midnight Sun still hang in there! (It's even lighter at night up north at
Pite Dragway in Sweden). Time for 3rd round for my garage friends
in Pro Mod. They worked very hard for weeks to get here in shape.

And the late hours work payed off! Patrick shot a 6.38 off the trailer for
No 1 qualifying position and then took a nap in front of everybody. Zzz.
He lasted as No 1 and also won the finals over Roger Johansson
and Patrick is now leading with 1 point over Roger in the standings.

Soon home again...
All work and stuff regarding the rebuild will be found on
as soon as I get the time to work on the website too.

June 30

Now it's getting more dangerous!

Look at this "it-never-happens-to-me-stupid"! While polishing the weld
areas on the frame underneath the Impala SS..."SPLADISH"...I got a
hard hit but spitted and continued to work. Then felt that it still hurt!
I had been piled by an identified flying object, deep! Poor, poor me!

The hellmachine that Tony brought to the garage. Guilty on all charges!

Yup, the intake is done! Thanks Kenneth and BoMek!! Get more
on this hot page JESUS_CRANK

Lord Vader, your new rear end is painted in your favorite color!

June 29

Industrial Water Jet Cutting anyone? If you want to know how my
special Panhard bar brackets were made with the Speed of Sand...
...click on picture and then click on Dennis Palm.
To see more about the work on the new rear end and new
suspension you can go here:
FAB9 Mount

June 28

At last, we are continuing with the engine renovation in Kenneth's garage, the report is
building at JESUS_CRANK as usual.

I have also slowly begun to work at THANKS again.

June 27

The Best Damn Garage in Town - early Midsummer evening. Click it.

June 24
Typical SWEDISH Midsummer Feast

June 23
Strange parts have arrived :FAB9 Mount
And tomorrow's Midsummer - the absolute highlight celebration in Sweden.
Everybody eats and parties outdoors around the clock to celebrate the light.
We'll have this party at the garage! Teams and families with kids.
There will be a lot of games'n'stuff.

Patrick is mounting the basket gear for the Midsummer Feast!

June 22
And more from rear end work:
Here: FAB9 Mount


June 21
More about the rear end swap adventure! Panhard bar and stuff.
Here: FAB9 Mount

June 20

Tony is almost done with the trunk mod - moving trunkfloor/tank 3"
rearwards to get more clearance for the new rear end and fuel lines,
cables and stuff. The whole process will be shown here soon.

June 18

Last view over shaky San Francisco before going home! A view from
a Ford Mustang convertible parked at Twin Peaks in the south.

June 13

A couple of days earlier our team was actually
evacuated by Police from Redwood because
of a 7.4 earthquake right off the coast and the
danger of an eventual tsunami! Luckily the
tsunami didn't happen but we had to live
with that horror for a short while.

We were working in Redwood just a couple of miles from Crecent City
which was in the middle of the target zone of the eventual tsunami!
This city was wiped out in 1964 when the only deadly tsunami in
North America hit. Several earthquakes has been felt and registered
all over California the recent week and they are discussing
if the "Big One" is on its way. Scary.
Click article to read it.

I picked up my Wilwood rear brake kit while in northern California
(Alston Chassisworks in Sacramento UPS'ed it to my hotel) and
that rendered a great hallabaloo at the scales at the airport!
Had to run and buy another suitcase to even out the weight...

June 7

Finally the Best Damn Garage in Town is complete! Tommy is happy
to have his Lincoln Mark V "Great White" in its new home! This car
is a couple of feet larger than the Impala SS! The Old School treatment
it will have with John Kaase-698 ci on nitrous, full cage and everything
will shock the new generation streetracers that even hasn't seen such
a big car before! If they haven't seen the old American TV-series
"Cannon" of course. More about this ride here and we'll also be back.

Today the summer started in Sweden with the spring season ending
songs to the parents at the pre-school. "Den blomstertid nu kommer"

Always a nice day! Axel's grandma Sonia was also in place!

