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Continous NEWS of 2009 July-December
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June 30

More cooking

Finally, after some painting the passenger side motor mount on the
frame is done, fresh and strong! Let the torque begin!

Ooops! Yes, I thought the engine felt kind of rough when doing the
burnouts for the Englishmen in October when they were filming for
the 5th Gear Europe at Discovery Channel. This is why! The heat from
the exhaust header No 5 has taken apart the MSD silicone boot and
then let the spark short-circuit to the header tube.

When flushing the automatic oil cooler with air pressure I thought
I had found some remains from the red Alto clutches... =)

At hot days like these I consume large quantities of Undermat's
non-sweet lemon/rubarb drink. Made by Agneta of course. I'm
already addicted to this drink.

At Hot Rod Heaven (Biltema) I bought a roll of not to expensive
fiberglass heat wrap with aluminium foil. They say it's good for
up to 1100° C / 2012° F. Crosspipe will be dressed.

Mix Megapol...

There you go! The heat control continues throughout the exhaust
system with this wrap after the coated headers. Doing it on the
crosspipe is mostly to save the carbon fiber drive shaft from the heat.
It's only a finger in between.

The OFAB Thriller BOSS team worked hard to finish the car.

Clutchman Dick Koning also works hard on house roofs during
day time as a sheet-metal worker in his own business. Can you see
on Dick that we have a record hot sun at the moment? =)

June 29

Garage is cooking!

Exhaust system is now completed. It's a smooth system even if it
doesn't look like that from this angle. Blackout SS is a lot brighter
underneath than on the outside.

It's amazingly easy to change the spark plugs with the new headers
when you just disassembly the front tube first! (In this case No 2).
No wonder why Kent is changing his plugs all the time!!

Last year's racing took out the solid engine mount on the passenger
side. Cracked troughout the weld. Engine also sits on its original
mounts just in case. This was a case.

I took it all apart and grinded the area and begged Tommy AGA to
come bye and to a new weld. He was in the garage all the time but
was heavily engaged in Patrick's BOSS Pro Mod Camaro.
I could've welded that myself but as I remember it, maybe I did it last
time? So now I wanted it better and permanent. Thanks Tommy!

Try to crack this one...
Zink ground paint before black comes on.

More stress

In the other side of TBDGIT there are even more activities. Patrick's
OFAB Thriller BOSS Camaro Pro Mod team (beginning to get long...)
is in a even more stressfull situation, they're going to Finland on
wednesday at Alastaro for the nest leg of the FIA European Pro Mod
Championship! This picture isn't fair to "Goofy". This man works
hard all day as a self-employed carpenter and in the evenings he
work hard here with the Camaro. (He just blinked his eye)

Tommy and Patrick underneath checking things. This new rearend
has been in-n-out several times when they work to fit it perfectly in
the car. It was a bit of hurry at Santa Pod...

Still fabricating and less than two days left. A new whishbone and a
new single wheeliebar. After midnight only Simon and dad was left.

June 28


I lied yesterday. Not until now the driver's side header is finished.
I had to fabricate a new heat shield in aluminium first to save the
transmission blanket and the floor from the heat. Not so much from
this coated header but mostly from the catalysator that will take
this place later when driving to the yearly inspection.

The shield has a 10 mm - 3/8" folded edge to maintain air circulation
between shield and floor. Exhaust doesn't touch shield anywhere
and it also stands free from transmission blanket.

Now there is just some trimming left. On the passenger side nothing
of this work is needed.

June 27

One side finished

Yea. New headers are on their way at last, coated and all. Driver's
side headers shown here. 1 week left to the race in Säve.

I forgot to show you the "used" red Alto friction plates that Kenneth
Ståhl found in my 4L80E trans when overhauling it! Have been better
...and were covered with red friction material...where is it now?

June 28

Hola Muchachos!

- Agneta Agneta, I've sold the Dodge minivan and bought a new car!
Leave your work and come out and see!

No, I borrowed it from Vesa Ollila who just sold his finished '68
Camaro to buy a "family car" instead - which happened to be this
1955 Chevrolet 210 Townsman which is not modified at all! Has
Chevrolet's first small block V8 - a 265 ci. Also a 2-geared powerglide
transmission - and place for a Minda's stroller.

Trio Cubaneros! Vingaland was invited by Rymd advertising agency
to their 10th Anniversary party which was Cuban style. We took their
invitation seriously and the three of who could go, we came as
Sênor Frantz, Haraldino and Bostico Boleras.

Driver's rum bottle almost empty.

Fit right in!



Önnereds Brygga turned into Havana harbor. And it was as warm as
in Havana 29° C / 85° F! Professional dancer Daniel Da Silva (famous
from the Swedish "Let's dance" TV-show) was brilliant in his Cuban
dance school. And the band too.

It was easy to pick up nice girls with this car too!
After all, it's a raggerbile...

We introduced this car without safety belts and airbags to Malin
Persson from Volvo where she works with safety communication...

It was just wonderful to be here!

Daniel Da Silva was very happy to get a couple of moves from me.
Actually, he had never before seen them.

Peter Isaksson showed us his luxury Citroên! I sat in it but jumped
out quickly because I didn't want to get too excited. I took an
enormous risk in that seat there! I have my Impala SS, that's it!

The Hero all evening - ye 'ol Chevy! It was time to go home before it
would turn into a pumpkin...

Haraldinho also loved to drive the 1955 Chevy.

June 24

Transmission is up!

Me, myself and I did it on our own! It took the best part of the day
but it was again a wonderful feeling to be back and concentrate
on the car issues. The new Stroud Safety blanket fit right in, will
strap it properly later on. New tasks are waiting...

June 23

Fun in the sun

Rose-Marie, Kent and Mattias haven't been to Liseberg before so it
was a must. The best ride at Liseberg for us grown ups is "Kållerado"
a gentle rafting tour where you don't know if you're going to be wet or
not. Rose-Marie and Agneta got bye with just a few drops.

That was not the case for Mattias and Kent. Axel and me got bye.

Axel prefers exciting rides like the new "Hang Hai" And making signs
at the same time is his signum. He must have got that from his

"Spinrock" is another dramatic creation. It's enough to watch it.
Axel succeeded in keeping his Foppa-shoes on the whole ride!

Bergbanan - Montain Track. Mattias and Axel before it really starts...


Even Kent liked it.

As a black belt Kyoshikan karate fighter, Kent took special interest
in comparing his hands to Floyd Patterson's.

And to Ingemar Johansson's of course.

Inspired by that we went to the Boxing machine and Kent made a 410
point hit. Mattias made a 440 point hit.

I made a 410 point hit also, same as Kent. And I asked Kent if he
could take a picture of me when hitting? "Yes I can"

Women aren't that keen on fighting.

Axel wanted to go with "High Anxiety" before going home. I would
not do it even if I got payed...

No worries!

Latest sign

Kent did the signing at "Stairways-To-Heaven" at TBDGIT.

June 21

ACDC live at Ullevi!

The boiling Ullevi stadion! A picture from a balloon above. 57 205 fans
experienced "stadion rock at its best" and "rock which makes men
silly". ACDC was in town! Agneta and I had tickets which were
bought in December. But had to sell them when I saw how much
else I had to do.
And I'm sure that this was a louder experience than the Jet-Kart...

...and we played Boule!

Must be a proof of aging? Choosing this instead of ACDC? But Boule
is as fun as it's simple! You know that yourself. And we had a lot
of fun, even if Kent was lucky to win.

And after that Mattias had to excel - showing his talents of a Traceur
from the time when he did a lot of Le Parkour. You know running,
jumping and throwing yourself between buildings and such.
Indeed, Mattias was crazy before he became crazy...

Welcome Hanna 2 years!

Patrik sent a picture of his daughter - our latest fan, sweet Hanna!
I don't know if she even had a chance to make her own choice or if
her daddy just forced this life long membership on her...? =)
Anyway Hanna, you're most welcome!
But Patrick, what is that little green plant?

June 20

Umeå - Dublin on a bike!

Sweden is a very long and tall country...even in a car!
Okay, tough guys! Can you bike it?!
This guy has been on the roads for two weeks to travel from Umeå to
Bengtsfors and our cottage! Through rain and hail and thunder.
And he has a tent in his baggage.

Mattias Edin, 22, one of the two sons of Kent and Rose-Marie. One
day he just decided to do it. You can follow his (Swedish) blog here:
Yes, that's an old Japanese Irezumi tattoo. And, yes, he will have it
continue to grow over his body when he can afford it again.

Daddy Kent is a good mechanic. He and Rose-Marie joined their son
for the last leg in Sweden, Bengtsfors to Gothenburg, to service him.

The bike is named Akka after the leader goose in Swedish author
Selma Lagerlöf's book "Nils Holgersson's underbara resa genom
- ("The Wonderful Adventures of Nils")

When Mattias reaches Gothenburg in just two more days from here
he has pedalled 1030 KM which is 640 MILES! And then he has
England, Scotland and Ireland left...

Kent and Rose-Marie arrived at our place in Gothenburg one day
before Mattias. His giant motorhome nearly didn't make our parking.

It didn't take long before we challanged Kent on our X-Box with a
special game: Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition.

Because here you can race nitrous tuned 1996 Impala SS on the
streets of San Diego, Atlanta and Detroit! (other cars too, but who
cares?). Kent never got training enough to beat Axel and me.

June 19 - Midsummer!

