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The January - June 2008 NEWS

The July - December part you'll find here

June 30

The Saint from Umeå!

Janne Norberg did it again! He didn't even think that the driver's side
header was trickier than the passenger side. Well, what can you
say? Congratulations to us all! Janne has already impressed the big
shots that daily visit our TBDGIT and I'm sure many others. For an
example: "...that guy with those Umeå-headers..." Lars-Inge
Johansson said today and nodded his head, and he ought to know
with + 25 years of welding headers and cars and what have you!

That # 7 pipe that I thought would be the trickiest to make because
it points straight into the steering, wasn't any problem for Janne.
Kent adds that these headers are possible to mount with the spark
plugs already in the heads. Another trick is that the # 1 and 2 pipes
(furthest to the front on both sides) are possible to loosen separately
from heads and the collectors and that makes it easy to access
all the spark plugs. "Much easier and quicker than with bought
headers" says Kent. This is getting better and better!

Meanwhile in TBDGIT Gothenburg...
...our headers problems!

The Impala King Jonas Mr Alholt Skruv and Lars-Inge Johansson
helped out tonight with the stressy mounting of headers with hardening
black silicone instead of gaskets. (At least two persons needed).
Of course everything happened that never happened before! For the
very first time some bolts were not going straight into the head or
they were too long (gasket is thicker than silicone). We began
very professional and ended up sweaty and had black silicone and
copper paste all over us and the place. We just laughed and
backed off and did it again. I mean, these guys never go for
something that "might be good" - they rather do things over and over
again until they know it's perfect. So it was off with pipes and using
a 3/8" threader and this and that! So we actually ended even more
professional than we began.
I'm not a complete idiot but it's certainly a good school to just have
them around I can tell you! So many years of Hot Rodding they have
combined! Think of the situation for a while - these heavyweighters
Jonas and Lars-Inge suddenly just show up and start helping me
with whatever I'm doing with the car! I'm lucky! Thanks Idols!
Let's marry!?

Real racers knew all the time. And I knew it already from Birgitta at
Autoshop years ago when she said they only used black silicone
instead of header gaskets. When I this time forgot to order header
gaskets it was time to do the sticky business myself. If just letting
the silicone to harden for 15-20 minutes (not too sticky and not too
hard) it was no problem. Not with the silicone itself anyway...
But I'd rather go with gaskets. That's me. Less sweat.

Well dressed Tony and Lars-Inge showed up in TBDGIT today. It's
always nice to see your friends in your colors!

Possibly the strongest man I know, Dick from the Thriller Team!
At least on par with Christian "Skåne" Holst at Dockhouse. If you
remember I backed into a team truck in too crowded Santa Pod pit
in last September and got a good big dent on right front fender!
I've tried different tools and stuff to press that dent out but I haven't
been successful. Today I asked sheet metal worker Dick if he could
do anything about it, and he pressed it out by hand! Boink! True!
Now, instead of having one big dent, I have Dick's knuckle dents!
Maybe better, but I would still like to get in contact with a real Dent
Remover. Are there any such people in Sweden? Maybe in Norrland
where we'll be going next week. Umeå, Piteå, Skellefteå?
Please call me at 0706-000 303.
Thanks Dick! Amazing performance! Now go back to the Camaro...

Something's wrong with the Thriller Team this time! The car seems
to be ready since several days before leaving to the next race which
will be the FIA race in Finland. They talk about fixing the bus but
they do nothing about it so maybe they do that the last minute?
Then I will be calm. Then I know everything is allright as usual. =)

What do you say about this? As mentioned on NEWS down here at
June 11 I got the queue number 555 at Svenska Bil when buying
gaskets which I thought was funny since that's my old starting
number for the Whiplash Camaro! Funny enough!
Believe it or not - going there again today to buy header gaskets - I
got THE SAME NUMBER! And that's the truth! 555!
It must mean something!? But what?
The gaskets? I can't use them, too narrow and wrong holes in both
ends and shit. But 555 again!? I got chills!

The new Swedish film icon!
Jonas Impalakungen Mr Al Holt Skruv suddenly shows us how drag
racing could be presented in an epic non-story way. Just for the pure
enjoyment of it! He took his little little little pocket camera to MECA
Raceway, sneaked around the place and then went home to his little
computer and learned the editing-program which you all have and worked
it out with very good intentions. For the Love of the sport! Result is baffling!
I work in this business everyday and I'm impressed!
No more talk, instead more enjoyment - so click YouTube-link below:

At this moment I also want to say that the best ever drag racing TV
I've ever seen is the "Kings of Nitro" at Discovery featuring the daily life
of Top Fuel champion Urs Erbacher and team! Wow! Let all people in
the world to see it! It explains why we are the way we are, no matter
class. Thank you all involved!

June 29

Karl is in

Class: ET Pro. First ever entry signed from Maryland USA for the
classic Midnight Sun Internationals at Pite Dragway July 11-13:
Click Karl's name to see more details.
Kent and I will soon follow...let me start my engine first to see that
everything is good to go...? I filled cooling water tonight..

June 28

What did you do today?

I did this. It was a shaky experience with this heavy package up there
in that lift on wheels - on my own - but finally I had secured the
engine/trans down in the car and started to dress all the hundreds of
other things. That will continue for a couple of days.
The vacation from my work has started, lucky me.

Talking about shaky...

Whoa! Ari Körkkö had a wild wheelie today at Aros Nat's in Västerås
in his '69 Super Stock Camaro! Buddy Patrik Jacobsson shows the
whole series at his racing pictures site: www.racebilder.nu

June 27

Busy days ahead

The first thing I saw when coming to TBDGIT today, Tommy Aga
reading the latest # 14-15 issue of Bilsport Magazine where Condor
and I had a feature about nostalgia drag racing. Our first real article
for our old magazine in 20 years! Tommy congratulated us.
And it was fun doing it.

Today I finalized the transmission with the cooling lines that were
missing. Now I have one week to fix the whole car and maybe take
it to a test at Bilsport's A Day At The Drag Strip on our local
Säve Airfield on Saturday July 5th? On Monday July 7th we have
a truck transport to Umeå to catch...

Patrik Wikström was finishing his OFAB Thriller Camaro PM5.
They'll leave on Wednesday for Finland and the next FIA-race.

Sören "Fixarn" Fjellstedt. The Thinker. "Hm...this is what we'll do..."
He's the guy that always fixes everything bureaucratic that you won't
touch yourself. He's the expert, talented and he likes it too! When
Karl decided to ship his SS to Sweden, Sören was the first one to
call, and I asked him if he can take care of all the papers and
customs and even make Karl's Maryland-plated SS streetlegal in
Sweden? "Yes, of course, I'll be delighted". Without Sören this hadn't
worked. He's even fixing the truck transport for our Impalas to Umeå
and back to Gothenburg! Sören's place is CCV

Update: The ship with Karl's SS arrives now on Sunday to Port of
Gothenburg. On Monday Sören and I will drive it to our garage.
Exactly a week later the truck arrives to pick up our cars for
transport to Umeå and Kent Edin Gentle Giant HQ.

June 24 - 26


First we had The Day of The Triffids and now this - The Mighty
Return of the SAAB 92's - in the middle of the day at the new
Gothenburg City race track

Chris Condor was in a safe spot during the invasion. You couldn't
say that about our popular client on the ground, Raymond Trantina
from Volvo Cars of North America...

Our weapon of defence was the new Volvo XC60...

Have you heard about City Safety? A feature that comes Standard in
the XC60 (world's first!) which reacts on cars direct in front of you and
makes the vehicle brake by itself! It is for slow moving heavy traffic
where you normally find typically 75 % of all automotive accidents,
which are expensive and of course totally unnecessary for the
distracted drivers. City Safety takes care of this in speeds up to
19 mph! Pretty amazing stuff actually. It works. And that's why
we were making an instruction film about it. Here we rig the
camera to get the funny expressions of our test drivers.

June 24

Condor's Revelation!

My friend Chris Condor was out driving in Gothenburg in the Aixam
the day after Midsummer Eve and suddenly heard the well known
voice of Smokey Yunick! And then he heard the well known laugh
of Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist! He has met them both years ago,
so he knew!
Condor had to jump out of that mini-car and take a picture towards
the clouds in the West from where he heard the voices. And then
he realized that these Engine Masters were talking about me and
my assembly of the Jeezus engine on Midsummer Eve! Then he
thought he heard "Bagarn" say something like "Well, he hasn't
started yet...now let's go for a beer, It's on me this time. And tell
me again the story when NASCAR measured your Chevelle"

Then some laughs from both and voices were gone! Strange!
When Condor later developed the picture shot in Photoshop he
saw their images appear in the clouds!! Isn't that just fantastic!?
If you gently click the image above you will have a larger one.
For me it felt good knowing they have a great time and much to
talk about. Condor also felt like Elvis Presley was present, but
wasn't sure. Probably he was there too?
Thank you Condor for sending me the image! "Bagarn's" true
love Birgitta, "The Queen" at Autoshop also loved it!

June 23

Looks perfect Janne!

Look at this header! An absolute minimum of pieces and welds!
Really good work there Janne! Now the world has great expectations
on what you can do on the tricky driver's side...? The cylinder 7 pipe
will be very interesting! Good luck!

And they fit! Remember these are of 2" pipe diameter and are coming
out a bit from the heads because of the needed exhaust plates.
The normal aftermarket 1 3/4" headers you buy can be an issue in
this tight B-body engine compartment. Kent says: "They actually
fit a little better than the headers that Karl lent to us"

3.5" collector looks good in its place! Minus flanges and bung for the
lambda sond. And evacuation pipe/valve - which will be used on the
collector on the opposite side of the lambda sond, of course. We
don't want to drag oil fumes into the lambda sensor.

Bigger pictures and more on Kent's own page:

June 21

A concrete Wall?
At the end of a dragstrip?! It killed Scott Kalitta!

I'm as saddened by the death of Scott Kalitta as everyone else.
And I'm angry as well! How is someone supposed to survive a crash
head-on into a concrete wall? "...he cleared the net and cleared
the sand..."
Yea, the sand...is it two car lengths?
And then a forest!? It was bound to happen to someone!
And it didn't need to happen.
Good Morning NHRA!