The 2005 Blackout SS Full Size Racing Team Cheap Sunglasses has
arrived! One bend blacks reflectors on very soft dark grey plastics will
be our look this year! Provided by salesman (and Pro Mod Crew chief)
Micke Westberg who try to furnish every Swedish dragracing team
with new cool sunglasses every spring. Many many styles.
Call Micke (+46) 739-925431

June 6

Swedish National Day
More work on rear end via this FAB9 Menu


June 4
A lot of things are happening in the garage, as well at the site.
Especially here: Surgery School

June 1

Merry Christmas Anders! Thank you Anders!
Finally the goodies from Alston Chassisworks arrives to the Best
Garage in Town! Take a good look before it is hidden under the Impala!
Missing here is the Wilwood brakes and the Panhard bar kit.

May 30

FIA Main Event - Santa Pod Raceway, UK. Congratulations garage
mate Patrick and hard working team to the new European Pro Mod
records in both ET and speed!! Backed by an earlier 6.301 run.

However, in the Final run Patrick lost to arch rival Roger Johansson's
nitrous Mustang running 6.59 vs. this lost traction, tire shaking
Camaro. Congratulations to a consistant Winner Roger who also
is from Gothenburg, Sweden!

Tireshakes El Grande! A common problem at Santa
Pod this weekend! For Patrick it probably meant losing the Final.
Click the picture to see a little larger version!

May 29

On Sunday we took a brake from our
Impala SS frame welding and
together with Pelle Danielsson went to a sports bar to enjoy the live
coverage of Indy 500 with our Swedish hero Kenny Bräck who had his
comeback after the bad crash two years ago and now was the fastest
of them all during qualifying - but had to start from 23rd place because
of hard-to-explain rules. Good entertainment when Kenny climbed to
15th place but when he garaged his car due to shock absorber
malfunctioning we just left to work more with our own project...

May 26

Hey! What's going on here? El Clicko!

May 22

I guess the Pro Mod season is up and rolling now...
Check out our garage.

May 17

Hey! It's my birthday! (29) Flowers and a fine Riesling, thanks sis!
And thanks all of you that celebrated me. Still could do a little
under my mistress. Check here!

May 16

Happiness for 7 year old Axel can be to drive the electric truck in our
garage! We've been lifting up a lot of our parts to the storage floor.
Updates at REAR END FAB9

May 14

Pat Metheny Group got an standing ovation in Gothenburg on their first
stop of the European Tour. We got our mainstream brains washed with
strange, beautiful and different rhythms, sounds and melodies...
So no garage work last night.

May 12

The fun begins! Click on picture.

May 11

Fun memories from FIA European Finals at Santa Pod in 2004 through the
eyes of our American guests and good friends Karl Ellwein and Glen
"Stumpy" Jenkins. Click the image to be transfered to the MEDIA page.

May 7


Jää-äz! Tony was on the painting team at the TBDGIT today! El Clicko.

And we had another nice visit today, check out my FAB9 page!

May 6

In a rendezvous at MECA Drag Strip in Malmö I met with Michael
Dyrlund from Street Parts in Roskilde, Denmark. He delivered
my VP Racing Fuel for season 2005. Really nice Danish guys!

From Malmö, in the very south of Sweden, it's a 2.5 hour drive home
to Gothenburg on a perfect highway. I'm glad that my new high octane
friend in the back didn't say anything. However, I was looking for
speeding trucks and buses in the rear mirror...

May 5


Yes! A Battle Cruiser 4-link from Chris Alston Chassisworks!
Click the picture to find out more about my new rear end project!
You'll find it via the FORD-link at the REAR END MENU.

Garage neighbor Patrick found his latest toy when visiting Keith
Black in California recently - the brand new KB billet block!
He was the first ProMod-racer in the world who ordered the block.

It'll be the first KB-Billet in Europe and its new home is the Best Damn
in Town! For the moment it is backordered from Keith Black.
Pictures by Crew Chief Krister "KP" Pettersson.
Also visit Patrick's website: OFAB Motorsport

May 3

Wow! What a Hot Rod workbench Tommy! Congratulations!
Much is happening in our garage all the time. Come in!

May 1

KP and Patrick can make it happen. Patrick said: "But you have to
make the zoomie headers yourself..." I didn't get any answer from
them when talking about my biggest concern - the mileage.

