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December 31

Quit The Shit!

Stuck in the habit since the 70's...no good.

Agneta and I are hereby promising you - we'll quit all tobacco
use at New Year's midnight! Besides celebrating our 10 year
marriage anniversary, this is it! We're out! This is our resolution!
F**k all other resolutions!
With the new Swedish cost increase (tax) w
e'll save about
4000 SKR = about 630+ USD a month (!!!!) on cigarettes and
snuff (snus)!
That's about USD 7.560.00 a year...! A Top Fuel budget!
And that's hard money we'll instead use for coming season's
"Autoshop Norrland Race Tour" in Umeå, Piteå, Skellefteå
and Sundsvall together with Kent Edin and Karl Ellwein!
And at Santa Pod, of course.
(Agneta is only a "snuffer" but that's bad enough).
Of course it's also health thoughts about it in the background,
but we're absolutely so tired of being addicted... and we
want to follow the strong examples of Autoshop's Birgitta
Bergqvist and the Impala King Jonas Mr Al Holt and just...
...quit the shit!
If an idiot yourself, please join us!
Smoking tires is still OK.

I know they have to nail me to the ground but that can be an
interesting experience... I welcome you, nailers! Mmm nice!
Bank bank bank please!

December 26

The best Christmas gift

Agneta gave us both an evening out. Beginning with a movie.
She fixed tickets for the VIP-salon at Bergakungen which is
the most spectacular movie theatre in Scandinavia, with the
largest screens and much more. It opened in 2006. Here
we enjoy a couple of beers in the VIP bar first.

A special concept found only at Bergakungen, the 44 seat VIP
salon! For 200 SKR per person you get free popcorn (sorry
empty in picture) and two sodas. The best thing is of course
the comfortable seats which can be folded back. The seats
alone are worth the extra money. And we can't think
of going to the movies elsewhere now...

The film? Arn - The Knight Templar Thanks writer Jan Guillou
for opening a door in Swedish history and making this era
more accessible for all. His three popular novels about Arn
are what the film is based on. The film gets 4 Blackouts.
It would have gotten 5 if it wasn't for some remarkable jump
cuts both in picture and sound.

December 25

Annual Tomten report

This is Tomten and his slight changes over the years. The last three years he
has looked very much the same. And he is not smelling whiskey anymore.
And you can tell that Tomten does this with real love. But sometimes - like
yesterday - he needs help with the dress from someone close.

Agneta's traditional Christmas Lunch is a highlight every year.

Axel's old computer broke down he had to get a new one since
he's using it so much in daily school work. So it was no surprise.
The big surprise was of course that the new Need For Speed
Pro Street game didn't work. Need to bring it back. Boring.

Grand mom Sonia surprised with a dessert with blackberry
on vanilla icecream. Do you feel peckish?

We're glad that Axel's most popular Christmas gift became
such a mechanical and low tech one as the classic Steam
Engine. And we're glad that grand dad bought it because
it's about USD 125! It looks exactly like the one I had
some 40 years ago, only new thing is the window to
see the water level.

Listen to your childhood memories.
Super short film.

December 24 - Julafton

To all you web site visitors, sponsors, crew, fans, friends,
fellow racers, organising associations and all their hard
working crew and officials. To Eurodragster.com.
And last but not least - to all photographers! Thank you
for 2007, see you in 2008!
-- Blackout Full Size Racing, Gothenburg, Sweden

December 20

5.000.000 lights!

Dressed in double layers of clothes we went out in the cold
to the Liseberg Christmas Market. That's Agneta and Axel.

First I won the finest prize at a chocolate wheel, this giant box
with a selection of Anthon Berg fine chocolates and liqueurs,
that Agneta took care of.
Axel is riding the "Jukebox" in the
background, in a speeding 50's US car.

Then I won the finest prize at a candy wheel. Axel took care
of the giant bottle of candy, and set up a face. I wonder from
whom he got that inherited?

Then I won the "aim and sprinkle drag race" in a supercilious
style (by hard work and not luck) and for that I got a small
stupid soft toy which I got to take care of. Put it in my pocket.

This is what Axel most of all is looking forward to at the
Liseberg theme park. He saves money for months only to
afford this project!

The logging machine!! Get the logs in order. The machine is
only here at the Christmas Market.
Other kids with their parents are queuing up and start to
complain after 10-15 minutes "Now it's our turn!" But Axel
says "Please come back later". Because he has a lot of
coins and he has a mission.


SS-buddy Glen "Stumpy" Koenig sent me this link:

"After years of speculation, spy photos, and rumors, General
Motors has finally revealed its 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1..."

"An all-new LS9 motor produces 620 horsepower at 6500 rpm
and 595 pound-feet of torque at 4000 rpm. Delivering 100
horsepower per liter, the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 is mated
to a close-ratio six-speed manual gearbox with a new
high-capacity clutch designed for the increased power."

"It all boils down to the power-to-weight ratio and the ZR1’s
is exceptional," said Chevy's Ed Peper. "Better than the
Porsche 911 GT2, the Ferrari 599 and even the Lamborghini
LP640. In fact, the ZR1 is expected to be the first production
Corvette to achieve a top speed of at least 200 mph."

Is there a fortune wheel where I can win this car?
Nah, just kiddin', it's only 2 doors!

December 17-19

The Netherlands job

PeO, Condor and I didn't think this Mercedes diesel bus was too
sexy but we had ordered it for a special purpose. We were here
working on a production for IKEA - the same project you could
read about here earlier from Italy and USA.

PeO Olsson and Chris Condor can do anything in the world of
filming. It's more than 50 years of professional experience
between them! It's a pleasure to work with them and the rest
of the talented staff everyday in our own company Dockhouse
Film & Television. Every project is different. This time we
filmed different ways of living for three days and it was so cold
when filming exteriors that we opted to work inside and had
to block off reflections by black cloth around the HD-Cam.

Result? El Splendido of course! =)

This is what I did.

And we have always taken pictures out the plane's windows.
The "Flights" folders have to be filled with images.

A new folder was invented this trip - Waste Bags.
This is the inside of a KLM waste bag.

December 13

Strange day!

Last night I had the strangest dream with images of my family
at my bedside, dressed in white, lit candles, singing loudly and
serving me coffee and Lucia buns and gingerbread! It felt like
in the middle of the night. When I later woke up everything
was normal! With some Dream interpretation during the day
I couldn't find a better explanation than our Impala SS will
probably do enormous wheelstands and stop the clocks under
mid-9's in 2008. And I will get a lot of money of course...
The Lucia Miracle

Then when I briefly visited our garage TBDGIT I was surprised
to see that also our kitchenette was in progress! It must be a
whole team working there during the nights!? Stairs, fence
and now the kitchenette!

December 11

Yes, we have Internet again!
After almost two months in
the dark emptiness...

We celebrate this unbelievable
luxury - by updating our video
collection with the short flashback
of our two attempts at Mantorp
this summer.
Right click - Save Target As.
Next time - Santa Pod.

December 8

Stylish 2nd floor

Someone is still building on the second floor in TBDGIT during
the nights!? It seems like we're gonna have a nice fence in
natural wood bars and polished Stainless. True Scandinavian
simplicity style
but with a twist of hangman's Wild West closer
to the ceiling! This "Tomte" who is creating this when
everybody else sleeps, must have a degree in styling?
More here: >GARAGE

December 4

Blackout Design on Export!

Dennis Palm got the very expensive aluminium Mechal 7079
today. As the sign says, it's time for some water cutting again!
Since engine builder and friend Karl Ellwein of the growing
business Ellwein Engines in Maryland USA couldn't find any
engineer over there willing to construct a crank support for
Generation II LT1, he then asked me to make a couple of kits
out of my design, which of course I've already had in good use
for three years with proven performance: >CRANK_SUPPORT

Dennis clicked his computer to get the designs active again.
Also more friends are involved, Kenneth Feldthusen and Top
Fuel Thore will again have to do a great deal of work in their
machines before the kits are ready to ship. Steel axels,
aluminium tubes, threads, bearing hubs...
Kent Edin in Umeå will of course have the No 2 kit.

December 3

Kent's crossmember

The crossmember is done in Kent's Impala SS which means
that they finally can ground the car on its wheels and
start it up!

Well, first Janne needs to finish the harness. He is making it
more simple and lighter. It weighs only 1.5 kg now! 3 lbs.

December 2

Our drag racing vacation in England

In cruise mode somewhere in England.

Welcome to our albums. Click the bar above. If you have the time...

December 1

He's through The Barrier!

8.67 @ 150 mph! Congratulations Big Daddy John Rafteseth who did what he promised - he
brought the pain! He and SSmitty met for a First Into the 8's Showdown at Darlington and Big
Daddy turned his infamous knob and got the boost to fly through the 8 second barrier in such
a manner that no one could ever doubt it. He also had a 155 mph.

Mike "SSmitty" Smith also brought power for an 8 second timeslip with his
Caprice Cop 9C1 all-out race car 572 ci on Nitrous, but it stopped with a
bumper scraping wheelstand and then a hole in the oiltray on landing...

Find the links to the videos on both of these race cars in this thread:

Tog on Top!

Finally the proof pictures have arrived! Proof that Tog has gone
quicker than the Blackout SS with his personal best
9.798 @ 135.93 mph! That happened November 5th at Santa
Pod Raceway when he borrowed the Heaven and Hell Camaro
from Carla and Rick!

More proof! Congratulations Tog! More nice pictures here:

November 30

And now what?

Someone is building on the second floor in TBDGIT during the
nights!? And the new Stairways To Heaven isn't even finished...
Who can that be? Tomten? More here: >GARAGE

November 29

New Bright Generation

Carina Candelabra Karlsson is one of the new co-workers we
have engaged at Dockhouse Film & Television. Carina comes
from TV4 and now she is working with all our language versions
on our productions as well as sales. We were all out and had a
traditional Swedish Julbord celebration - Christmas Buffet.

November 27

Soon another Blackout
film premiere

I have just finished a short film from both our Mantorp races
that'll show our two-way slipping problems and with our two
transmissions. Look for it here: >VIDEOS
I also hope to get an entertaining video from Santa Pod,
Pro ET racing and European Finals done ASAP.

Bearings like new!

VW-Micke and Mr Al Holt were surprised in a good way when
we tore down all of Jeezus today. Another "Happy Motor"
as "Bagarn" used to say.

Phew! Just look at this beautiful Clevite 77 con rod bearing!
Can you imagine three years of hard work and even too many
not intended 7000 RPM / 30 psi peaks? Goes back in again.

Crank still looks perfect. Of course the very keen machine work
of late Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist and Ed Gordon at Autoshop
Racing Engines in Orlando was the base for this but I also
believe that the addition of my own designed LT1 Crank
Support has helped.

No change of bearings. A small hooray also to myself who did
the last assembly, supervised by Kenneth Feldthusen.

Thank you cranky boy! You like my Crank Support uh?!?

November 24

THANKS all Pro ET racers

Blackout Full Size Racing was awarded "Furthest Traveled"
at the inaugural Pro ET Christmas Bash in Cambridgeshire, UK.
Again, what a class and what a wonderful bunch of people!
Thanks all of you racers who voted for us and we wish you
a Merry Christmas Tree and a Happy New Good Year!
Anders, Agneta and Axel.

From left:

Most F*** Ups: Mike Lacey, Metamorphosis

Diamond Geezer: Carl Burton, English Rose

Hard Luck: Billy Gane, Fat Pack Racing
Best Wheelie: Carla Pittau and Rick McCann, Heaven and Hell
Rookie of the Year: Mark Bishop, Vegas Hustler
Best Appearing Car: Nicky Frost, Nick and Nicky Frost Racing Camaro
Furthest Traveled: Anders Envall, Blackout (Dave Buckland
the trophy on our behalf).
Not in picture: Crew Chief of the Year: Podge, English Rose

November 21-24

Fiat + IKEA in Milan

On our work tour for IKEA we now visited Milan in Italy and had
the opportunity to interview Fiat's Brand Manager who not only
loves IKEA personally but also has engaged IKEA Italy for a
total change of the showroom image! That, and the new retro
hit model Fiat 500 (Car of The Year) has already changed the
direction of the former money losing company!

When going for lunch we saw the home of Silvio Berlusconi.
We guess he hasn't got a Fiat, or a lot of IKEA furniture...?

November 19

Axel drives the SS at last

Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition may be an "old" game but both
Axel and I love to play it on his X-Box. Especially now since
we earned enough dollars on racing the streets of San Diego
(fantastic!) that a new set of cars was released to us in the
garage, among them the MUCH awaited Impala SS!
We play almost every evening before bed time.