In the middle of Summer?

Kent and Rose-Marie showed up at the cottage in their big Ford
motorhome! A couple of easy days on the roads and on campings
took them from Umeå to Bengtsfors in Dalsland! Let's celebrate
Midsummer together and talk about our Impala SS drag racing
street locomotives and drink snaps 'til we drop!?

The classic simple Swedish Midsummer lunch has "always looked
the same" in our country. Most important is the different pickled
herring (right). Thin bread and cheese. On the stove you'll get
warm meatballs and fresh potatoes. You eat all the time.

At least as important is the snaps. "Svenska Nubbar" means
Swedish Shots (which you can find at IKEA worldwide).
Nice 10-pack with different brand snaps of different tasty spices!

You must know by now that Axel just loves everything on wheels and
everything that have a noise. And smoke! An old simple lawnmover
can make his day, especially when he succeeds to mount the
silencer from his PeeWee cross moped on it to force the
smoke to blow straight up!

I have found my new Smokey.

Remember the hobby-day in our garage at home when Axel and I
built the two box-nests? (Scroll down to January 24) Well, these work
of art boxes where very well recieved by a Blue Tit (blåmes) family and
a Marsh Tit (entita) family. It felt good for the builders to have
contributed to the nature. But today was so cold they didn't even show!
Stayed inside and kept the warmth in their cosy box-nests.

Kent is picking a tick on Maja (Irish Soft Coated Wheat Terrier) and
all of us were excited to follow it. Agneta, Mattias and Rose-Marie.
Maja is a very very very nice and well behaving dog!

It was getting colder and colder. First nobody said anything about it,
just dressed up more. "It couldn't be true"-feeling, sort of. But when
we all looked like smokers I had to go and look at the thermometer...

Brrr... New Midsummer all-time-low at our cottage. Sorry!
8.5° Celsius is 47.3° Fahrenheit!

June 13

Monsters eat money

The Monster Jam was back in town! Axel and me haven't been on this
crazy event since 2005 I think. It was time again. Ullevi Gothenburg.
There are more people here than it looks like. Many thousand...

Fans have flags and wave with them. Axel asked politely, he also
wanted a flag. Nice dad goes shopping.

Here's where the real money is. Merchandise. T-shirts, toys, games,
posters and all you can think of. 100 SEK for a simple flag with print
on only one side (!) which must have cost 1 SEK to produce!!
Jealous? Me? Yes... =)

Happy now Axel? A "Maximum Destruction" flag! Don't break it! It was
100 SEK! It'd hurt! And the toy, and the El Toro Loco hat (250 SEK!)

El Toro Loco was fun! Jumped high and blew nitrous out his nostrils!

Jet kart with a turbine from a helicopter. 1500 hp! It must have been
the loudest experience at Ullevi stadion yet!

Infamous Gravedigger won the Free Style race which ended with
this roll over!

No Axel please! We can't stand in this giant line for autographs now.
You have your Loco-hat and one-side flag, that's enough! Please!?

The greatest monster this evening was Max burgers which stole 50
minutes of us when standing in line before the Monster Jam. And
we missed the show introduction of the Monster trucks because
of this! Damn amateurs! Forgive me McDonalds and Burger King!
You won't believe it until you stand here yourself! The people you
see in line in the picture took 50 minutes! Never again.

June 8

Blackout going together

Glad to see the new Stroud transmission safety blanket fit. The old
blanket (to the left) is worn out and the bad quality fittings bent...
Today started the final count down in TBDGIT to make the car ready
for the Säve race on 4th of July. All parts are gathered to finalize the
car but there are some things that has to be fabricated and
welded too. And that dreadful valve adjustment before start up again.

Before bringing it out on the streets again the rear view mirror on the
driver's side that I got from Karl and Nab has to be mounted. I
unscrewed the ex. mirror, the Norweigian Blue mirror...

Invention's Day at school

Axel's school. Fun every day of the last week before the summer
holiday. Today all parents was invited to take a look on all inventions
that the kids have worked on.

Axel displayed his "rain-gauge-you-can-make-yourself" and also
his homework on his absolute favourites ZZ Top (that was from a
presentation he had for his class earlier on the day).

"1 mm of rain means 1 Liter over 1 square meter"

Björn displayed a soft crash car. Victoria a make-believe hamster
and a make-belive rabbit, both made of wood boxes.

"Please don't touch. But you are welcome to turn it or roll it" Cute.
A dice and penholder in one, by three girls.

A luxury chair for "tired pupils coming home from school". The chair
has built-in refrigerator with sodas and a remote control for the TV.

Axel's class mates Markus, Filip and Andreas made a group work
on the History of TV.

All from early TV-sets to Blueray explained. Very good!

"Damn old" Hahahaaaaaaaaaa! Yes, true!

Back at work at Vingaland I saw Fobbe with his invention that can
heat up beer. Or was it to cool the laptop?

June 7

Now or never!

On our way home from Västerås we stopped in Kumla to meet
Kenneth Ståhl who just had put the finishing touches on my 4L80E.
Now it's strengthened with the CK Super Comp overzise sprag which
is "guaranteed to hold up to 2000 hp". Let's hope so. Thanks KS for
taking care of the rebuild for me! It must have made you strong too...

Ouch! Old stuff shows that it was indeed a good idea to invest in the
new CK drum and sprag. The clutches was also gone...

Ouch! "Too much power and weight, Bostic" Yes, that's me...

Ouch! The sprag could easily be turned in both directions...

Back on the road again. We can assure you that there is never a dull
moment on long trips with Axel. Here he listen, sing along and is
drum training to the Pistvakt CD via his MP3 earphones. So we heard
only him which was fun.

At Alingsås we turned off the big road to go visit Göran Haraldsson
(work buddy Anders' dad) which has a nice story unfolding in his
henhouse, a Canada Goose who is growing up with the chickens!
The goose was left by his parents a couple of weeks ago and came
walking into the chicken group. They were at the same size then,
and the hen embraced him into her family. Today the grey goose
is almost as big as the hen and will grow much larger. The hen is
still protective of the "ugly duckling".

June 6

What to do on
Sweden's National Day?

Here's one Bolero X tomato plant which will be delivered to Tony and
Lotta. They started it all last year in May when they gave me the first
Bolero tomato plant. So this is a return of favor.

Tony showed one of their new project for this summer, chili!

And it's a very special chili. The seeds came out of my dried chili
decoration bought in Texas in 1999 I think? Or 1997? 1998?
Look here: >BOLERO_X

The cradle of Sweden

How about a visit back in time, some 900 years to the 1200th century
when Sweden as a state was born, under the rule of Christian Kings.
Before that vikings and villains ruled countys locally with their tribes..

Axel looks at the sign of the crusaders. "The Middle Age World" is a
brand new theme park just outside Götene where they show the life
of the first Swedes. We missed the lecture by Jan Guillou who is the
author of the very popular novel series of "Arn - the Knight Templar"
which describes the life and history around this time.

Actually, these building are from the film set that was built for the
Arn films! Götene County bought it all to open this theme park.
Smart thinking! More about Arn here: www.arnmovie.com
(Please note that you can choose language on that site)

The longhouse is an old viking way of building houses which
historians believe is a layout that lived long after the viking era.

Common viking design with the Midgard Sepent.

Compact living. IKEA has got their DNA from here.

No Axel, you shouldn't throw the grass on the horse, just to him.

The vistors will actually see craftsmen wedging timber and
building houses and other rustic things.

And you'll see fights and real knight's tournaments!
Visit their site for the schedule: www.medeltidensvarld.se

Goal of the trip

We were all invited to my brother Sune and his wife Maggan in
Västerås to have a get together us brothers and sister with families
on the National Day. Sune spends most of his working time in this
place doing remarkable 3D art. Check it out:
www.pm-pressmedia.se/sune and www.photowall.se

Axel had a few good advices of course...

Until Sune gave him a NASCAR kit, then it became very quiet. =)
Thanks Sune and Maggan for a wonderful weekend!

June 1

15011 UNIQUE!

www.blackout.nu had as many unique visitors from all over the world
during May month - as shown on this picture from the Lobster Feast
in Xuyi County, East China's Jiangsu Province, on June 12, 2007.

Some 15000 people devoured nearly ten tons of lobster made by
about 500 cooks during the feast!

New all time high for this site in all categories
15011 Unique Visitors
20089 Visits
69693 Pages
2.011.991 Hits
66.34 GB

Last record for unique visitors was 12.810 for March month!
Thanks all of you for visiting! Please come back, the racing season
has not even started for Blackout yet!

May 31

AB/A European Record!

Our friend Kenneth Feldthusen set a new European Record in his first
run of the year in Comp Eliminator at the season opening race of the
TSDS series at the MMR-Nationals 1/8 Mile MECA strip in Malmö!

Performance was 4.237 @ 265.12 kmh - 164.73 mph on an A/BA
index of 4.91. There's a discussion if the index is 4.79 instead?
Anyway, Kenneth backed it up with a 4.40 later but since that wasn't
within the 1% rule, the slower 4.40 will be the Official Record.
Kenneth qualified as number 1 but had a 0.006 redlight versus
Janne Kretz in the semis and Kenneth thought Janne deserved
it well and he also won the Competition Eliminator final.
- He's a very ambitious and nice guy!

