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Dec 27

Report from Winter Nationals done

Please don't reveal this secret to anyone, OK?!

Click bar for short cut into the page. Note that this in some parts isn't work safe in all
countries in the world....well, not in any country if you think about it. But it's the reality!

Dec 26

A jump-start into the 2007 Season!

Well, it has begun at last! The first work on SS for next season!
Of course most of the day was spent moving around all old
and new ragger cars and other junk to get this Impala in the
right place... This is Tommy's Cadillac with an ex-

No 3 to Sweden!

Swede Per Lindqvist has got a Team Earnheart Grand National
Monte Carlo! He bought it from Tim Allen (celebrity Impala SS-
owner!) and Per is aiming to race in SLC Endurance here in
Sweden! Looking forward to visiting an SLC-race this summer!
Good luck Per! More here (in Swedish): www.PerLindqvist

Dec 25


Educational PC-games for kids should get a Nobel Prize!
This time Axel got "The Marvelous Human Body" which explains
how it works. And not only for him... =)

However, the pooltable from Grandpa Thore was the most
popular present this year, we can all play together! Axel
didn't know that his mom and dad have played a lot of pool
in smoky bars long before his time.

It's a small kit but of good quality and as difficult as a full size.

Axel learns quickly.

And daddy had a chance to brag about when he won a set of
pool against Americans in Idaho in 1999! No one believes it
anyway when seeing how I play nowadays. Too sober here.

Dec 24

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Julafton - the Swedish way

6 pictures of our Christmas celebration (mainly put here for our
relatives everywhere but you're also very welcome!)

Agneta always makes terrific lunches and dinners and that
also goes for the traditional Christmas Lunch - The Julbord.
The Christmas ham in the center, boiled and with a mustard/
bread crumb crust around it. It is sliced thinly and normally
served cold and you use strong mustard with it. But first you
dig in to the different kinds of herring together with hot boiled
potatoes. Dopp-i-grytan is bread dipped in the broth left over
after boiling the ham. And there are meatballs, and..and...
Still Agneta kept it rather simple since we were only us three
this time, since my dear mother Birgit passed away in April.

No Julbord without the snaps! Straight from the freezer, an
assortment of snaps from around Sweden. This can be bought
at any IKEA-store around the world. Skål! Axel drinks Julmust.

All Swedes gather in front of the TV at 3 PM every Christmas!
Then it's an hour of old and new Disney-films! "Kalle Anka och
hans vänner önskar en God Jul" - "Donald Duck and his friends
wish a Merry Christmas!" You know, this tradition is almost
40 years old...and it will never change. Last time a boss at the
Swedish Television said he wanted to get rid of it, he got
sacked before he could find his hat.

Then we took a refreshing walk to Axel's Grannies. And he
was of course leading with a torch.

Then Axel strangely disappeared just before Jultomten came!
And this one didn't smell whiskey at all, more like...julmust?
When Jultomten had given out all presents, he left and then
Axel showed up again! How about that then då?

That ear I have seen before...

Then back home the Christmas Ham starts to call from
the fridge! And it does until it is completely gone. It's there
to be sliced and put on bread with mustard and eaten.
Around the clock.

Dec 23

Now we've got Christmas in our house. Outside? No snow.
We're just waiting for that whiskey-smelling old bloke
from the Northpole who happens to have all our gifts.
Merry Christmas all Good People and Creatures!

I've added the tribute I wrote on Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist
for Bilsport Magazine. (Will be translated to English)
You can read it here: www.blackout.nu/InMemory

Dec 22

Welcome back Christer Fuglesang!

Discovery touchdown in Florida, after a very successful mission
in space. It dropped like a brick through the atmosphere at an
amazing speed and at only 600 meters altitude the
commander straightened it up! And landed it like a plane!
Wow every time! And now, when can you join us in TBDGIT
Christer? Click to get a bigger one.

Dec 21

Patrick has got his Camaro back to TBDGIT! But it doesn't look
like a Pro Mod anymore!

Dec 20

Tonight at Viasat Sport 19.30 - 20.30

Click banner for their website!

American Speed by Ted Westerfors

Host Ted Westerfors is presenting our record runs at Santa Pod
in September. This newly edited - 6:30 long clip - is based on
our own material from this wonderful weekend (mostly filmed
by Karl Ellwein and Stumpy)
but is now more informative
and also commentated by Ted.

More in tonight's show:
• The tire situation in NASCAR Nextel Cup
• Spifire Aviation - which flies NASCAR-drivers between their missions
• Interview with Jim Hunter - an institution in NASCAR since the 50's
• A visit at Fox - producer of TV-broadcasting from NASCAR
• Pit Stop practice at Hendricks Motorsports
• Swedish test drive of the favourite car of the American Police - Ford Crown Victoria
• Season Bloopers - "We've never done anything wrong, but sometimes less right..."


Dec 21.. 23.00
Dec 22.. 16.30
Dec 23.. 01.00
Dec 24.. 02.00
Dec 25.. 00.00

...and Ted, thanks for asking!

Dec 18

The Gingerbread House Mania is here!

The Best Damn Gingerbread Garage in Town!
A picture from Klas and Ann-Sofie who built this nice garage
from their Crazy Racy Crayfish Party memories. Beside the
Chevy Bowtie on the roof, please note the liquorice tire
stack and the 4-door GSS on the move! Thank you guys!
Are there any more fun Gingerbread houses out there? If
you scroll down to December 8 you'll see Axel's hotel.

Dec 10

Christer and Thomas, Swedish Heroes!

Making Swedes, Norwegians and Europeans proud! Christer
has Norwegian ancestors, hence his last name Fuglesang
which means "birds' song"

This morning Discovery launched with the first Swedish
astronaut on board! He and the 6 other will work at the
ISS - International Space Station for 12 days.

Hero Christer Fuglesang is now a
Honorary Member of Blackout Full Size Racing

I know how he feels, I've tried it myself in 1996. Also, Agneta
and I changed rings at the beach of Cocoa Beach when
shuttle Colombia departed 4th of April in 1997.

...and Thomas!

Next Swedish hero is Thomas Öhman, still in
Texas, at Fort Worth Stockyards for the second
time this trip. This time he climbed a Texas
Longhorn to show that he's as brave as
Christer Fuglesang! Congratulations!

Dec 8

Time to build the gingerbread house!

Axel wanted to build a different gingerbread house for this
Christmas. He first made a blueprint to work from.

When all was said and done we had a gingerbread high-rise
building with hotel. But Axel's not totally satisfied with how
the contractor Agneta put the chimney on the middle of the
roof instead of on the side as he drew on the blueprint.
That's life, Axel.

A proof picture came from Öhmans in the USA! At last! It is a
low resolution phone pic but B.I.D. (Blackout Intelligence
Department) could verify the authenticity. This is Thomas
Öhman in the U.S.A.! However, B.I.D. could not tell which
state the picture came from.

Dec 7

I'm on my way to finalize my report from the Winter Nationals
1/8 Mile race at MECA Raceway. There will also be a short
onboard-video presented on that page

Dec 2

Well, well look here then då! New firewall and stuff made by
Mr Al Holt and Krille on Patrick Wikström's Pro Mod Camaro.
More about that and also the Project 64 Impala on this link:

Dec 1

A link...

I got a link from another Smokey-fan, Magnus Danielsson.
It's Smokey's right hand, Ralph Johnson, who remembers
funny episodes and writes about the years with Smokey!
Ralph actually had Swedish ancestors. I remember when
we talked about it when meeting him personally at The
Best Damn Garage In Town in Daytona Beach in the 80's.
Ralph Johnson is also the man behind the design of
Holley's 850 carb and double pumper, which he
developed at Smokey's. More to read about that in
Smokey's fabulous book "Best Damn Garage In Town:
My Life and Adventures"

And also read this link below by Ralph Johnson himself.
Thanks Magnus!
Ralph Johnson on Smokey Yunick
Then go to their index page for even more great reading:
100 Years of Racing where you'll find driver Marvin Panch
about Smokey Yunick.

Nov 26

The Öhman has Landed!

My friend Thomas Öhman from Umeå has finally gone to USA!
He will be there for almost three weeks with his son Sebastian.
They will visit a lot of reigning, rodeos and other horse
activities in the line of their own hobby and interests.
They flew in to Dallas but Thomas called tonight from
Oklahoma and told me about when he was sitting in a real
Western Cowboy restaurant and just speed-swallowed
something he thought was Chicken Nuggets. But they were
remarkably good so he asked the waiter:
-What are these?
-Bull's balls.