You can drive it exactly like you drive the real one!

November 17

Still stepping up

Tommy is working almost every evening to finish our new
super stairs in TBDGIT. Now he's into the stainless rails.

November 13

I hate Netatonce!

I've been working on this site for a month but haven't been
able to connect to the internet because of a broken
router. Hate NETATONCE! Hate! Hate! Hate!
I am now trying to shoot up my updates from my work.
Brought my computer from home and is trying to connect.
Love Internet - hate computers.

November 10

The King is in

Kent Edin and Janne Norberg in Umeå are constantly working
to get the Gentle Giant SS ready for next summer so they can
race Blackout Full Size Racing when they show up...

Today the King of Spades engine and the 4L80E transmission
is finally in their place! Now only the rest...
Check it out here: >KENT_EDIN_GENTLE_GIANT

November 5

Welcome to our albums!

Our personal report from the FIA European Finals at Santa
Pod was done a while ago, but since our (ex-) internet provider
Netatonce doesn't live up to its name I haven't been able to
connect to the internet in weeks!
But when you actually can read this you're welcome to click
the bar above and it'll take you to a page with three choices:

1. Going there, enjoying a quiet Santa Pod.
2. The Race days, Wednesday - Sunday.
3. London vacation, going home.
(Finished soon)

This is the way we live it. So that's the way I report it.

November 4


Tommy has now painted it AGA red, a color in which we have
painted many things in our garage. More to come...

November 3

The supreme organizers GASSIT called it The Last Dance.
They won't do it next time. Nobody knows yet where this
unique race will be held next year? Thanks GASSIT for
all these years!

Everybody had an especially big interest in "Big Dog" this year
since the Big Daddy of the Impala SS community - Big John
Rafteseth - had stepped up his insane twin turbo, chuted SS
and promised 8's with 4242 lb! Yes, he was untouchable! Here
in the Final he let Jerry Barnes in the World's quickest
Marauder safely go first and then chased him down and
passed him and could even brake before the finish line with
a 9.43 @ a slowing 132 mph which was enough to put away
Jerry at his 10.54 @ 130.
But Big John drove by the scales which should verify that
no one is lighter than 4000 lbs. Protests and the Marauder
took home the trophy...

Big Daddy John Rafteseth. Loved by all. He brought the pain
allright, but to himself! If he just had parked at the scales and
waited for the official to note his legal weight!
But he drove through because it was no official there! Let go
of those protests and send Big John the big trophy he
deserves! At least he has the bragging rights!

Mike "SSmitty" Smith showed his new all-out race car built on
a Caprice cop car 9C1! Power from a 572 ci on Nitrous.
Powerglide transmission. Weight is believed to be below 3600
lbs so "SSmitty" was making exhibition runs at SSHS7 with a
best of 9.006 @ 155 mph! Next stop the 8's!
Jeff Green was also there but couldn't back up his 9.611 from
last year, instead he broke the rear u-joints.

They had so much fun at Atlanta Dragway! They even had a
burnout contest! The colored burnout on top was the
most spectacular I think!

To see more fantastic SSHS7 pictures of Steven Gould and
other drag racing pictures (68 galleries with 4910 photos!)
and Formula 1 and other good stuff too, then visit:

Erbacher DNQ in Pomona

Team Urs Erbacher didn't make the field at Pomona.
A string of mechanical failures resulted
"only" in 4.73 and
the bump was at 4.589. Their 4.594 from Las Vegas wasn't
in reach this time. It doesn't matter for us back home in
Europe, he's already a hero!

October 29
Surprise in TBDGIT!

Wow! Tommy Aga has started to build our new Stairways To
Heaven. Looking good. Thanks Tommy!

As I just arrived from USA I had the latest (December) issues of
Hot Rod and 5 other magazines. That got Tommy "Still only
has the November issues" Olsson down the stairs quickly.

Checking up Jeezus

And soon updating to V.03

At last! Having an hour to spare to take Jeezus apart.
This time not only for checking things. Now the engine
will be updated with more horsepower!

Bye bye LT1 intake! We'll now change to an intake with a lot
more flow, as we're also going up in size headers. More about
this on this site as it happens.

Maybe have had some exhaust valve leakage? We'll vacuum
check that later. Other than that it looked as I hoped for.

So far so good.

October 28

Urs Erbacher
qualified in Las Vegas!

Holy cow! European Top Fuel Champion Urs Erbacher took his
circus to Las Vegas and ran a 4.594 @ 326 mph to qualify #15
in the tough field! I don't know if this was the first time a
European team made the field in a car Pro Class in USA since
Skinne did it in Pro Stock at Gainsville in the early 90's?
Urs met 2nd qualifier Dough Kalitta in first round who had a
4.544 while the Hero from Switzerland lost traction.
Thanks Urs! We are so proud of you!
The team is now going for the Finals at Pomona in California.

October 20-28

Flying to USA

Yea, what else? Taking the boat? Our flight illustrated here in
Frankfurt by very handsome Christian Holst, technician at our
loved Dockhouse Film & TV. We had a mission for IKEA in
both Boston and Philadelphia.

Ingvar, Christian and Condor displaying the Ögla chair at
the popular IKEA store in Boston.

Boston was a nice city but watching the traffic was a tragedy if
you like American cars! The always growing cost of gas has
certainly taken its toll on USA in just a few years.
Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, Kia...
My eyes get sore and my heart is bleeding.

And the people in Boston
couldn't enlighten us at all
regarding the Boston Cucumber, more known as the
Bostic Cucumber! Is this really a life-long scam?


Then we arrived in Philadelphia and rainy weather.

Do they have sun and blue sky on the top floor?

What we first saw when coming to Stumpy and Celeste's new
house. Impala SS, Corvette and the 9C1 race car in the garage.

Coffee on the porch. It's their land in the background!

More Stumpyland!

Stumpy showed the single seat racer and the international
speedway superstar Chris Condor his 9C1 project. It was
time for installing nitrous on this car, which has gone
low 10's so far. 9's come closer...

Last day we visited the Reading Terminal Market in downtown
Philly to have a hearty breakfast and do some interviews.
Thanks Celeste and Stumpy for joining the team and helping out!
It's an old and unique marketplace with many Amish businesses.
The Bassett icecream company has been here
from the start in 1861.

October 18

Race Cars now fill the top

8.310 @ 170 mph!
Steve Morris now tops the Dynamic Top ET List with his heavy
BB 1993 Caprice Wagon. More nice info on his website:

When I started to follow the Top ET List in 2001 and made plans
to climb it, there were only street cars on it, maybe in eception
of Dale Basemann who topped the list then with 10.12.
All other cars in the top on this B-Body list were street driven
Impala SS's with LT1's in many various tune levels. I aimed for
Big John Rafteseth who had a 10.82 which I finally passed with
a 10.80 at Santa Pod in 2003.
Since then a lot of things have happened.
Today Blackout is "only" at 6th place on that list but I don't see
any street driven LT1 Impala SS's ahead of me either.
I like the Top ET List
which has been the base for my goals and great investments
in time and money over the years. I also like race cars.
even possible that also one day the Blackout SS will lose
its soul and join the Race Cars =)
However, I think that the
list should be divided between Street cars and Race cars for
more relevant comparing and easier use. I have also thought
for a long time that the list - of course - should have a weight
column (car+driver) since our heavy weights are very special,
aren't they? It's at least as interesting as the Gears.

What do you say - Dan Esteban and Karl Ellwein? The
creators of the best Dynamic ET list on the internet.

October 16

Fan Posters are up!

At last they are up on the garage wall in TBDGIT!
The signed fan posters that I have got from Magnus
Hansson and Roger Goring. Thanks guys!

October 14

Pictures make the
World go around!

English Drag racing photojournalist Roger Gorringe - seen on
Eurodragster.com - now has a picture website!
It's here: www.nitroexposure.co.uk

October 13

New facts on Rafteseth's SS
It's not a street car anymore! His message on the ImpalaSSforum:

Hey All Thanks For The Support!!!! The Car Is At A Race Weight
Of 4,242 # With Me In It!!
400 Smblk Twin Turbo. Liquid Cooled!!! 400 T & 3:73 Gears!!! Now
Just A Race Car! Can't Pass Emissions Anymore!!! For You All
Wondering If There IS More In It!!!! Just Bring The Video Camera's
To SSHS7. I Just Might Turn Up The Boost A Little More!!!!!!
I Heard The President Of My Fan Club Is Back. Bostic, I Still Can't
Load Your Web Page Though!! Can't Wait To Take A Look!!!

See Ya'll @ SSHS7 !!!
I'm Just Bringin The PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!
Were's That Linclon AT!!!!!!

*John Rafteseth*

Thanks John for sharing the interesting facts!! I'm sorry I can't
be the President of your Fan Club anymore since it's not a
street SS anymore! ;) You know I need that on my own list.
Nevertheless, I hope THE BADDER BOWTIE will kick some
a** at the SSHS7 in Atlanta and that all will see the very
first legal weight Impala SS in the 8 second bracket!
Legal weight is 4000 lbs.

October 10

9.210 @ 149.78 MPH!

BEWARE! Da Man is back! And now he's totally MAD!
No more Nitrous - now it's Turbo in the BAD BOWTIE SS for John Rafteseth from Tucker,
Georgia USA! John will now top the Impala SS Top ET List and is also aiming for the first 8!
This is what he wrote today at the ImpalaSSforum:

Just Got Back From Commerce, GA Home Of The SSHS Series!!!
Made A Few Shakedown Pass. Heres The Numbers!!!!

60' 1.498
330 3.923
1/8 5.957
MPH 121.22
1000 7.718
1/4 9.210
MPH 149.78

Weather Hot & About To Rain!!!!!
Folks There WILL BE A 8' Second Impala SS . Just A Little More Seat Time!!!
Superchargers SUCK, NOS BLOWS, & TURBO'S RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Ran IT. I Chit My Pants & I Want To Talk About IT!!!!!!!!!
Guess I'll Just Go FISHING Tommarrow!!!!!!!!
THE BADDER BOWTIE In Trainning!!!!!!!!

Good timing to say the least, because the Annual Battle of the Heavyweights
Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout No 7 will happen at his home track in Commerce
November 3! And they say it will be the last SSHS, at least in Atlanta!

A recent sneak shot by Big Kahuna. How big is this? Is it air/water intercooler? Click pic to get
a bigger one. I've mailed John to get answers on (for me) relevant questions:
Still street driven?
Starting line weight? Transmission? Gears?
More pictures by Karl Ellwein
of the whole car here! It doesn't look like it's street driven...?
John, Loud Congratulations and Cheers from Team Blackout on those fabulous numbers!
Now go get them at the SSHS7! Look out for that Smitty boy...and Jeff Green...and...

October 7

Adam Flamholc did USA!

We've followed their recent adventure at glueharbour.com.
Adam Flamholc and team just stepped up to Pro Stock this year
and is now moving fast forward - new GTO, new everything - and
the American Dream - shake it down with the World's best
before taking it home! Swedes like me are just leaning back,
blinking our happy eyes while enjoying another professional
Swedish Pro Stock team in the creation! They finalized their
adventure by trying to qualify at NHRA Richmond. And "of
course" it didn't succeed, Adam stopped outside the ladder
with racers like Warren Johnsson and Jim Yates. Best ET was
6.75 so now we're anxious to see what Adam is going to do
next European season in Pro Stock with his friends Michael
Malmgren and Jimmy Ålund who had their 6.74's at NHRA
. And Knihtilä, Ume-Magnus and Snowball and the
others. We normals just have to lean back and enjoy this!
Thanks all of you guys for making FIA Pro Stock!

October 4


"Bagarn" and totally successful Whiplash at Santa Pod 1984...
Thank you Eero Pirttinen for the pictures!

180° headers! Is beauty as important as function? Yes No!
To see more about all this go to: >WHIPLASH

Yes, yes, it's soon coming!

Part 2. The Race Part of the Santa Pod experience 2007

I'm just wondering what to write about things like this!
My 9 year old son Axel sitting in a slingshot dragster with a
Ford Big Block V8 and "listening" to the crew chief
My brain is too simple...

September 27

New Record!

Kent, your converter is out again! I also sent it today, you
should have it on Tuesday so you can put together your
engine and trans and get it all into the Gentle Giant SS.
Thanks for letting me borrow it. It's now tested.
This must be the only record I did with the Blackout SS in
2007 - engine/trans out of the car before October!!!
Also note the expensive shoes I once bought in Newcastle,
they're perfect to shield the valve covers from scratches
from the chain when lifting out the Jeezus engine
from the SS.