(Clip is gone from the ESPN site)

My closest American SS racing friends were there:
Glen "Stumpy Jenkins" Koenig and I were at Etown and saw Scottie
Kalitta's crash.
Etown should have a more robust emergency stopping
system but in their defense the "jersey barriers" at the end of the track
are actually just to keep cars from going to the public road 20 feet
after the end of the track.
They had a net for emergency stopping before the sand and before
the jersey barriers and the poll that held the net was just poking out a
little from the track side walls and Scott hit that pole and then the car
jumped the track-end jersey barriers (those curve to deflect the impact)
and then he jumped the jersey barrier and some of the car hit the rented
"JLG-Lift" behind the barriers, (that is a mobile man lift), and then more
parts of the car and possibly Scott went out of the Etown property
and into New Jersey public land and across a road, (Pension Road),
and into a field. So unfortunately the car somehow missed the
emergency stopping net and it was horrible after that.
That net should be wider, stronger, taller.
Karl Ellwein

Stopped at the Gate!

I realized that some parts were missing on the transmission, parts
that'll be impossible to mount when package in car, like the special
connections which will go to the oil cooling lines, and things.
So we decided to stop here today. A drawback since we planned to
have it all inside the car and a lot of other things mounted.

Lars-Inge called me last week and offered his help in mounting
everything and that is very kind of him. Not only will it take half the
time but it's also much more fun with his company. At least we did
get the flywheel, converter and transmission bolted to the engine.
And some more. The converter is rebuilt by Tony at Danielssons
Bil, it had some broken splines. The 4L80E transmission is
completely renovated by Kenneth Ståhl. Still got the transbrake
in it but that will not be used.

The first thing Lars-Inge did today was to start making order on the
tool wall organizer.

June 20 - Midsummer

Tommy's Ford engine dressed by flowers. It's already a tradition to
celebrate Midsummer with a party in TBDGIT.
However, this year was a bad timing of this celebration for me.
I have had too much to do with rebuilding the house/garage, and also
at work - days, nights and weekends - which of course has seriously
delayed the Blackout project.
Now time is tight to get the car ready and on the wheels and get it
started in time for transport to Umeå together with Karl's SS!
My family is as always understanding and we decided to skip the
party this year and instead have a small Midsummer celebration
with Karl somewhere in Norrland in July.
This decision made it possible for me to work with the car both
Friday and Saturday. Sunday back to work.

So while my family Agneta and Axel were
relaxing at the cottage,
this was my Midsummer.

This is the Hylomar I used on the head gaskets. Couldn't find it on
spray like the one to the right (which we used when tuning at
Autoshop in 2006
) It was also there we first blew a head gasket
and converted to the MLS type. Also scroll down here and see more
about Hylomar on June 15.

When I had torqued the last head (first round 40 lbs.ft then second
round 70 lbs.ft) I took a little time for some fitting work of the new
intake manifold. I put a pair of used intake gaskets that have small
fixture plastic plugs in them (to the heads) and put glue on their intake
manifold side - then smacked new manifold to the glue.
This will tell us where to make the new bolt holes in the intake (since
it's made for the Gen I smallblock Chevy with a completely different bolt
pattern). Old holes will be welded.
I find more and more issues reagarding the fitting of this manifold
which will take some time to solve. And I don't have that time now so
in order to get car race ready for the Norrland Tour I've decided to go
with the same set up as last year, and hopefully find some time in
August to finish this new intake and then I also will have my 2"
headers done by Janne Norberg that must go with this intake.

After removing the new intake manifold it was time to go forward
again. Nice to have all small things in order.

Then in the afternoon when doing the high-concentration valve
adjustment work, the midsummer party guests started to arrive to
TBDGIT. It was fun talking to all of course, but it really slowed me
down as well. I couldn't drink a beer either and fuzz up everything.

They were very kind to me and offered me boiled fresh potatoes and
herring. But I said no to beer, I wasn't done with the engine yet.

Intake done.

Loud music can also distract. When the light was shut down I still
could work with last things with a hand held lamp. Then I finally
was done around 11 pm - my goal of the day was achieved, engine
was assembled! Yes thank you, now I can have a beer! Cheers!
I was feeling so proud of my work, but I missed my family.

June 19

Sorry, another vessel!

Karl got a message from his broker that the shipping company did
not drive his Impala SS aboard the Atlantic Companion as promised!!
Welcome to the shipping business! Instead they seem to have
loaded it on Atlantic Concert, which is a week behind in schedule.
Let's hope so. That means it should arrive in Gothenburg on June 29.
No more surprises please.

June 18

2" headers on their way!

Janne Norberg of Norberg Race Cars - Umeå's brightest shining star
in my eyes (without even having met him in person yet), is coming
along just fine with our unique headers with 2" primaries for Kent's
and my SS! There are no 2" headers to buy for the SS, you need
to fabricate them. These will help both Kent and me to take our
induction performance to the next level. (That's why I could invest in
the new race intake manifold). And since that smart guy is welding
them in an evolving jig, you too can order a pair which will fit any
B-body! Make Sweden green - send dollars! My guess is also that
Mr Karl Ellwein of Ellwein Engines will order a couple of pairs for
you Americanos who are interested in boosting performance?
More at >Gentle Giant

June 17

New Blackrace racetrack?

We were out walking on the newly built race track in the middle of
Gothenburg - for STCC races (Swedish Touring Car Championship).
This city track was built this year for the first race that was held
June 13-14 which was a big success. The idea is to keep the track for
at least 5 years. The legal streetracing Blackrace community had a
quite bumpy 1/8 mile on this pier until this project, and my guess is
that they now can race here on this new tarmac with rails and all.

June 15

Assembly Jeezus V 3.0

Jonas Mr Al Holt overhauled my Airflow Research heads this winter.
We were happy to see that they were pretty OK and no serious work
had to be done, except for the check-up itself. A set of new fresh
valve springs was needed, same type as before. And valve sealings.

Hmm..let's see, mains 75 lbs.ft, 65 for oil pump. OK. Silicone in the
corners and on with the oil tray gasket. And Milodon tray.

Always a check of TDC. It's like an "Amen"

New Cometic MLS head gaskets.

Compared to normal head gaskets, these MLS type head gaskets are
said to be very good in keeping cylinder pressure (that's why they are
on the market in the first place) but they can have an issue with the
water. I don't know if that's true but the rumor is enough for me
to add Hylomar seal on both sides of gaskets
around all water jackets.

June 12

Atlantic Companion!

Thomas Öhman in Umeå succeeded in getting a satellite picture of
Atlantic Companion carrying Karl's Impala SS over the Ocean!
And if you click the link below you'll see where it is on a map!

June 11

Here? In town? Kidding?

Took a chance and called the local Chevy dealer Svenska Bil who is
much more into the other GM brands Saab and Opel. I asked them
for a gasket for the timing front cover for a 1996 LT1. And they said
"Yes" Then I rudely responded with an "You must be kidding!? A
twelve year old gasket!?" "Yes, we have!"
Saved some time there, not needed to order from the USA.

And it was under 200 SKR / 33 USD! And the gasket kit included all
things needed to service a front cover. Like water pump gaskets! Ha!
And the queuing number that I got also had something good about
it - 555 - my starting number for my old Whiplash Camaro...

I put thin oil on both sides of gaskets and mounted them.

Then polishing all the front cover and water pump bolts from old
sealing silicone, with the help of Kenneth Feldthusen's 24 V grinder.
Then new black silicone put on and mounting.

Agneta's project

Now Agneta's close to casting the new floor in her working room.
Today she measured the old floor with both ruler and laser. Yes, she's
got so much energy that I've wondered where it comes from?

June 10

Köping feels at hom

Our giant beloved 60's Köping lathe is feeling more and more at
home in TBDGIT. Tommy has made lightings, aluminium wall and
shelves and more around him. If you can see that tiny Tommy in
this picture I suppose he's sweeping the floor or something? He's
not so easily seen anymore after his minus 25 Kg / 55 lbs diet
(so far!). But he is surely easily heard! All we hear shouted out in
our garage is "Fatty Bostic" and "Fatty Patrik". And that's strange
in a way since Patrik nor me has ever shouted "Fat Tommy"
in our lives. =)

June 9

Please scroll down to June 8 to see the updates of both
Kent Edin's race in Piteå and the status of the assembly
of the Jeezus engine.

June 8

What a day for Axel!

Here comes my 10 year old son Axel driving a car on a road!
What happens in the countryside - stays in the countryside.

The microcar - the more and more popular "moped-car" Aixam for
disabled and young playboys. 2 cyl diesel, 50 kmh / 30 mph.

16 year old owner Saki instructed Axel on functions. It took 22
seconds and off they went. No traffic in the countryside, once in a
while a tractor. "He actually did very well" Saki said. "I've been
driving a lot of Go-Carts" said Axel.

Cool dudes. Summer. Freedom.

Condor helped with the wash'n'go pitstop.

This era is over now. Condor and Yvonne let Saki and friends build
their skateramps on the second floor of their old barn. Good thing
to both help the kids and have some control of their whereabouts.

- Oh, here are some old pictures too! Hahaha, look at this...
This man has taken fantastic pictures all his life both as an amateur
and a pro. There is a treasure in here! Hey, it's time for a vernissage!!
Yea, in this barn! ...even if the best pictures are still to be taken.

...and for daddy!

Jeezus going back for real. Mr Alholt is giving the calls. It's nice to
see how fast Mr Alholt is working and what focus he has. I think
he likes this even if he'll never admit it.

Jonas Mr Al Holt is not automaticly impressed by much. But there
are things in this engine, like the Oliver NASCAR rods:
"Seriously damn good stuff".

Oliver rods with ARP 7/16" bolts should have 30 ft lbs of torque + 40°
with the torque angle gauge. Oliver says: "Torque does not measure
bolt stretch, it measures friction. This is why we prefer the stretch
method or the torque and angle method for tightening rod bolts".

I guess Jonas also is impressed by this machined clearance for the
con rod bolts (necessary on a stroker). "Oh my God look at this
nothing!" he shouted out loud! Once machined by either Lennart
"Bagarn" or Ed Gordon at Autoshop Racing Engines.
More random engine pics and comments at
That page will host engine issues of season 2008.

The Kent Report
First dragstrip runs with the Gentle Giant SS


11.658 @ 193 kmh / 120 mph

Gentle Giant on 7 cylinders! Full story >Gentle_Giant


Stabilized but no gain

Tube was holding. Kent tried to better the Reaction Time (which
you Qualify on) but it was hard to keep it staged on more than
1500 RPM. Brakes can't hold the car, possibly because of a lack of
vacuum (I know!) So Kent redlit and car died for a second in the 60's.
Picked up strongly but had misfiring on higher RPM. 12 something.
But sparkplugs now looked OK! Janne had taken off 20 % of the fuel
and that seemed to do it! Wow! Usage down to 5-6 L / 1.5 Gallons.
Eliminations soon. Kent has written
11.00 on the window...