This Altered is as full of excitement as it looks through Patrik
Jacobsson's wide angle lens! Car is homebuilt and all.
Kenneth who ran in AA/A before changed from the Hi-Helix blower
to a standard roots blower and by that he could enter AB/A and
"save a couple of tenths" on the index (different from 1/8 to 1/4
Mile of course). -A much cheaper way of stepping up!

The new 14-71 Littlefield is also full of Kenneth's new ideas (this
seems to be the high fashion at the moment, thinking about Patrick
Wikström's Boss Blower...!) and it comes with the rotors in less
twist compared to the hi-helix. -But the car likes it, we're going
both quicker and faster now, said Kenneth.

Nilfisk ALTO Altered A/BA
463 ci Keith Black with Brad Anderson heads.
Weight: 1159 kg / 2555 lbs
Rear tires: 34,5 inches
Gears: 4.81
Website: www.northrace.se

Congratulations Kenneth and Team Nilfisk ALTO!

May 30

Definitely Summer again!

When hot outside you can always jump over the sprinkler...


...or more.

The Rhododendron is in full bloom and our patio gear from Sears
is unfolded. Let the Summer begin!

Cleaning away the winter is fun, as long as you can use a machine
or something...

May 26

Whiplash born anew!

Whiplash back at a drag race - in his right suit again. Lotta pushes
Thomas in the lines at Västervik on a non-prepared airfield.

Ooops! No third gear in the TH400 transmission and engine misfired
around 5800 RPM. Some plugs were wet black. So another riddle
machine is on its way...

"I didn't check ET's and stuff" said Thomas. Sure.
"But we got 1.7 something at the 60 foot, at least 4 tenths too much!
It only spun. Experimented with the tire pressure but it was no
traction at this place. Even though, we had the quickest car out of
the lights which means OK chassies"

"We're going to race at Kjula, Aros Nats and Veidec. Maybe also at
Säve so we can meet Blackout?"
Thomas, I would be delighted to meet my memories...and to feel
how it was back then to see that Camaro just disappearing...

For the first time the long survivor Whiplash was up against a Dodge
Viper! How did it go? Click picture or here
More pictures from the Västervik race here: www.rabiatmotor.com

More about the new Whiplash here: www.hermanracing.nu
More about the old Whiplash here: >GALLERIES_WHIPLASH

May 25

Pro Mod showdown!

Patrick's team worked to get the new rear end mounted from noon
on Sunday until 7.30 AM on Monday Eliminations Day. First round
was at 10.00 AM and off they went without any tuning...
6.13 seconds and 235 MPH later Patrick had secured racing in
second round where now 6 out of 8 was in 6.1's! I have never seen
anything like it, this is what the racers had going into 2nd round:

Patrick Wikström 6.13 vs. Ubbe Johansson 6.13
Micke Lindahl 6.15 vs. Micke Gullqvist 6.17
Andy Robinson 6.11 vs. Roger Johansson 6.23
Bruno Bader 6.12 vs. Rolf Ammann 6.51

In second round Patrick had severe tire shake and let off to see
Ubbe win with 6.16 and a good speed of 233 MPH.

Short Pro Mod hi-lights:
Andy Robinson set new European ET record with 6.1001 in second
round - less then a blink from the first 6.0X!
Highest speed of the meet had Patrick with 235.92 MPH
Bruno Bader was quickest at the 1/8 mile with 3.97
Please read ALL the details on the terrific report at eurodragster.com
and see their pictures and pit-reports as well! All of the goodies here:

Pro Mod was hot this weekend! So also Pro Stock with the "awaited"
winner Jimma Ålund on a new record 6.69! And someone said that
Top Alcohol Dragster was better and quicker than on a NHRA-race!
Not bad for the former dying class in Europe a couple of years ago
which almost lost it's FIA-status! My favourite class Pro ET (since I
race with them when over here) again had an incredibly tight and
tough 11-round (!) Qualifying where the Dial-In bump spot landed
on a 0.07 second for the 32-car field!! Wheew!

Pro Mod final shown on eurodragster.com webcam. Ubbe (left) had
his spare engine which didn't stop Andy Robinson - 6.470 to 6.106!

Thanks Tog and team at eurodragster.com
for another hypnotizing coverage!

And I'm glad you got this weather Santa Pod!

Next showdown in the FIA European Championship series:
Alastaro Finland 2-5 July

May 24

New rear end in place!

A brand new billet Mark Williams rear end was flewn in from Sweden
for the Thriller team, thanks to fellow PM-racer Roger Johansson who
luckily had one in stock! Patrick also needed to buy a set of new
rear wheels. I'ts expensive at the top...

Patrick had only one qualifying round before the Camaro's rear end
broke. But that was a good one so of course he's still in there when
rolling out to Round One of Eliminations tomorrow at Santa Pod
10.00 o'clock local time.
Patrick is second qualifier and hopefully the new rear end will hold
up! And we are all hoping for a good day of racing!

FIA European Championship
Final qualifying Pro Modified:

1. Andy Robinsonbinson 6.1024 - 226.60 MPH
2. Patrick Wikström 6.1187 - 235.20
3. Bruno Bader 6.1234 - 225.47
4. Micke Gullquist 6.1762 - 215.94
5. Micke Lindahl 6.1942 - 172.52
6. Robert Joosten 6.2043 - 229.95
7. Mats Eriksson 6.2086 - 201.60
8. Roger Johansson 6.2592 - 228.79
9. Terje Håkonsen 6.2833 - 224.22
10. Urban Johansson 6.3757 - 223.64
11. Rolf Ammann 6.3854 - 218.82
12. Marc Meihuizen 6.4109 - 223.15
13. Graham Ellis 6.5767 - 221.11
14. Kristian Nyström 6.7906 - 200.44
15. Wayne Nicholson 7.0718 - 199.67
16. Bert Englefield 7.2620 - 211.91
17. Henri Joosten 7.2716 - 159.00
18. Marco Maurischat 7.3527 - 185.89
19. Ray White 7.8478 - 142.89
20. Robert Koper 8.0805 - 124.48
21. Kev Slyfield 8.5222 - 122.76

Tight at the top! 6.0X is still a virgin, so is the first 5!
Will it happen during Eliminations? Beware of Micke
Lindahl there, note his low speed after shutting off
a 6.19! Well, beware of everybody!
FIA Main Event at Santa Pod is possible looking to
be the best European race ever with new records
raining over the event.
Check the terrific live coverage here:

Tog...it's killing us!

I recieved this sad email tonight:

Hello, my name is Markus and I'm a eurodragsteroholic.

It all began when getting interested in drag racing and
especially in the higher classes in the European series.

Guilty in this drama is a website on the internet
named eurodragster.com that reports from these races.
At the beginning I was just sneaking in there after the finals
on Sundays, then read the results quickly and got out.

Now I have lost control.

During the races I'm stuck at the computer. I'm trying to
leave from it but doesn't happen. I have changed the F5 key
a couple of times, as I'm sweaty pressing it non stop.
That move has developed to a constraint.

Watching their webcam when Pro Stock and Pro Mod etc.
is racing and the results are delayed I'm on the floor in
foetal position.

When results are up I get calmer but then there is time
for the next class! It is a vicious circle!

I don't know how many more European Championship
races I can stand? I have understood that I'm not alone
which is a relief to know.

an anonymous eurodragsteroholic who has lost control.

- Photograper Markus Ek of course wants his name to be withheld.
We are many more with this eurodragsteroholic symptons!
I found that out in a quick poll at the "Notice Board" on
nitroz.se which is another stepping stone website we jump
to between rounds at eurodragster.com!
Back and forth! Back and forth! Manically!
As a group we may have a chance to get free again, or do we
really want that? Tog, what do we want? What can be done?
Can you do something?

Yesterday I tried to do something meaningful in TBDGIT, like mounting
my new Meziere 42 gpm water pump (since I sold the old 32 gpm one).
It must have been the quickest thing I've ever done on the Impala SS.
There's no internet in our TBDGIT and I just wanted to go home again
to follow the Main Event Qualifying at eurodragster.com...so I dropped
everything and speeded home to my computer!
The addiction has certainly gone too far!

May 23

Thriller rear end broken!

Patrick broke the Camaro's rear end in the first qualification round!
It just snapped. Therefore he didn't show in second round. Luckily
fellow PM-racer Roger Johansson had a brand new billet rear end
back home in Gothenburg. It's on the way by air at this time...
Tonight it will be mounted in the Camaro so they can come back
for round 3 of Qualification. Drama!

Santa Pod 7.03 PM

6.102 @ 226 MPH!

Andy Robinson answered Patrick with a new Pro Mod ET record
backed up by his previous 6.13! Urban Johansson (left) have met the
two quickest ET 's during his runs. Andy's Studebaker is now closest
to the first 6.0X in the class which many are hunting. Also the
first 5.XX is closer for the top four:
No 2: Patrick Wikström 6.11
No 3: Bruno Bader 6.12
No 4 Michael Lindahl 6.19

Go here for all goodies live: eurodragster.com

Santa Pod 12.59 AM

6.118 @ 235 MPH!

First round of qualifying in European Pro Mod Championship.
Patrick vs. Ubbe. And even through a not perfect run Patrick
clinched the Number 1 spot in qualifying with another Personal
Best and only 8 thousands of a second away from Micke Lindahl's
European best ET! 235 MPH is 378.51 KMH

Follow the live drama here:eurodragster.com

May 22

Sneak preview of BOSS!