September 26

TBDGIT proudly presents

The Great Lathe!

We now have a lathe in TBDGIT, and a BIG one! A Köping in
very good condition and with complete everything! Not your
ordinary Black & Decker.
Christmas came early in 2007! Hugs and kisses Tommy!

The best there is! Köping! Dig it! Swedish pride!
Mr Al Holt fell on his knees and begged "Please, let me buy it!"

"The lathe is an ancient tool, dating at least to the Egyptians and,
known and used in Assyria, Greece, the Roman and Byzantine
The origin of turning dates to around 1300 BC when
the Egyptians first developed a two-person lathe..."

I just love WIKIPEDIA

September 25

Part 1

Welcome to our private albums!
Report of the first days and we have not even seen the christmas tree yet! Click the bar above!
This will be a report in three parts:

1. Going there, enjoying a quiet Santa Pod.
2. The Race days, Wednesday - Sunday.
3. London vacation, going home.

This is the way we live it. So that's the way I report it.

September 19

Hail The King!

An exciting moment in Umeå! Janne and Kent open the
engine box from Karl Ellwein of Maryland, USA!

"King Of Spades" is finally here!
It's here to help Kent Edin in his Impala SS "Gentle Giant" to
conquer "Jeezus" in Blackout SS beginning in 2008 season...
More at the bottom of this page!

September 17

Monster Impala started!

Danish Martin Boye sent the You Tube-link which shows when
this twin turbo 565" Reher Morrison is born. Good luck in 2008
Martin and Daeckimporten Team in your 1963 Impala!
Click here: youtube.com/watch Martin Boye

September 16

We've heard via Tog at Eurodragster.com that Feldthusen made
an 6.66 at the NSRA Hot Rod Drags at Shakespear County and
that Roger Goring set a new personal best with his Firestorm
Jet Funny Car with 6.11 @ 261.37 MPH!
Congratulations to both teams!

September 15

Home at last! Alive!

This was only the beginning of the worst sea travel we have
ever had! Going home Tilbury - Gothenburg on a commercial
freighter. Luckily the rest of our two weeks adventure
in England was much better.

If it was possible, I would have done one more night at that
rollercoaster ship in exchange for a working transmission.
Well, it worked until the use of the transbrake - in
combination with
the weight - it just become too much.
In a lighter 4L80E-equipped car it would have been a BLAST!
Yes, that's used ATF oil that Agneta is disposing!

But here is a happy one! My buddy Andy "Tog" Rogers wanted
to make his Eurodragster.com live updates directly from the
Blackout SS passenger seat.

And even happier of course Patrik Wikström's Team OFAB
Motorsport who won the Pro Mod class while testing the
new set up in their Thriller Camaro! However "Gullan" won
the 2007 Bilsport Pro Mod FIA Championship and the Lindahl
Twins set a new fantastic European ET Record of 6.11!
A good interview with Patrik in English here!

What a race the 2007 European Finals at Santa Pod was!
Probably the best drag race I ever experienced.
I hope to be back soon with full report.

September 1


7518 visitors!
3562 unique!
52.862 pages!
1.405.717 hits!
35 GB!

Still, at least two days are lost in statistics!
Thank you all for coming and visiting our little
Big Crazy Blackout SS World!
And Welcome back soon!

August 31

We are loaded!

What do you mean? No space for my box with used bolts?

Gulpa gulpa gulpa...

See you in a couple of weeks! Until then, follow our adventure
at Santa Pod in the UK at >PIT_LANE where Mr Hawkeye will
update day by day, and surely minute by minute sometimes.
Also at Eurodragster.com.

August 30

First report out!

Will hopefully be finished soon, but you are welcome already now. Click the bar.

August 26


Perfect cover for the UK traffic - Caprice Taxi.
What a different set of wheels can do!

The reason for the change of wheels is of course the very low
clearance under the new B&M transmission oil tray, which is
the result of the transbrake installation that needs that extra
deep tray. But like this I couldn't even enter the ferry...

Luckily, buddy Tommy AGA has a set of Cadillac wheels with
General P235/75R15 tires that are almost 3" higher than
my Bridgestone 285/40ZR17.


Rickard wasn't the only one that was amused when the chair
slipped away (as always) when mechanic at work. Tony came
by to do what only he can do - change plugs under 1 hour.
Thanks Tony, Lotta and Rickard for your support!

August 25


We have a transbrake! So I left a note to the Pro Mod boys in
the garage. What an experience to feel and hear that great
power in a car standing still...and your little thumb on the
button is the only thing holding it back!

Dream Team! Jonas Mr Al Holt and Kenneth Ståhl. I'm working
on a page about how we made it work. Test'n'tune 2...

August 24

Community works!

Hillclimber Hans Mäki answered my call on the community site
Nitroz.se when I needed to get my converter from Ekerö,
Stockholm across the country to Gothenburg same day. He had
planned the trip anyway. Thanks Hans!
I told Tony at Danielssons Bil in Ekerö to NOT to use the Postal
service, it would have taken days. Even UPS couldn't match
the speed of a well working drag racing community site.

Yellow plupp!?
This is my (formerly pink painted) Vigilante 9,5" / 5-disc race
converter, repaired and re-designed by guru Tony Jönsson
of Danielsson Bil. He called Jack at Precision Industries and
ordered fresh parts and Tony also mounted a much tougher
pump that could cope with the power and torque when
on transbrake. Thanks Tony! Exciting!
More about this work later.

August 23

The Swedes are back!!!

Team Northrace has also something special to look
forward to! Again.
Click poster to get a big one.

Sorry boys, of the Safety Team at Mantorp!
Here you can see why I had some transmission oil leakage
during braking at the far end at Bilsport Action Meet! A broken
dipstick rubber seal worth 50 cent, stopped further racing
because I couldn't reach it from underneath.

Tommy Aga is working hard on his new Thriller image

So is Goofy. Since he is directing Patrik back after the burnouts
he thought that this design could help...

August 22

Well, get on it again...

Time to take out the Ignatius transbrake transmission again.
The "eventual" trip to UK and Santa Pod is only a week and
a couple of days away and we need both to find the reverse
gear and get the transbrake to work. Or mount the back up

When Mr Al Holt showed up with his 64 Impala raggerbile
everything else stopped. He has made a lot of nice things to it.
Even lowered it more. Goofy noted roof height 135 cm / 53"

But Goofy is more into rods, this one he chased down the high
way just to say hello, ask things and take pics.

August 21

The Little Chemist

Axel now has a chemical kit where he gets volcanoes to erupt.
The only chemical kit his daddy plays with is on the right.

August 20

A Win!

Bye bye Dodge Charger, this is the SS from hell!

El clicko da baro abovo! =)

August 17

Impala Club grows!

Vesa Ollila came home from Småland in a Impala 1962!
More at Thanks Vesa

August 11

Just nice pictures!

A slingshot dragster at a narrow but prepared 1/8 mile street
track at Linde Open. It's fun to visit www.schumis-foto.se and
enjoy all the nice pictures of all the nice cars at all the
nice races.

August 9

The Veidec Festival Report

We're not all happy about this Mantorp FIA-event... Click the bar to see why!

August 8

World's Quickest Caravan!
215.000 SKR!
New price in 2005 - with these options - was close to 300.000!
Please check ads for other similar caravans...

16.29 @ 137 km/h! Factory Special T1 loaded with everything!

The 2005 Solifer T1 is well taken care of. But we've decided to
sell it because we use it much too seldom! It has only rolled
1500 km max! We have only slept in it 5-6 times! This is the
first ad for this sale.

Facts: Solifer T1 2005.
Air resistance: cW=0,34
Length with tow bar: 22.6 Feet / 689 cm
Outside length: 19.1 Feet / 583 cm
Outside width: 7.38 Feet 225 cm
Outside height: 8.69 Feet / 265 cm
Weight: 2458 lbs / 1115 kg
Tires: 185 x R14C8
Beds: 2 - 4
It has water heating in the floor, water heating tank, TV-contacts,
antenna, CD-player, full stereo package, speakers, mobile phone
connection and much more.
Made to cope with winters!
More here: Solifer.com

And here: World Record with Adventure Solifer T1

A special aftermarket option is this friction hitch which works
with metal-to-metal and minimizes caravan swinging!

Good space for a family, with large beds in both ends. It's nice
to sleep in when it's raining outside, or look at a James Bond
DVD with daddy.

Agneta loves to work in the kitchen, thinks it's well planned.

We love it - but must sell it.
If interested - mail me at envall@dockhouse.se with your
phone number.

August 7


Even if the entering deadline is on Friday 10th, we wanted
to make sure we're entered in at the last big race in Europe in 2007 -
the FIA European Finals at Santa Pod in UK!
The list updates every day at EuropeanFinals/Entrylists2007.htm
At the moment there are 41 contenders in our favourite class, and
the absolute tightest drag racing class in all of Europe: Pro ET.
Besides having fun, our ultimate goal is to QUALIFY!
Last year the bump spot in the 32 car field was only
a 0.03 over dial-in!

August 5

Feldthusen: 6.65

Kenneth complained about being 0.8 seconds off their capacity
since the race in Sundsvall but cheered on this Sunday morning
at Gardermoen Raceway, Norway when they found the problem
(ignition set back). He redlighted in first round of Competition
Eliminator due to more aggressive engine but the whole team
was happy anyway because this aggressivity also meant their
new personal record was set to 6.65 (on the 7.37 AA-index)!
This team is now preparing for the totally crazed out
NSRA Hot Rod Drags at Shakespear Raceway in September
15-16 together with the others in
Last time, in 2005, Kenneth was quickest and fastest there...

We said Hello to Kenneth Feldthusen in Tahult before Team

Nilfisk ALTO
went to Gardermoen, Norway and we to Mantorp.
Also we borrowed his electrical generator! Thanks Kenneth!

August 4

We won!
Yes, we won the V8-class at the huge Bilsport Action Meet
at Mantorp this weekend at the ET 10.14. But we didn't
know it until we read about it back home!
Until full report is done, please read about it at >PIT LANE

There you can also read about who won the prestigious
ET Guessing Contest and the Blackout t-shirt.

August 2

Back on track! (?)
We're going back to Mantorp tonight. Even without
the Reverse gear and the ATF oil dripping, we must fix
that at Mantorp! Bilsport Action Meet is waiting!
And the Blackout SS wants to tear that track up!
Follow us at >PIT LANE

No Reverse - and - what now, an oil leak!? Against all our
principles we decided to go to a race with a car that is not
ready. Agneta and I at least found the leak in the big electric
contact going into the trans, it was pressed in by the trans
blanket! But where is the Reverse? Let's try to find it tomorrow
night in the Mantorp pit when Kenneth Ståhl joins us...

August 1


Crew chief Agneta is preparing Ignatius to be lifted back into
the Impala SS again. She's fast now and doesn't ask questions.

10,5" converters for 4L80E with the same working specifications.
I think my Vigilante is slipping, Kent's TCI is never used.
I take it for a test this weekend.

Ignatius is a heavy beast, I guess around 100 kg (200 lb) with
converter and all extras? It's always a balancing act to get
it up on the floor jack but we're real good at it now.

Click the bar:

July 31

Veidec Combo is out

Today my handy wife and Crew Chief Agneta and I took down
my back-up transmission with the Vigilante converter.

And Kent Edin sent his TCI converter by air from Umeå to
Gothenburg, for me to "test" at Bilsport Action Meet! A note
from Kent was included: "Take it easy" I wonder what that is
supposed to mean? Tomorrow we'll put it into the car
with our first choice 4L80E transmission (with transbrake).
This transmission Ignatius was checked by Kenneth Ståhl a
few days ago and found to be OK after our transbrake test.
Kent's converter is 10" and everything is done to it by TCI
and it is expected to stall at 3000 RPM with 1200 HP.
Thank you Kent!

I'm still working with the
car and the Veidec report.
Hang in there!

Always prepared for rain at Vedec Festival.

July 25

Please check Pit Lane/
Veidec Festival for news
from the race

July 24

Test of transbrake...

The day before going to Mantorp we tested the transbrake.
That was a good idea.
But it meant a whole night's work for Agneta and me to change
to our back-up transmission without transbrake so we could
go racing. More about this wet adventure soon.

July 23

I'm too tired, I give you the pics
and you make up the story OK?

Small door, giant assortment!

New 1" lower but 1" wider rear tires

For sale 3000 SKR. Damn good Hoosier 29.0/10.0-15. 4 mm
rubber. Will bring them to Bilsport Action Meet 3 - 4 August.