Kent's 2:nd Qualification round.
This time Kent did a good burnout - with smoke. Gears shifting
on 6000 rpm. But then he heard a bang on 3rd. Staged anyway
but felt the loss of power so he just took the car for an easy
transport run down the strip and back to the pits.
It was one of the induction tubes that couldn't hold the 26+ PSI
boost so it blew off in both ends!! Now they're trying to
secure the tube with all kinds of ideas and materials.
One more Qualifying run before Eliminations.

1911 Kg - 4213 lb!

Kent had Gentle Giant on the scales this morning including himself
and the result was a bit shocking at least to me as it was 102 Kg /
224 lb lighter than Blackout SS = 2013 Kg / 4437 lb!
Strange because Gentle Giant is more or less a copy of my car
except for the fact that Kent has his original metal hood! My hood
is carbon fiber! He should be heavier!
There is no justice on Earth! =) But congratulations Kent!

Just to be safe Kent changed to a new belt on Sunday morning.
He also told me they had a 26 PSI boost peak yesterday! And now
he was working with one of the spark plug wires since it was
broken! They don't know if it was broken already during
the yesterday run?
Good luck today!

June 7

First timeslip of Kent Edin's Gentle Giant SS:
11.689 @ 181 kmh / 112 mph

And this is after a very careful beginning:
* Burnout on 1:st gear only, spun in the start.
* Way too rich, uneven run, 8 L / 2 Gallon of fuel was used.
* Gearshifts set at 5000 RPM, should be at least 6000 RPM.
* And first run nerves...

A very good start of the car that I think will be very very quick!
No more runs today.
Tonight adjustments on issues above
and tomorrow Eliminations and new reports then!

Fun thing is that I've been guessing Kent's first ET to be 11.6,
maybe because that was also my best ET at the premier of
Blackout SS - it was 11.684... 5 thousands!)

Another fun thing is that the quickest Kent ever drove his nitrous
SB Camaro back in the 80's was 11.89

Kent Edin will enter the Dynamic Top ET list at place 50 with his
first timeslip. My guess is that he will take big leaps up on that list
on each run they can make. Certainly looks like a 10-second run
is possible already tomorrow if they can sort things out?

The suspense is killing me!

I'm waiting for Kent to call me after his first run!
We've been talking to each other all day by phone.

* When he was driving there this morning.
* When he unloaded the Gentle Giant from the trailer
and it didn't start.
* When all the interested people gathered around the SS.
* When he was drinking coffee.
* When they started it.
* When they were in line for inspection.
* When they missed first Qualification round because of
a burnt off oil pressure cable.
* When he stood in line again.

"Kent, call me directly when you take off your helmet before
you get the timeslip to hear what it felt like..."
-Yes, I will.

June 6
- Swedish National Day

Gentle Giant loaded!

This looks good! Welcome out of the garage "Gentle Giant"! Hungry?

"Klonk" Oh!? Is it that low now?
Kent Edin and Janne Norberg have had some busy hours to make
Gentle Giant ready and to load it on the trailer. It's time!
Yes, I've even asked the local pro photographer Richard at Ulkhyvlers
to have a special eye on them this weekend so you all will see it!

Ready to go racing! You have been following this >Gentle Giant
project on this site for 18 months and now you'll watch the first
attempt at the drag strip at their first test at Pite Dragway this
weekend! No idle, rich plugs, this'n'that...but now they have to
get out and try it all! Hm..these Hoosier slicks...I just saw them
here in Gothenburg recently...strange...
Good work guys, break a leg! Call me anytime on anything!
On which color on the christmas tree you should go'n'things!
Begin with an 11 something ET. I did.

Go Sweden fresh mood!
That's what does
the thing!

Hahaha! It's free translation of an old Swedish sport slogan:

Heja Sverige friskt humör!
Det är det som susen gör!

It's our National Day today! We just had our lunch outside with our
Swedish flag on the table. These outdoor furnitures were bought at
Sears in Orlando, Florida years ago and shipped in a container.
Good buy.

"Thou Ancient, Thou Free"

Click moose to get to
know all about it.


Our guests Perra and his daughters Lova and Elin.

Outdoor BBQ always tops the list. But must be in weather like this.

Yea! Robert DeNiro meets Bostic Bolero!

At midnight we found the kids on a backstreet. We heard their
laughs on a distance. Earlier these three kids won a game of
Boule over their parents.

Elin, Axel and Lova. Cool.

June 5

Bon Voyage!

- Bye bye Heavy Eliminator! Take care over the Atlantic Ocean!
It's not the only SS Karl owns but it is his first and the one that
started his racing career. So I know he is a little anxious. And he got
the chance to see the ship one more time here in Baltimore Harbor.

Karl left the car in Newark/New York almost a week ago and then it
was (hopefully) driven aboard Atlantic Companion. Now this ship
came to load also in Baltimore Harbor which is nearby Karl's home
so he couldn't resist to wave a last time.

Click to get a larger pic and a historic lesson from Karl. Thanks!

And a little music lesson too. Click for bigger map easier to read.

If it hadn't been for the trees Karl could've waved from his home...

Soon you can pick up the ship's position on this link when
it reaches the open sea:

Direction : East Bound

Sailing Schedule
Ocean Port Activity - Arrival Departure
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June 3

Slicks are in the mail

A very nice and serviceminded lady at the Post office at Lindholmen
helped to get my Hoosier slicks shipped in a hurry to Kent in Umeå
who hasn't got his ordered slicks delivered yet - and they're going
racing with "GENTLE GIANT" already this coming weekend!
Spring Nationals at Piteå Dragway! This will be their first real test of
the whole car so Good Luck guys! But don't drive too quick... =)
E X C I T I N G !

Ex Sauna

Agneta continues to work on the house. She's changed our former
sauna (for wet, drunk and naked people) and is preparing the room
for her own business starting this fall. Curious? We'll be back on
this. Anyway, the changes are done in a way so it'll be easy to
make a sauna out of it again. If and when we sell the house
to any naked people...

Film Director Mr Al Holt
proudly presents:

No one knows how many parts it will be in this new series, but it
doesn't really matter. Let it be 100's of parts as long as it is as
good as this! Click picture or link! Same same.

...while at it

...have you seen our promotional film about the best blower belt
ever made? Which we use of course! Only 2 min film.
Click picture or link! Same same.

June 1

New All Time High! Again!

I have absolutely no idea what this graph shows! I Googled it and I
think it has something with oil to do? Anyway, it also shows the
growth of this site blackout.nu like if I had drawn a graph myself.
Which I didn't - to save time. New SUPER figures for May month:
Visitors: 12.703
Unique: 8.296
Pages: 48.192
Hits: 1.113.265
Byte: 35.58 GB

Thank you all for visiting! We'll work hard to keep you coming!
How much can we grow together?

Toy sale!

Neighbours Hans and Helge were the best customers when Axel
decided to have a "Loppis" - garage sale - at home this Sunday.
They both have small grandchildren so they saved some money on
buying Axel's used toys. And Axel made 150 SKR over the day!

But I remember how much I payed for these toys...

Congratulations on new
PB Team Northrace!

Kenneth Feldthusen has never before raced on the 1/8 mile and now
the first leg of the TSDS - Toyo Scandinavian Dragracing Series was
held on the permanent MECA racetrack in Malmö this weekend.
It was also the first race for the team with complete new shortblock,
Keith Black block and things.
-The track was just fantastic! But I was quite unused to do the trap
procedures as soon as after 4 seconds! said Kenneth.
The team was glad for their new PB for the 1/8 (compared to earlier
notes from 1/4 races): 4.375 @ 260 kmh / 161 mph which was the
quickest of all cars in Competition Eliminator but only good for 7th
place in qualifying due to their AA/A index of 4.63, an index which
not really is active like the indexes of the 1/4 mile times. They
lasted to the Quarter Finals at MECA. Hopefully it will be a little
better chance for Team Northrace at the next races, beginning
at Sundsvall Raceway June 13-15. Good luck buddies!
Stanley got the tremendous shot of the Nilfisk ALTO Altered, click
it to see a larger one! Thanks for letting me use the picture.
Visit EurodragsterNorth.com to see the whole report, both in
Swedish and English! EurodragsterNorth.com is getting better
and better by the race!

May 30

Sponsors looking good!

In Sweden most of us already know of Autoshop in Orlando. We'll
soon know more about the other racing companies that Karl's got
as sponsors on his 1995 Impala SS.

On the back door Car Craft and that cat company Vindouro! Karl has
a good connection at Car Craft Magazine and since I have Bilsport
Magazine on Blackout SS I guess Karl wanted to meet that...

And of course the logo of his own company Ellwein Engines!
But Karl...I didn't know that there's a jungle in Maryland!? =)

...and now it's at
Port of New York!

Karl's now trailered his "Heavy Eliminator" Impala SS from his home
in St Leonard, Maryland to Port of New York in Newark, New Jersey.
There he got the "export" stamp on the title and the bill of lading.
Then he said hello to his dear car and drove home again. Next time
he'll see the car should be at Vallmovägen in Umeå on July 9th.
If everything works out as planned?
We now also have our good friend Sören "Fixarn" Fjellstedt from
ccv.se along in this project and in charge of things that he is an
expert on. Import, export, paper work, paper work, paper work...
Thanks Sören!


Our new entry floor is finally done. What a difference!

May 29

FIA Main Event down...
Rained off Championship race - two years in row...

Garage buddy Patrik Wikström is home again since a couple of days,
and is boring everybody with boring stories of the rained off Main
Event, the FIA season opener. He and the Thriller team nursed their
new Pro Mod Camaro setup with a very rich setting. Still got a 6.67
in the first run of the year. But expect more to happen here.

Yes! I've been waiting to see the final look of Graham Ellis' Plymouth
Superbird in Pro Mod! Qualified at 6.7189 @ 215.73 mph. More!!

...but the galleries are up!
Thanks to Patrik Jakobsson / Racebilder for the pics! See all of
his pictures here: www.Racebilder.nu

And to get the whole picture visit also Roger Gorringe and
Sharkman to see their galleries:


...and a Firestorm picture!

"...Just thought we would send you this picture
of the Main Event Test Day in which we did two personal bests,
this being the fastest. We've nick named it "Practising for Sweden"!
Look forward to seeing you soon..."