Nov 25

Circus Axel

You don't need Comedy Channel when you have an 8-year old.
It began when he found a typical Circus-tune on the synth
which went on and on and on...

Nov 12

The Whiplash Revival

Over there it hangs on the wall! My first selfmade fiber glass
hood for my Whiplash Camaro. Yes, I keep everything, and
you see I got some need for it at last, since the new owners
of the car want to make the same paint-job as I once had!
I had to climb the outdoor ladder to reach our attic to find it.

Hello old friend!

Ha! I even had the old steel trunk lid left! I had forgotten
I still had it!

Basic paint scheme. Original design by me in 1981 and
copied many times on other cars after that.

The original painter was wiz Tommy Öberg, more known as
"Cack-i-lack" from Svensbyn in north of Sweden. In the 80's
you could enjoy many, many fantastic paint jobs from his
! Where is this artist now?

I hope that these pictures will help the new owners to get the
look back of the Whiplash Camaro! Check their progress here:

Nov 9

Life goes on...

Very saddened by the death of our friend "Bagarn", Axel and
I went to TBDGIT and talked it over. Axel met him a couple of
times and remembers him as the funny man he was. We also
talked about how clever Bagarn was and about the special
skill he had in building powerful engines. I got the bright idea
to start up the Bagarn-built Jeezus 396 in the Impala and we
just sat in the car and listened to the wonderful sound. After
the warm up I let Axel rev it up a couple of times, some quick
ones up to 5000 RPM. We smiled as kids do, and nodded to
each other. It was our simple salute to our friend Bagarn who
always will be missed in our family.

Nov 7

Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist
1950 - 2006

Birgitta & Bagarn in February. On the Top Of The World!

Bagarn is gone.
And I still can't believe it. He is a big part of my life.
He was my mentor in racing and in business and in life.
And I always laughed when talking to him. Every time.
I always have looked up to him and I always have
carefully listened to every word he said.

He inspired me to take the right road with my cars.
First the Whiplash Camaro and lately the Blackout SS.
He said in 1994 "Man, you should have an Impala SS"
I didn't get his point until much later...

He was like that. After he had met Karl Ellwein, who he
really liked, he told him "Man, you should open a
business with your custom engine building!"
And Karl went ahead.

Bagarn was inspiring - and will always inspire.

Last tuesday, Nov 7, he lost a short but courageous battle in
his home with that cowardly cancer which just showed
up this summer!

At the time of the European Finals I didn't even know.
The last time I heard his voice was on the mobile phone
recording on the evening of my 9.84 run. He left a
voice message: "9.84! That's super!" Then he hung up.

I tried to call him back for weeks! Now we had a lot of
fun things to talk about, as usual. No, not this time.

Short history:
Originally from Umeå in Sweden like me, Lennart,
together with his wife Birgitta and daughter Lisamari,
moved to Orlando, Florida in 1985. Their son Austin
was born in Orlando.

These were only the active, running orders on engines to be
built. Many more orders were waiting.

Lennart was the owner and chief engineer of Autoshop Racing
Engines where he designed and built custom racing engines
for championship cars all over the world. In 2005 he won the
prestigious Engine Masters Challenge, crowning him the King
of Engine Builders. Popular Hot Rodding Magazine named him
and Birgitta "The King & Queen of Orlando"
Many thousands of Americans then got to know what
hundreds of European racers already knew.

All orders are active for Birgitta!

Birgitta will at Autoshop continue her large and popular
operation of exporting quality high performance parts
and master machinist Ed Gordon will continue working
with his winning machine works.

"The King is Dead - Long live the Queen!"

Bagarn building the NASCAR- and Smokey Yunick-inspired 355
for my Whiplash Camaro in his dad's garage in 1983. I hand-
painted that Verkstan-sign. Verkstan ("the shop") was the name
of his slowly but surely growing engine building business while
Autoshop became the Hi-Perf parts import which was Birgitta's
business - and an instant hit. Then and now. When opening in
Orlando all of it became Autoshop Racing Engines Inc.

The walls at Autoshop are filled with happy customer's pics
of their rides. These are some early ones I guess.

Hahaha! Click it!
Look at us! We look like we have lost something? Bagarn,
Birgitta, Linkan and me in the Autoshop stand at Bilsport
Custom Show in Jönköping 1985. Ah, now I remember why
we look like this, we won the "beer-drinking-on-time-contest"
among all show participants the night before, even against a
Belgian team! The picture is probably taken by Thomas
Öhman who was the only one who had a driver's licence
for a heavy trailer behind Linkan's Chevy Suburban.

All these memories Bagarn...
When I get some time to spare I'll make another Memory Lane-
page dedicated to you, Birgitta, Autoshop and our memories.

If you click the link below you'll see the memorial service
for Bagarn and can also write in his Guest Book.


Birgitta, Lisamari and Austin, our warmest regards.
Anders, Agneta and Axel.

Nov 6


Click banner to read the report!

Nov 4

Dominated by Impala SS!

Click it!
Mike "SSmitty" Smith won the Final against Paul Roswell. Both
on nitrous. Both performing their personal best with 9.71 @ 138
mph to a 10.83 @ 124. More here: impalaSSforum.com

Qualifier # 1 was Jeff Green from Indiana who slammed the
Atlanta strip with a 9.6 @ 147 mph! Jeff is the one that has
promised 9's with an Impala SS for the longest time of all.
Now he finally nailed it and nailed it good! Weight: 4350 lb!
Makes at least 1200 hp with his Donovan aluminium block
converted to LT1, Novi 2000 blower, nitrous instead of an
intercooler and more. Broke his only belt so no Final!

Nov 2

Whiplash back to Sweden again!

It sure is a nostalgic wave going on about my old '67 Camaro!
I love it!
Got a happy email from Herman Racing that explained that
they - Herman and Joakim - were 14-15 years old when they
read my mod articles in Colorod and Bilsport more than 20
years ago, and got hooked on this sport! Already racing an
8-second '65 Malibu SS they still decided to buy that Camaro
RS when it was on sale in Norway.

"It's very STRONG" It's now powered by a Bowtie 540 BB,
stroked to 555, 1471 Weiand blower, 360 Dart heads, 1150
Barry Grant carbs. TH400/transbreak, 8" converter. But still
has my Ford 9" rear end w. ladder bars, N case etc.
"We'll restore the looks from 1984 with your paint design!"
And I've promised to help them with old photos so they
get that paint job done right.

This RS has been around. I sold it as empty rolling chassie to
Kåre Sigerseth in Molde in Norway for only 30.000 SKR in '86,
20 years ago...(SWISH!)...then I believe it went to Uppsala in
Sweden, then up north to Boden and then back to Sarpsborg
in Norway. And now Linköping.

I would love to meet Whiplash with Blackout SS!

More here: www.hermanracing.nu/whiplash.htm


My friend and work colleague Chris Condor is making
film posters about - and for - his friends in his spare time!
He's made many many fun posters! I ought to put up a
gallery with all his crazy posters! And I will! Here he has
created a surprise to our friend Per-Mikael "Karlsta"
Persson who works at Volvo Photo Depot. Ha ha!
Click it to see a biggie! At this moment I sincerely
hope you understand Swedish...

...and it goes also for when you're visiting apan.se
so you can fully understand their rap about "Bostic
Bolero". It must be the best song ever made? Uh?
I think.
I love Apan.
You too.

Nov 1

Finally it's here! Karl Ellweins logo for his Ellwein Engines.
He asked me to help create it already in January but not
until September it really started when Karl, Jonas and I
started to discuss and make sketches on the ferry over to
England. The main layout was drawn then. Last couple of
weeks I've gone through 2400 fonts (!) to find 30 final choices
in the line of our sketches. Karl (and Mr Al Holt) has been
very much into the work and during the last nights it found
its final shape. This is it! As asked by the client: "Not too
radical, not too wild, basic colors and easily readable and
recognizeable" You'll sure find this logo on many fast
Impala SS's in the future! And on t-shirts (which both
Mr Al Holt and I want to have!)

Just to show that we've been out there...

Oct 29

Apan rules

"Do you still have your Camaro?"
I can't explain this. I don't know anyone from this
hip hop community Apan. It sure is unreal to find
yourself in a song! Nostalgia! Hats off, Apan!
Go here and listen to the song "Bostic Bolero":

Oct 27

Early Halloween

Early bird to make up! They had an early Halloween celebration
on Friday in Axel's school since they have this week off.