This is what I can show for the moment of Patrick's own designed
BOSS blower, which probably is the most effective racing roots
blower of all times!? It's "Swedish" not only meaning it's designed
and manufactured here but also meaning taking care of "blue
printing" and fully work out the quality of what a tight blower should
be. And there are many features in here that are completely unique.
Also fuel distribution. The basic idea is actually to save/win power
on engine by driving the blower less from the crank, since this
blower is more efficient!

Patrick is planning to release his own billet blower house later this
year (it's manufactured as you read this) and that will make it
complete of what he describes as a "perfect blower".
You'll see it on his OFAB Thriller Camaro first. And you'll read an
article about BOSS blowers in Bilsport Magazine first =)
If not in Hot Rod Magazine?

Note: I really admire Patrick of what he has done with this!
He's been thinking loudly in the TBDGIT-garage and he have had this
goal for a long time and has gone through a couple of blowers and
rotors to find his way forward, without anyone to ask.
Last season he was really testing all possible combinations without
anyone knowing, except for the team and me in the garage.
This of course hurt his racing but he's a stubborn Norrlänning and
racing was actually secondary for him and the Thriller team!
PSI readings and MPH seemed to be more important than ET's.
These are his ideas and he has invested much in them and we
wish him all the luck for the future! Just make that Patent solid!

Swedish industry is there! Thinking about Knutte's injectors,
Leander's clutch and also our late friend "Bagarn" who won the
Engine Masters in 2005. To mention a couple.
Nothing's impossible. Cheers...jag menar Skål!

Linde race cancelled!

A crisis meeting on the new dragstrip today! Because on the day
before the premiere race, Länstyrelsen (county authorities) stopped
the race! We don't know exactly of what reason yet, but the hard
working club SHRA- Lindesberg has to call every single racer and
stop them from coming! A very disappointing episode for all involved
of course, but looking at the bright side - the strip is finally there
and eventually the race is on! Cheer up Lindesberg!

Just in: Now we know the reason. Länstyrelsen put a demand that
all racers should have their cars registred and cleared for general
road traffic!!!! Very funny to read, not at least for the Junior
Dragster families...
-This is the first time in our 25 years of racing that this demand
came up, said Carl Erik Kihlman, SHRA-Lindesberg.

Bureaucracy at its finest, people who don't belong at their work.

May 21

Mounting begins

The flanges are going onto the heads with Ultra Black Hi-temp
silicone as gasket. I let the silicone dry some before mounting to let
it harden a bit to get just a little thicker gasket. I dream up that this
a good way to do it. After a cup of coffee it's time to mount.

It's a balance act to get it on without spreading the silicone all over
the place and yourself. =)

The excess silicone will burn away. I wiped it anyway.

More will follow here >EXHAUST

Santa Pod Raceway - 5.21 PM
6.120 @ 233 MPH!

Now everyone seems to fly, even "Goofy". The team is on its way
towards the 5's with their new Quain Stott 527 engine and the
unique BOSS blower. 233.75 MPH is 376.18 KMH...
Tommy AGA is calling me after every single run and he can't talk
straight, he's just running and laughing! I wish I was there.

Santa Pod Raceway - 3.40 PM
6.131 @ 231 MPH!

Simon unhooks his daddy's monster. Patrick and team have a series
of serious test runs at the moment. The planets are lined up in the
right way, at last! They seem to better their PB's every second round
they're out! 6.13 was with shakes... 231.26 MPH is 372.17 KMH...
Congratulations Team OFAB Thriller - and BOSS BLOWERS -
unique design and manufacturing by Wikström himself. Yep!

Check it out! eurodragster.com

May 20

Personal best already!

Already at the second outing at the Private Test Day at Santa Pod,
at a 6.28 Patrick set the best trap speed ever for him - 368.5 km/h/
228.93 MPH! And that was not a straight run, it was all over the place.
Tog from Eurodragster said: "Yep, excellent run and it was out of
shape and shakey so more to come". Click on screen dump above
to get to the terrific LIVE coverage from the FIA Main Event this
weekend at eurodragster.com.

May 19

Green revolution

Lawn by Bostic Bolero. Today I trimmed it for the first time and put on
the environmentally friendly fertilizer Algomin to boost it even more!

April 11. Seeding.

To honour Lindesberg

The last bit of asphalt is finally in place outside our garage at home,
just in time before the premiere race at Lindesberg Raceway.

All the way up to the level of the concrete. Smooth transition.

Nice to see the plans fulfilled. More about our garage rebuilding here:

May 18

Thriller team ready

I think that Patrick Wikström Thriller team finally will surprise with
something unexpected at Santa Pod. Tonight they packed all things
up and went to England for the first leg of the FIA Pro Mod European
Championship - Main Event!

And it's not only the "new" 527ci BA engine from Quain Stott that
will surprise, it's Patricks' innovative engineering! Take a close look
on this set-up if you're going to Santa Pod this weekend...

May 17

Another year has passed

When I was young and slim... =) A funny pic from Mårten.

Agneta's dad Thore Roth making the hollandaise sauce. For my
birthday lunch I had of course wished for asparagus since I newly
brought some home from Germany. Mmm...!

Frida and Stoffe also visited us and we all looked forward to when I
was finished with all this photographing so we could dig into...

...the insane birthday cake done by my lovely wife Agneta!
Can't you really see how tasty it was?!

May 16

A very beautiful wedding

Axel Envall was a sharp dressed man for the occasion!
"Clean shirt, new shoes
And I dont know where I am goin to.
Silk suit, black tie,
I dont need a reason why.
They come runnin just as fast as they can
Coz every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man."
- ZZ Top

Our Vingaland work buddy Anders Haraldsson and Sara had a
beautiful ceremony at Erska Church in Sollebrunn. All friends and
relatives and a perfect weather.

- Ohmgh? Fobbe surprised me with this shot of me working with two
different medias at the wedding. Always working.

Valter and Axel were helping golfers to concentrate.

The wedding dinner was at the Trollhättan Golf Club. On the outside
Anders' dad Göran had put up an "Ärebåge" (arch of honour)
according to the local traditions. A lit sign with Anders & Sara's
names and the date. And all must pass through.

The bridal couple in their first dance, a waltz. And as I am a cost
conscious person I prefer to use the flashes of other photographers.

May 12-14

Hot Nights in Hamburg!

It's spring. It's film festival time. World Media Festival in Hamburg
was next. So we took the Stena ferry from Gothenburg to Kiel
overnight and then we had only less than 2 hours on the autobahn to
Hamburg. Our client Helene Fernström of Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
(far left) was swarmed by people from ol' Dockhouse. Beside me and
Fobbe (hand over eyes) from Vingaland Film we also had Benny, Sofia
and Benny from their new company Ten Film Communications.
It's beautiful from up here on the roof on the big ferry
with a beer in hand.

The Beach at the docks in the middle of Hamburg! After a day of
screenings and presentations at the festival we relaxed at the
beach, barefooted in the sand. (Note that I didn't write cold beer

The World Media Festival dinner banquet at Delfi Showpalast. This
was a 7 hour (!) long prize giving ceremony with filmmakers and
their clients from all over the world.

So of course Fobbe became very popular when suddenly interrupted
the on-going ceremony with a song - in Swedish! Fobbe also recieved
a Gold award for his IKEA-film "Let's Maximise Sales During Peaks"
in the Training category.

I was very popular for not singing. Here Helene together with me (no
beard) is recieving a Gold award for the IKEA-film "Home
Furnishing - An Essence of the IKEA Concept" in the Internal
Communication category. A production that was filmed in homes all
over the world with Chris Condor by the camera. We were in
Shanghai, Milan, Delft, Boston and also just outside Philadelphia,
in Celeste and Glen "Stumpy" Koenig's new house!

Stumpy explaining how they are thinking about their home furnishing.
Our Impala SS-friend was newly married with Celeste and they had
just moved in and was not really sorted out, which was perfect
for our mission. Thanks Stumpy and Celeste!

After the 7 hour banquet we had a 4 hour party at famous Reeperbahn
together with The Beatles who was working hard here in the early
60's before the world wide recognition.

A real hot shot! Oh ajjj, I burned my libs, aajjj! Ouch! My libs!

We celebrated Vingaland's and Ten Film's combined Gold awards
won for Helene with Hot Shots and dancing all night (no pictures).

Next afternoon, we stopped in Burg in the very north of Germany
before entering the ferry to Denmark, to buy fresh white asparagus!

Of course we also had loaded the ol' faithful Dodge Grand Caravan
with way too much beer and wine, which is for free down here.
As a strange coinsidence I had invested in a pair of new leaf
springs for the Dodge just before this trip...

May 12

Coated report is done

Now the page with the Coating report and general information about
this special process is done. Take a look: >EXHAUST_COATING

May 9

Small cars - great fun!

Work buddy Fobbe's go-kart driving style! I had promised Axel to
take him for a go-kart showdown for a long time. And today I managed
not only to take the time for it, I also persuaded Fobbe to come along
with his sons (three out of four anyway). His sons has never ever
tried on go-karting before, so this was making history!

Arthur was tough enough! Thought it was fun all the way!

"No! Don't take pictures now when I've crashed into the wall!" Maybe
that was Malcolm's thought when I did my drive-by-shoot?

Of course Axel was the quickest among the kids, all the years of
driving and licence school too payed off! But red lights are never fun
in any motor sport. In rental go-kart's it means time's up!