Thanks for the picture Roger & Helen! I mentioned this run further
down on this page at May 18. Once again Congratulations!
Yes, we hope to see you all soon!

May 28

Kent's shocking shocks!

This is unfair! Kent never told me! =) He had this pro Robert Cameron
to secretly build new exclusive adjustable Street/Strip front shock
absorbers for his Impala SS "Gentle Giant". His friend and
neighbour (!) Robert is a well known shock engineer in the worlds
of Rally, Racing and Boats... Damn Kent, my neighbours are a retired
Physics Teacher, a retired CEO of a private hospital, a pair of
Company Psychologists and a Priest!
Well, I'll take help from the Priest I'm telling you!!

The re-bounce will be adjusted by the knob on top (left).

Kent hopes for the best. Just receiving my Job Spetter-tuned F.A.S.T.
mapping file by email. Remember that it also went a couple of miles
on the roof of an old Volvo...
Hope it works in your machine, Good Luck!
More about Kent's Impala SS project: >GENTLE_GIANT

May 27

Entry clinkers' puzzle

Agneta is beginning to cover our home's new entry hall with clinkers.
After that it will feel like we're just about done with this winter's
rebuilding project. At least inside our house. Some small things
still remain to be done around the garage, but no hurry anymore.

I shouldn't show you...

Kent wanted a copy of my FAST mapping-file to plug into his own
FAST engine management computer, to fast-forward, sort of.
So I took our old Volvo 965 company car and went home on lunch,
packed my Blackout SS lap top with charger, cables and stuff
and hurried back to work. First I drove to a gas station, then out on
the 3-lane bridge. Some other motorist waved to me and smiled
and I waved back and smiled also, thinking that there are
a lot of nice people in the traffic after all! After a couple of miles,
close to work, I got scared when I didn't see the lap top anywhere
in the Volvo! My heart stopped for a couple of seconds...
Window down, hand out on the roof...yes! Exactly where I had
placed it to be able to unlock the car. Gently braking...
Tip: If you're going to be stupid - use a car with a flat roof.

Jeezus' rings are done

We just loved having borrowed Kenneth Feldthusen's piston ring
grinder and his transformer to that. Still Mr Al Holt moaned and
wished that I had bought rings "in already right size" just to
install. -The engine would then have been assembled already!!
But Jonas, this is the right way to do it, I replied...
-Bah! It's so much abracadabra...
I'm so happy we're going forward with Jeezus. Jonas is smart.

May 26

Thanks Karl!

Today I received this year's second best birthday present in a letter
from Ellwein Engines in Maryland! LT1 water pump gaskets which
I'll need very soon. I didn't even know that you could get them
separate! I thought you had to buy a complete gasket kit. Blush.
Thanks buddy!

May 25

New tires have arrived

This is the true reason why we visited Fixarn's container release the
other day. He let me take home my 2008 season tires in one of the
containers. A pair of fresh 29" Hoosier slicks and a set of new
Kumho street tires.

I'm going back to the SS original size tires (left) to get more road
clearance since my new transmission oil tranny is so low. TireRack
didn't have Bridgestone in that size in stock anymore so let's test
Kumho. They should have the same performance.
More about tires'n'stuff, click this link: >TIRES_WHEELS

May 23

Who is this?

Buddy Perra Winberg doing his impersonation of one of the most
wellknown motion pictures actors in the world. Can you see who?

Today we followed Sören "Fixarn" Fjellstedt to see some of his daily
work around American cars. Import and valuation and more. Here
some Nordtrafik containers are opened and dreamcars from the US
west coast spread out into Sweden.

Axel loves to go with Fixarn in his Pontiac Raggerbile. Bernt in the
backseat is from Piteå and is one of two Impala SS owners there.
Hopefully we'll see them at the race in Piteå July 11-13.

May 21

It's Thriller Time!

Patrik Wikström's OFAB Thriller Camaro PM 5 is on its way to Santa
Pod and the FIA Main Event! New paint job and all new secrets...
This is the first official picture of the car.

Only minutes to finish it all to get to the ferry in time. Always, no
matter how early they start with the project in the winter.
Still they had to bring the blower on the side! They've never started
the thing this year, but they had to get to the race!
Good luck guys!

May 20

Exhaust plates done

Phew! Both plates are done and will be shipped to Janne Norberg
Race Cars in Umeå who will manufacture the 2" headers.

While in TBDGIT I was happy when I read our latest copy of our only
garage magazine - Bilsport No 11 - and saw that they picked up the
news about Karl coming to Europe. Now it's official for real!
Meanwhile we are working to get Karl the right kind of racing license
for his racing here. Pro ET-friend Carla Pittau is working in the UK
with the case together with Paula Marshall. And Lasse Pettersson,
the Chairman of the Drag Racing section of the Svenska
Bilsportförbundet is looking for the solution for Sweden.

We're also looking for a good solution for transporting Karl's and
my Impala from Gothenburg to Umeå and back. And so far that
seems to be a lot tougher mission! Anyone out there that can
hint us on a solution?

May 19

Dockhouse visit Bilsport
Albinsson & Sjöberg is the largest motor magazine publisher
in Scandinavia and Bilsport is the Crown Jewel

We drove from Gothenburg to the Albinsson & Sjöberg Headquarters
in Karlskrona and we thought that would be 4 hours tops.
It was 5.5 hours...

1.5 hours late for lunch...not a good start of a meeting. Keeping the
hosts hungry! It can only be better after that, and it was!

The coolest of meeting rooms! Once a giant oven for the Karlskrona
Porslinsfabrik (porcelain factory) between 1918 - 1968. This is the
round top of the oven with thick brick walls so the acoustics are
fantastic. Totally quiet. Except for us when we had our interesting
and enjoyful discussions. On the far side Mikael Johansson, Daniel
Lindstedt, Fredrik Sjöqvist, Anders Albinsson and Stig L Sjöberg.
Missing in this picture is Janet Svensson who showed up later.
And the backs of Benny Frick and Chris Condor. Click picture!

Stig's wife Margareta took care of the history of the porcelain factory
when the publishing house moved in. Factory was totally down and
sooty like when it was closed in 1968! She's made a tremendous
work in restoring the location and made a Museum of it and has
been chasing pieces made here ever since. And Margareta has
been awarded officially many times for her work. Congratulations!


Did you know that also Bilsport Magazine have a museum in their
building? Mostly cars well known from articles made over the years.
And a classic like this rally SAAB once unbeatable in the hands
of Erik "Karlsson på taket" ("on-the-roof").

This 1965 Opel Kadett just talked to me! I had one like this, but from
1962 and not in mint condition...

Thanks all of you Super Nice people of Albinsson & Sjöberg
for your hospitality - and your patience in waiting for us!

Kent has fixed his camera

Race fuel tank and pump in their places! Looking good.

Kent's electronic boxes in the same place as my boxes. Perfect.

Smart guy Janne Norberg holds a World first LT1 product for the
Optispark ignition, so it can work with the sequential cam signal.
It's a 0.3 mm thin stainless wheel that is manufactured with the
help of a computer program made by Janne himself! Janne also
found the laser company that could make the wheel.
Hello LT1 tuners from around the world, Norberg Race Cars are
ready to take your orders!

Kent's window net installation is also done. Neat net. Nice together
with the swingout and all.
More pics and info here: >KENT_EDIN_GENTLE_GIANT

Meanwhile in St Leonard
Maryland USA...

This is Premium Bachelor Karl Ellwein's kitchen and also Engine
Shop. Would you buy an engine from Ellwein Engines?
I absolutely would!

Karl is tuning his perfectly running 350 with new sponsored parts.
Like the camshaft from Advanced Induction Inc. Nice cradle!

And new heads also from Advanced Induction Inc. This work takes
place outside. But his customers' engines are built in the kitchen.

Is this tank placement a new trend or what? I can't remember I've
seen it before and now both Kent and Karl have it!

This is the true picture of a so called "Shade Tree Mechanic".
This expression is also used when describing the early years
of Henry "Smokey" Yunick.

There it is. Ready for the Bracket Battles in Europe!

Trophies are everywhere around Karl's home, on shelves, on the
fridge. Will he bring any trophy back from Europe?

"ET phone home..."

New E Intake setup looks like ET in some way, doesn't it? I'm
mocking up everything to see exactly what has to be modified to
make it fit. More on this page: >NEW_E_INTAKE

Not too good quality of these Hooker exhaust plates, nor the match
of exhaust ports. First red markings are after the exhaust gaskets.
A lot of grinding awaits.

Here's one done. Until I'll see the headers side plate anyway. Maybe
I'll grind ports even larger towards the inside diameter of the 2"
header primaries? However, these two bolts are making the most
narrow places of the area, even if the area is expanding. Note the
need of clearance grinding around the head studs.
More here: >EXHAUST

May 18

"We'll take care of Karl!"

Karl, look at this beautiful Chevelle Family! Tobbe Ekström will meet
you at the Vaasa airport in his '70 Chevelle and then take you on a
culinary adventure in the archipelago! Hope you like fish Karl!
Click here: >RACES 2008

Now it's close!

Congratulations to our friends Roger Goring and Jet Girl Helen on your
new personal best 6.075 set at the Run What You Brung (indeed!)
meet at Santa Pod May 18th. All still according to plan, we notice.
When will you celebrate the first 5 second run with the Firestorm
Jet Funny Car? Will it happen during FIA Main Event at Santa Pod
May 23-26 or can you wait for us to arrive at FIA European Finals?


May 17

Vintage Nats?
Pre '73 cars - Vårgårda Airfield

Jenny Gröhn was quickest of the meet with her Super Comp 383.
Not a real nostalgic car - it's modern with E85 fuel and all - but
it's at least an altered. We searched for old looking style.

A lot of people came to see the promised nostalgic slingshot
dragsters, gassers, Funny Cars...and none of the above showed
up! But the weather was good!

Axel, one lucky guy who really loved to be at a drag race again
after the long winter, as long there are V8's and burnouts!

VW-Micke could at last get time to test his own '67 VW. But never
got it to run on its wheel standing capacity.

Long time since we saw a Predator carb. Nostalgic. This in a
'41 Willys.

Henrik Ludvigsson now has a ProCharged 383 instead of the old 350
in his street legal rod but hasn't got a cog belt so slippage stops him
from reaching 22 PSI. Runs 6.2's on 15 PSI.

What a tow car! Agneta! Please please please!? No?

Nice Impala! Chain wheel and flake. Never go out of style! We like.