All kids dressed up all day! A happening with a lot of laughters.
Axel wanted to be a Gast (sailor ghost).

Oct 24

Another loony is here!

It's my old friend and former drag racer Kent Edin in Umeå who
just received his 1996 SS and wants to go drag racing ASAP!
He hopes that our common friend Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist
at Autoshop Racing Engines in Orlando, Florida, will have an
opportunity to build him a real "Bostic Killer" engine.

So another blackout'ed Impala SS is aiming for the Quartermile!
The owner also has a BLACK belt in Kyokushinkai karate!

Kent has already invested in a kompressor but wonders
a little about the installation.

No no Kent, not there! The socket is under the PCM box
but you'll need a US adapter too...
Welcome to the wonderful world of Impala SS!
And God Bless! =)

Almost finished!

Oct 22

Back from Japan!
Domo arigato ko sai mas da!

I guess I was the only one among the 20 million people in
Tokyo who had the Green Goblin cult hat?

My new Canon IXY 900IS cannot yet be found outside Japan!
28 mm wide angle and Image Stabilizer are only a few new
features that made me buy it for the future works on this site.
And the unbelievable price at Bic Camera in Tokyo of course!
Also bought good price batteries and 512MB memory cards.
(above picture is taken with my "old" Canon IXUS 430)

Hectic area of Akihabara in Tokyo! If it had rained it would
have been exactly like a scene in Blade Runner! This is a
sample picture taken with the new wide angle compact
camera. Click it to see a large version!

Yes, I guess I have to make a report page on this Tokyo
trip at Galleries even though it was a work trip for IKEA.
But first I must finish reports on the following:

European Finals Santa Pod
Winter Nationals Malmö
Crazy Razy Crayfish Party

Oct 15

On three wheels!

We had fun today!

Axel was a laughing co-driver!

Per Moe was there too. Our cars have been together at many
races over the years. We were only one tenth of a second
apart in a 39 second lap! We were not the fastest but largest!

Of course I will do a report page on this race when all other reports are finished!
Meanwhile you can find more pictures and reports via these threads:

www.blackout.nu/forum/Cruising the StreetS



Oct 14

Green grass and warm sun today!

Today we had a Guys Only Evening which started with fixing
things on the SS in TBDGIT. Then we went to Burger King and
some cruising. Impala is ready to go autocrossing tomorrow
even though I really miss the swaybars, differential and the
ABS brakes! Well, sliding is also fun. See you at Rädden
behind Statoil, Eriksberg at 1300 hours!
They promise free coffee!

Right click - "Save Target As"


Oct 10

This is what I saw when I came home from work.
Is Axel trying to say something?

Oct 9

"Lordi" - the cute Finnish hard rock band that won the European
Family Sing Along Contest 2006 with "Hard Rock Halleluja!"

Now for some advanced Finnish:

Terve kaikki suomalaiset velipojat! Minä olen huomannut
että minun sivulle on tullut paljoin vieraita overdrive.fi
sivullta, missä te puhutte nopeista käyttö autoista. Minä
olen ylpeä että mina saan olla mukana jutussa!
Terve tuloa takaisin.

(Thanks Vesa Ollila for translating...
...well, if you used my text?)

Yes, I've noticed that a LARGE group of vistors from your BIG
Finnish site overdrive.fi is visiting my site these days through
a thread that is about "fast street driven cars". I'm just glad
that you recognize me! And by that, Finland is now the third
largest visiting country at blackout.nu after Sweden and
USA. After Finland comes Norway and England.
Keep coming!

This line in Finnish I've learned by myself:
Sinä olet niin kuin suusa sulava metsämansikka!
Not bad eh? Yes, for girls...=)

The Finnish overdrive.fi site:

BTW, I've done some Finnish updates at

Oct 8

Santa Pod film at last!

This is what happened at Santa Pod
September 7th around lunch time!
Right Click and "Save As" to
download! Enjoy!

Oct 7

One more race before the Winter!

Yep! On October 15th the legal Blackrace organization will have
another Blackstage event - autocrossing around cones with
timing! It's great fun! I haven't done this since 2003 but I won in
2002! Back then I had ABS that worked and a differential in the
rear and not a spool like now... I guess this will be more of a
drifting then? Hehe! Haha! Jonas - Mr Al Holt - will also show
up in his '64 Impala raggerbile! We like to have the BIG
cars spinning and sliding around! Hopefully Per Moe also
shows up in his 96 SS so at least one big car gets quick

See you at "Rädden" 1300 hours! Rain or shine.
More info here: www.blackrace-forum.net/BLACKSTAGE

Earlier autocrossing by the Blackout SS:

Oct 1

Mr Al Holt goes Impala!

Patrick and Simon wanted a ride in the newly bought
classic '64 Impala raggerbile! Raggers have more fun!

No. it has nothing to do with my Blackout Impala SS. It's
Jonas' old dream of a lowrider Impala that now has come true!
That dream was put aside when the Mustang happened some
22 years ago, with roof chopping, turbos, drag racing etc.

Cool ride! "It's just for playing"

"Patrick, look at this 350 haha!" Jonas has big plans for the car
and that doesn't include finish. 1600 kg only (>3500 lbs) will
make it go easy 8's with supercharged 1000+ hp.

Interesting color on the sofas! Will the roll cage have the same
color? And the helmet?

Now there are a lot of raggerbiles in TBDGIT and I guess the
Blackout SS is the smallest? Still have interior though... =)

Sept 30

Thanks Bagarn & Birgitta!

Look what I got from my friends at Autoshop in Orlando for
my 50th birthday! Smokey Yunick's detailed race car history
made by motorsport artist Bill Rankin and signed by him!
Click it to see close up on all cars and notes! You can also
see it in our garage as soon as I get it framed.


6758 visitors!
2874 unique!
60.991 pages!
997.508 hits!
54.04 GB!

Thank you all for coming and visiting our little
Big Crazy Blackout World!
This means - of course - that I still must work hard
to earn your time! Welcome back!

Sept 29

"Worlds' Fastest Bostic!"
( Yes, I like that headline...)

Hey, if you're going to the kiosk next week, please pick up No 21 of
Bilsport - the best Swedish automotive magazine! Stefan Boman
has made a terrific article from the European Finals as usual... =)
No it's not clickable - go and buy! Or subscribe as everyone else
that doesn't want to miss anything from the drag racing world!

Sept 28

Big Brother...

Run to the kiosk and pick up the latest issue of the excellent
bike magazine MCM.

They have a very good article about one of my big
brothers - Sune and his computer art of bikes and cars!
(Sune, when will you do the Impala SS?).
Please Google Sune Envall to see much more art!

You will also find the 10 Best Custom Bikes decided in Sturgis
USA where Swede Stellan was third! And the craziest bike you
ever saw - my absolute favorite from Finland - was sixth!
Thanks MCM!

Yes yes yes!

I'm still working on the report from Santa Pod. Click bar if you want to see updates.

Sept 27

My friend Patrik Jakobsson at www.racebilder.nu sent me a
link to the AETV's website of DRIVING FORCE, the popular
real life TV series on drag racing super star John Force and
his daughters. It's been on since July in USA and I wish
anyone could tell me when we can see it over here?

Tonight at Viasat Sport 17.00 - 18.00
Click banner for website!

American Speed by Ted Westerfors - The Second Season!

Tonight - Wednesday September 27th - they'll show:
• Interview with one of the hottest NASCAR-drivers – Jeff Gordon!
• Report from the latest NASCAR-race in Dover - The Monster Mile!
• Meeting with hardcore NASCAR fans in USA!
• Report from The Dirt Track in Charlotte – Outlaw Sprint Cars
• Meet the 3-time European Champion in Pro Stock – Jimmy Ålund!
• Camaro Cup in Finland – a city race WITHOUT mufflers!
• A visit at Hot Rod Reunion with all the wonderful cars!
...and more!

Sept 25

The last picture of the Intercooler Bracket Drama
is now up at

Sept 24


We've been away with Dockhouse Film & TV on work in
beautiful Austria in both Vienna and Graz (sorry Heinz
Schenk, no time to meet!) We were filming at the IKEA
stores and found a lot of amusing Swedishness! Now
when back in Gothenburg again I promise to take care
of the work with the logo for Ellwein Engines and the
reports from Santa Pod and Winter Nationals in Malmö.
Bear with me.