April 28



Click the picture to see why we're all smiling at the Best Damn
Garage in Town!

April 27


Wow! Racy things are happening in our garage! Click pic to see more.

April 24


Thank God for Tommy Aga! Both Patrick Wikström and I have been
away from the Best Damn Garage In Town for a while. But Tommy
hasn't, he's been very productive with the electrics, air pressure and
work benches. Click the picture to have a look!


April 15

My original engine - Moses LT1 - is still going strong (or stronger?) in
the hands of new owner Jonas Wiborg who tuned in at a dyno recently.
Jonas squeezed him to a 351 Rear Wheel HP at 5800 RPM on
racefuel, shorty headers/exhaust and 389 lb torq @ 4200 RPM.
is now talking about developing it further with 13.5 in comp and
"a little more air" whatever he means by that???

This is Jonas Wiborg's ride with an own headlight solution ("original
was way too weak"). Jonas was a hard core Oldsmobile dragracer
not too long ago and now The Bug got him again! Beware of the
"Old Testament" on a drag strip near you.

April 13

Well, we've started with the
assembly of Jeezus here.

March 27 - April 3

"Best Damn Garage in Town - My Life and Adventures" by Smokey
Yunick is the best damn garage book I've ever read!
Only Smokey could handle
Philosophical Physics like this.
He's honest, he's personal, he's
angry, he's funny!
My little vacation review here.

March 24 - 2005


The G2 spoiler. A complete new page only about spoilers.
Take a look at Body_Spoilers

March 22 - 2005


Tappet and rod for parking brake function at rear end! Please!!

March 20 - 2005

Axel likes to be in the middle of everything! Pro Mods, Keith Blacks,
Impalas, 4L80E's... Today our families had our first garage bar-b-que.
On the inside...

More of today's moments in the Garage
At last, updated 4L60E / 4L80E measurements at Transmission Menu
New brackets at new location to hold the Crossmember
Have also measured the PST Driveshaft Need to weigh it also.

March 12 - 2005


Kenneth Stål brushed the teeth of Jeezus. Take a look here.

March 11 - 2005


The RCI fuel cell. From the inside...

Now more material to be found on every page via Fuel Systems Menu

March 6 - 2005


Thomas envy Thomas.
Now more material at Jesus_Crank as we continue to open...

March 2 - 2005


This Blackout Full Size Racing Web Site really travels all over the World!
I remember when I started to fool around with this web site in 2001, I was amused when
I had my first 100 visitors. "Wow, 100 people takes a look at what I'm doing!!"
Last month we had a new all time high, even if it is the shortest month of the year and the server
was down for almost a day - we had 4431 visitors!! I don't really know if that's good in comparison
with other auto hobby sites - but for me it's amazing! It has doubled in a year, without any marketing!
Most visits are from Sweden of course and then U.S.A., Great Britain, Finland, Norway, Canada.
A total of 61 visiting countries from all over the world and I'm glad I chose to work with the
English language instead of Swedish. However, I'm not sure Rickard "Hawkeye" Waltgård
is equally glad, he helps me with the spell checking...

I've told you it's not "has" it's "have"!

More Blackout Web Site Stats - February 2005:
Visitors: 4.431
Countries: 61
Pages: 25.695
Hits: 220.735
Byte: 18.37 GB

Thank all of you! And welcome back, much more to come... =)

February 24 - 2005

We have now opened Jesus! Kenneth Feldthusen was touched!
Soon more to come here Jesus_Crank

February 20 - 2005

"The Best Damn Garage in The Outskirts of Town"
After a long day getting motor and trans out of the Impala SS I could
finally deliver Jesus to Kenneth Feldthusen.

Doctor Feldthusen will take care of poor Jesus with the broken
crank snout. We will replace the old crank with the new Callies crank
which Autoshop sent. Check it out here - click on CRANK!

I'm often updating this site, everywhere. Sometimes only a picture at a time,
sometimes a whole page. I understand that it is impossible for you to find
all small updates. Even for Rickard Waltgård who korrekts my Englisch.
But I promise to try to announce every update here on NEWS.
Just look for the red Updates head.