Full points for Hasse Slungare and son Sixten.

Popular food tent. To get a coffee for only 5 SKR was really nostalgic!

Nice nostalgic display in the food tent. Got a lot of attention.

A beautiful pair for our eyes, 426 Hemi Charger and 440 Coronet.
The Hemi went 7.4's on the 1/8-miler.

Flat out. I managed to get master photographer Chris Condor to a
drag race again - with a still camera. He literally dived into it like
the good ol' days! His first drag race actually was here at Vårgårda
in the 70's so - nothing has happened? You'll probably see our
report in Bilsport Magazine sooner than later...

Lars-Inge wanted to see Chris Condor's bikes when visiting his home.
Here are some of them. Enduros, speedway bikes and a scooter.
We also saw mopeds, go-carts and more.

Ha ha haaa!

What can I say? My dear friend Chris Condor has a thing going with
"motion pictures posters" and now I got one for myself! Could use it
as an election poster. Are there any elections going on somewhere?
That picture must be at least...two...years old...
So I got a good long laugh for a gift, thanks Condor!

May 16

Garage floor done!


Not the true TBDGIT pic

At TBDGIT Tommy Aga was polishing his everyday Cadillac Sedan
De Ville Fleetwood Brougham from 1978. Again. We wonder when
he'll go through the dark blue metallic paint?
Unfortunately I'm forbidden to show what's happening inside the
garage around Patrik Wikström's OFAB THRILLER Camaro
Pro Mod No 5. A lot of new secret stuff there.
And by new I mean NEW! Never before done type of NEW!
When I aim my camera towards the Camaro I just get smack on
head. You'll all see at Main Event at Santa Pod in a couple of
weeks. It's World Record or Not Qualified...
I just LOVE research and development!

OK, it's summer!

The Stockholmers definately made the spring to summer! And we
heard them long before seeing them. Blo-Blo-Blo-Blo-Blo...
Every summer they show up in our basin. 36 foot Cobra with two
Chevy 502's from Värmdö Motor! Very Very Welcome!

May 15

Your VP MS109 octane
gas is on its way Kent!

Thanks to Thomas Öhman and DHL in Umeå the freight of your
barrel of anabolic fluid is on its way already! Unloaded by DHL
in Gothenburg from That Red Little Dodge today. Smack on!
The Big Pro's are helping out! Now you can start "King of Spades"
with attached ProCharger next week. Good luck with the boost!!!
And thanks Thomas and DHL!

May 14

Dolce & Gabbana meets
concrete machine rental

OK, I say it up front, Agneta hated this Dolce & Gabbana bag when
she got it from me as a gift. "My God, so ugly! Why!?" but after a
while she started to use it because she thought it was kind of
practical. Now she throws it around and uses it every day when
shopping and carrying things, like today when we rented a
concrete grinder machine. I just laughed at it and took this pic.
A bag like this is worth around USD 1600. But I bought at
"Fake Market" in Shanghai for USD 25. Who knows, maybe it
comes from the same factory? =)

Karl's hitting Finland first!

Please, Eero Pirttinen
can you watch over him for a couple of hours? =)

Karl Ellwein just sent his travel plan and he'll go via Helsingfors and
Vasa in Finland before going to Umeå! Read his plan at the updated
>RACES 2008 page. Now you can also click the small Nordic Map
on that page to see the first Big map. It will be updated over time.

May 12

Some small work at home

After a well deserved break we dug into the home project again. Now
we'll fix the floor, even out some bumps and holes and the crater
in between the old and new floor castings. Here I've primed.

The Great White!

Tommy Aga shocked everybody! Suddenly - after 24 years apart -
the engine was back in his Lincoln Mark V! This Kaase-inspired
Ford 467 will pump out something like 850 HP with a 225 HP NOS
Fogger. Heads ported by late Grottis, large stainless valves,
Kaase designed Comp Cam, Eagle H con rods and lots of other
Ford mumbo jumbo. We are many people who are looking forward
to seeing this spaceship on its premiere flight! It's been years...
Who's this thin guy anyway?

Jeezus is dressing!

Jonas Mr Al Holt The Impala King Skruv (did I forget something?)
came by tonight and we started to assemble. Crank and camshaft.

Feels gooooooooooooooood!

May 11

Jeezus turning point!

Yea! At last I got time for Jeezus! I cleaned, washed and dried him
carefully. Assembly can now start. That means that The Project
has turned from Apart to Back Together.

Karl's moving on!

Andy "Tog" Rogers at Eurodragster.com never misses a thing,
especially since he's always checking blackout.nu and here he
saw our plans with Karl Ellwein so Tog asked Karl for a write up.
Read all of it here

May 9 - 10

A real (1 day) vacation!

Denmark here we come! Actually we drove down to Street Parts in
Roskilde to have our two large barrels of VP MS 109 Octane fuel
which were imported by them. One for Kent and one for me.
But my Canon IXY camera broke so I took use of my mobile phone
to get some pictures!

When from home we might as well have a 1 day vacation. We stayed
at Svogerslev Kro outside Roskilde. It's from the 1700 century!

Here we could relax and enjoy the best of Denmark.
Snaps and smørrebrød.


At Ledreborgs Castle we found the largest outdoor Country & Living
exhibition in Scandinavia. Hours were spent here (but no money!?)
Axel thought this guy was one of the best things all day.

At the dockhouse restaurant of Fredensborgs Castle we had our last
chance smørrebrød on our way back to Sweden. Axel has always
much to do. Fredensborg is the summer place of the Danish King
and Queen...but they never saw us.

He calls himself "The Cold Master" because he'll take a bath no
matter the water temperature! It looked warm in the water when
Axel played like a dolphin so watching bystanders tried themselves.
One woman screamed out loud over the lake when she just placed
her feet into the ice cold water, she jumped up and had a good
look at Axel doing another dive! Everybody laughed.
Then he came up for some icecream.

Back in Sweden we drove to classic "Flickorna Lundgren" at Skäret.
An old, very well known café in Sweden with plenty of special
cookies, buns and cakes. And damn good coffee served in copper
kettles. This place is very close to Arild where European Pro Stock
racer Michael Malmgren lives, so I wonder if he takes his sponsors
here to give them a good impression?

Anyway, this was a very short vacation, but it was lovely and we say:
Never underestimate a 1 day vacation! Just go!

May 4

- Can I have this hat?

Björn Sundkvist from Linköping visited TBDGIT today and found an
old Crayfish Party hat left over from our Crazy Racy Crayfish Party
we had in 2006. He made it his own.
-Why weren't we invited to that party, he wondered?
-Why didn't you call me when you, on this website, saw it was
coming up, was my answer.

He was glad that he was welcome to sign our "Stairways to
Heaven" as all outatown Drag Racing Profiles. Björn is Sweden's
most knowledgeable "speaker" / announcer at drag races who
has been the voice over the PA at the races since the end of
the 70's. Also heard at the big races at Santa Pod.

Björn came with lovely family. Daughter Therése actually moved to
Gothenburg a couple of years ago to study while AnnKristin works
with Björn at the forensic institution SKL in Linköping.

-Björn, here's a 50 page script we have prepared for you. Now it will
be a lot easier for you to talk a lot about Patrik and me at the races...

May 3

Plan is now A-OK!

Our friend Karl has told us that he has a container freight confirmed
in the end of May. His Impala SS will be shipped from Maryland to
Port of Gothenburg where Sören "Bilfixarn" Fjällstedt and I will see
to have it driven to TBDGIT, where it will be awaiting further transport
to Kent in Umeå together with my Blackout SS. Karl owns three
Impalas and his choice was the "middle one" - not the quickest one
but surely the most consistent one - his first - Old Reliable - The dark
green one which he has won uncountable bracket race wins in!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Karl is coming to stir up the Bracket
Eliminations rather than trying to chase Kent and me.
He's called the "King" amongst his fellow racers in USA due to his
magnificent winning statistics.

His engine choice is an Ellwein Engines 350 ci with a new nitrous
system. Should send this Norrland Road driven SS into 12.0 natural
and 11.0 on nitrous.
So Karl will be competing in ET Pro (10.00 - 15.00 sec) while Kent
and I hope to be competing in ET Super Pro (7.50 - 9.99 sec).
At Santa Pod he aims to hit hard among his friends in Pro ET...
More here:
...and eventually more here:

Kent, are you ready yet? I'm not...! H EL P !

Fantastic Footage!
If you want to see some fantastic footage from the Springspeed
Festival at Shakespear County you should go here: Eurodragster.com
Not only from staff photographer Roger Goring but also from Dave Dick
who got the most intimate footage when almost run over by Kev Slyfield
when he took the tree and crashed his Pro Mod Willys into the guardrail!
The race continues until Monday and Eurodragster.com is doing a
perfect coverage as usual!

May 2

Brother Björn on TV!

We're so proud of my brother Björn who has an art vernissage again.
This time at the Bergagården at Hunneberg just outside Trollhättan.
Hurry up, it's open only until Sunday May 4! And take a look at a
nicely done piece about his vernissage at the local TV4 news:
http://nyhetskanalen.se/HereComesThe Sun
(For you who don't understand Swedish, Björn's main message is
"Experimenting with Form and Light just for Fun")

April 25

BBQ celebration

Just celebrating that the concrete step came out perfectly, garage
is all painted and that it's Saturday, spring and it's kind of warm!
Our premiere for outdoors BBQ. Cheers to all of you!

April 23

Welcome to the sunbed

It was truly amazing to finally see the light in our new garage! It's
kind of an important milestone in this project. The electricians were
here all day and connected all the wiring and boxes and stuff.

April 22

"I'll kill that cat!"

Agneta said last night "Let's hope no cat will walk on this tonight,
that happened to my brother..."
Well, this morning we found the evidence of a cat walk in the
casting! However, the foot prints were so shallow so they will
disappear in the finishing process anyway. But how did the cat
do after getting processing cement on its small sensitive pads?

April 21

Where are my
reading glasses

Agneta overlooks the fine result of our family's strong evening work.
But now I can't find my reading glasses...

April 20

By public demand

Many people from around the world (mostly from Hungary, Ecuador
and two from Cayman Islands) are calling in and emailing us
about the south wall in our rebuilt garage. They wonder if there are
any secrets with it? Or if it's so ugly that we don't want to show it?
No, we're so sorry that we have missed showing the south wall
but we can guarantee you that this has not been part of an evil
plan or a conspiracy. But take a look now!