Sept 15 - 17

Last chance!
We're going to race at Winternationals
at the 1/8 mile MECA Raceway this weekend
to continue our tuning before snow starts
to cover the ground. Check out their cool
LIVE CAM which updates every 4 second:

Sept 4 - 12

My goals finally clicked in at this fantastic race!
See more about it here, soon.


I knew it, I knew it!

Soon you can click this bar above to see a report from this fantastic race!

Sept 3

Please follow our adventure at Pit Lane! Our friend Hawkeye
will help us report with pics and notes as usual!
It will be On-Line September 4-12

Sept 2

OH WOW what a crayfish party! 60-70 nice persons in the same
garage just partying and having a good time!
Please click picture to see a BIG version of some of the people.

The Best Damn Seafood Buffé in Town! A lá Agneta.

The lake crayfish was even fished by Agneta and her daddy in
the Vättern lake, and then cooked with love!

Stumpy felt that love! And Celeste too.

Karl Santana jumped into the band.

Stumpy showed that he's a multi tasker.

Hot ChickSS made late night visit!
I promise to make a special page only with this crayfish party
when we're coming home from England. Tomorrow, Monday
September 4th we're boarding the ferry. Much packing to do.

Please follow our adventure at Pit Lane! Our friend Hawkeye
will help us report with pics and notes as usual!

Aug 30

Now it's not much time to finish everything before the yearly
traffic inspection and then the trip to Santa Pod England!!
Everybody gives a hand. Axel took away old balancing
weights. The new slicks will be mounted tomorrow.

Jonas is changing cases. 4.10 with Detroit Locker (left) is out
and 3.73 with spool on its way in. Interesting!

Aug 29


A film by Tommy "Aga" Olsson
Right click it to Save As

More here

Aug 28

Have you ever seen a more wonderful picture than this?
One of the World's fastest Impala's at the gate of TBDGIT
with sun and blue sky? For me this is porno.

Ahh! Jacked up and ready to warm the oils.

A couple of strings of Welcoming Rubber for the Crayfish Party!
This was without the blower hooked up, and yes, I put on some
brakes to make it happen because it takes off if not on the
brakes. This new 4-link really works and Jonas has made a
great tune of it! Has a perfect reaction were it tries to lift the
car in the rear (pressing slicks to ground). We were out on the
street and had it in 2000 RPM in second gear and floored it
and it was a wonderful experience! So straight I could even
let go of the steering wheel.

Then it was time to open the drum of VP Motorsport 109 for
the first time. "- Hurry up, it's soon only 108!"

A dreadful smell filled the garage! It must be good...
Now we were ready to start with boost.

Before even starting the engine with blower, Jonas made a
check that the MSD boost retard really works with the help of
external pressure plugged into the engine's vacuum system.
OK! Then we started the engine and I held it steady at 2000
RPM while Tommy was letting on the nitrogen pressure up
to 30 PSI and Jonas was monitoring the degrees on the ATI
damper with his timing lamp. The boost retard was
following just perfectly after the curves Jonas set.

We're playing safe now.

Another thing we noticed when putting on the external
pressure was a leakage sound from somewhere around the
engine bay! Jonas placed a rubber tube to his ear and followed
the vacuum hoses with the other end to find it. It was the adjusting
nut at the high cost Aeromotive fuel regulator! Through the threads!
Well, it was closed after some Loctite thread sealant!

Yep, race ready! Then it started to rain!
See you tomorrow!

Aug 27

Have you ever seen a more boring picture than this?
A Skoda Felicia and a VW Vento in rain? Yes, unfortunately
the heavy rain continued today and was of course killing
our plan to go out and smack some asphalt with the
Blackout SS in RACE condition on FULL BOOST!!!
The rain is even nagging on our B-plan now...

This beast is ready and just waiting! GRRRR!!!!!
We'll give it one more day, then we need to transform
it for street driving and inspection and all that...
And also
change to the new slicks and the new 3.73 case and and...

We used the time to work inwards the car and do some reading
in manuals and stuff. Discussing what to do at the race track.

Also we took candid pictures of ourselves. And we packed a
little for the trip to England. And cleaned up. And rearranged
some stuff. Because there's A Big Crayfish Party going down
in less than a week too! Plenty of local and foreign racers
will come here and we must shine!

Back up engine is ready too, 526 Hemi with Veney heads...

Aug 26


Click image to visit Team Firestorm's website and read their fun
story from their successful visit at Gothenburg Dragracing Festival
at Säve Depå this summer! It was the first overseas exhibition ever
for this great team. And you can read our story if you scroll down
this very page to 12-16 July.

Jonas showed up in all black today! It must mean something!
Karl, mail me your measurements so I can get you a pair
of these trousers as well!

But in the afternoon we had The Rain Of The Year! This is
Melle's Hot Rodded 4-link and more BB Chevy 454 SS pick up
parked outside, and he couldn't even run these yards over to
the truck, jump in and drive home. Wait a minute!!!!
And Instead of burning rubber with the Impala SS and do
test starts and tune the engine to the blower, this rain gave
Jonas and me the chance to make a total overlook of the
chassie! We raised the rear body, altered the 4-link, centered
the wheels in rear wheel houses (for the soon to be mounted
29" high Hoosiers), adjusted the shock absorbers and pinion
angle and a lot more! Thanks rain! But now go away!

Aug 25

Hard Road Tests were OK!
Luckily the problems were elsewhere!
We'll continue our testing and get back
to you with full report as usual!
Keep your fingers crossed!

OK, folks! This is what you've made out of it! And we all love it!
Note that small aluminum rod that was designed by myself
and made by Top Fuel Thore and welded by Jonas who also
made and welded these bungs onto the tube for the water
injection (which never will be used anyway, since Jonas
hates it and Bagarn at Autoshop and Job Spetter as well...)
"Maybe on a manual switch if you hear something on the last
50 meters..." said Jonas.
I like.
Because I like everything that says that my car will go fast!

Aug 24

Top Fuel Thore is done with the case with 3.73 gears and spool
and it's a lot better than it was when it came from Strange!

We'll show you why here: >REAR END MENU

Jonas is serious about going into this and is learning the MSD,
FAST and TCI programs in and out. In my view he's quite tough
in his ignition set up but on the other hand he should know
something after 15 years of successful turbocharging on the
dragstrip. On pump gas...
And his daily work as an engineer at Volvo Car Engines
where he monitors and evaluates HARD turbocharging in
dynos every day, maybe gives him some knowledge too? =)
"Mr Bostico, don't worry, you've got VP Motorsport 109 Octane!
And we'll begin safe! Vafalls, it's as stupid to be too low on
the ignition curve as well! This is gonna be so damn good"
(His "safe ignition" is the highest advanced ignition this
engine ever has seen...)

I rely on him.

Aug 23

What a wonderful change to the better! A new HP lap top! The
old one from 1999 was heavy and slow and the batteries
(extinct from the market many years ago) didn't last an hour!
Now this one is light, quick and I've also got internet access via
the new Sony Ericsson K610i! We're installing the updated
software for the MSD ignition, FAST Engine Management
System and the TCI TCU for the 4L80E trans. And we will be
able to send photos, edited films and stories right away from
anywhere as long as the mobile phone has a good connection!
I wonder how the connection is on Santa Pod?

Talking about Santa Pod, here are two hot contenders in Pro
Mod at the European Finals who I met when shopping at
Mölndals Speedshop today. Jörgen Karlsson and Roger
Johansson and their fabulous Mustangs with Fulton nitrous
engines! (CLICK PIC!) These cars are actually the lightest
nitrous Pro Mods in the world! Roger's blue one is under
1000 kg, Jörgen's 1080 kg! But then you only see carbon fiber
and titan everywhere! TBDGIT wishes you all the luck at
Santa Pod, now it's your time to succeed with these
Mustangs and get the really quick numbers!
And that you visit our CraZy Razy Crayfish Party first...

Aug 21

Okay, okay! I yield for the masses! Here's the new Mainstream
Bracket! Is it OK then då? Follow the exciting design
evolution at >INTERCOOLER and the discussion at
General Discussion at the >PIT LANE forum!

Aug 20

Happy days are here again!


Even though the rain was pouring down it was a treat to
finally roll it out and take it for a spin on slicks - literally!
No blower yet. Click picture to watch a little video!

Jonas doesn't buy anything before he has seen it with his
own eyes. For the moment he is into the cooling, wanting
to know FOR SURE that both water pumps work in the
same direction. And cooling temperatures and...and...
I love it!