Axel helped Micke.

Transbrake cable contact

I drove it this morning.

July 22


After 20 months of silence the Camaro is roaring again!
Now with a completely new approach and named Thriller!
Sounded just right!

The only time when our kids didn't sit in the garage
playing computer games.

In the middle of the running the Pro Mod team of the Lindahl
twins dropped by and inspected Thriller very carefully.

Mikael and Magnus had of course to sign The Stairways To
Heaven in TBDGIT, together with their 1/8 Mile performance.
They were on their way home to Vänersborg from Malmö
where they set their european record yesterday.

Shifter Hoop

I had to make it now.

A hoop that keeps the clearance for the shifter arm.

Tucked in very nicely.

Day ended bad once again for Blackout. When turning on the
fuel pump a big leak was found in the fuel rail. Off with
everything again to check. It was the o-rings that didn't work
anymore. Since the constructor Anders Stålklint did leave a
lot of back up o-rings I searched for new ones but found
only one! So if I can't find a 14.10 x 1.6 Viton o-ring
during Monday I'm not sure we can make it to Mantorp
in time...

July 21

Happy Birthday Agneta!

My lovely wife brought a sandwich loaf to TBDGIT today so
all hard workers also could party. Kisses and hugs!

Lighter Blackout!

2018 kg - at this moment it was 2 kg heavier than last year, but
I had forgotten to drain the stock fuel tank and when I had done
that it was 2013 kg - 4437 lb - 3 kg lighter than last year =)
Not bad after adding Anti Roll Bar, trans brake w. heavier trans
pan and more oil, Window net, more belts, heavier front torque
plates brackets and more. Well, the total weight will of course
always be a matter of the moment. Give and take a few kg.
However, note the 0.6 kg difference between the rear wheels!
That is because of the preload we adjusted to the Anti Roll bar
(with me and my helmet in car).
Also note that circa 40 kg more weight on the left front wheel
compared to the right wheel which is a result of the same
preload. It will be very interesting to see how this car leaves
the starting line and what the 60 foot time will be.
1 kg = 2.2 lb
1 lb = 0.45 kg

Mr Chrille arranged and supervised the weighing session and
preloading. Thanks Mr Chrille!

Driver has "lost" more than 20 pounds (10 kg) in only 18 days!
That is the result of the very effective (and utterly boring)
Cambridge Method. No beer!
There are a few days left before the race so a couple of more
pounds will sure disappear, especially with that beard.

Twin's 4.01 @ 180 MPH
New European best for doorslammers on the 1/8 mile!

Lindahl Twins are on the Go in Pro Mod with their 68 Camaro!
When we heard the result from today's Pro's Test'n'tune at
the Meca 1/8-mile track in Malmö we all shouted loudly in
TBDGIT! They deserve it, they've worked for it!

Happy driver Mikael Lindahl holding the proof! The event will
continue Sunday. Thanks Joker for the pictures! Visit
Cruzing.Just.Nu to see more fabulous pics!

July 20

2 steps forward
1 step back...

Found that the driver's side catalyst had full contact with
new transmission blanket! Damn! So in the middle of making
the SS ready for putting down on the floor I had to cut and
weld! Damn damn! But I don't want to stop on the way to
Mantorp with a fire underneath...

It took too many hours to find my stainless tubes, cut the pipe
and start matching and tack weld with the MIG. You can see
the original straight design in ghost. Well, now I've done it
and will wait to the next TIG-welder to come by...

Still, I managed to make the bracket for the Trans brake switch
(which is a Hurst Line lock 10 A switch). Yes, it's painted in
my special SS interior grey that I used for the roll cage.

Three barrels of VP Motorsport 109. Check.
Sent Agneta and her good friend AnnSofie on a short vacation
in Denmark so they could get the barrels at Street Parts
in Roskilde.

Think bubbles

Sometimes I wish I were 9 years old again...

July 19


New oil in the F-1 ProCharger. Check.

5th belt mounted. Check.

Window Net done. Check.

July 18

Looki here then då!

Tony "Tight" Döbrösi back in business for a while! He showed
up back from his vacation in Hungary and wanted to help and
got the task he hates most, mounting the exhaust system.
Maybe the spark plugs are less popular but they were already
done. What a jump forward, and a relief, it is when one more
person is working with the car! Thanks Tony! Come again!

As expected, good clearance between the exhaust pipes and
the new Anti Roll Bar.

Jeezus - Ready to rumble again.

July 17

Next year

Kent Edin is planning ahead. This is a semi-finished headers
flange kit with gaskets (grey). The kit is the beginning of
headers with 2" primaries which will be welded by Janne.
Kent ordered two kits because Janne will also weld my
headers. The reason for these flange kits is that there are no
headers with 2" primaries manufactured anywhere.
Largest available is 1 3/4" which is the Quad-1 that I use in
Blackout SS. Both Kent and I need 2" primaries to step up...

Kent also shows his new Fuel valve.
"You don't want too little fuel do you..."

ET Guessing Contest

An old good tradition with the Blackout Full Size Racing
is to let friends guess our next ET and the closest guess OVER
the ET wins a Blackout T-shirt. This time the Contest is concerning
the two following races at Mantorp Park: Veidec Festival
26-29 July and Bilsport Action Meet 3-4 August.
Follow the growing list at >PIT_LANE

July 16

Voltage Booster

Just in case the fuel pressure drops again at the start...?
If the wear in my Aeromotive fuel pump wasn't the whole
explanation, a general voltage drop under WOT could be?
Then this will come in handy, mounted by VW-Micke and
ready to go! A Voltage Booster for the fuel pump. It is
guided by the engine boost via a Festo-line going from
the intake through the frame.
More here: >FUEL_PUMPS

While at it VW-Micke dived into the alternator and all around
that. I have had continuous problems with burned alternators
so I even have a spare with me at all times! Micke thought
he could solve it and rearranged everything...

The new connections are already here! Thanks Birgitta!
Now I will have a working windshield wiper when entering
the yearly automobile inspection.

July 15

Alignment adjusted

Put some hours in checking the alignment and adjusting the
blower. Even if the new
Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belts
forgive some misalignment, it's always better to be straight.

July 14

Busy days!

So many things to do - so few days! Any hand is welcome!
Axel wanted to help his daddy when he came back from
his vacation at the cottage. He tightened the bolts to the
converter cover and checked things over.

July 13

Working everywhere

Welcome to the paintbox "Windy Corner" - where the window
net tubes get the same grey as the roll cage and interior.

And then they get pluppar for finish. More: >WINDOW_NET

My God! Ignatius may now be the lowest point underneath?
Or is it still the crossmember in the rear? More about
Ignatius here: >TRANS_BRAKE

Hello Kaj! Come in under the car here...see!? Kaj MIG-welded
the new torque plates to the frame and that meant that it now
is "only" to mount everything back in the car.

First some paint of course. Drivers side.

Passenger side. More about this here: >SMART_THINGS

New fuel filter finally mounted. More:

July 12

Marriage point!

Oh happy day, Oh happy day!
Jeezus and Ignatius back to Blackout SS. I expect much to
happen the following days. Regular mounting work.

July 11

New fuel line done

Helpful Marcus Johansson at Hydroscand made the cut in my
fuel line so I can put in my new Aeromotive filter.

I already have a filter before the fuel pump and now also
AFTER the pump since pump broke down last year and spread
aluminium debris to the regulator and injectors, besides
lowering the fuel pressure! Not bad going 9's under
these circumstances...
More here:
>FUEL_PUMPS (reason)
and >FUEL_SYSTEMS (solution)
and >THANKS (Marcus at Hydroscand)

July 10

Ignatius is back!

4L80E Ignatius is fat! Once built by TCI but now built even
stronger by Kenneth Ståhl at Custom Racing in Örebro.
The Rossler Trans Brake is ready to go. Thanks Kenneth!
And thanks also to the logistic team that engaged in getting this
elephant to Gothenburg besides Kenneth: David III Johansson,
Mikael Westerberg and finally the Lindahl-twins who happened
to pass Örebro with their Pro Mod Team bus (after the FIA-race
in Finland) and picked it up and drove home to Vargön
where I got it today! Great solution!

Together again. Jeezus and Ignatius love each other.
Goofy snapped this picture, another proof that I'm working.
Here the new transmission blanket is adjusted. I need
this to pass inspection for Super Gas at Mantorp.

synthetic 10W-40 smells good, like coconut! New Fram HP8
oil filter. It's soon time again...

July 9


Final weld of the window net was done by professional
welder Kaj Martin who I stole from Patrick Wikström's Pro
Mod work place on the other side of the garage. VW-Micke
also helped out with some TIG-welding.

Looks kinda straight from here but the tubes are tailor made
with dozens of small bends around the cage, interior and the
driver. It's an organic design. More here: >WINDOW_NET

July 8


Wow! What a surprise for the eyes when I opened the box
from David Kiefer at Gates Corporation USA! This is the same
belt construction that Blackout Fullsize Racing tested last
year at Santa Pod and found to be terrific! They feel stiffer
than the old belt but they actually retain their strength through
more bending cycles and on tighter bend radii! There is a God!
They were released on the market July 5th and the official
name is Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™

More about the World's strongest belt on this nice site:
Gates Carbon

Also here:

And eventually here:

Thanks David from a happy blue team!

July 7

This and that

While awaiting the transmission from Kenneth Ståhl I use the
time for the "small" mods (especially those in the now empty
engine bay) like the resurrection of the windshield wiper motor
(burned in August 11, 2005 remember?) I've ordered new
connections from Queen Birgitta at Autoshop and hope to get
all fixed in two weeks before the yearly inspection and the
Veidec Festival race at Mantorp. And mounting new fuel line
with filter AFTER the renovated Aeromotive pump, removing
the ABS-system from engine bay, also removing the water
injection system,
the window net, lap top bracket in
the passenger seat, mounting the "fifth" safety belt strap
between the legs, and a lot of more stuff.

July 5

Look at them now!

This MONSTER will soon be heard all over Gothenburg...

July 4

Jonas Mr Al Holt!

His fine '64 Impala lowrider special passed inspection today!
All the hard work paid off!

Happy 4th of July!

Yankee Doodle! Spirit of '76!

July 2

Forward For 4L80E

Mikael Thor at LBM Autoparts has a giant stock of parts for all
kinds of automatics including the 4L80E. And his business is in
Landvetter just outside of Gothenburg - lucky me! But I hadn't
heard of him before, in all these years, before Jonas told me!
Mikael had both Alto friction plates and Kolene steel plates
for my clutches. And more stuff. Thanks Mikael!
Then I drove all my transmission parts up to Kenneth Ståhl at
Custom Racing 3 hours away in Örebro who will build my
trans with trans brake and all. Hopefully we'll get his story
here with pictures when he's done!
(Jonas who began with this project lost his interest because
he needed to finish his own '64 Impala).

July 1

A Thriller just watching...

Hurry hurry! Season is now! Mr Chrille and Patrick late minute
CC-ing and the result is XXX

Kaj Martin welding the new zoomies for Patrick Wikström's
OFAB Thriller Camaro Pro Mod. Then other things...

Top Fuel Thore just finished the Lenco overhaul and now he
wants them to put in the engine in the car so he can go on
and mount the new clutch. Thores mantra which is heard
loudly and daily in TBDGIT is: "En Traktor!"

No engine here yet. It's Tommy Aga's work zone at the moment.

The Camaro is like a completely new Pro Mod in black and
chrome. And carbon fiber. Wait until you see it!

June 30

Finally we'll race at the FIA
Veidec Festival - Mantorp!

I was working in Norway last week and I saw that the news
had hit some of the newspapers...

Entry list in Super Gas so far. Looks like it'll be a 32-car ladder.
They don't run a Bracket class with open dial-in, so this is our
ticket into the largest dragrace in Europe! This one will be
one tough nut for The Blackout Team but since our own local
race at Säve is out we wanted to go to Mantorp. Also because
we'll meet racing friends from Umeå and elsewhere that we
just don't meet on any other race.
Who cares if we're out after first round on Saturday - then we
won't miss all the rest at the best race in Sweden!
See you there!

Check the entries in all classes: Veidec Festival

June 22 - Midsummer!


A well deserved break with the families, from the work with
the cars. Snaps, herring, dill, fresh potatoes and more. Also two
guests from Orlando, Florida who wanted to try everything!

Self confident runner in the Great Potato Race.
But Tommy Aga and his dreadful team cheated!
Read more about all the scandals at >PARTIES

June 18

I'm sorry but I have no idea what's happening...

June 16-17

The Last Weld
...of the Anti Roll Bar...