I can tell you right away that I've recently been working on fuel systems at FUEL_MENU and
much more will be made there.
I have finally added Tony on THANKS and more people will show up.
My new carpet and mats on INTERIOR
I'm happy to be all finished with the ROLLBAR
What the steel bumpers really look like at BUMPERS
A little about the Lumina Z34 louvers made in Carbon Fiber at HOOD
A lot of the Jesus engine building pictures from Autoshop at JESUS_396
And as said earlier, now it will happen a lot at JESUS_CRANK
Slowly but surely it grows at TRANS_MENU and 4L80E
Planning the season 2005 at Races_2005
Of course you've already seen the video with the trailer down the dragstrip at VIDEOS
When friend Chris Condor put me in a Formula single seater going for a license DRIVER
At the moment there are four headlines at GALLERIES

I try to keep this as a hobby =)

February 15 - 2005

At last! We cannot wait until the second floor in the garage is being built - we
want to dig into our mistresses NOW! Tony, Goofy, Tommy and I are just
laughing at the fact that the we're on the move with our tools again!
Jesus will be out of the Blackout SS any afternoon and Patrick
Wikström's Pro Mod Camaro will have a real good massage as well...

February 12 - 2005

The annual Åby Drag Racing Swap Meet in mid-February is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia, possibly
in all of Europe! Thousands of dragracers and streetracers show up in Norrköping as early as 07.00 AM
and cruise the gymnastics hall for a couple of hectic hours.

Blackout Full Size Racing had parts for both Chevy, Ford and Chrysler on our tables.
OFAB Motorsports Pro Mod Crewchief KP was as you see a guest with some Chevy
stuff, Tommy Aga planted some Ford things in there and Kenneth Feldthusen made it
Chrysler and Keith Black.

European Pro Stock Champion Jimmy Ålund already has a Blackout t-shirt but picked
up a kid's size for his son Kevin. Tommy and Tony were on duty at the tables all day.

February 6 - 2005

Axel's 7 Years Party. The Balloon Surprise 150 db.

It's cool to build a Lego Police station with older brother Anton. Axel also got his
first skateboard from Anton and older sister Frida! (Anton is a longboard runner).

January 20 - 2005

The 2005 season has started! The new special crank has
arrived together with other special parts from Autoshop.
Update on rebuilding will come as it happens.

January 9 - 2005

When mentioning my brother Björn, I must also mention Sune Envall, my other brother
who also has been in automotive art and design his whole life and still is. One of his
specialities is his art which in the beginning was made in oil and goash and now he
makes them on his computer, with different 3D programs and a Photoshop-finish like
this Cobra. They are all made big and printed in poster-size formats. Take a look at
some of his art posters here: www.margie-bookshop.se and read more about his work.
Sune has also contributed some of his latest art to this 3D meeting place on the net:
www.renderaid.com where you also get some explanations in English. And click the
Cobra above and you'll get it as a free wallpaper from Sune. Yes, he has promised me
to make an Impala SS as soon as he gets some time to spare. He's very busy.

January 7 - 2005

New V8 RWD full size Impala SS in 2006!! Sorry that was a cruel joke! Anyway we've
got this sketch of how it could've been! One of my brothers, Björn Envall, faxed this 5-minute
fantasy as a reaction of our discussion over the phone about the "world debut" Impala SS
that GM is presenting now at Los Angeles Auto Show:
www.detroit news.com/2005/autosinsider
Björn wants a BIG Impala SS, rear wheel drive and a V8. And as you can see he also
wants a sense of the 1959 Impala SS on the rear. I love it (not only because he's my
brother). Björn has been working in automotive design almost his whole life and was
the manager of SAAB Design until 1995. Click on the picture to get a bigger one, the
note on the fax is saying: "Anders, is this Impala better?" What do you think?

January 2 - 2005

We work everyday in our new garage. Click to enter.

January 1 - 2005

We wish all our relatives, friends, sponsors, supporters and all Drag Racing associations,
officials, track owners, journalists, photographers, videographers, magazines, eurodragster.com,
clubs, rain Gods and fellow racers a most wonderful 2005!
Joining all the midnight fireworks rockets Axel salutes with the Swedish special Tomtebloss