Hm? 28 degrees advanced timing...hm?

"Vafalls! Here a rubber hose is broken, get me another!"
Yes, I actually have one in spare...

In and out with the Impala. Short drives, quick checks.
I registered the car for traffic over the internet today and
had my first outing with the BOSTIC-plates I got from
Sören "Fixarn" Fjällstedt when I turned 50!

Meanwhile Top Fuel Thore helps me to assemble the Strange
case for the race: 3,71 gears.
More about that under "IN CASE YOU WANT TO CHANGE"
found here: >REAR END MENU

Another happy family member takes his new ride for a spin.
Click picture to see Axel's video!

Aug 19

The word is out!

Yep! We're not missing out on the parties for our friends!
Click poster to be able to read it.

Aug 18

Look what water cut engineer Dennis Palm delivered to
the garage! But the big fight is already on regarding if
they will be used or not! Follow it here: >INTERCOOLER

Axel has got a new bike! And he doesn't know it yet!
He bikes to school and his old and small bike with 20" wheels
is just too tiresome for him. His legs go like drum sticks and he
plain exhausts himself in the steep slopes going home, because
the old bike hasn't any gears. This one has 3 gears and 24" tires!
When he comes home from the country cottage on Sunday
he will be surprised!!

Aug 16

New 29 x 10" slicks have arrived! >TIRES_WHEELS

Not much left of that dome light cover now... >INTERIOR

New brakes for less friction!
More on a completely new Safety page >STOPPING_IT

Meanwhile, Simon Sunnfors learns a lot every day in his
dad's Engine School! Today it was the basics of a 4-stroker.
526 Hemi - not a bad object! Not a bad teacher either...

Aug 14

Mmmm... take a look at the >INTERIOR

Aug 13


But Hey, what is Jonas doing? Burning cloth to get smoke for
the picture?! Smoke? Is the whole world fake?

Aug 12

The Great Family Go-Cart Race!

Just seconds before the start, Axel shouts to Granny Sonia to
come forward yet a couple of feets in the grid. Sonia has never
been in a Go-cart before. Her husband Thore a couple of times
long time ago. Same goes for Agneta and aunt Susanne and
uncle Michael. Brother Anton is always the quickest in a
go-cart so we placed him in the back. I'm usually 1 second
slower per lap than lightweight Anton so I placed myself
in front of him. And Axel had the Pole Position of course.

So, what did it look like after 10 minutes of fighting???
Go here and scroll down to bottom >AXEL

Aug 11

SS passed by zealous inspector from North!
Nisse Malmhäll on tour: >ROLL CAGE

And Axel learned from his mother how to fix a flat tire!

Aug 10


Again Patrick Wikström's Tim McAmis chassie is travelling!
This time it goes up on a specially made jig in Jonas Alholt's
"The Top Garage" Jonas will update it even more.
Niclas is guarding dad's love.

Meanwhile the new upper grille air duct is finished in the SS.
Will force all air to pass through the >INTERCOOLER

Aug 9

What is the disabled Kenneth Feldthusen doing
in our garage?

He overhauled my ignition cables, checking and cleaning!
He called me - kind of desperate - and said he was bored
with doing nothing at home and asked if he could come
and do something useful! He got his right foot hurt badly
when the Lenco exploded in his AA Altered in July so he
can't go racing in England himself this year!
Thanks Kenneth for your help and your company!

Aug 8


Aug 5


Melle and Mona came by and tested. >ROLL CAGE

As Mr Top Fuel Thore! >ROLL CAGE

Mr Top Fuel Thore also had a couple of self made
presents for the >INTERCOOLER

At last! The glove box lid is back after a couple of
years on the shelf >ROLL CAGE

Aug 4

Interior is going back in! And who do you think was the first
person to jump in there? Click picture to get to >ROLL CAGE

Aug 2

Hello! Back from the first vacation in 15 months!
Straight from plane to work on SS.

When we left for vacation one week ago we just found out that
the shifting cable was broken, probably because from when
lowering the frame (the idiot that writes these lines did missed
that particular detail, even if checking carefully!) and the plastic
stop on the cable didn't hold in the upper end.
So I called my friend Stumpy in the USA from the check-in line
at the airport and asked him if he could get me another one
from the very well known (in B-body community) Dal at
Vandervere GM in Ohio? "Sure, no problem" said SS-racer
Glen "Stumpy" Koenig, and we went happily to Sardinia.
However, it was known that this cable is discontinued all
over USA! A diseased parrot! Stumpy called another racer,
Nab, who pointed to Gary Meier in New York who races a
6-speed (scroll down here) and should have such cable
stuff on the shelf - and he had! And he sent it so I had it
in my hands today when coming home from my vacation!
That's the SS Community for you! Thanks all of you!


Noted that it's important to make the length adjustment on the
new one so I'll get the exact length. Not easily found but the
adjuster is a plastic retainer which sticks in preferable length
on the plastic splined shaft. You still learn all the time!

The Mod-List from June 13!
Well, I've now typed another one, more detailed and
much longer. Time flies when having fun. =)

July 25

Plastic fantastic! Doorsides are now modified to
hide the roll cage side bars. Looki-looki!

July 24

Wonderful! >ROLL CAGE


July 23

All holes in the cabin are covered! Take a look here!
Tomorrow all the interior is going back in, fresh!

July 22

"Lite" Ljungstedt shows us what a tire shake looks like!
Tommy (left) and JP - another Bilsport reporter - keep
the chassie on the jacks. For a closer view, click here!

Jeezus is dressed again. The work with the new Intercooler
and its pipes has started!

July 21

Bilsport came to town! Gunnar "Lite" Ljungstedt warmed his
hands on the LS2 in a GTO 2005 which he did an article about.
It runs 12.6's and looks cool! Watch out in a Bilsport soon!
Gunnar stayed at our home as usual. Our tradition is single
malt whiskey and good cigars while looking out at the ocean
from our veranda and solving the problems of the world.
Such as my Impala SS.

"Nah, Anders must take another picture..."
Despite some of the faces here we had a wonderful evening at
the Sahara restaurant with 15 dishes of Lebanese cuisine! It was
Agnetas 26th birthday. The funniest moment was when we heard
Axel asking a pilot walking by at the street with full uniform:
"Are you a mailman?"
Earlier on her birthday Agneta worked hard to freshen and
polish up everything in the SS interior: > ROLL CAGE

July 20

TBDGIT - Jet Certified!

The Best Damn Garage in Town is indeed Jet Certified! We
garaged the trailer while Roger Goring and Helen Rusling
took a couple of days vacation up north.

Roger signed the wall at the Stairways To Heaven and
then left for the ferry home to UK. Thanks for everything
and see you at Santa Pod in September!

Meanwhile: Holes are covered in the SS, even those from
the old roll bar of course.

"Yea, this will be perfect...."
Jonas has now begun with something he seems to very found
of, aluminium and Intercooler'n'stuff. Remember? Take a look
on his Mustang here. We'll be back.

July 19


The Acrobat Welder!
Finally the frame went back again and Jonas could reach to do
the last TIG-weld in the new > ROLL CAGE - the front cross bar.

July 18

Gordon Callin and Linda stayed in Gothenburg for a couple of
easy days. Before going home to Södertälje they had to
take a look in The Best Damn Garage in Town.

Today I could lift the intake to make a better sealing. I had
a couple of drops of oil coming out in the rear. And now
was a good time to do this, because the frame is down
and it makes good space for lifting the whole thing with
distributor plug and all.
Tomorrow it's possible that the frame is back in its place!?

July 14-15-16

Notes from the race at Säve Depå
Sorry, I have been busy but here are some
flashbacks from the Gothenburg race.

The big talk of the meet was of course Roger Goring's jet
powered Funny Car FIRESTORM from England! 10.000 hp
resulted in new track records all the time. It stopped at a
fantastic 6.34 @ 227 mph (366 kmh). Still it was a shut off
before the finish line...

Between rounds it was kids' time! The team of Roger, Helen
and Juggie were so kind all the time to everybody and
let the kids experience the UFO.

Axel was in Jet heaven!

Susanne Callin is Sweden's most experienced quartermile
racer, despite her young age. Been racing since the age of 10
and shows up in Top Fuel every now and then. Also working as
a precision driver in the two-seater dragster with blown Big
Block Chevy. Rules say"not quicker than 8.00 seconds" so
she collects time slips of 8.01 and such in a dragster that
pulls 7.80's from the trailer. Bracket Racer de Luxe.