Finally I found a TIG-welder that could finish the welding of
the rear end brackets of the >Anti Roll Bar. It had to be done
this weekend since I'm away working during the weeks.
Who he is the man with the coolest welding helmet?
Follow the link above...

June 10-15


Trainspotting Dockhouse Style. Technician Christian "Skaune"
Holst overlooks Chris Condor's adjustments . We're making
a film for Veolia Transport this summer and this time
we were in Germany and Poland. We interviewed people
and filmed buses and trains in action. And a frog.

I missed Axel's last day in school before summer holiday. But
Agneta sent a picture on the phone with a proud Axel and
his Personal Achievement Diploma! Congratulations!

In Poland we saw Tony Soprano driving his own train!

Always fun to come home again!

June 9

Welcome home Götheborg!

Back home after a 20 month round trip to China!

There were many ways to view the ship's arrival. The model
of Götheborg on the TV is built by Axel's grand dad Thore.

Our view. Several hundred small boats escorted Götheborg.

And now this is the view from my job, Dockhouse Film & TV.
Link to the interesting The Götheborg Project


Same day as Götheborg arrived so did also the 10 hottest
Monster Trucks in the World to show their Monster Jam.
Among them Grave Digger!

Local star from Gothenburg - Thor - was one of the best and
finshed second in the Final when they raced on time. Cheers!

This Cadillac Escalade was one of the hottest in Free Style...

Axel and a total of 60.000 others over two days loved it.

June 8

New T/D P/M Mustang
pops up in Gothenburg!

Robert Karström is building all himself. The new Mustang body
from Hairy Glass was first to Vanishing Point to get a chassie
tailor made for it, before flown to Gothenburg. Chassie then
came as a kit to Robert.

Robert (who I first met at a Blackrace when he was racing a
twin turbo street Mustang) is aiming for Pro Mod but will first
settle in Top Doorslammer.

Back to Mölndal! This nitrous 700+ ci engine was once Roger
Johansson's in PM, then Ulf Rapp and now Robert owns it.
Nitrous for Pro Modified, but look for a monstrous twin
turbo setup for Top Doorslammer...!

Robert Karström's garage wall. The rich amount of prints and
paperworks provided by the companies Hairy Glass and
Vanishing Point... =)

June 7

Congrats Anton!

- He looks like a young Smokey Yunick, Agneta said. And she's
right, her first son Anton put on my old knuckle hat after
getting his driver's license today. And little brother Axel
wanted to show Anton how to drive Tommy's Lincoln Mark V.

Where's the welder?

Not much left now to have this project finished!

"5 second parts are here!"

I am not allowed to write anything about these new parts...

...but some of the newly chromed parts were OK to write about.
Well, they were chromed at Göteborgs Förnickling AB after a
near chrome finish by polisher Thomas Ödlund at Wi-Kan
Mekaniska in Nödinge.

June 6 - National Day of Sweden

"Thou Ancient, Thou Free"

Click moose to get to know
all about it.

It was + 27
° Celsius today! And still warm in the evening so we
had dinner on our veranda. The flags were flying everywhere.

Agneta again!

I asked my wife Agneta if she could help us out and make the
clinker bricks floor in our new bathroom in TBDGIT.
-Of course, she said and brought her own cutter and after a
couple of hours it was finished... Thanks Agneta!
Check it out: >GARAGE

Hot day inside!

Tommy gladly helped his friend on a sunny, hot, free day
in TIG-welding the >ANTI ROLL BAR. Thanks buddy!
More was done today.

June 5

Good work Agneta!

I almost forgot to show you how Agneta's own rebuild of our
laundry room at home turned out. Very good Agneta!


It was incredibly warm in Sweden today so Tommy AOUCH!
didn't want to use DAMNIT! too many clothes, not even when
he was MIG'ing AJJ! the frame brackets for the >Anti Roll Bar

Something is always happening with the bathroom. Every day.
Tommy put on the wet blocker all over the bathroom.

Tommy's been all over the place today, hasn't he?
Check all: >GARAGE

June 4

Running the gauntlet

Today they rolled the OFAB Thriller Camaro from our TBDGIT
to the paintbox of Frank Gudmundsen's Universalteknik
It was a mile of smiles. Mr Chrille, Patrick and Tommy.

Ulf "Kocken" Thorsson was very careful on towing the beast.
Next time you'll see this Pro Mod Camaro it'll be all
Next week...

Real street

Pro Mod this and Pro Mod that...bla bla bla! =)
Above engine is a real gasoline burning, street engine - Jeezus
396 - I have had a problem with the alternator belt alignment.
I've had jumped or shredded alternator belts now and then,
which of course have affected steering, alternator and more.
Today I've lined up every pulley
with different thicknesses of washers and now it's perfect!
A little bit better all the time.

June 3

Give me a brake!

Mr Al Holt and I have started with the Trans Brake project
today. Neither one of us has been into a 4L80E before so
it's exciting to disassemble the big transmission.

It's looking very fine! Something like from inside the space
station in 2001 - A Space Odyssey...

To see more on this, you'll find your way by going to:

June 2

Summer is here!

Proof! Our Rhododendron is blooming! That's our signal for
summer. Always first week of June. Also today is the 10 Year's
Anniversary for our family moving into our house.
10 years - Swisch! It's scary how quick time is moving!
Basil Fawlty (genius John Cleese) talking to himself (and the
"voice of God") in the World's Best Comedy - the English
TV-series Fawlty Towers:

"What was that?"
Your life.
"Oh, Can I get another?"

Cheers friends for another summer!

PROGRESS in TBDGIT! (as always)

Look how nice they're doing it, Tommy Aga and Christoffer
Brådfors! It's not gonna be an indoor shed, it'll be a fully
integrated bathroom with all the wetroom necessities, right
kind of floor and everything that the official Swedish building
rules demand!

And let there be light! More about this dramatic evolution:


Patrick and his team are working like maniacs to get ready to
the next FIA-race in Finland! That is of course simply because
of the low points given to all the racers at the rained out Main
Event at Santa Pod in UK last weekend. Now it's not a test
season anymore for this team, now it's a fight season!
Beware - BIG HEMI is prepared!

How is Patrick preparing? By polishing the Veney heads of
course, on the outside (he has gotten the finish-bug the poor
young boy). Actually, the OFAB THRILLER team will enter a
unique engine combination on stroke/bore and things, not
even tested in US of A. We're all very anxious to listen to it
when it'll be started up at our Midsummer Feast at TBDGIT...
Secret? Nah...OK...Arias pistons...light ones...
I'm looking forward to this as if I was racing in FIA Bilsport
Pro Mod myself! It's catchy!


Someone in Sweden is lucky today. This '49 Mercury was seen
in the backyard of >Nordtrafik today just unloaded from a
container from the USA. It doesn't get cooler than this does it?

BLACKOUT also forward!

At last! It was half an automotive orgasm to have all my
different kind of metal parts taken care of by Thomas Ödlund
at Wi-Ka Mekaniska - and get them back polished! Some of the
parts have been polished before (now updated) and some parts
didn't get a chance before because of lack of time. But now
everything is like it should have been from the beginning.

I have tack-welded the brackets for the Anti Roll Bar with some
3 mm steel wedges so it will be easier to weld-melt these into
the frame. >ANTI ROLL BAR

And I also have prepared the new front engine mounts. These
new brackets in 5 mm Mechal aluminium (water cut by Dennis)
will make it possible to tip the engine backwards if in need to
get the transmission out of the car quickly (leaving the engine
in its place). The new trans brake can force that to happen!
The Driver's side bracket is of a lower and tighter
design because of the clearance to the steering.
Check it out: >JESUS 396 SUPPORT

Wow, I got a lot of things done today.
And even more tomorrow.

June 1

Back home - untouched

Four time Slovenian Full Contact Kickboxing Champion Robert
Seselj tried to contact me, but before the eyes of the astonished
pupils of Robert's Kickboxing School, I quickly transformed
to The Rubberman and just felt the cutting wind!
A team from Dockhouse Film & TV was in beautiful Slovenia
last week and we were filming for Veolia Transport and met
the very kind bus mechanic Robert at Veolia in Maribor in
northern Slovenia. Thanks Robert for your sparring!

Gentle Giant going back

Kent Edin and Janne Norberg are now putting everything back
together on their project. More here: >Gentle Giant

Nice Ellwein Engines T-shirt Kent!
And when do I get mine Karl?

May 27

Mother's Day

Good morning! Axel and I had a surprise hidden for Agneta.
A nice little "heerings bunk" in porcelain. You didn't forget
your mother did you?

Dennis Palm didn't forget me and delivered super nice things
from Mekpart today! Like the last parts for the Anti Roll Bar kit,
the upper brackets for the rear end. More: >ANTI ROLL BAR

This is what you get Kent! A complete Anti Roll Bar Kit (minus
the bar itself). Dennis' last delivery meant that we finally could
pack Kent Edin's kit and send it. "Swedish Handicraft" =)

May 26

A helping hand

Today we did a summer cleaning around the garage. Tommy
was very thorough as always.

Agneta washed and cleaned our Solifer T1 - The World's
Quickest caravan - and now also the shiniest.

The plan was to stay over in the Solifer to make Axel happy.
It was his plan and it's very cosy down by the river side
with bar-b-que and all.

It was a terrific dinner and Agneta made a very special
salad with raspberry. That was very summer!

No TV. So we played some cards with a special deck of cards
that Sören "Fixarn" Fjellstedt bought at Harrah's in Las Vegas,
a deck that has been used at Harrah's. Our game was
Skitgubbe - Man'o'shit?

No Internet, almost. I used my Sony Ericsson 610i for surfing
to eurodragster.com for qualification results. Our friend Roger
Goring was going quicker than ever and the FIA Bilsport Pro
Mod Series promise a lot according to the first day battle...

May 25


It seems right now that the Military cannot sign "owner's OK"
for the race "Gothenburg Drag Racing Festival" at Säve Depå
July 20-22, since they are leaving the airfield and the new
owner will not be prepared in time for signing! This is very
bad for the progress of the sport on the West Coast.
Kenneth Feldthusen is hopeful for 2008 though.
The Bilsport Magazine Event "En Dag På Strippen" can
be held as planned on Säve Depå July 7. See you there!

No monstrous runs of Jet Funny Car Pilot Roger Goring U.K. or
TV interviews at Säve Depå in 2007. Sorry, sorry!

More about this cold shower in Swedish here:


May 24

Main Event coming up!

The hot 2007 FIA season will start this weekend at Santa Pod in
UK. It's always a pleasure to visit eurodragster.com these days
to see the growing of a Big Race! And Andy "Tog" Rogers - the
reporter - is so fun to follow around these events. His text for
his above picture is:
"Note to racers: if you ever get this view of the track, then
it's gone horribly wrong and you should close your eyes.!"


Bathroom - Day 4

Christoffer "Brådis" Brådfors, our new hero!

Hot Water!

Tommy installed it and put it in use. Now we have hot water
in TBDGIT! New thought: How can we survive without it???

Stop rings

At well sorted firm Wiberger I found a lot of good things that
I searched for, like "stop rings" for the >ANTI ROLL BAR but
they were made for 40 mm pipes so Top Fuel Thore had to
grind them to fit the 1 5/8" pipes (41,28 mm)

May 23

Maybe she is in Sweden?
This plea is seen all over internet in Europe at this time!
Got the link from eurodragster.com

Do you think Axel wants to go racing soon or what?
At least he is at home, thank you God!!

Bathroom - Day 3

The carpenter Christoffer was today relaxing at a resting home
at the coast. And Tommy was installing the 60 L (15 Gallon)
water heater tank. "The real plumbers will see that I'm no
real plumber" said very handy Tommy. "OK, but the real
plumbers aren't here are they?" I said.

Patrick Wikström has no idea of the bathroom build, he's so
into building his Camaro in black and chrome.

May 22

Garage - a Family Thing

Agneta wanted to have a task so I gave her the thing I would
save for last - cleaning everything in the engine bay. Thanks!
Note that the steering shock absorber is gone.

While Axel and Niklas were playing the NHRA game on
PlayStation. But they also like to check out things on the wall
if you know what I mean. Note the painted HEMI valve
covers of Patrick's OFAB THRILLER CAMARO...

I designed new torque plates so it will be easier and quicker
to loosen and tip engine back to take down the transmission.
If I would like to do that...

Dennis "Water Man" Palm will water cut these new brackets.

They will be in steel (to frame) and dural aluminium (engine).