Arthur, Axel, little Valter and Malcolm races each other in the
pay-too-much-machines. It was fun that the youngest of them, well
behaving Valter, also could race his older brothers and Axel, since
he couldn't qualify for the go-carts while shorter than 130 cm.
It was not too well hidden that it was important for Axel to win this
as well. Hey Axel, it was the first time for your opponents, remember
how it was the first time for you, when you was 5 months old... =)

Time to order!

Something else for your soul this summer! Nurse it, talk to it, see it
grow and then eat the sweet fruits of Bolero X - the only Drag Racing
Bred Tomato on this planet! It's just beautiful to be with something
that grows these days! Above is the plants that came out of 10 seeds
that were successful in our test of a total of 14 seeds planted,
managed by tomato-expert and father in-law Thore. So chances are
very good! I've already had some interested drag racing nuts that has
ordered their Bolero X seeds a long time ago, but now is the
time to plant!
For 100 SEK I'll send you about 5 psc. Bolero X seeds together with
some good tips and a nice certificate that shows what their anscestor
plant Bolero had to go through to become strong!
More info: >BOLERO_X
How to order your unique 5 seeds:
Send a good looking 100 SEK bill in a letter to:
Anders Envall, Brandmansgatan 10, SE-426 68, Västra Frölunda
Or, if easier for you and maybe safer:
Pay to PG 496366-6 Undermat.
Then a letter will be sent to you with all that you need to become a
lucky farmer this summer! And a certificate. And an invitation to send
your pictures and story of how it was for you, to go on this site.
Why not?

May 8

It's blacktopped and has
concrete on!

Possibly the most visted webcam in Sweden now! Showing the
building of the new Lindesberg Raceway at the SHRA-Lindesberg's
webpage around the clock! Complaints everywhere by people who
can't get through because of massive net traffic! Well, it's worth
to keep clicking: Lindesberg_Raceway_24hrs_Webcam
Another historical moment in automotive Sweden.
Hurry up heroes, premiere race is May 23-24!

May 7

Crown Jewels are back!

Back to papa! A shitload of shiny thermal coated pipes! WOW TEN
TIMES! Chromex is the closest thing to chrome, and much better!
How should I dare to put these precious things together?

Kent Edin's SS-kit. Don't worry Kent, I'll wrap it good again before
sending the treasure back to you. I had to randomly unwrap package
after package until I could puzzle together our similar systems.

Tommy chose black satin but he shined as much as all the others.

Melle was also happy for his BB Chevy headers.

Patrick Wikström's zoomies were just amazing!

And his Thriller team amazed...

A picture from the process from Marco Maurischat himself! I asked
him if he could take some pictures and explain the process and
I am making that page for the moment. Please come back soon!
Meanwhile check this out: www.exhaust-coating.de/ceramic
Thanks Marco both for the excellent product, service
and your pictures with captions!

The minute after the photo session it was business again for Team
OFAB Thriller. New 527 engine from Quain Stott is going in for the
first time in the Thriller Camaro. Busy days. The FIA-race Main Event
at Santa Pod in England is coming up at the end of the month...

May 6

Ferry to England 1984

My friend Thomas Öhman in Umeå said that he found some old
photos in his albums, from our successful trip to England and Santa
Pod in 1984. I begged him to scan and mail. And now I'm just
politely wondering if this is the only picture you've got from that
historical adventure - me discovering that beer was only 5 SEK
(0.5 € / 0.6 $) at the ferry?? Thanks, but I hope you've got more?
This one will end up at this page: >WHIPLASH

Other boats...

My artist/designer brother Sune has gotten into the world of ships.
After decades of creating amazing automobile art he was suddenly
"discovered" by the Swedish Sjöhistoriska Muséet (Maritime
which seems to have booked him for years!? Via Sune's
skilled talent, they (and all of us) now will have the possibility to see
the history of old Swedish ships in very sharp images in different
perspectives for different use. And in color. And super detailed.
Click the image above and you'll see what I mean.

May 5

Converter tuned

That red plupp again! Tony at Danielsson's Bil in Ekerö, Stockholm
have had a check inside my Vigilante converter and found that
everything was just OK. However, I decided to let him put back the
original stator (which I had before the transbrake experimenting) and
that should give back the lost 10th of a second at the 60 foot?
Thanks Tony! danielssonsbil.se/pages/racing_converters

May 2

It's armed

It was kind of exciting to follow SHRA-Lindesberg's 24 hour webcam
this weekend when we had read that they needed to get the arming
done on the starting area of the new dragstrip, before the concrete
comes on Monday. (I have zoomed in a little). Check it out:

May 1

New visit record again

This site had an all time record of 17138 visits during April!
And 12659 unique visitors (which wasn't a new record because
March had 12810 with one more day to count). April had an
average of 571 visits per day and a total of 71162 pages so
the site is really cooking! Great fun! Thanks all of you!
If you'll keep coming, I'll keep working!

View with a bloom

My view now from my garage at home when the cherry tree blooms.
This tree is beautiful for just a couple of days. Well, its beautiful
also in the autumn when it's rich on the red cherries. Mums ja!

April 30

First new investment

Now when we have sold our Solifer caravan trailer I felt like shopping!
An o-ring rubber seal for the LT1 waterpump for 100 SEK - 12 USD
(Hm...it's made in Mexico...do I dare to open it or what???)
I bought it at Svenska Bil AB which is the local dealer for Chevrolet,
Opel and SAAB. An excellent place with a terrific serviceminded staff
which of course have an unsafe future working for these brands. I wish
every single one of them the best of luck and hope that the company
will remain the same! This place has surprised me a couple of times
when getting me OEM Impala SS LT1 stuff like any GM-dealer would
in the USA. Like this o-ring.

Thanks Karl and Nabil!

Thanks to my SS-friends Karl Ellwein and Nabil Guffey who got me
this new rear view mirror for the passenger side! And black too,
ready to mount! Does the writing say SAVE or SÄVE? (the track
for my first race this season, 4th of July)

You see...hrm...the original mirror was kind of...well...destroyed...a
little... when I backed the SS off the train in Umeå last July. I insisted
to drive my own car instead of letting the every day-pro-drivers do it.
"I'm Bostic, I'm the expert of this car...just stand back and watch!"
It was TIGHT and the pros' pointed me to the right and waved me to
the left...and then suddenly...KNIRP!
A good story was born for the pro-drivers to be told for years...

More about this hullabaloo in the special "Norrland Or Bust" report
here on this site, which I'm working on.

April 29

The Finance Crisis is over!

Oops, that was quick! First visitor took it on the first day!
That was of course followed with that grinding feeling of having sold
it too chep. Yes, it was too cheap indeed, but we wanted to sell it
now to be able to solve the Finance Crisis. Now the bank gets money,
Autoshop gets money, Sören "Fixarn" gets money, Danielssons Bil,
Kenneth Ståhl, Jonas Alholt and some other friends in the world of
speed get money and so on.
I can buy more parts and services - and they can boost their
businesses a little more.
So have no fear folks, the economical wheels around the world
should soon be rolling again, and don't forget who solved it!
And I'm keeping the hitch back on the Impala SS...

More good business to be made here: >4SALE

April 28


Now it's for real. Again. We will sell our caravan very soon!
If it hadn't been for our Norrland Or Bust Tour last year (before
the world wide finance crisis) we would already have sold it - the
world's quickest caravan - our super Solifer 520 / T1 which we
set a World Record with in 2005!

Beside that - it is a very nice caravan, not worn at all!
We have began to answer ads in the local papers thanks to Tommy
AGA who's up with the Early Bird in the mornings to read the ads and
then messaging me the phone numbers. We'll soon have our own ads
out and we've began to recond it inside out.
Tommy gave us a super liquid to use that could remove even rubber
and Axel (and I) liked it! We removed the traces
from the former burnouts...

Agneta and I worked a little with it today. Result? It's like new.
Only 5000 km / 3100 Miles on the roads.
Buy it or regret you didn't.

April 27

Happy 1st Birthday Minda!

Sweet Minda had her very first birthday on April 24th and was given a
fantastic pedal car, newly painted in bright red candy and it had a
custom made chromed chain steering wheel!
Oh what a wonderful morning! She just loved her gift!

Daddy Vesa Ollila is an "old" friend of mines and a terrific, smart
gear head, working as an auto painter. Here he's working on his own
latest project, a 1968 Camaro going into a body in grey, silver, black
something. Please visit Vesa's Crazy World: www.junkracing.tk

Small car, but the same treatment. Vesa's happy with the work.
He's put many hours to this little pedal car. A work of Love.

The smallest car ever in his paint box was this Russian pedal car
probably from the 60's? And it was already given to Minda by Markus,
a friend of Vesa's. But Vesa had plans for it.

He went in to the color room and found a red pearl on the largest
metallic he could find, and then he put a taste of purple pearl on it
before the clear varnish. Vesa called it "Junkred" and parked it next
to his 1962 Impala to await the Big Day - Minda's birthday.

And the Impala seems to have a new engine... hm...and it seems to
have the trademark of Vesa: A turbo! OK, what's gonna happen now?

April 26

It's here!