Karin Stanikowski had such an experience! Her husband
Pelle gave her the ride!

One of the organizers, Peter Kurtén before his quick ride.
Peter: I'm from Rallye so I'm really used to speed!
Dragster builder/owner Johan Hässler: If you can turn it's
going to slow!
Engine owner Gordon Callin in the middle (also Susannes'
daddy) is thinking: I want to go to Liseberg now!

Liseberg is the best amusement park in Sweden, Gordon found
out. And you can actually see who has been to Liseberg.

Stefan Bodin, one of many officials who won his ride on the
lottery! This club must have the quickest official staff anywhere?

Axel's grandparents Sonia and Thore showed up in
good style and in a happy mood as always.

Thore and Sonia have been to the European Finals at
Santa Pod so they're used to the life in the pits!

Very charming Mona entered the stands with her
boyfriend Melle. Thanks for the salmon salad!

Sweden, Gothenburg, the club Förenande Motorsport and
the big crowd welcomed the Firestorm team! And they
thanked us in the best way they could!

When Roger Goring had his Jet shows the stands were
absolutely filled with cheering audience! A thrill!

European Pro Mod Champion Patrick Wikström had
his thoughts...

"Free, Please take one" Englishmen can translate
to Swedish thanks to the internet! Cute!

OUCH! Kenneth Feldthusen had an exploding Lenco trans
in his AA/A, hurt his foot and was sent to the emergency room!
"I'm happy it was the rear part of the Lenco that let go..."
He will be OK and the altered as well, planning to go
to Shakespeare, UK in the end of August.

Crazy Åza came by and wanted a Blackout t-shirt.

Akiyoshi Miyabayashi - or just "Aki" - is the owner of the Mikael
Nord driven Top Doorslammer Outlaw 426 Nova (former
Patrick Wikström's). Aki had a totally wild weekend when he
drove for a license. And succeeded! Congratulations!

July 14

The fantastic Jet Show continues at Säve Depå!
And the people are excited, as expected!

Roger Goring had his share of signing autographs.

The Solifer caravan was washed and trailered to Säve Depå,
because we (Axel) decided to stay overnight at the track for
the rest of the weekend.

The padding went onto the > ROLL CAGE last night. The final.
Next the frame will go back into the SS.

July 13

The Säve Depå track opened this afternoon.
Johanna Feldthusen and Axel helped to
show the way for the racers.

Roger and Helen discussing with Peter Kurtén
on what will happen during the test run.

Roger strapped by Helen. This is one of only three Jet
Funny Cars in the world with centered driver.
Possible because of the short J-85 engine. Cool!

Roger's first BANG in Sweden!

And local TV-news station SVT Västnytt was there and
made a thing about it. They were also really fast, it was
aired less than 2 hours later! Tomorrow it's possible
that it'll be aired nationwide in Landet Runt!

Click here to see FIRESTORM in SVT Västnytt!

The piece is coming 7 min 26 seconds
into the News.

Meanwhile...the >ROLL CAGE

Black on the rear points, everything in the trunk will be black.
It's looking better and better. The project is now turning to the
point where it goes back together again. Ah! How nice!
Click picture or headline to get to the project!

July 12


Roger Goring and Helen Rusling came to Gothenburg after
24 hours on the transport ferry from Immingham. We had
pannbiff lunch with them and Axel showed a picture when
he played with an elk. We hope it was a Swedish start.

Then we had Afternoon Tea at TBDGIT.

And at last Roger could see live the things he just have
seen here on www.blackout.nu

Then it was time to participate in the "wednesday exhibition"
down by the Opera, to promote the race this weekend.

And draw a lot of attention all evening of course. And some
fun questions was heard, like "What's the mileage on this?"

FIRESTORM will draw even more attention during Friday,
Saturday and Sunday at local military airfield/drag strip
Säve Depå. Two exhibition runs each day! In the hands
of Helen, Roger and Juggy (who flies in July 13).

Meanwhile, the >ROLL CAGE is painted...

July 11

Today the Swan Family came by our garage.

Dart Vader finished the welding of the roll cage...

...so Picasso could start to paint. Check it out at >ROLL CAGE

July 9

Darth Vader took on Blackout again! >ROLL CAGE

July 8

Handsome (and single!) Top Fuel Thore came by and showed
his new tattoo, a Viking. Thore is on vacation now and works
hard every day from early bird to late night to finalize his
Mustang with Jack Roush-Cleveland-engine. May not be
finished to do the Big local race at Säve July 14-16 but aims
for the weekend after at Säve when magazine Bilsport
invites to A-Day-At-The-Strip at Saturday and the VCET race
on Sunday. His long awaited Mustang now has a roll bar and
a new marvelous orange paintjob done by Frank Gudmundsen.
And much more...

Tommy Aga and Annelie (now also on that mysterious vacation,
whatever that means...?) came by at the TBDGIT (The Best
Damn Garage In Town) and Tommy found my little digital
camera and took the pic above. If you want to see what I did
take a look here: >BLOWER MOUNTING Scroll down to the end.
Cardboard, steel and paint from HELL!

Also take a look at >ROLL CAGE to see my color choice
of the cage which professional car painter Frank
Gudmundsen helped out in getting the right blend in
the right time! Thanks Frank!

July 7

Holy demon what a BIG sound! There's a Death (deaf?) Metal concert just a
block away from the garage and I could barely hear my grinding machine!
Motörhead was tonight's big thrill with Adrian Erlandsson on drums who
actually is from Gothenburg and it's said it's the first time he ever plays
"at home". Motörhead aren't death and not either Danko Jones or
But you also had Entombed, Cradle Of Filth, The Haunted, Evergrey
and many
other bands. I'm too old to like this but I loved what I heard and I just love
to see thousands dressed in fantasy black! A real BLACKOUT party! I wish I had
the time to walk over there, drunk, and bang my head with others.

I instead had to bang my head on my SS as usual. Alone in
the 30 C / 86 F garage. All others partied outside during the best
days we ever had! You think you're a freak...and you realize you
must be! What the hell am I doing with my life? Well, more
clearance for the blower output tubing wich now will be 4".
Check it out at >ENGINES >BLOWER

What more in my life, yes I prepared the boxing of the
frame where the roll cage attaches >ROLL CAGE

If you wish click Motörhead logo above to get
transported to a real BLACKOUT web site!

While at it, why not go all the way to the annual Roskilde Rock
Festival in Denmark where they have a Nude Run...
Click picture to see more of it.

See you! I guess.

July 4

Follow what happens at the largest Impala SS fest
in the world - this year in Indy! Click everywhere!

www.impala ss club of america.com



What a night with the TIG!

TIG welding jamboree! All eighteen 1 5/8" joints
are done. Cheers Jonas! Click!




July 2

Congratulations Victoria!

"Team Sweden's Victoria Ohman
won a silver in showmanship with
multiple Palomino Horse
Breeders Association champion

Wow! Second in the World in
showmanship!!! Read more:

What a weekend in the garage!
Party and work. And drag racing...

The kids raced on a 40,2 meters dragstrip while we had a
bar-b-que party. Everyone had a good time at TBDGIT in
the warm summer evening. More here: > GARAGE

Frame is coming down for welding. More: > ROLL CAGE

June 26

Good Luck in USA Victoria Öhman!

Blackout Full Size Racing is proud to announce the part
sponsorship of our 16 year old Swedish girl Victoria
now in Amarillo, Texas to compete in AQHA Youth World
Cup June 24 - July 3. Victoria is Swedish Reserv Champion
in reining youth and always in top in other classes in the
quarter horse shows! Reining - Cowboy precision riding!
She's won a lot over here in Europe so we hope she does
all right over there! Proud dad Thomas Öhman (who has
never been to the USA!!!!) sent website addresses:
Above we see Victoria Öhman with her horse Surenuffshinin,
born in Oklahoma and 3 x Swedish Champion Reining Youth.

June 25

If our female high jump World Record hero Kajsa Bergqvist can,
I can...

I'm a little athletic as well, you know...I need to be, at least...

June 24

"You're out, not welcome, Germany shall win! Moahahaa!"
English The Sun: "Brazilian referee Carlos Simon was
shamelessly encouraged to show red by a couple of the
Germans and had a big grin on his face as he
brandished the card to..."
Sweden's best defender Teddy Lucic for...nothing!
Our dream is over. Back to work. We just love Brazil...