Bathroom - Day 2

Christoffer totally exhausted after an evening of good, hard
work! Only a 5 minute break for coffee. Larger pic: >GARAGE

Twin's new Camaro 6.30

During last weekend's Pre-FIA Main Event Test Weekend at
Santa Pod U.K. we were excited to follow the new cars of
the year and the performances of all Pro Mod teams at
We really liked to hear about the Lindahl Twin's new personal
record of 6.30 in their new Tim McAmis '68 Camaro. And we
really like Tog's pictures from Race Control. Thanks Tog!
Now we're really in spin for Main Event coming weekend!

May 21

TBDGIT towards

Finally we decided to hire a professional carpenter to have this
bathroom done! We always thought - and believed - that we
should do it ourselves, on some "spare time" Ha! =)
Tommy did already pre-prepare for it when we built the
garage, with electricity, water plumbing and drain plumbing.
Now we'll soon have WC, water heater, wash and a shower.
And then... Looki looki: >GARAGE

May 20

Lot of action today!

Goofy and Patrick really like the 70's IKEA sofas. Some were
more tired than others.

Patrick's been up early in the mornings this weekend to be
standby helping the finnish Pro Mod Team of Seppo Saapala
who bought one of Patrick's 526 engines. Unlike most of the
racers/engine builders in USA Patrick gives away everything
he knows in the deal. Here he checks his former engine's
jetting history before calling Seppo to reveal the set up for
today's weather in Finland. And it was reported that Seppo
found The Power but couldn't tame it so the monstrous
Chrysler 300 went all over both tracks at Motopark =)

Seppo Saapola earned 3rd place in last year's FIA Pro Mod
Championship and we saw Patrick at the European Final
tuning them to a 6.49 and showing the way to the final.

On the wall in TBDGIT all can enjoy Saapola's appreciation
for Patrick's help. Carved in wood!

It's also very enjoyable to see Goofy working. Here making a
stiffening construction on the new Camaro carbon fiber front.

Unlike the rest Niklas "Lulle" Sundfors skipped dads Hot Dogs
today, was happy with only the bread with all the goodies.
Note the Bostic cucumber among the goodies.


Thanks Biltema for being open on Sundays so I could find all
the stainless stuff for the Window net. At the Boat department
of course. Inexensive too. More: >WINDOW NET

The Fun War


May 19

Net solution

This is what it's gonna be. El Clicko: >SAFETY WINDOW NET

WARNING! Big pic ahead!

Patrick's Camaro...click it if you dare! 3000 pixels wide...

The Impala King!

Jonas Mr Al Holt is doing a fantastic style work on his '64
Impala! I see it as it grows. Kind of used, racy, clean, logical,
simple Scandinavian design and no bullshit work. I must say
I just love it! You do to, check it out here: The Impala King

BILSPORT activated box!

I guess I haven't shown you our stainless steel mailbox before?
It's only there for one mail each 14 days...the best automotive
mag in Scandinavia. Drag racing EACH and EVERY issue.
And ALL of the other fun stuff.

May 18

(194,48 mm!)

The story of the day - no, of the last years...
I've been irritated over the fact that the belt didn't align right
in the ProCharger 77-teeth crank pulley for more than circa
150 degrees, then the belt climbed up on the teeth, so it was
actually misaligned while at work in the car!
So this week I had all my pulleys checked at a local hi-tech
company which makes drive belt pulleys for the industry in
Europe. They said the pulley was of a wrong size in diameter!
By a half a millimeter, 0.49 mm = 0.01929188"
An industry standard says that a 77 teeth wheel should be
at exact 7.65667" (194.48 mm) with this tooth design. And the
ProCharger pulley was 7.675961" (194.97 mm). It was corrected
in their grinder and now it's perfect. How are your pulleys?
More pictures here: >BLOWER BELTS

Happy man!

Patrick Wikström (in my old thrown away shirt, which he loves
because it gives him so many good ideas!) made Hot Dogs for
dinner in TBDGIT. In the background his OFAB Thriller Camaro
is going back into a class of itself, with police emergency
light on top and everything. I promise you a Super Finish!
Thanks for Hot Dogs Extra Ordinary!

May 17

Cakes & cardboard

Since it was my birthday today I had visits from some nice
friends. First came Tony Tight, Lotta, Katarina and King
Rickard. They brought a very good cake. Thanks!

Then I could work with the cardboard dummies for the brackets
that will go on to the rear end for the Anti Roll Bar.

Here's the blueprint for you Dennis. You'll find the way to a full
size blue print here >ANTI ROLL BAR

Ola Åbergh and family, Amanda, Jaana and Victor came all
the way from Stockholm (and on their way to Smygehuk).
They brought a very good cake. Thanks!
BTW, the leather sofas are original IKEA products from the
70's! My brother Björn bought them new and gave them to us.

Then I continued to work with my Anti Roll Bar and I tacked it
to the frame. To the right you see the Anti Roll Bar made by
Top Fuel Thore and Mr Al Holt,
in Patrick's Pro Mod

And I also got fine gifts, like this one from Chris Condor, a 10
year old picture from California when we were on a film job
for Volvo Cars. I'm giving a lot of good advices to the former
US Army helicopter pilot Jim McPhail. For reading, scroll
down on this page: >MEMORY LANE

May 16

Rice cakes & race

Axel and his friend Joel stuffed themselves with rice cakes
before going to the Go-cart place. Maybe it's their secret for
faster driving?

Like a fish in the water! More here: >AXEL

May 15

Water Cut Parts Party!

It's always a party when Dennis Palm delivers water cut metal
art. Thore got his stainless flanges for his exhaust system in
his Mustang Sally. And I got a new, well designed belt cover!
Thanks Dennis! More on this page: >BLOWER COOL


This is not a Photoshop trick image! It's an actual photo from
underneath Tommy's Lincoln Mark V. For once he didn't work
on Patrick's OFAB Thriller Camaro. And he didn't work with
with the facilities in the garage. He did work on his Lincoln!

More Anti Roll Bar action!

Of course I stopped Tommy from working with the Lincoln
when I needed to have the nuts TIG-welded to the threaded
sockets. Four of them, Kent Edin will get two.

Now it starts to look heavy duty! The sockets are made by Top
Fuel Thore and are both right and left threaded. Also the
welded-on nuts are to make quick adjustments really quick.
More pics and full story here: >ANTI ROLL BAR

And Kent is following

Kent Edin and Jan-Åke Norberg are moving the whole trunk
floor (and fuel tank) 3" backwards just like we did in Blackout.
This to get the needed space for the Anti Roll Bar.
Follow their work here: >KENT EDIN GENTLE GIANT

May 14

Autoshop delivery

There are suddenly a lot of things to do when the always
exciting and well packed boxes arrive, thanks Birgitta! Today
I got two Rossler Trans Brake kits and two B&M Deep pans,
since I nowadays have to order two of everything because
that copy cat Kent Edin wants the same stuff... =)

The brake unit which hopefully will cut some tenths...?
Follow the 4L80E trans brake mounting at new page:

Something NASCAR

I also got two window net kits, NASCAR style. I just taped it up
real quick here but it will look better. See for yourself
at the new page >WINDOW NET

May 13

The China Miracle!

- Who is that? my wife Agneta asked.
- It's me I guess, I answered. However, Condor has worked
according to the good old norms of propaganda and made me
look better. I don't know why he did this poster but it sure gave
us a good laugh! I guess he first took a picture of the poster on
his wall at home and then started to work on it.
Click it to get a larger one to read what's on the Red Books.
Thanks Condor!

Child labor?

On a Sunday, normally a free day, I found him working in a far
from clean environment. Deep down in an empty engine bay
with only metal and oil lines around him...and no payment!

Axel is lucky living in this part of the world, where everything is
just a play. Like helping daddy to unscrew the steering shock
absorber. Axel can even be grumpy if not allowed to help
with something on the car. He was very good, and no more
steering shock absorber in the Blackout SS. A lot of more
things went forward in TBDGIT today.

May 11

Industry meets hobby!

Look what
Dennis "Water Man" Palm delivered for me to test!
Brackets/bar will be tested underneath the car together with
the uniballs to see if it's going to work. Project: >Anti Roll Bar

May 9


Our production company Dockhouse Film & TV AB was once
again richly awarded at World Media Festival in Hamburg,
Germany, the largest festival in Europe for our kind of films,
maybe in the World? Here a third of us is enjoying the awards
banquet together with our clients - representatives from two of
the best Swedish industrial ideas ever - IKEA and Volvo.
From left (leaning) Jan "Fobbe" Forsberg, Director, Dan Lind
3D-artist, Hans Ekelund Producer/General Manager, my empty
place, Yvonne Gellert and Helene Fernström, Inter IKEA
Systems B.V., Magdalena Bergendahl, Volvo Cars, Lotta
Sundberg, Administrations, Anders Haraldsson, Director and
Carl-Johan Wolmesjö, Director. Tjoho!

Yvonne and Helene showing the Gold and Grand Award we
won for the IKEA production "The Best Sofa Sellers" (about the
importance of the IKEA restaurants). Not really seen in the
background (Reeperbahn) is the total hullabaloo of Police,
SWAT-teams and the German Military! They just had a razzia
chasing some lefties terrorists. But nothing could really
interrupt our partying mode...
We also won a Gold for the Volvo production
"Exploring The New Volvo C30". Cheers!

May 8

Sweden first in the World to
pass helmet-in-car law!

Our nice neighbour Irma was so glad when she heard on the
TV news that the much talked about helmet-in-car law finally
passed so she put on her helmet and took a safe ride around
the block in her stylish SAAB. She didn't like that the law
exclude back seat drivers though.
Fooled you, of course it includes the backseat as well.

May 7


Karl Ellwein holding the ProCharger F2 that'll power up Kent's
"King of Spades" 383. I still use the F1R (reversed) on Jeezus
but have reached and exceeded the limit for it - too much
blower revving - and should also step up to the F2. I told Kent
and Karl about it early on in their planning so they could choose
the F2 to Fast Forward to the right level from the beginning -
less revving and more volume instead. McKeown Motorsport
will fabricate a crank support.

May 5

Chris Condor created this entertaining poster for the Kateryd's
Race. Let me try to translate:

Tibro MK presents International Grass Track Race
Speed Demons from Europe dare to challenge Swedish Vikings

At astonishing speeds they settle it.
Man against man - side by side.
The ambulance on idle.
Women cry, others shut their eyes.
Don't miss this Gladiator Game in the middle
of the Skaraborg idyll of Kateryd.


The OFAB THRILLER body went on today. Looks very nice!


You need a forklift to get the engine lift...

You need some helping hands, like Top Fuel Thore and Patrick
for the last moment when taking out engine and trans.
Also so you can run away for the camera to snap a pic.

Hello again ol' friend. How are you?

May 4

545 HP on motor!

A satisfied Karl Ellwein called me after the dyno session of
"King of Spades" at Engine Master's #4 McKeown Motorsports.
Yes, Yes and Yes, they're on the right way and will have one
of the absolute quickest Impala SS racers in the World when
sorted out on a track!

They exceeded my Jeezus 500 hp on motor - LOW compression
(static, they 8.7 me 8.5) NO blower - with a 545 hp @ 6300 RPM
and torque was a 520 ft.lb @ 4800 RPM! AND they will have the
larger F2-blower (mine is a smaller F1R). Hooolyyy shiiiit! =)
Video from Karl here:
A new motor is born!
Why am I happy when I'm the target?
Because I like both Karl and Kent and the state of progress.

Uniball business as usual

I'm all into the making of the Anti Roll Bar now. Found some
standard steel M12 mm uniballs today, both rights and lefties,
to make the final linkage between bar and rear end housing.
If these won't handle it, it's easy to step up in quality over
time. More here: >ANTI ROLL BAR

OFAB Thriller team all over the place

Fully booked carpenter "Goofy" is back! Now working on the
new Camaro carbon fiber body. Here he cuts out and prepares
for the fully working headlights which are very important to the
OFAB THRILLER team just because there are some runs at night
at Santa Pod. " - People love it, that's enough for us doing it"

Also the new Brad Anderson +0.100" deck billet block arrived
today! Everything else in TBDGIT stopped of course. Made of
one piece of forged aluminium...a work of art...just to rest
your eyes on! It will be the back up engine for this team!

HELLO!! ...Hello!...
Helloo.. oo... helloooo... ....o

Top Fuel Thore and Patrick Wikström liked to carry it around
and just feel it in their hands. Goofy liked to throw himself
underneath pretending to check the bearings.
And for once Tommy Aga wasn't in the garage! It felt...strange!

May 3

Good Morning Dennis my friend!