Probably the most powerful engine that ever lived in Gothenburg is
now making its home in TBDGIT! A Brad Anderson 527" machine.
The builder and former owner Quain Stott in Columbus, North
Carolina USA ran 6.03 sec @ 239.70 mph in his 2700 lbs Corvette
with 4.30 gears last year.
A similar combination ran 5.94 sec @ 238 mph!
Patrick Wikström bought it complete as is and hope to get closer
to the 5's (or into the 5's preferably) with it in his
Pro Mod OFAB Thriller Camaro......

Someone is stepping up and in good time for once! =)
I predict many long smoky burnouts...

In da House

We continued to work on our house this weekend. There were
places everywhere that needed attention.

Axel needed a little more attention and found in the garage a traffic
sign for the island of Öckerö (outside of Gothenburg). This sign is an
old prop for a film called "Swedishness" me made for IKEA, and I
have had a problem to just throw it away. I mean it's working!
As Axel found out walking out on the street with it. Smiles.

April 25

Is this really true? Or a good day dream?

Amazing project! Suddenly a full length drag strip is under construction in Lindesberg in the middle of Sweden!
The local Community is pitching in the money and the 700 club member strong SHRA-Lindesberg (Swedish Hot
Rod Association) is pitching in work power! Here on this actual size webcam screen dump from today they're
making the form for the concrete starting area (up to the 60 foot). And they're planning to have their premiere
bracket race in only four weeks! May 23-24! It will be over the 1/8 mile.
If everything works out economically all the necessary things will be made to arrange the full 1/4-mile in 2010.
Congratulations and Good Luck SHRA-Lindesberg! I really hope we can come racing this summer!
And we hope that all Swedish communities could adapt the wisdom of Lindesberg Community (and of Malmö
Community which gave a go ahead for the 1/8-mile track in Malmö several years ago)

More at SHRA-Lindesberg's website: www.shra.nu
Around the clock webcam, updates every couple of seconds: Lindesberg_Raceway_24hrs_Webcam

Even more garden news
(until my transmission and headers have returned...)

Axel works like a whole man when he's got a mission!

This time Agneta asked him if he could clear all the old Poison Ivy-
looking growth on top of our garden rock on the north side. And then
we didn't see him for hours! The growth was wild and partly dead.
She wants to grow something else there.

Fifth Gear Europe

At last they aired Episode 7 of this Fifth Gear Europe series.
And our part wasn't long, but fun too see anyway. Nice footage!
I managed to snap this picture on the TV of the burnout although
the clip must be under 1 second!

The part with Patrick was a bit longer. And I believe he was happy
with it, especially with the new speed "almost 373 MPH..." =)

I promise to have our part ripped and put out here for all of you to
see. It's in English. From the shooting: >5th_Gear_Europe

April 24

Green Green Grass of Home

Claude "Curly" Putman Jr.

Wow! Only two days since last check! Now the grass is growing fast!
What a good feeling 13 days after the seeding!

My trained Black Killer Ants are doing a fantastic work in keeping
the lawn clean from weed.


* Tonight it's possible that Discovery Channel (Sweden) will show that
part with Patrick Wikström, Jonas and me in "Fifth Gear Europe"?
At 22.00 or more likely at the show 22.30?

* Marco will be finished with the ceramic coating of our headers on
Wednesday. We will have them in Gothenburg in a couple of days.

* Patrick Wikström is most anxious to get the headers because
he wants to start up his new 5-second engine from Quain Stott

April 22

Say your last prayer!

I was sitting and waiting for the grass to begin to grow on our new
lawn behind the garage...when this came up! Mr Weed!

I sent my trained Black Killer Ants to remove it! Kill! Kill! Kill!

April 21

Cats and Dogs

Ama is Eero Pirttinen's 5 month old cat. A very cute Bengal cat.
More about these exotic cats here: www.wildtouch.fi

Condor sent a fantastic picture from when Stina and Linda was
playing. Condor is experimenting with super quick ISO/1000 with his
camera to catch moment like this with "dogs quicker than race cars".
They are the best of friends even if it doesn't look like that. Haha!
Two straydogs, from Spain and Portugal, who now have a good life
in Sweden. Look here for more nice dogs that want to move
to you, for a better life in Sweden: www.hundrondellen.se

April 19

"Family Skateboard" done

My woodwork teacher always said that too much white wood glue will
weaken it. The lesser the better. I hope he was wrong... I think he
must have been under a savings demand. When you put pressure on
the parts the excess glue will leave the construction anyway, while
spreading over a maximum area and fill airpockets. Especially when
using kind of rough planks as I did.

And I was right. This sandwich construction with two plywood boards,
glued and screwed to the planks, was holding up to our jumping
family with a very solid feeling! Ha!
Now the small wheels may not hold the weight of all the glass jars?

Another home-garage-hobby is done. Nice now when it will give space
back in our garage. Both when the construction itself disappear
and also the pallet of glass jars.

First duty. A rolling board for Undermat's stock of glass jars, fitted in
Axel's former hide-out under the entry. It all worked just fine and the
only thing missing is the handle which will be added any day.

April 18

BBQ Premiere!

A week earlier than last years premiere (April 25). We scrubbed our
Weber and had a wonderful evening in the BBQ-smell and the sunset.

April 17

Mustang 45 years today

Ford Mustang at the Chicago World Fair in 1964. As noted by Mårten
at the rich Svammelsurium blog the Mustang was born today 45 years
ago. Ford already started production March 8 and before the model got
its major facelift in September 1966 1.3 million Mustang was sold!
Much more about Mustang at Svammelsurium.
I just want to say Thank You Mustang for all that happened afterwards!

April 14

Condor's latest idea

"Mask the SUV to an environmental car with stickers from EcoDeco"
"We transforms you from an enemy to the environment to a friend
of the environment in a minute"

"Personal Environmental Masking:
* Environmental beards
* Environmental glasses
* Funny hats
* Rucksack dummies"

BWAHAAAA!!! Sorry it's only in Swedish but I guess you get the idea.
It might just be a good business idea - for real?
Click it to get a large one!

April 11

A day of much work

The family is at the cottage in Dalsland. I stayed at home to be able
to do the things I wanted to do for a long time, but haven't managed to
get the time for. Like finishing the lawn behind the garage after last
year's rebulding of the garage and the dig out and draining.

The lawn seeds look like Gold Dust.

After seeding I harrowed the soil again and pushed the heavy roller
to flatten it all. Yes, I had a beer in the sun after that!

Watering. Fun.
Now I just have to sit down and look at the grass growing...

Meanwhile at Santa Pod: Watering. Not so fun. Also the second day
of qualifications at the Auto Trader Easter Thunderball rained off!
This track now has a too long string of non-traction weather. Last
year's Easter race in March was even snowed out! I wish I could
have changed weather with them today...
Hope they get a better Sunday and Monday! Check it out:

It was soo good today +18° C / 64 F. I opened the garage door and
continued to build "The Thing" - the world's largest skateboard you
could say, with a real plywood board! It's for Undermat. Cheers!
Note that half of Agneta's giant stack of glass jars is gone from the
garage floor. And this skateboard will make the rest disappear.


Let's celebrate Easter with a couple of yellow cars. Here's a McLaren
cooling in the pit, made in 3D by my brother Sune Envall. Click it to
see a bigger one - or click here to more of his automotive art:

Here's a Corvette pitting. I know Sune took some digital pictures on
the concrete outside Anders Arvidsson's garage (where I first had
my Impala SS) and then used those pics in this art. Click to bigger!

At my very first drag race I saw this raw Hot Rod! Swedish drag racing
legend Anders Lantz has just cleared the inspection. And isn't it the
co-owner Tony behind the car? The same Tony that is an automatic
transmission expert at Danielssons Bil today? Yep, it's confirmed.
Click it to get a bigger one.

Again, a find from the rich Svammelsurium blog, a picture from 1972
on the cover of Start & Speed Magazine with Gunne Back's Corvette
"Freighten Chicken". Headline says: Gunne Back - The Master
among the stockers. And he really was. We'll never forget these
"hanging" starts! Among all the pages at Svammelsurium there's a
special racing page with a nice blend of everything between F1 and
drag racing. El checko: svammelsurium.blog.se/category/racing

In 1973 me and my brother Björn went to Mantorp to see the big race
with a lot of English racers. But we both liked Gunne Backs new
injected Camaro most - More Freighten! The plate said "Hejdå"
which means "Bye Bye" and many had to read that...
Click for a giant version.

April 6

Congratulations Agneta!

The KRAV certification of the products from my dear wife Agneta's
Undermat is done! The official inspector liked what he saw around
her small home business and signed without any objection!
It cost an arm and a leg for a small business to get the tag logo but
today it's instrumental, and Agneta's working with the KRAV
organic demands and levels anyway, and now she is Top Fuel and
can also approach the larger food selling chains ICA, Coop, Hemköp
with more confidence! She has already five smaller resellers that
also will cheer the KRAV logo on the Undermat labels of course.
An Undermat website is also in the making.

Yes, she has even found the vegetable preparation machine that she
has searched for so long. This Hällde RG-250 shreds the vegetables
in no time compared to when she used a knife and a hand held

In our cool wine cellar, another batch is working. 10 bubbling jars,
specially manufactured in Germany for fermenting sauercraut.
Agneta has 15 jars and can always have a batch going.

IKEA in silver

The IKEA VÅLLÖ watering can is a bestseller - in plastic. Price is
only 15 SEK which is 1.76 USD or 1.33 Euro. Good function and
good design by Monica Mulder Design in Gothenburg.