Next sign of spring

Today we heard a familiar sound from our neighbours' garage. Helge
started up his 1973 BMW 3.0 and now we believe in spring!

April 18


From Ellwein Engines website:

I'm impressed by Karl and what he can do, and has always been!
And now he's bringing over his dear ol' 1995 green Impala SS
to Europe to race us! I love it! He's looking for sponsors who
would like to be around a well exposed adventure - are you one
of them? Call him, the nicest American on the Planet!
His full site: www.ellweinengines.com

April 17

Busy days ahead

It took hours to paint the first layer on the ceiling because the
garage door was already mounted and had to be masked. We don't
want white colour slush on the new door, do we?
It doesn't look like white in this picture because the sunset
was so dominant.

April 16

Carpenters are done!

Stig-Arne Frickéus and son Linus are now done with all their work
and the project leadership of our garage/entry rebuild. Now we're
on our own for all the "small" stuff and the next time we see them
will be at the traditional "taklagsfest" - when all is complete and we
host a party for all the craftsmen. Thank you "Stickan" and Linus
for a fantastic work! Again.

Do you see the squirrel? When downtown today to get Axel after
school I saw a bed of Scilla which is yet another sign of spring!

April 13

Trucker Öhman in town!

Thomas Öhman from Umeå showed up to try the hang in the bar in
the rebuilt garage. He was satisfied. He came in from Malmö where
his son Sebastian won another prize in Reigning - Congratulations!
Now Thomas was here to pick up a truck in Gothenburg and drive it
to Umeå for his transport company.

He was happy that Axel had made the guest bed for him. Grodan
Boll and Chip'n'Dale pillows and Batman blanket is for heroes.

April 12

What!? Snow again!

On a morning like this I'm glad to know the roof is completed!
We had plans to do some light work for our family on the outside
today. That's changed.

April 11


Basil, Jan 2005 - April 11 2008
Our little beloved golden hamster friend was sadly put to s-l-e-e-p
this morning at our vet station Blå Stjärnan due to a big tumour
which was affecting him. He became 2.5 years which is much for
a golden hamster.

"Thank you for all nice moments Basil!"
Pansies from Agneta and a wooden cross made and painted by Axel
at grand dad's workshop. I was the grave digger.
that's not a good end of a day...
so let's go to the Pet Shop!

Axel was so happy when he could get a new friend! From tragedy
to happiness in a couple of hours! And 200 SKR (100 each) because
he chose two dwarf hamsters and they want to stay together at least
in pairs. (Basil was 30 SKR to buy and 560 SKR to put to spleep).
These new two very cute and small females are named Tjorven
and Stina, but also referred to as the "girlies"

Tjorven and Stina (and their dog Båtsman) from the TV film series
"Vi på Saltkråkan" based on Astrid Lindgren's stories. It was released
for my generation in the 60's but is still run on TV and is very popular.
Axel loves it. If you know it, I felt like Farbror Melker today....

Agneta thinks they are much more entertaining since they're so
active. And they even sound! Basil's nice luxury cage was
thoroughly cleaned out before letting the new guests in.

Condor sent a picture to Axel showing two of their dogs, Stina and
Linda, which said "Welcome" to the dwarf hamsters.
These dogs are imported stray dogs! Stina from Spain and Linda
from Portugal.
Condor and his wife Yvonne have met these dogs in
real life in these countries and took care of them on the spot.
I was even with Condor on a filming project in Portugal last year
when we saw Linda for the first time!
Now they just love to play in this winter's last (?) snow.

Oh, what a day!

April 10

View from the moon!

Or satellite. It shows that the rubber marks have to be repainted soon.
This picture is from the maps of Sweden at Eniro.se

April 9

At last we found and bought a new diamond cutter disc for Agneta's
cutter so she could finish the tiling of our bathroom in TBDGIT.
And soon in our entry at home...

And Tommy Aga is almost gone thanks to his strong diet! Thin guy!
And he has started to work with the Big Lathe!

Russian cigarettes! Thanks! Sören "Bilfixarn" Fjellstedt came by and
gave me birthday presents from him and his Russian wife Polina!
But I don't remember if it was for last year's birthday or this year's?
It's in May anyway. =)

April 8

Blackout on You Tube!

David Kiefer of Gates Corporation USA asked me to put something
together with our blower belt problems that finally were solved thanks
to the incredible blue Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon belt which
was released last summer! He knew I had documented it all on video
so it was easy for me to tell the story in a short way.
And I was happy to give something back to Gates which has
helped me so much! Thanks David & Co! Now check it out:


Drag racing tops poll!

For the first time I see this question in a poll in Sweden:
Which motorsport do you rather follow?
It's asked by one of the two largest news sites in Sweden and it's
been going on for a week so far and the result is a strong
statement for drag racing!
Follow it here: expressen.se/motor/vilken-motorsport-foljer-du-helst


Sheet-metal worker Bengt has started to build a very, very good
looking roof cover:

Joined the 10.000 Club!

Almost forgot to tell you, but this site had an All Time High -AGAIN!
March month had 10.898 visitors - 7.377 unique visitors!
I asked my friends what they thought about it and Hawkeye said
it has to do with the report on the Easter Parade (March 26) while
Jonas Mr Al Holt just said "Bah, it's virus"
so I had to ask the Webmaster Jaanus Heeringson at Underwerks
and he said that the statistics are true! Amazing!
I will now look for sponsors to afford this traffic.

April 7

New "E" intake presented
on new page

It's said to have 100 HP of better flow compared to the original
intake manifold. Let's test it this summer...
Follow the work on a new page: >NEW_E_INTAKE

Patrik's piston school!

Patrik Wikström is very much into pistons now (among other
secret projects).
It's Arias here and JE there, Venolia and others.
It's about "old hemi design" and valve designs and angles,
weight...and Brad Anderson concept vs. Veney concept. The
latter is the choice of Patrik, who now is going for the best of these
two worlds in Pro Mod. And it will be unique. Bet on it!

When talking piston weight he wanted to feel the JE piston from my
Jeezus engine and then he said after a couple of seconds:
-My God!

Flames - always in fashion

Today Axel and I had a certain project - go to TBDGIT, clean the
moped and make flames on it. Axel worked very good with Bang.

Then we tried to start it, but it didn't happen. That's another
project for another day.

It was some 25 years since I made any flames, but luckily they were
still there! Free hand with scissors even impressed myself! =)

April 5

The sound of the Porsche

We were in TBDGIT today and met Daniel Saxlid who soon will
sell his dear Porsche 964 before leaving for California. Daniel
started it for Axel to listen and Axel liked it very much.
- I don't think you should sell it, was his reaction.

April 4

Bat cave opens

Yep, Axel is testing the range of the remote of our new garage door!
This was really Fabulous Friday, we got so much work done! Check:

April 2

Sharkman is back - twice!

Super drag racing photographer Sharky is back on the tracks! And
now supporting TWO websites with exciting moments! This was
indeed very good and long awaited news for all of us!

"Hi Gang...
And it feels very good to type those words again let me tell you!
After a complete year out in 2007 due to suffering from ME / Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome the start of 2008 see's me better than I was and at
least able to get to the track for a couple of hours. It's not much but
it's a start and I must say a huge thank you to all the racers, crew,
track crew, commentators, other photographers and of course my
old mates at Eurodragster who have all made me feel very welcome.

With only being track side for short periods of time there are no huge
galleries at the moment, but I figured some pics was better than no
pics at all :-) You will notice that the site has had a bit of a
makeover as I finally lost the free web hosting that I have enjoyed for
the last 5 or 6 years. With the site at the time about 2gig in size that
presented a major problem as there is no way I could afford to pay
for the sort of hosting package the site need. However, all is not
lost! Thanks to the guys I have been working with on the
Supercharged Images - my project Top End Tales has been reborn,
although at the moment without all the old galleries and wallpapers
that take up so much space. Hopefully they will be reintroduced
later this year. For now though, there a small selection of Thunderball
images for you to enjoy and rest assured I have already started
producing images for this years School of Excellence!

See you all at Shakespear's in May!"

Cheers, "Sharky"

The Blackout family is chanting:
Welcome back buddy!

April 1

Vars é brudarna?
Where are all the gals?

It was so quiet at Dockhouse today. No laughter heard anywhere?
Not even from the normally cheering ladies. Suddenly we located all
the laughter to our big charmer Condor's office! He had invited them
into a mediterranean style espresso hot moment with his own water
brewer, tasty chocolate candy and his Panama-hat and everything...
Here were all the laughter! You gotta learn from this man. =)

Where are all the men?

Evening painting by Agneta - world's best woman!

March 27 - 31

Looki looki!

The new garage door mounted, less motor! This is the grey color
we'll have on all doors on the front. More here:

March 26

Easter report

If you really have time to spend to get to know what our family did
during the Easter weekend this is the link to click for you:

I'm glad I got an hour to finally change my headlamps on the Dodge
before hitting the roads into the wilderness. 11 years of traffic duty
had slowly but surely blasted the plastic headlamps which are not
that good from factory to begin with. But the new head lamps
still made it a new car! Hello next 11 years!

This TBDGIT-garage picture is a sign of many pictures that'll soon
come from this place - but then with the SS brought together again.
Don't worry! Hang in there, you too!

March 24

Easter Thunderball

Various weather at Santa Pod this weekend is an understatement.
The big season opening race Easter Thunderball race got halted
many times but they are still on it! This is how I see every drag strip.

Santa Pod crew. Keeping the mood up in waiting for the snow to go
away. Please take a look at more funny snow pictures at
Follow Tog's live report and check their new webcam!

Wind eyes finally shut!

When coming home from the short Easter holiday I was glad to see
the new windows mounted in the garage. Did you know that the
English word "window" is coming from the Danish word "vindue"
which means "wind eye" and that was the place in the viking
longhouse that conveyed the smoke out from the house?

March 21

Merry Christmas!
...eh...I mean Happy Easter?

Axel Fighting the Elements! Last week we really thought that winter
was over (we always do) - when the great snow hit us! It won't hurt
the garage rebuild, more than chilling the carpenters of course.

March 20

A walk in the park...

This is how Agneta is relaxing when she's not rebuilding our house:

March 17

Point of No Return!

Front door is going down.

Snow storm smartly used

This day surprised us with a snow storm. But PeO, Condor and I
surprised back when we went out filming. Because we wanted
some snow for some scenes. Ha!

What kind of door is this?

Are there more people, or is it just me who wants pizza when seeing
an opening like this? - The Pizzeria Arc Gate can now be found in

March 12

Titanium into the fight!