I hope you once again can help out with some precision water
cutting!? Please click drawing to get the actual size drawing to
just drag into your own computer (Yea, I know the real work
starts after that...) I would need two brackets like this in
whatever 3 mm material just for checking everything before
I give you the 4130 chrome moly sheet to cut 8 pieces from.
This is of course the brackets for the Anti Roll
Bars in Blackout and Gentle Giant.
Dennis "Water Man" Palm
, Gothenburg can't be without him!

Behind every successful project there is a cardboard dummy!
This one is created by Mr Al Holt in 35 seconds and it actually
survived to the final fabrication. Luck or experience?
All about it: > ANTI ROLL BAR

Very good Kent and Jan-Åke!

I'm so happy to see how they follow my idea and that it works,
again! We're all so excited to meet on a drag strip again! It's
been at least 20 years ago...

And the new KILLER is on its way to the dyno! Follow every

April 30

Spring celebration in TBDGIT

Just a small party for ourselves. Not all of us were home, Agneta
and Axel are at the cottage this week while I'm working with the
Blackout SS. But the rest of us took advantage of our garage
again and had a Walpurgis (Valborg) bbq celebrating the spring.

Of course we worked on our cars a little. Team OFAB Thriller
began to assemble parts into the newly painted Camaro
chassie. Guess what the first part that went in was?

The Real Steel is here!

Nice to have a sheet of luxury 4130 chrome moly in the garage
to cut pieces from. Current use will be for the arms in the Anti
Roll bar kit. Steel comes from
Arigo Teknik in Stocklahoma,
a very customer friendly company with quick service!

4130 tube. 1 5/8" diameter with .125 thickness (3 mm) will
hopefully stand the torque? Project here: >ANTI ROLL BAR

Once again engine and trans are on the way out. Trans will
get a Trans Brake and Jeezus engine will be checked and
get some minor mods.

April 29

Anti Roll bar construction forward

The right parts are finally finding their way to my garage so
I can build the Anti Roll bar.
Check new page: >REAR END MENU

April 28

The Tagging Day

Final approval of the roll cage in Blackout SS! Good to go 7.50!
More, at the bottom of this page: >ROLL CAGE

Technical Director Rolf "Loffy" Lundberg visited TBDGIT today
to inspect Patrick Wikström's updated Pro Mod Camaro and
the roll cage in Blackout SS.

He went over the tubes to check dimensions and thicknesses.

It's definitely a moment of happiness for all involved to see the
tag being placed on the car! It says "You did it right"

Since "Loffy" is a drag racing profile "outa county" he of course
had to sign The Stairways To Heaven in TBDGIT. Between
Lars-Inge Johansson and Roger Goring is a good place.

Feldthusen FSD - Foot Saving Design

Last season Kenneth Feldthusen only had one ride in his AA/CA.
A really bad one. After only half the track at Gothenburg Drag
Racing Festival at Säve Depå the Lenco exploded and hurt
his left foot so bad that the rest of the season was called off!

Kenneth was mad and constructed a safe case for the Lenco.

"Maybe this will save us a foot or two..." says Kenneth.

The team is anxious to enter a race again, also since they
now have a completely new look and Nilfisk ALTO as the
major partner. The whole story here: www.northrace.com

April 24

Tommy "AGA" Olsson (Heart hair style) checks the new black
metallic "looks like carbon fiber" powder paint for the
Patrick Wikström's OFAB THRILLER CAMARO chassie.
Beware all - this team is aiming for Main Event at Santa Pod
May 25-28 to perform all their new exciting features!
Except finished body paint job.

April 22

Follow the build "live" daily!

Good friend Karl Ellwein in Maryland USA is now working full
time to finalize Kent Edin's Bostic Killer-LT1 "King of Spades".
1200+ HP
And we're also awaiting dyno results in the beginning of May!

Click logo above to be transferred to the exciting engine build!

April 21

Have I told you about my


This ProCharger intercooler is dimensioned for 1300 hp.
Whazzup? Looki: >Kent Edin Gentle Giant

April 15

Comeback for brutal Danish Impala

Martin Boye and his mean 1963 Impala will come out and
race again, in Street (Sweden) and Pro ET (UK). Welcome back!

This time with a 565" from Reher Morrison which in NA-mode
produces 865 HP on the dyno. In addition there will be 2 turbos.
goal is of course 8's in this 3500 lbs (1600 kg) Impala.
Martin hopes that the trans and rear end will hold the new
power, and is planning for a 9" rear end with 4-link next.

The intercooler solution for his twin turbos.

Is that a Danish 1 Liter bottle Martin? =)

April 11

He just plays...

My friend and professional drifting racer Samuel Hübinette
sent a link to a very nice commercial he did. Click image!
Visit Sam here: blog.samuelhubinette.com

April 10

"What is he doing, really?"

A chopper I made for easy wheelies! It was great to make
something in a useable scale after all the plastic model
bikes and cars. And to make something with your own hands,
this was actually my first weld job! In school. Brazing.
But in Umeå in the late 60's, even motorcycle choppers
weren't around yet, so surely a lot of heads were shaking
at my strange creation.
My friends were more envious over these corduroy

trousers , the first V-jeans on the block! My dear
mother bought them for me at Tempo downtown without even
knowing about the unfolding V-hype.
Even I had no idea about it first.
See more bikes at >MEMORY_LANE

April 9

FIRESTORM back to Gothenburg!

Good news!
Roger Goring and the Firestorm Jet Funny Car Team will come
back to Gothenburg to warm up the Säve Depå dragstrip at the
Gothenburg Drag Festival in July 20-21-22 which is included in
Firestormers set a new personal ET record with 6.15 at the
Easter Thunderball, Santa Pod, UK this weekend. The trap
speed was then 255 MPH but his record is 258.96 MPH.
oger is also the owner of the Säve Depå Track Record at
6.34 @ 227 mph (366 kmh) and we hope he will blast it away
in July! Or will someone else blast it away? Hm?

April 8


While they're racing at Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod in UK
we were shocked to see snow again!

April 7

Happy Easter! And take a walk!

Ahh! We got some strengthening air this week during a walk
deep in the woods of Dalsland. See >AXEL
There you also can see more about his fabulous 4-wheeler...

April 6

"You just do like this!"

When Kent Edin as a 17 year old (18 would be legal) came by
and proudly showed off his Mustang, I jumped in and showed
him how to do a burnout. It worked and this moment of smoke
changed Kent's life drasticly - back then and even today!
More memories from Kent's own album now at >MEMORY_LANE

April 5

Chris Condor - A master photographer in action! Co-owner
and still in front of the filming evolution at Dockhouse Film &
TV in Gothenburg where I work with him and his crazy ideas
every day! I took this picture at Turn Four at Daytona 500 in
1987 and we had just converted to film from making articles
in the one and only Bilsport Magazine.
I promise to find this clip he filmed this day and present it
here. No music, only the SOUND of the freight train!
Look out at >MEMORY_LANE

Dutch anyone?



It took only 20 years. Now I have sorted all my nuts, bolts and
washers and whatchamacallit that I've gathered ever since the
80's with Whiplash! I had at least 10 different boxes all over the
place with unsorted goodies and figured out (hello!) that it was
time to do something. I've been so intelligent that I went to both
IKEA and Biltema (Hot Rod Heaven) to buy smart plastic boxes
in all sizes to sort everything into. Then the boxes went up on
the wall where the stuff takes no place no more.
I'm now feeling soooo good for this initiative and tomorrow
I can start to disassemble the SS for the mods of 2007.
Now it can begin at last!

April 4

Axel shows his new 4-wheeler!

Lova and Elin Bruto are impressed by Axel and his 110 cc (!)
4-wheeler. More pictures about this (soon) at >AXEL

Axel is the only one of us who dares to go at full speed on
bumpy gravel roads with this Chinese built 4-wheeler! It shows
that Axel has had a 5 year play on his 2-wheel Yamaha cross
bike. When I was 9 myself...I could...pedal a bike!

Paint Removal Team

They've been working hard all winter (sometimes). The 2000
Pro Mod OFAB-Camaro of Patrick Wikström's - built by McAmis
is updated and made better by Bengt Wittander (first) and
everyday, every hour hard working Al Holt + Chrille (most).
So it will be very interesting to see this "new" race car on the
track again, also because new weight balance, new clutch,
new blower and many other "news". But first it has to get a
completely new paint design. No, first the old paint has to
come off - and that is apparently not too easy! But they're
happy and they're joking which is most important. And they
still have got a little more than a month before
The Serious Series starts:

FIA European Dragracing Championship 2007
26-28/05 Main Event Santa Pod, UK - NERVOUS!
6-8/7 Drag Race EM Alastaro, Finland - THRILLING!
27-29/7 Veidec Nitro Festival Mantorp Park, Sweden - NOW OR NEVER!
3-5/8 Exporama Drag Challenge AIR, Gardermoen, Norway - IMPORTANT!
7-9/9 European Finals Santa Pod, UL - DECIDING!

2007 Calendar is forming

More race dates here.

April 3

New order at Galleries

Well, it's time to separate all the memories in Memory Lane
from the Whiplash Camaro - so they've got separate pages.
If you get to the >GALLERIES you'll understand.

The EPA tractor is now a CAR!?

Swedish youngsters have been able to have a 4-wheeled drive
in their 16-18 years age with a so called EPA tractor before,
a low geared whatever auto with solid suspension in the rear
end and a speed limit of 19 MPH (30 kmh). Now they can cruise
in a "real car" going 31 MPH (50 kmh). That is before any
tuning... Chris Condor sent these pics where his Sacharias
is driving the French ride called Aixam. 2-cyl diesel, automatic,
electric windows, stereo, remote control and more. Owning an
EU moped driving license you can drive this vehicle when 15
years old and can block as many as you want on the roads,
except the highways where it's forbidden to show up.

The gangsta' ragger style and fuzzy dices make it complete.
Better, funnier and safer than mopeds. And when the urge
of tuning this diesel is strong enough for some action, be sure
to contact Mr Al Holt who does this every day as an engineer
deep inside Volvo Car Company...

The EPA tractor we were used to see in Sweden. A rebuilt
Volvo Duett (panel wagon). A harsh but glorious ride for
the 16-year olds in Sweden, keeping them off the often
lethal "light" motorcycles of 125 cc.

April 2

My first dragster!

Actually, I was only the constructor, Kent Edin was the driver!
(Because the track was a steep icy downhill...) Lucky 70's!
I'm telling you, the pictures of our youth will entertain!
I'm going to announce when the work is done.
Thanks Kent for the pictures, I've got some of my own too!

April's Fool!

No, I'm not buying back Whiplash.
No, I'm not selling the Impala SS.
It's too difficult to rebuild this site.
Anyway, thank you all for
your enthusiasm!

You are not alone - click here!

April 1

The Circle is Complete!

The great hullabaloo when Whiplash arrived to TBDGIT today!
Click picture to get a Wallpaper in 1024!

Today's best news is that I've actually bought back my '67
Camaro "Whiplash" streetracer without engine and trans.
Until I get my originally Bagarn-built 355 back I will "throw"
in Jeezus and 4L80E from the Impala and go out and
collect some low 8-second timeslips and then a high 7!
Whiplash weighs only 2200 lbs and in theory it will cut 2 full
seconds from the best of the 4444 lbs Impala SS:

This major change of my hobby will of course make some
changes to this website. A change of name to "Whiplash
World" and it will have a white graphic design. Sorry, but
all the Impala-pages will be erased except a few pictures
that you will find at >Memory Lane.

Full action in England!

It's unfair, every year. In England they're already out on the
drag strips and running! This weekend both on Santa Pod and
Shakespear County. But it feels good to visit eurodragster.com
to read and see full reports with pictures on all the new and
old race cars. And it is also very good to see that Sharkman
still is slinging his cameras (above) even if he has stepped
out of the eurodragster staff and now will work more directly
for the teams through his own terrific site Top End Tales.com
Thanks England!

March 30

Our youth

Is this really me? 1976? Kent Edin was inspired by Condor's old
pictures so he did a search himself in his albums and mailed
me. This is one of several pics from our youth. I promise to
add them to >Memory Lane as soon as I stop laughing..

March 29

Oh my... Oh my...!