This one in silver is only made in one copy. Cost is around 3000 Euro!
Collector of modern art Haig Ghazigian fell in love with its design and
asked IKEA and Monika if he could have one made in silver and they
agreed, and he hired the silver smith David Taylor to make it!
An amazing work! A crazy idea! A truly wonderful piece!
And it really enhances the design don't you think?

Who's the art collector? And who's the one wishing he was one?
Haig visited us for a couple of hours with this unique piece of art for
us to film it to be shown in the IKEA production that we're making
at Vingaland Film which will tell the story behind the creation of the
VÅLLÖ watering can, among many other successful IKEA products.
Thanks Haig for helping us with that!
(Haig said that this is not a watering can, but a wine carafe...)

April 2


Legendary Bette Skelton is one of thousands that gather at the best
automotive and aviation blog coming out of Sweden in my opinion!
You will lose yourself in these entertaining, witty and educational
pages for hours, weeks, months if you go in there! Old cars, bikes,
aeroplanes, ads, inventions, all kinds of racing and much more that
comes to mind of the excellent creator and very knowledgeable
Mårten Carlsson, Härryda. I think his blog strenghtens the culture.

Mårten and his two beloved Plymouths which both has a special
history. The 1977 Gran Fury is untouched, it still even has the original
exhaust system! That car has served as a management car at a
bank in Luxembourg. The 1968 Valiant Signet was bought brand
new in USA by a vicar from the Swedish church, Mårten told me.
Thanks Mårten for your dedicated work on Svammelsurium!
Please visit his place: svammelsurium.blogg.se
(Bye bye! See you at Christmas...)

Mårten is also a drag racing official like here at Säve in Gothenburg
during the Bilsport En Dag På Strippen race in 2008. He is a highly
involved ball of fire behind the local blackraces.

More Gold from Svammelsurium: 1963 George Barris outside his
garage putting on the last layer of flake on a customized Thunderbird.
And as read on Svammelsurium, George Barris will again visit and
bring cars to the Bilsport Custom Show in Jönköping this Easter!
More about the largest Custom Show in northern Europe here:

Among all the interesting things on Svammelsurium I also found this!
It's English Roger Moore (not the Sir) involved in something that must
be every drag racer's worst nightmare! Poor, poor Roger! Click it!

March 31

10 more...

Can you believe it? You are 10 more than all FBI agents - 12,810 unique
visitors at www.blackout.nu in March! New record again of course!
Wow! Welcome!
This information I found on the internet:
In the 100 year history of this federal law enforcement agency,
the Federal Bureau of Investigation is seeking to hire 2100
professional and 850 special agents. Currently, the staff comprises
of 12,800 agents and 18,400 employees in different capacities.

"And how do you take your coffee, Agent Cooper?"
" Black as midnight on a moonless night."

~ Pete Martell and FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper in a famous
scene in David Lynch's Twin Peaks.

March 29


It's not the salt flats in Bonneville, it's the ice flats in Funäsdalen in
the mountains, halfway up north in Sweden! The lake was plowed
and they could have their very popular "flying kilometer" with all sorts
of vehicles. It's commonly believed that this will be an annual race.
When looking at Daniel Åbergs pictures of the racers at his site I
regret I didn't go. Looked like BIG fun! (But cold too!)
Check for yourself: photo4fun.se/

Most talked about entry was of course Pro Mod racer Fredde
Fagerström! Even if he had taken down the engine's output he didn't
manage to get the traction. Not sure about which tires he used...
But over time all facts and pictures/videos will be gathered on
the official website of the race:

Whiplash back in color!

Yeah! Now they got some colors onto Whiplash and he starts to look
like in the Good Old Days again! And the ProCharger F1R sounds
terrific! A lot of nice things happens here now! Congratulations!

March 28

Cheers Karl & Leni!

Today they will marry on a beach in Key West - The Conch Republic.
A quick but romantic thing without a crowd. They will be having their
formal guest reception in Holland Michigan June 26th, 2009.
Their Wedding Website

I've been here many times and I guess they will also have a taste of
the fantastic Key Lime Pie today? And a Daiquiri the Ernest
Hemingway style? Maybe they also will see one of his 6-toed cats?
Or will they only spend their time at the hotel...?

US 1 starts here at Milmarker 0 in Key West! Yea, it reads "end" on
the sign but it's the start. Especially today!

...then off to Bermuda!

Karl and Leni will have a long honeymoon on British Bermuda far out
in the Atlantic Ocean.

It's entertaining to read all the stories about the Bermuda Triangle!
I guess there are a lot of Triangle-souvenirs to be bought on

We wish you a nice honeymoon Karl & Leni!

March 25

Mary got pregnant?
Okay, let's have waffles!

March 25th is ninth month before Christmas and the widely believed
birthday of Jesus (not to be mistaken for my engine Jeezus!). So in
Christian countries they celebrate this day when Mary got knocked
up by the holy spirit, calling it The Lady Day. In Sweden it's been
called "vårfrudagen" from Jungfrudagen = virgin day. However,
since Swedes always think about food the expression of
"vårfrudagen" turned in to "våffeldagen" which means Waffle Day!
So in Sweden we always make waffles on this day! To rather
celebrate our appetite...
And to celebrate the birthday of my brother! Cheers Sune!

Super Comp Direct Drum
and Oversize Sprag

The "solution of all transmission problems" is here! The manufacturer
CK Performance states: "... a drum that can handle up to 2000
horsepower/ 2000 foot pounds of torque reliably".

The CK Performance information
Their enchanting broshure also says: "When the sprag fails the
transmission will no longer have second gear."
Tell me about it!!!
More: "Are you tired of intermediate sprag failures and the
maintenance and down time they cause?

I answered Yes to that and called Birgitta at Autoshop and now
it here! Thanks Birgitta! And Melle who found it on the net.
Let's celebrate this day all of us, by...eating...Drumstick Curry

Coat this!

Now we have gathered five sets of headers to be sent away for
thermal coating. They are Kent Edin's and my knock-down kits
which are very similar. And Melle's and Tommy's headers. And
Patrick Wikström's zoomie headers. We're sending our headers
to www.exhaust-coating.de in north of Germany where the class
mate of Patrick - Pro Mod racer Marco Maurischat works and he
has a good deal going for dragracers.
Let's celebrate this day all of us, by...eating... Bratwurst and
- Agneta's Undermat sauerkrat of course!

This is Marco's cool 1953 Corvette Pro Mod, built in 2008. Marco's
company Exhaust Coating is also the sponsor of the "Pro Mod
Challenge" Visit his race site: www.maurischat-racing.de

March 23

Putte Picture

I found one of Jan "Putte" Lundmark's shots from Pite Dragway in
1983, or 1984? The Autoshop Whiplash Camaro just flies!
You can either click this one to get a bigger one, or click the banner
below to get to the report from our race in Pite last year, where I now
have included this picture.

March 20-21

S P R I N G !

Our crocus is back again. Proof of spring!

So Agneta opened the doors to the Undermat sales at home. To
celebrate the spring she was also selling flowers, fruit, herbs and
vegetables, beside her range of fermented vegetables which actually
are more healty than natural vegetables!

It's nice with some colors again after the long winter...

More on display indoors inside our glassed veranda.

Agneta does everything herself. She makes her Undermat-flyers and
she distributes them. This time the flyer of course told everybody
in our area about the Spring Opening.
More Undermat news:
* A vegetable preparation machine is finally found and bought.
* Undermat now has five resellers. Different grocery stores and health
stores around Gothenburg. And more are on their way. Agneta
is visiting these stores herself to sell her products.
* The more and more important "KRAV" certificate is also on its way.
That's for the customers, who know that the KRAV-label
guarantees that the products have a high natural, organic standard.

All grown up men act like 12 year olds when there's a bonfire. This
spring we had a lot of old waste to burn so it were a couple of good
hours of hard work for us neighbours. It's our house you see
through the heat dazzle.

Swanströms are back!

Nice sign of spring also outside our garage. Welcome back!
How was Africa? Warm eh?

March 19

Schhh! Secret mission!

Once again The Fabulous Dodge was on a mission. PeO Olsson and
Lennart "Löken" Lökholm packed all filming equipment and noted that
the Grand Caravan still was only filled by a third.

This time we were on a secret mission in Älmhult, actually inside
IKEA's "secret floor" where they internally show their home furnishing
range for next season. However, we couldn't obey the rules...

But I kept a very low profile.

Ratman returns

This is the new look of the new 1966 Ratman Chevelle in Umeå. After
almost 20 years away from the streets, the brand is making a
comeback this summer! New custom paint is done by Michael
"Mackan" Lund. "McKan" is his signature as a custom painter.
Rat is of course meaning Big Block Chevy V8.

This is what Lars "Ratman" Nyman and his former 1966 Chevelle
looked like when we made an article in Bilsport magazine in 1988.
Please note how Ratman is resting under the bridge in Umeå,
hanging upside down in his knee hocks, waiting for intruders.

The new Ratman Chevelle could be a perfect sparring for Kent?

March 18

Finnish Superbird

Low milage, original, matching numbers Plymouth Superbird had just
arrived to Finland from USA and was on its way to its first inspection
when the Police stopped it. Who can blame them? =)

March 15

Tooth by tooth...

Suddenly that big thing in our garage had its front mounted again.
Ahh, now I could see and remember - it's a Lincoln Mark V.
Yes, it's The Great White and Tommy AGA seems to get it ready
for this season!? But I don't know about that scoop...