Friday June 23

Happy Midsummer!

With a picture from last year's party - All of us wish all
of you a Happy Midsummer and the longest night of
the year with lots of sunshine wherever you are!
Take it easy and save some strength for the important
World Cup game versus Germany on Saturday!

June 21

Prepare your camera!

I have also been working with the poster above. (Click it to get a bigger one)
Team Roger Goring's Firestorm Jet Funny Car will come to Gothenburg
and turn their 10.000 (!!!) horses loose at our Säve Depå drag strip.

Mr Roger Goring will put on his fantastic show at least two times every
day - modest rain or shine! And he just made a 258 mph-pass in England!
That's 457 kilometers an hour!
He says they just love to come visit Sweden to put on their maximum show
and they will also stay for a couple of days so he and his family can
go to Liseberg and go a round in Kållerado! Hahaha! And we've
promised to take care of him and his team, as we now also promise
to take care of you and your team as usual!

Welcome Roger Goring and Team Firestorm to Gothenburg
and all of you drag racers who love excitement!

Team Firestorm's website:

To SDC website:

Förenande Motorsport has NOT invested in a new asphalt
layer at left lane at Säve Depå, as I understood was going on
months ago. First they wanted to grind the strip flat and tried,
but that method only ripped the stones up from the surface making it even worse.
And since it's not clear what will happen to the drag racing after this
year at this military field Förenande Motorsport doesn't want to make
the huge investment of a totally new asphalt layer.
Sorry that I have misled you on this page earlier - I wasn't informed.
I just read it myself on the SDC website.

June 17

Yes we are getting there! Today we tack-welded all
the pieces of the cage we had. > ROLL CAGE

June 14

"So damn simple!"

"The Savior"
What can we say? We won against Paraguay in
a good match! Sweden is a great football nation!
Vs. England next on Tuesday! I now already
want to send a beg for a pardon to Tog and
Sharkman at Eurodragster (situated in the UK)
We're the best, sorry! Even if you have our
best coach - Svennis! The World Cup is the
World Cup, the largest game on earth...

June 13

I guess we all have our to-do-lists, in our minds or in
written. This is mine. Click it if you're really interested!
Or if you think you can help us out in anything
here? I can pay in beer! (Remember?...scroll
down to May 10!) Sorry that most of it is in Swedish.
It's only one month to our local race!
BTW, you should see my list at my work...

June 11

Look! The proof of that I have taken an outdoor bath this year
and that I'm also kind of good looking! This was at the small
island of Brännö in the archipelago of Gothenburg. A real
quickie half Sunday with the family, before going to work.

Axel always has to overdo everything! Warm or cold water...

Eat boy! Cold hardboiled eggs and heering and hard bread!
Because you are Swedish! Agneta didn't need a lot of
persuasion! Axel ate like a real Swede! Lovely Agneta
spoils us everyday with good food! Lucky us!

June 6

Cheers to Sweden and all Swedes!
Today's our National Day!
Other than that...I'm sorry to say
this, but nothing happens
in the garage...

June 3

Look at him! Jonas Alholt is drinking one of my rare (in
NOS energy drinks which I got from Jöran
Persåker on my whatever birthday! Even though Jonas
is a 100 percent boost-guy! He was very thirsty after
inspecting and discussing my work with the roll
cage today in the Impala! Take a look!

Check out them pulls!


Looki! Now you can have a quick look at the Dyno
Pulls from Engine Masters 2005 where Autoshop
won with their 509 Chevy! Just follow the link
and you'll find pulls from Jon Kaase (4th), Mile
High Performance (6th), Barry Robotnick (?th) and
of course Autoshop (1st)! But seriously I like the
video of my own pulls with Jeezus at Autoshop
much better, because it feels...scarier!
Am I right? Check it out in Dyno Days!

May 29

FIA Main Event at Santa Pod, England: Håkan Fällström
clinched the Top Fuel title in his first ever Top Fuel race!
After years of happy struggling in Pro Mod he just showed
up in Top Fuel and made a clean sweep! As stated by the
staff at eurodragster: "Håkan Fallstrom was the worthy
winner in Top Fuel, having defeated reigning champ Lex
Joon and former champion Smax Smith"
Also congratulations to "Gotlands-Ubbe" who finally hit in
his Corvette by qualifying #1, winning the event and setting
the European PM record, which of course activated former
record holder Patrick Wikström and team in our garage!
PM 1 sends sincere congratulations to you Urban!
More at eurodragster.com.

Well, now I guess I'm finished with the report from our small
birthday party. Click on the chromed deer-logo on the left
bottom on the home page. That'll take you to the
PARTIES-page. Again, thank you all!

Also worth mentioning is that tonight my fitted roll cage was
carefully inspected and passed by Jonas Alholt himself!
He will begin to TIG-weld it together as soon as I have
cleaned the bars on both the outside and inside. I will also
have all of it on the scale before final installment.
Always more here ROLL CAGE

May 24

Even if I forget to tell you about the updates on the
page, things happens all the time.
I just love to work with these chrome moly bars!

May 20

Dale Vaznaian again! As you saw quite recently - further
down on this page - my friend from southern California
had just recieved his brand new Ford GT! Since that
wasn't enough to slap our faces with, he now sends
pics from his Deuce project! "Hello Sweden!" he begins his
bald email! Damn Dale! He says I could now come over
and cruise with him to The Beer Garden! Ha, like we
didn't have beer over here!? If you must see more of this
Dodge-Hemi-in-a-Ford you can go to Thanks Dale.
Or - if you're really hungry - you can go here.

May 19

The tailormade Impala SS roll cage kit is here!
World's first? Check it out at ROLL CAGE!

This is the latest in Hawkeye's Beaver Series Music
Compilations! I got it for my birthday and it went on
and on, louder and louder! Thanks again Hawkeye!
More from that party soon.

May 18

Open Garage Birthday Hot Dog b-b-q was a smash even if
cold as hell! Full report as soon as I'm back on track...
Including Swedish Classical 50th Birthday photo of
the "object together with all the flowers"

May 16

See, we've even scrubbed the whole floor to make the party
clean! I'll probably lick the floor to prove it! Tomorrow.

Allright, allright!...

..obeying Agneta and Axel - I'll throw a party then då! It will be
an Open Garage at The Best Damn Garage In Town - TBDGIT
only for my friends on Wednesday May 17th to celebrate
Norway's National Day, and my birthday...
We'll have a simple Hot Dog Bar-B-Q with newly smuggled
beer, wine and Coca-Cola from Germany.
Welcome friends!

May 15

I extended the lower brackets for the new intercooler
tonight. A little cutting and a little welding. More
IC-updates always at the Intercooler page

May 10

Professional news from Dockhouse Film & TV AB, Hans
Ekelund and I were at the World Media Festival in Hamburg
together with our clients from IKEA, Helen Fernström and
Anna Berg. We recieved the Gold in the Education category
for "A Store in Shape as New" - a film we made last year
where "IKEA Ninjas" had an important part and also a big
group of extras starring as "everyday IKEA visitors" like
well known Tony "Tight" Döbrösi and Tommy "Aga"
Olsson and their families! We also won the Grand Award
for all internal productions with that production!
Cheers in champagne!

On the return from Hamburg we stopped at Burg to do
some serious shopping of beer and wines - with the
cheapest prices in north of Europe!
Party's coming up soon!

May 8

Finally it's hanging there! The framed SS-art that Uncle Rick
"LoveSS" gave to me at SSHS5 in Atlanta! Patrick, Annelie
and Tommy were the first ones to appreciate it.
Thanks again Uncle Rick!

What a shock to find out the weight of the thick stock
carpet! Hey, the car will be lighter with roll cage and
the new carpet! Compared to old roll bar and
SS-carpet! More is happening at ROLL CAGE

May 6

0600 hours at TBDGIT. Patrick, Goofy, Axel and I. Let's
go south to Skåne. Patrick will have his Tim McAmis
built 2000 Camaro updated at Wittander's Competition
Cars. Thanks for lending us the trailer Sören "Fixarn"!

Bengt thought the mission on the SS-cage was clear...

Then we went to MECA Raceway, Malmö for a whole
day at the best dragstrip in Scandinavia. It was the
season opening Test weekend. Small report here!

May 5

The ugly dummy kit is finished! Tomorrow I'll leave this
to professional chassies builder Bengt Wittander of
Competition Cars in Lund to have it made in chrome
moly. After that there's a season opening Test race
at MECA 1/8 mile drag strip in Malmö. There I'll
also pick up my new 200 L drum of VP Motorsport
109 octane gasoline!