I just got an email from Karl Ellwein of Ellwein Engines in
Maryland U.S.A. There were some pics of the things that
Karl will build Kent Edin's engine from - "King Of Spades"
Karl wrote:

"All of Kent's motor parts are arriving. His cylinder heads are
the best I have ever seen. Advanced Induction is the company
that ported the heads and installed the valves and springs. All
of it is NASCAR endurance quality components. I'm very
impressed with the quality. They use the Newen top of the
line valve seat machine".- "Also Jesel shaft rockers, Morel
endurance solid roller lifters, Billet core solid roller cam,
ported LT1 intake.
I'd like to build a motor like this for
myself soon". Progress: >Kent Edin Gentle Giant

March 26

Stories interact!

OK, so here is Kent Edin in the early 80's monitoring my
work with my Camaro. Another classical by Chris Condor.
Maybe Kent already had his mind set at that time?
See a larger picture here: >Kent Edin or >Memory Lane

March 25


Are they working with the SS in Umeå or just fooling around?
Progress here: >KENT EDIN - GENTLE GIANT

March 24

More signs of Spring!

It was warm outside today so Axel and I could sit on the porch
for the first time in 2007.

And it didn't take long before the series started. Here is a show-
down between Bertil Olsson and Kalle Banan. Bertil won
easily with a 9.84 (a popular ET in the series nowadays)

Outside our bedroom, Crocus, Nature's own "Blue Dots".

Agneta is soon done with her new fresh laundry room.
Yes, she is very handy.

March 23

A spring picture from Karl Ellwein's driveway in Maryland.
It's Kent Edin's Callies stroker crank with CBB-snout.

From Chris Condor's archive

My long time friend and a colleague at work, Chris Condor,
sent me a couple of pictures from my garage in Umeå from
the early 80's. A closer look at: >MEMORY LANE

March 20

Please, feed the animal!

Kent Edin sent a link to GM High-Tech Performance which
shows the possible design of the fuel distribution that will be
on Kent's LT 1 engine (which will be named King of
Spades. Maybe.)

Really Steely?

Klas and Annsofie can't wait until 4th of July for music. They'll
go to New York (once again) to enjoy a Steely Dan concert!
Our friends are real music connoisseurs.

March 19

"Just looking for some tush..."

Great Fun comes to Gothenburg again. Ol' friends ZZ Top will
play their Texas boogie and blues for us on their 4th of July!
Yes, we will have a warm up in The Best Damn Garage in
Town - maybe with Karl Ellwein on guitar? =)
Give your soul a treat of blues - rush for a ticket!

March 10-18

No 1 and 2 - Training camp USA!

Blackout supporter/FIA European Pro Stock Champ Jimma
Ålund and former Champ Michael Malmgren made us Swedes
back home proud for a couple of days recently. They tested
their new GTO's at Valdosta, GA and at GATOR NATIONALS,
Gainesville FL. Jimma's bought a Jerry Haas built GTO and
Michael's one from Jerry Bickel.
Jimma shipped his own engine over and Michael mounted a
new Bob Ingles 500 in his ride. Both were following each
other to the thousands of that second and they both exceeded
Michael's European Record of 6.850 with Jimma's 6.749 @ 204.57
and Michael's 6.748 @ 204.76. "Of course" they didn't qualify
in the field with a 6.634 bump and Greg Anderson and Larry
Morgan on top with 6.566! (And Eliminations had more 6.5's
than anything else and speeds at 211 mph!) But we're so proud
of our boys from Norrköping and Arild and we are longing
to see them both competing with their new cars back home!
"Secret Swedish Stocker"
We also had Janne Ullberg, Luleå in a G/SA Duster 1973 he
bought over there with a team consisting of Ulf Skytte, Umeå
and Yngve Holmström. And they actually qualified 10th and
got a rare "Wally" for Class victory! Maybe the former owner
Mitch Kight drove it? Don't know. Can't find more about them
but maybe you can on these sites when looking on the
details of our Pro Stockers:


These wonderful pictures of Michael (and Jimma on top) are
shot at Valdosta by an unknown excellent photographer. Just
note shift light on their helmets! Thanks secret photographer!

March 8

International Women's Day

Today we celebrated the International Women's Day at home
with Agneta by continuing the tiling of her laundry room... :)

March 5

Wow! Spring activity found!

That Cadillac has been parked for five hundred years in TBDGIT
occupying half the floor space. Owner Tommy has been saying
all winter "I'll fix that transmission any day now" and we just
nodded. Then something suddenly happened a couple of days
ago - sun came out and gave us hopes of spring and the roads
were drying up! Today it was a rush around that everyday Cad!
Friends - it sure is springtime in Sweden!

I also got the flu! I've promised to start to work with the SS
since November last year - today it happened! I found the
problem of that fuel pressure dropping, just by taking my
fuel pump apart. More here on my >Fuel Pumps page!

March 2


What are they doing up north in Umeå? Really!?
I told them! I told them it will not be easy to build a Bostic
Killer... See more here:

Feb 24

Hard Ice hockey lessons
(or how to keep your kid to motor sports...)

Joking of course =)

Feb 23


Drag racing photo journalist Stefan Boman sent me a couple
of pictures he shot at Santa Pod, showing a negative side
of this profession that most people don't realize.

I'm sorry Stefan for all the extra work, I promise to do my
burnouts when you're far away and safe and is waving! =)
My normal comment on burnouts is: "If you are able - you do.
If you're not - you complain about those who are"

Feb 7 - 21

I've been in Portugal

Nice fashion store in the Continente mall in Lisbon.

I saw it there. Suddenly the reality is over you and hits you!

Feb 6

Happy 9th Birthday Axel!

Early morning congratulationzzz z from mom, dad and Anton.

Evening dinner with the family was enjoyed with Agneta's
excellent Boeuf Bourguignon and fresh french bread! Mmmh...
And Smokey is everywhere isn't he?

Among others, it was especially nice to have cousin Mattias
and sister Frida at home for the party to play with.

Best gift this year must have been the Karaoke. The loudest
for sure. And the whole family danced!

Do you know which song this is?
Our neighbours know...

Feb 4

Silly Sales Season

A new, never used 3-piece original SS front spoiler is searching for a new
B-body. This and some other SS-stuff are for sale and can be seen at > 4 SALE
Also some listing of other stuff at >Pit Lane / General Discussion.
This other stuff can be seen and bought at the Åby Dragracing Swap Meet/
Market in Norrköping February 10th through my friend Mr Jonas Al Holt.

Feb 1

"Where #@% is my team?!..."

Patrick Wikström has got his updated McAmis/Al Holt/Chrille
(and Wittander earlier) Camaro back to TBDGIT and the kit
needs to be assembled again. Season is soon! This Pro Mod
is now looking better than ever and should work better too.
Last part of the session in Al Holt/Chrille's garage here!

Jan 27

Welding Giants Meet

Jonas Al Holt and Chrille had visitors from Stockholm today.
Lars-Inge Johansson and Ann-Sofie Karlsson wanted to have
a close look on the Patrick Wikström Camaro update project
which they've followed so far via Jonas' website

The inside of the new chrome moly wall. The pedals are also
moved forward so Patrick doesn't have to have his knees
to the chin.

Jan 26

Nilfisk-ALTO Motorsport!

The wellknown red/white Northrace AA altered will now be
known in white and blue to black. Kenneth Feldthusen says
the change is because it will match their new major sponsor
Nilfisk-ALTO in a better way! More here.

Stumpy's new ride!

$800 and the deal is done! Stumpy (right) wanted a cage for his
SS but Jimmy Carl at Precision Chassis instead offered his own
1994 Caprice 9C1 with a cage!

Stumpy is a proud owner of a NASCAR net. The net and the
cage was $2.300 extra.


Ouch! This is the nightmare I didn't want to do with my own SS.
I couldn't solve how to put everything back after the welding?

Yet another design of a B-body roll cage. Chrome moly.

9C1 Codes

So another race built Chevy 9C1 police car is born! Stumpy
will put his built engine from his SS in this one together with
a manually shifted TH400 and transbrake. The SS will get
back its original LT1 and girlfriend Celeste will race it in 2007!

Jan 25

Now they have a Manual!

Jan-Åke Norberg holds the manual that Kent Edin has made.
Will this help them to achieve their goal? Some of the contents
of this manual are shown at the
Gentle Giant SS page together
with other update pictures I recieved yesterday.

Jan 21

GoGo Karl!

Karl Ellwein wasn't lying at our Crayfish Party, he really has
played with GoGo girls in foreign countries! Now some
Bonus pictures at Crazy Razy Crayfish Party.

Go Go Dale!

Dale Vaznaian is now playing with his '32 Ford on the streets of
southern California! Engine is an ol' 270 HEMI, but Dale cut
down a 325 Dodge crank to fit, now has 312 ci. Makes 320 hp.
Congratulations Dale!
And what about that Corvette in the background?

Jan 18

Crayfish Party Report done!

Our best party in TBDGIT so far!
I've been home sick from work for two weeks and had nothing
else to do than work on this report...so it's rather large! =)
El Clicko here!

Jan 17

The Incredibles again!

Jonas Mr Al Holt and Chrille are doing wonders with Patrick's
Pro Mod Camaro in their Top Garage! Take a
look here!

Jan 16

Karl sent a picture showing the F.A.S.T. XFI system that Kent
Edin has bought for his Gentle Giant project. Also the Service
Manual for the B-platform, the "Bible" which will come in
good use many times when modding an Impala SS.

Hold your horses, the Crazy Razy Crayfish Party report is soon
done! See what Team Outlaw and all others did that
wonderful night!

Jan 7

Kent has his own page here!

"Hm, well this begins to look like the Blackout SS..."
Kent and Jan-Åke are really working fast. The new Fab9 rear
end is already fixed to the jig and only the rest is left to do.
If they keep up this speed they could be ready with the
installation in a week?
To celebrate Kent Edin's spirit and his project "Gentle Giant"
I've opened his own page here at this site where I will gather
all picture and info so you - once again - can follow how to
build a 9 second car out of 2 ton of comfort!
This page can be reached via >GALLERIES or click link below.

Jan 6

Film done!

Click film frame to be forwarded to
the Blackstage page where you'll
find our little film where Per Moe
and I are trying to keep up with
the dwarfs. Enjoy!

Déjà vu!

We've seen this before! Kent Edin has bought EXACTLY the
same rear end kit from Alston Chassisworks as I did! They
were ordered to send same EVERYTHING! Kent is smart!

Kent wants to have a run in 2007. Hurry hurry! Yahoo! Fun!

Jan-Åke Norberg of Norbergs Race Cars in Umeå is a nice guy
who will help Kent to make a quicker SS than mine! I will too.
But just how did they get that led boat up there...?

This is no stupid! (drag racer himself) Already having a chassis
jig in his garage... Keep us updated guys!
Yes, you maybe know that Kent has ordered a blown "Bostic
Killer" from King Karl Ellwein's ELLWEIN ENGINES...the most
powerful engine built by Karl so far!
1200 hp or bust.
Dang it, I have to update a few things... =) Looove it!

Jan 3

Whoopsie Da

Uncontrolled fun!
If you click the race-bar below you'll see a small report from
our last race of 2006, the parking lot Autocross! It's more fun
than fight and yes, it's really for small light cars but don't
tell my Impala SS that because he wants to play!

A small film from this will also be available soon.

Birgitta is selling the machines!

Birgitta Bergqvist, Autoshop Racing Engines, has decided to
phase out the machine shop after all. She wants to have total
focus on her exporting business and is therefore selling the
machines here: www.autoshopracingengines.com

Jan 2

While others complain about rain, colds and broken Skodas,
some guys complain about the lack of time. Take a long look
on the wonderful things that happens to Patrick Wikström's
Pro Mod Camaro. "Weld Done!"
Mr Al Holt and Chrille.
And Happy New Year to you when you get the time.

Jan 1

So this is the first day of a Happy New Year? Electrical
breakdown on the Skoda in the middle of the highway?
Blizznits! It's cold and I'm already having a cold! Brrr! Well...

Dec 31 - Jan 1

Rainy New Year!

We saw the old dark 2006 blow away in a stormy style...

Axel on top of the mountain Egersknatten, on a mound of
stone that was started to be built in the Bronze Age
1500 - 500 b.c.

You see Norway over there.

How about some bar-b-qued falukorv?

Mmmm...Susanne is making her lobster sauce!

BANG! Indoor firecrackers all over the place.

Only seconds left of 2006. Agneta has made special drinks! Hurry!

Saluting the New Year with his toy gun. Hunters Uncle Mikael
and grandmas mother's brother Arvid, 83, are supporting
Axel all the way. It would be normal with a couple of feet
of snow here...now it was raining! Boring.

2006 statistics for www.blackout.nu
Visitors 49.848
Unique visitors 22.748
Pages 413.884
Hits 6.868.079
Byte 298.40 GB
Thank you all! See you again!