More and more signs of an important showdown to come! Kent sent
pictures of his newly fabricated titanium bolts for the 4-link.
Weight Watchers are now into this! More: Gentle Giant.

March 11

Drop the knife Markus!

Today we celebrated Markus Frantz at Dockhouse for joining the
force. He's a Project Leader / Producer. More Princess cakes!

It's Markus in the middle of the evolution seen here on an open
street. Director Anders Haraldsson seems to be finished, and
our 3D artist Dan Lind looks like he still has a bit to go...

It was a while ago since I saw a Puch Dakota - the moped of my
dreams when 15 years old. But I was happy with my Rocket Ass

March 8

International Women's Day

Agneta and I celebrated this day by leveling the macadam.

March 6

Harley-Davidson for IKEA

Suddenly we found ourselves filming at Harley-Davidson for our IKEA
project! Condor, PeO and me. Here we're sampling the wonderful
sound of the big twin engine.

Susanne Käkele is the store manager at H-D in Gothenburg and she
is also the best salesman of H-D in Sweden. It didn't take her a lot
of work to sell me this Road King Classic!
Oh I forgot to shave this morning... is it really me?

PeO Olsson is our other master photographer at Dockhouse but
today he helped us as a sound engineer. And he took a stroll down
the Dream Alley...

But this is PeO's real hobby, he builds his own kayak Black Pearl.
He's been kayaking for years but now he wants the best.

The blue print is what it started at. It's made for PeO and his personal
measurements, the kayak will be his second skin. After the blueprint
was done PeO had to find and work with the right materials.

March 5

Now she's crazy...!

Agneta!? Agneta!? Where's my wife? AGNETA!!!?
This morning I finally found her in the backyard sawing bushes!
What the...?

March 4

Kent's differences

We see more and more the differences between Kent's project and
mine. Like the intercooler. Much smaller. Will it work? According
to ProCharger it will.

Since Kent still will use the Optispark distributor (the MSD version)
the crank support of my design couldn't work straight out of the box,
because of the interference with the spark plug wires, which I don't
have there anymore. But gladly we can now see their solution by
drilling new holes to move the bars away from the distributor.
Good solution that makes this kit still workable on all LT1 Gen II.

More pics and info here: >KENT_EDIN_GENTLE_GIANT

March 2

- What's so funny Agneta?

We took good use of our 4th scrap container when going down to our
basement and dug out our old sauna completely. Agneta has future
plans also for that room. And for the first time she asked for the
camera to take a picture. Wonder why?


March 1

Happy 19 Dockhouse!

Today it was 19 years ago since we started the film communication
company Dockhouse. 1000 productions, hundreds of awards and
14 Grand Prix's later we are still helping happy companies to
communicate through creative film solutions.
Visit us to check some short clips: www.dockhouse.se
Or click the picture above to enjoy a larger one.

February 29

Loud cursing heard
from deep under...

Agneta was finishing the new draining, which was heard all over the
neighbourhood... Many people have called in to blackout.nu from all
over the planet to have me stay home from work a couple of hours
to be a man and help my wife. So I did. Check it out:

February 27

Jihaaa!! Spring!

This is our contribution to the spring feeling of 2008! The Crocus is
up again and everything's changing to the better! Don't you think?!

And the Love is growing!

This is my wife Agneta! She can do anything! I admire her! I love her!
Here she's digging further down when working on the drain on
the back side. "The excavator didn't go deep enough..."
But she was also mad as hell today, see for yourself if you dare:

February 25

Axel destroys old garage!

This is our man! Axel destroys the old garage with a hammer and
just asks for Agneta's food in return! Child labor made into an art!

February 22

Mother Earth spanks
even us just a little!

Suddenly we had flood in Gothenburg! 1,5 M / 5 feet rise of the water
level certainly makes everything different. This is taken from our work
and shows the problems for the restaurant out there on the pier!
BTW, that house is what gave our company our name - Dock house.
Because we were first offered that place in 1989 when moving in.

February 14 - 17

I have to show you this
wonderful Swedishness!

After work in 17 countries in a little more than a year we
thought it was just beautiful with a drive in 'ol Sweden!

We got a sudden mission from Volvo Cars and had to drive north
ASAP to be able to film cars on snow and ice before it was melted.
We saw the first snow in Dalsland 2 hours away from Gothenburg.
Picture shows when we see more snow passing through
Värmland 2 hours even further away.

And add 2 hours more (a total 6 hours drive) and we were at our
goal in Dalarna. Here was snow! And a totally analogue horse.

Master of Photography - Chris Condor - is preparing for a cold
session. It was -15 Celsius on the lake / 5 Fahrenheit.

Serious stuff. The spikes on the camera car! It's like Santa Pod...

Volvo Cars Driving Academy has the lake Nässjön plowed to their
specifics. Here all driving rules are set by the Volvo "stunt drivers"

Inviting for a play or what? =)

These hardened drivers were instead very impressed by the Chris
Condor Show. They are all connected to racing of some sort.

So how cold is -15 Celsius/5 Farenheit in 100 kmh/65 mph?

My job is the easiest, looking at live video feed in the monitor and
talk to three guys at the same time, to the stunt driver (just slide in
front of us) and to the driver of car I'm sitting in (a little bit quicker,
go closer, no that's too close! STOP!) and to the photographer
(everything's fine, looks fantastic! Is it cold in the front buddy?)
I like that tomte-stuk of my tuque.

All Swedes need a coffee break on regularity to function.

A XC70 - a brutal conqueror of the ice! A glimpse of what footage to
expect. I promise to give you the Volvo-link here on the NEWS-page
when all is done so you can see how it all came out.

If I ever will afford a new Volvo I want any of these guys as a private
driver! These are among the best drivers in Sweden and their work
is to give tips to Volvo owners - and others - on advanced driving!
"You should be the driver - not the passenger!"

We had our Wrap party at the hotel and enjoyed their Karaoke, since
we let the host do all the singing. Here we had him to sing the
company song of Dockhouse. Rumors say that I sang "Storfiskarn"
by Thore Skogman but I don't think so?

Bye bye Mora and Dalarna! Markus and Condor under the most
famous sign of Sweden. The finish line sign of the biggest race in
Sweden -
Vasaloppet - some 14.000 skiers from all over the world
go 90 km - 56 Miles from Sälen to Mora in the world's longest and
biggest cross country ski race. Pros and Amateurs together.
Following in the tracks of King Gustav Eriksson Vasa
in the year of 1521!
Start: March 2nd 2008

The sign says: "I fäders spår för framtids segrar."
"In the footsteps of our forefathers for the victories of tomorrow."

February 13

What a day for a new roof!

The carpenters didn't complain about the weather today. And nothing
else either. A new garage roof is born and a happy sun makes it
even better. Check it out here:

February 12

New exciting garage page!

Woooh! When I came home tonight the garage roof was gone and the
contractors had already digged 6 feet under to reach the bottom of the
house and the garage so we can make a better drain while at it. More
exciting home depot construction updates on our brand new page:
You can also always find this page at


Dangerously close I must say. Luckily Blackout SS has not its engine
at the moment so it was cool, even if I think I noticed a small hungry
shiver from the big Chevy... Aber Gutes farbe dziz wagon ist haben!

It's our friend, and my colleague, the Master sound designer Daniel
Saxlid's quick toy that will be a guest car for a couple of weeks, while
he puts it together again after the new paint job. Much talented
Daniel - to the right of Tomten on the second floor - is aiming for his
move to Hollywood and the film industry (after have being there
already as a guest worker on sound tracks for motion pictures!) so
he will sell his Porsche 911/964 when he's done. With a Mr Al Holt
welded roll cage and all! Normally we don't have any place for
guest cars in TBDGIT but Daniel is our only hope to get tickets
to the Academy Awards. Good luck in LA you bastard! Don't
think of us.

February 8

Bye bye 1969

This is the last we'll see of those old windows and this ceiling in our
garage at home. The carpenters have already begun to take it all
down to make place for our new design. Our house was built in the
moon landing year of 1969 and it's about time to freshen up this
garage as we already did the rest of the house.

February 6

Happy 10th birthday Axel!

Axel invited the family for a go-cart race on his birthday and ended up
1st before brother Anton 2nd (left) and Uncle Mikael 3rd. Sort of.

Race briefing before the battle of the 9 relatives.

My brother Björn drove all the way from Vänersborg to join the race.
He did good too, only 3 seconds behind me. Per lap.

It's a certain feeling in placing new batteries in a new radio
controlled car and to click it to life.


Tog sent this unique picture of Bess. She is actually looking at a
passing airplane! Amazing! Where will it end? I have no idea what
the two other characters there work with?


Patrik Jakobsson sent me this picture from the 2007 European
Finals at Santa Pod. I'm filming in Patrik Wikström's Thriller Team
the moment after he won the Final round of Bilsport Pro Mod.
It makes you want SUMMER again! And it reminds me of that
I have some really fun footage to show. Soon.

January 31

A gain again

New All Time High for "Month Visitors" - again! As you can see in this Countries statistics, it seems
like Sweden and USA (always the largest visiting countries) are going away from the rest of the world.
China has climbed into Top 10, much of course because of my recent promotion trip to Shanghai. =)
Strangely enough this Countries-list does not show visitors at all, only Pages, Hits and outgoing
Bytes, but it's fun anyway. Guess I need a sponsor to afford the traffic. Any ideas?

January 2008
Genuine visitors: 6509
Visitors: 9545
Pages: 40713
Hits: 942452
Bytes: 36.81 GB

January 28

At last!

It now seems like we can start to tear down the old garage at home
and rebuild it to the better. It was in bad shape when we moved here
almost 11 years ago but now it's urgent to do something, mainly
because of the rain water leakage...
After a couple of years of making sketches, blueprints (smaller and
smaller) and finalizing paper work and getting it all approved by the
City of Gothenburg, it now finally looks like we can do it.
But much smaller than we had hoped for.

Kent's blower relocation

The F2 is now mounted as low as possible in Kent's Impala. Only the
rear bracket is used, together with tube distances and long bolts.
The brackets are cut both here and there to give more space.
Outlet is straight down for a tube going forward to the IC. But where
will you take all the incoming air from? A hole in the hood maybe?

The view from underneath. They're now down to a belt length of
around 1500 - 1550 mm (from 1584 - 1600 mm)

Even if some cutting is done to the ProCharger brackets there can
still be some work needed to give that water hose clearance.

Hmm...much better! But will it be clearance enough Kent?