April 30

Here we go again! My chromed roll bar is sold to Impala SS
owner Doug Youth in Hawaii, so the fabrication of the new
roll cage is now in progress, beginning with the cardboards
of course! Follow it here:

Today's visit at TBDGIT was cute 11 months old Oliver and
his proud daddy Ulf "Goofy" Schöllin. That's right, bring the
kids to the garages early! It worked on Axel.

April 30, that's Valborgsmässoafton in Sweden. An long
tradition where Swedes celebrate the spring by meeting
around a large bonfire - Majbrasa - singing songs and
looking at shitfaced teenagers trying to stand up. But
tonight was rainy and cold. Normally the crowd is huge.

Axel thought it was HOT in first row!
Blackout Full Size Racing wish you all a pleasant spring!

April 29

I spent a couple of hours in The Best Damn Garage In Town
today. At last. Cleaning and planning. And playing with the
new Intercooler. So I have updated my Intercooler page.

Peo Larsson visited TBDGIT and showed his 1989 Corvette
C4 powered with a blown 383 stroker. Paxton Novi 2000
gives a 15 PSI boost which works just fine with pump gas.
The transmission is changed to a TREMEC 5-speed
TK0600. This Corvette sure kills many hot attacking
European and Japanese cars...
Peo also has a MONSTER 1977 Lincoln Mark IV with an
Autoshop/Peo built Ford 632 ci, which he prefers in speeds
above 150 mph! It's a highway killer, Big Time, and Peo
doesn't want it revealed. It must be a totally unreal
experience to sit in your BMW 320 with the accelerator
to the floor, closing in on 155 mph...and that Lincoln is
just leaving... Peo, welcome back and bring your Lincoln
next time! And please, let me take some pictures!?

April 24

The May issue of the Swedish Wheels Magazine is especially
good this time. In the Garage Scenes department they've
included Axel, me and our Impala SS - saying that we're
aiming to be the World's Quickest Impala SS in 2006. That's
wrong, because that's been our goal every year since 2001!
Also my friend, journalist Sören "Fixar'n" Fjällstedt, says
that we shipped the SS overseas to get it checked and
tuned at Autoshop. But hey, that was the bonus of the project,
we shipped it to race at SSHS-5 at Atlanta! Am I getting
old'n grumpy? =) Nah, thanks Sören and Wheels for the
attention! But what happened to Axel's nose in that
photo? It's darn red! Oh yea, he was painted like a tiger
that day! Axel's nose...hm...pretty close to Axl Rose.

April 21

Some new folks to meet at THANKS and also at
BLACKOUT FASHION GROUP which you'll find
via GALLERIES. Alholt, Gordon, Saki...and
Stumpy Jenkins updated...

April 20

An Easter Witch with her '34 Chevy. Try to top that!

Do I only have Impala SS on my mind? Our small Easter story
will tell, if you wish to visit the more private Vacations-section
which is not so much automotive influenced and made more
for relatives and "normal" friends in thought.

April 16

John Sleath 7,988!

At Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod our friend John Sleath
from York, England, became the first European Real Steel
Street Eliminator to pass the 7 second barrier with his
infamous Keith Black powered 1990 Audi Coupe!
On street tires. Street legal.
Congratulations! More: www.john-sleath.com

April 12

My friend Dale Vaznaian sent a picture of his new ride!
A Ford GT with (the Swedish Lysholm-blown) 5.4L DOHC
V8 engine with 550 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque!
Isn't it already enough to be living in southern California?
Nah, congratulations Dale, we're not envious at all! Just
cruise there up and down under the ugly palm trees in the
too warm weather and fill that lousy poor excuse for tank
up for pocket money and laugh and look good and wave to
all the stupid gorgeous girls (50% Swedish anyway) at the
Sunset Boulevard or at other LaLa-places. Don't think of
us Swedes...at least we have yellow split pea soup!

Every Thursday. Plus mustard...Mmh!
www.food as good as the Ford GT.com


April 11

Home Sweet Home...

Dragged out by a truck into the warm spring sunshine, after a
month of darkness. Halleluja! Home at last! Wroom! Hi pal!

The container was of course also filled to the roof with hot parts
from Autoshop to a handful of happy people! Olsson Brothers,
Tommy and Anders, thought it was like christmas!

Back again...like nothing ever happened.
Now the BIG work starts.

April 8

Congratulations Jöran Persåker!

The World Famous Swedish Sportsmen Jöran Persåker, Björn Borg, Frank Andersson,
Thomas Wassberg and Ingemar Stenmark were all born in the Golden Year of 1956!
Jöran popped out the 11th of April but he'll throw his party today Saturday the 8th at his
Persåker's Speedshop in Åkers Styckebruk. And I can't be there! So I have to say here
and now - Congratulations Ol' Crazy Friend! The racing isn't over yet by far,
it's just getting faster! And the Bilsport European Pro Mod 1 Team of Patrick Wikström,
Tommy Aga, Top Fuel Thore and Ulf Goofy Schöllin are also cheering you!
And Agneta and Axel of course! We all wish you a happy party!

A picture from Jöran's album. Midsummer night June 18 1981, somewhere in the magic county
of Dalarna. Raggare meet. I was on my way north to Umeå and met Jöran in a raggar caravan
cruising around. That yellow '69 Plymouth GTX 440 parked in front of my Camaro was the car
in which Jöran first became an infamous streetracer in Sweden. Since then Jöran has been
racing many classes in drag racing, going through Modifieds, Comps all the way to periods in
Top Fuel! He even has been circuit racing in Camaro Cup! You never know what he will show
up in for the next season but one thing is always the same - his happy mood!

Jöran Persåker in one of his rides. Maybe he likes Top Fuel as much as the GTX?

March 31

"Dyno Days" World Premier!

Right Click - "save as"!

Eagerly awaited around the globe, "Dyno Days" now have its Grand Premier!
The film that shows what really happened in Florida in January and February
when the Blackout Full Size Racing team worked harder than ever together
with the best in the world to straighten up their Impala SS!
Four weeks in 5.30 minutes. 24M - 600 kbs

Tony "Tight" Döbrösi
Karl "King" Ellwein
Glen "Stumpy" Koenig
Tim Takash
Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist
Birgitta "The Queen" Bergqvist
Job Spetter
Bostic "Anders" Bolero

Special appearance by:
Henry "Smokey" Yunick
Original music by:
Klas Insulán and AC/DC

Bilsport - Autoshop Racing Engines - Nordtrafik
Dockhouse Film & TV

You can also read (again) about how we did the film. (Click bar below)

March 27

Do you remember Tony's work to change the trunk for the new rear end?
Well, now you can see the final pics here.

March 14

Hello. Uncle Rick is here.

March 11

At last! The Big Story from our last trip to Florida is done and you are welcome to see what
actually happened over there. It is really a long story so take your time.

Click the bar below.

March 5

Tony Tight on a difficult mission! I'm working everyday on our story from USA
so keep looking, it's soon finished!

March 2

YAHOO! I'm in Hot Rod! Again! =)

Once again I'm published in the mother of all automotive magazines!
And once again it's about the camper trailer racing.
Hahaha! It's 23 years between the issues.
Click pic to get to the MEDIA page to read a larger text.

February 28

I promise I will not ever again complain about working on my Impala SS in hot
sunshine like we had in Orlando Florida a couple of weeks ago...

Why this really strange pose? Yes, it's me 22 years ago! This picture and some
more newly found material can be found at GALLERIES > MEMORY LANE

February 25

The Bilsport article from the SSHS-5 race in Atlanta Nov 5 is now published here
on the site at last! Click on spread to get to the MEDIA page.
Damn Wilma!


Axel got a new friend today. A Siberian Golden Hamster. Since Agneta and I love
the "Fawlty Towers" TV series from the 70's with John Cleese as the hotel owner
Basil Fawlty, we suggested naming the hamster after him (and after that rat which
was kept away by the Spanish hotel servant Manuel who had it as a pet)

February 21

New "straight" induction without intercooler made for testing was...brutal. Hehe.
Read more about our latest adventure at PIT LANE > USA Part 2, day by day.
Meanwhile I'll work on a full story to release later on this web site.

January 1

A tradition, Axel talks to the fireworks with his Tomtebloss.

Anders, Agneta, Axel and Ann-Sofie are cheering all friends!