January 27

Old steam engine found

You remember that Axel got a steam engine for Christmas? Well,
now we've found also my old steam engine which is exactly of the
same design and manufacturer. The only development on the new
one is the water level glass. I love the 40 year patina on my old
engine. And you know what, after some oiling it started as easy
as Axel's engine! Double happiness!

Yellow TBDGIT?

Patrik is painting his new shelf to be installed, in a totally
yellowed-out environment!! What has happened???
Well, Tommy is still working hard almost everyday on improving our
TBDGIT - The Best Damn Garage in Town. And in the middle of
the work with the stairs, kitchen and café roof he just needed to
change all fluorescent lights - to classic yellow.

However, Jonas Mr Al Holt and I are impressed by Tommy's work,
as here on second floor where he has built a café roof which also
will be isolated! I'll soon show you his fantastic kitchenette!

We are also impressed by his King Demon 1095 cfm which Queen
Birgitta of Autoshop ordered from Barry Grant a year ago! The line
is long. It's a pro street set up on this one so Tommy can cruise
the streets in his "The Great White" Lincoln Continental Mark V.
- Macho! said Mr Al Holt.

- Macho too! said Goofy about his new tattoo in the yellow garage!

And we have to agree! Congratulations!

January 19 - 26

The Shanghai Experience

It's a loooong flight to China! Almost 11 hours from Amsterdam. And
12 hours going home because of the head on jet streams. A total of
24 hours of travelling time from hotel to home!! Sleeping like PeO is
a good way of making the time fly. If you can sleep? I can't.

Loud and hard to miss advertising channel in a taxi. There's a sense
of Ridley Scott's future movie Blade Runner present all the time here.
Especially when it's raining and it's dark outside. All taxis are VW
Santana, not seen in Europe since the 90's where the model was
no hit at all. But it is a hit here!

Mao Zedong still with us everyday! Hey, wasn't he a really Bad Guy?

PeO checking watches in a "secret room" at the "Fake Market". Not
one single real brand watch here, only well done and cheap copies.
Fascinating, this big country's prosperity is built on copying first.

Sally - Wu Shan - Morsan, our wonderful guide and translator from
IKEA Shanghai who took care of us every day. Thanks! Gött mos!

Some translations could come in handy...

Mao hat and gold Rolex bought in the same booth. Two classic
apart symbols in my lifetime. What else do you need?

Fantastic Shanghai skyline. Blinking like a pinball machine! Look at
that boat with a large advertising screen! Or at the skyscraper screen
just above, which must be the largest screen on this planet? They
even have a zeppelin with advertisings going back and forth on the
river! Maybe the Chinese copied Blade Runner when building
They say that 6 years ago there was nothing on that shore!

January 18

I'll be here somewhere...

...if you need me. China is the next target for a week's work.

World's only?

Possibly the World's only Crank Support kit for Generation II LT1.
Designed by Mr Bostic and fabricated by Kenneth Feldthusen, Top
Fuel Thore and Dennis Palm. US agent: Ellwein Engines, Maryland,
USA. Thanks Karl!
All about it: >CRANK_SUPPORT

January 16

Important size order!

Top Fuel Thore needed only to use the second largest lathe at his
firm which usually works for the heavy ships industry.

Fine support axles done. Already on their way to Maryland and
Umeå. The Crank Support kits are delivered. Thank you all and
good luck!

Gentle Giant

Some misalignment could be spotted at Kent's setup. About 80 mm
of it. That's a little more than 3". Of course they need to rework the
ProCharger bracket a great deal...what's it made for anyway???

If he also could lower the package in order to shorten the belt which
now is incredible 1584 mm (compared to mine 1280 mm). You
shouldn't use the belt tensioner on the outside of the belt. That can
also be solved with a shorter belt.

Oops! Through the hood! Another reason for lowering the whole
package. This is also one of my reasons that I choose to put my
ProCharger on the frame. More: >KENT_EDIN_GENTLE_GIANT

January 11

Support steel axles

Support axles in steel on its way for the Crank Support kits. Top Fuel
Thore is fabricating three axles following the one that he and Kenneth
Feldthusen made earlier for me (lower). They're made of three
separate parts which are welded together before the last finish is
done in the lathe. Socket size will be 1".
The kits are ready to ship next week. More:

January 8

Actual size webcam to look forward to

Andy "Tog" Rogers and Bess at home in Purfleet, Essex, England. We've been watching this "action" for
days now, a selected test group. This is the new standard of the webcam that Eurodragster.com will provide!

Tog's own words for us:

"The proper name of the Eurodragster.com webcam is the Webster Race Engineering / MPM Oil
webcam. It is sponsored by Webster Race Engineering and MPM Oil and we hope that they will
renew for 2008! The renewal decisions will be made in February.

It will be broadcasting at this new picture size, 640x480 pixels, this year. It was 352x288 previously.
The picture will automatically update every sixty seconds.

The picture size changed because we now have access to broadband at both Santa Pod Raceway
and Shakespeare County Raceway. The 352x288 picture took about twenty seconds to upload over
dial-up but the 640x480 picture takes only a few seconds on broadband. So I bought a new webcam
which could do the bigger size. I have also bought some new upload software called WebcamXP
which has so far run for four days, uploading one picture every sixty seconds without any problems.
So hopefully we will be able to leave it running for the whole of FIA Main Event week, for example.
WebcamXP also allows several webcams to be connected so we might for example be able to
switch to a webcam watching our office or looking over the pits when racing has finished.

At the moment we plan to broadcast the webcam from every race event at Santa Pod Raceway
and Shakespeare County Raceway, plus a lot of test days and other events at those tracks. We
will also run the webcam at Mantorp Park, but because Mantorp is on dial-up and not broadband
we will have to slow down the refresh rate to once every two minutes. If you check out our 2008
coverage schedule at http://www.eurodragster.com/news/event_coverage.asp then you can find
a list of events from which the webcam will be broadcasting".

Tog, a question that comes to my mind is if it's possible to have this Webcam set up at the two big
Norrland races at Pite Dragway and Fällfors Airbase, Skellefteå, care of Eurodragster North
perhaps? Then we can direct the webcam towards the midnight sun sky over the pit every night to
show the world the phenomenon? And, the Americanos will also be able to see their Karl Ellwein
from Maryland when racing the mosquitos of Norrland.

January 7

Enter the F2!

This is Kent's F2 kit for his "King of Spades" engine. These parts will
propel the torque and power to new exciting levels. Can Blackout SS
and "Jeezus" really meet this threat? I see something wrong though,
it looks like rubber belts!? What length are they Kent? We must get
you something better...
(Nice to have a newly painted garage floor to take pics on, isn't it?)

Wow! What a spectacular kit this is! The F2 is much larger than my
F1 for sure. And Kent is mounting it on the engine instead of on the
frame which I did. Both good and bad issues whichever way you
choose as I see it. The best thing about this set up is of course the
steady alignment, for belt life. But it looks like the belt has to be quite
long? Hm? But another thumbs up is that it seems that the kit can
clear the hood and Kent doesn't need to make a hole in it...nah...what
will it be like with some belt clearance on that blower pulley?
Anyway, it will be interesting to follow all the needs of Hot Rodding
you have to do in order to get this to work. It's never a bolt-on.

January 6

Snow proof!

Let it be known that we actually had snow for at least one day this
winter! It happened January 6th as seen on our impulse item from
last year - the Danish Snomand.
Axel could also enjoy some sled adventures with his friends for
a whole afternoon. Thanks for the winter, now let's go for Spring!

January 4

Kent has a new garage.

Hey, this guy seems to follow me in everything! Not only building an
Impala SS, now he also has a new garage for it! Actually, we'll have
three Impala SS parked here in July! Check it out:
>RACES 2008

A little too much hardener, maybe?

January 3

Handsome delivery!

Dennis Palm delivers fresh water cut Crank Support plates. He is
always dressed in matching clothes. And his mössa indicates
cold weather, doesn't it? He is now representing the new company
name RZ Vattenskärning (watercut).

Ahh! look at this metal art! And the lucky buyers can look forward to
having that little Impala antelope as a toy! It's loose after the cut.

Next mission for Dennis, copies of all my engine plates in 6 mm (1/4")
7075 Mechal. This is only for Kent at this stage. These together
with the steel ones (that will be welded to the frame) will make his
Gen II LT1 engine sit solid when the torque applies.
Of course this kit will also be possible to order separately, but take
note that you must delete the AC pump to be able to use this.

January 2

Some plans for the season 2008 are forming at >RACES 2008


Kenneth Feldthusen is finished with his part in our fabrication of
Gen II LT1 Crank Support kits for Karl Ellwein of Ellwein Engines
and Kent Edin who will have the first kit. Kenneth also revealed
that Team Northrace has ordered a new Brad Anderson engine!

Kenneth has made the bearing housings with an interference fit for
the exclusive McGill spearical roll bearing. Just some warming of
the housing is necessary to mount the bearing. Now we only wait
on the support steel axles from the hands of Top Fuel Thore.
Until then: >CRANK_SUPPORT

December 31 - January 1

Happy New Year?!

Nosmo King! To stop smoking? Well, I think it's really really really easy!
Nothing special 'bout that. At all. I can always play chess...

Axel helps me. He's my personal trainer and spiritual back up.

And he also tried to help Uncle Mikael, just in case.

Axel loves to fire up all candles and torches. He always considers
this his obvious task at any event.

And he wants to be in the front in the kitchen too, here he learns from
aunt Susanne when she is making the appetizers.

Garnish with Pomegranate. Sizzled buttered bread, Crème fraîche,
gravlax and gravlax sauce, dill, apple, onion, shrimp, winter salad...
now I'm hungry again...

We chilled all evening and just ate and drank.

I forgot to take picture of Agneta's fabulous turkey dinner. However,
it didn't at all look close to the one that Mr Bean had...

No snow on the ground nowadays. Susanne had prepared more for
the rocket launch at midnight. Sandwiches consisted of adelost,
fresh cheese, garlic, salami, small pickled cucumber, thin soft
bread with horseradish cheese...GAH!!
Sparkling white wines and Coco Cola Zero.

(Just in tonight: they now have a couple of inches of powder
snow at the cottage! They can go cross country skiing tomorrow
which they've hoped for a long time! I'm back in town to work)

LAUNCH! Now it's 2008!
Uncle Mikael was so kind in buying rockets to make Axel happy.
It was a good start of the new year and it was also a good
ending on 2007. Thanks all of you for visiting!

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