March 12

Leni does wonders!

This was Premium Bachelor Karl Ellwein's kitchen and also Engine
Shop. Before he met Leni...

And now Karl has cleaned up! It looks like...brand new... (There is
an IKEA store in Woodbridge VA not far from St Leonard).
Ellwein Engines will take no more orders in 2009 but will resume in
a proper way when they have settled and all. More info here on
The Wedding Sale with "Ungodly savings on quality engine parts,
short blocks, and used parts"
Click: ellweinengines.com

March 11

Aha! Now I understand!

I knew there was a reason for me when taking this picture in
Stockholm in March 1970 when almost 14 years old. But I didn't
knew back then that it had to do with one of the amusing Spy
riddles at Eurodragster 38 years later! Check out this link:
I guess this English slingshot was in Stockholm to be shown at
"Hot Rod Show" at Marmorhallarna? That's why I was in our Capitol
City. And I guess this was parked outside the barbershop because
the dreadful longhaired Englishmen had an overhaul...

Here's the whole page from my old album. Click to enjoy a biggie.
Note also that hot rod in traffic, surrounded by brand new Volvos...
...and today I suppose that hot rod is still surrounded by new Volvos
while it still remains a hot rod itself, better than ever, destined to
survive generations of new Volvos to come.

March 9

4th of July - Säve Depå!

Heard the wonderful news today! It will be a race on local Säve Depå
this summer on the USA National Day 4th of July! Not the big drag
race, unfortunately, but a big street car race and that's fine with me!
It will be like a Bilsport "En Dag På Strippen" with their classes and
rules, but without Bilsport. So now we have a date to aim for.
More in Swedish here: www.strippen.nu

The report from last year's test race at Säve here: >TEST1_2008

March 7-8

Relatives round trip

Once again we loaded the faithful Dodge Grand Caravan with stuff.
This time my old IKEA Klippan sofa and a long chest of drawers and
a couple of moving boxes and things. The Dodge never says no more.
Agneta's daughter Frida was the final delivery address for all this.

But first we stopped at my sister Inger's home in Huddinge, just south
of Stockholm on the other side of Sweden (4.5 hrs drive). This is Inger
and Hans' house. A very nice fortress.

The reason all families gathered was Inger's birthday. And here the
Envall brothers and sister lined up in age order from left, Björn, Sune,
Inger and young little me. We always take pictures like this when we
manage to meet all of us. We live in different parts of Sweden.

Sune's son Erik and his Jossan showed the youngest Envalls, the
twins Hugo and Albin, born July 2 2007. But there is a younger one...

...Doris Roos Envall, born May 19 2008. Here with mother Frida,
daughter to Björn. Daddy is Daniel Roos. This picture was taken
September 3 last year when Doris checked out Axel.

And here is Agneta's Frida and Axel outside her latest home at Mälby
outside of Gnesta. The buildings are from the 1800th century!
The place is dated back to the 1600th century! One of many
interesting stories around this place is about when Swedish poet and
composer Carl Michael Bellman visited here...

Maybe it was in this room, there by the window, where Bellman wrote
"Fredmans Epistel No 81" which Thåström and Imperiet did so well
some 185 years later? It's said that the song is about the owner
of an illegal bar with cheap alcohol that died and got buried...
in Stockholm,
1800th century. Very dark beautiful Swedish.
Click that Imperiet-link above to enjoy it at YouTube!

If you ever wondered why ABBA songs sounds like they do?
Wikipedia notes:
"Bellman is a central figure in the Swedish song tradition
and remains a very important influence in Swedish music,
as well as in Scandinavian literature in general, to this day".

Epistel 81 In English by While Heaven Wept at You Tube. El clicko!

We carried in all the sofas and chests into Bellmans room and began
our long trip home. This tough guy was with me all the time.

March 1-3

Away working

One of the reasons I haven't been able to update my website lately
is a (healthy) overload of work and that I've been away working in
Älmhult. That's the small town in south of Småland where Ingvar
Kamprad once started IKEA! The very first IKEA store is still there
and also the HQ's of the IKEA Production. Picture shows Lennart
"Löken" Lökholm playing outside the IKEA Värdshus (tavern)
where we stayed.

And when everything seemed to work just fine, it was time for the
negative balance to set in. A flat tire on the way home made me
crawl in the mud and it wasn't as light as here in this flashlight.
We used the sparse light from our mobile phones. Löken and
PeO Olsson also had to get their fingers cold and dirty.
A small problem after all.

February 28

Vingaland shaping up

Saturday is a good day to continue the refurbishing of our new office.
Weekdays are actually so filled with meetings, planning and work.
Markus Frantz and Hans Ekelund in an important sawing...

A recommendation

Go to a theatre and enjoy "Bolt" in 3-D! We did and it was a new
kind of cinema experience. I've seen 3-D before but this was just
awesome! After a while you didn't even think about it, you just
flabbergasted yourself into the fantastic story animated by
Pixar/Disney! Sitting there and being a part of a cinema
auditorium filled with kids and their parents and EVERYONE was
laughing out loud, that was totally new to me. Well spent money.
Someone said that Pixar/Disney now will make all their movies
in 3-D. Thanks! If you don't have kids - go anyway!

February 20

That green MAN truck's
last day

Axel was bored with playing with his old MAN truck in the snow.

So he brought it into the garage and stripped it and began to
customize it. Here he's lowering the front end by slicing up the
sockets for the axle. I like that he sees the creative advantages of
a garage and tools at home. Keep it going.

Well, it was much lower but it didn't roll freely anymore! Somewhere
the tires were touching the body? Hmm? Then he lost interest and
left the MAN here on the bench to never continue his work again!
Not even the "open cab" project was finished. The MAN is in the bin.

February 17

BP Racing Club

Hey! I recognize this logo! But I haven't seen it since the 60's when I
grabbed the bike and pedaled to the closest BP gas station and
signed on as a member - to get the stickers. I don't really remember
what more the membership meant? But I remember it was cool
to get stickers that said "racing" and had the checkered flag!
And it was cool to see it today again! Is there a re-opening
or a re-print of historical stickers going on?

February 15

Kent's new garage

Up north in Umeå Kent Edin has bought a commercial building to get
a larger garage
for his Impala SS Gentle Giant racing and is
building on it every day to finish it. He has built that second floor.

Since Kent is a property owner / landlord he's a full time carpenter
and what not to keep his houses in shape,
so his new garage is
just another building on his worklist. Congratulations Kent!

Jan-Åke Norberg is taking Kent's TCI 4L80E apart in trying to locate
the reason for it to not
letting 1st gear work!? And we know that 1st
gear is a very good thing to use in dragracing, don't we? So far
haven't found anything and TCI doesn't answers their email.
Way to go TCI!

February 14

Swap meet enduro

Friend "Melle" was with me on this mission. He had some left over
hot things from his 55 Chevy and LARGE engine Chevy Pick Up
street racing projects as well as from his Harley-Davidson project to
sell. TBDGIT mate Patrik Wikström also throw in some stuff he could
live without. Most of the load was my own great stock of things.

The dear Dodge was once again completely loaded. On top I placed
the small but highly valued cart borrowed from my wife's Undermat
business. I could do it because it is a folding model.
Here you can see where Norrköping is, a little bit on the
South-West from Stockholm.

You have to leave Gothenburg at 3.00 AM to be on time in Norrköping
before the door opens at 7.00 AM to get a good spot. So, after less
than 3 hours of sleep on Friday night, Melle and I was wobbling away
to z Norrköping...Zzz...zzZ...z...ZZ...310 KM...z...192 Miles...z...
Melle's sweet girlfriend Mona had made coffee and sandwiches for us
in a survival package for a non-stop drive! Zz. Thank you Mona!!! z

06.56 AM. We got a good place in the line. But "Jeppe" was among
the first ones even though he was from far north from Umeå (look at
that map again!) Chilly too, -10°C / 14° F

Again, that Undermat cart made us carry less. Thanks.

Many hundred (99 % men) gathered in two gym halls. Hungry for
another drag racing season and it starts here at this one-day swap
meet in mid-February in Norrköping. Mostly used parts sold by
privateers but you can also spot new parts at the company booths.
Local Åby Motorklubb has successfully organized this event for
years and some drag racing oriented organizations and classes
has found it to be a perfect time and place to also have their own
annual meetings in Norrköping hotels in the evenings! It's growing,
it's good. Now we only wait for it to be a two-day event, so we don't
have to drive so much in one day...and think of the real long
distance travellers? Click pic to see a humungously large one!
Maybe you can spot someone you know? Like Lars-Inge?

Some of my parts that were for sale. Most popular among all visitors
at our table was the carbon fiber drive shaft. No sale - but a lot of
touching, knocking and weighing in hands and comments.

Smart ass comments didn't always help. I had to bring Patrik's wing
back to Gothenburg.

How can all miss these tires that I'm just throwing away for 6.100
SEK? Maybe a more street oriented swap meet would sell them?

Pro Modder Fredde Fagerström bought a used spicer yoke from me.

Melle sold enough to pay for the adventure and more, but thought
like me that it was more looking than buying. He even had time to
eat without interruption. I think all could feel that this was an
economical dip year. It sold good but not as good as before.

Christian and Jonas were also here. Jonas had a good sale this year
on his remarkable creations, like that super intake manifold.

Stefan Lindblad from Uddevall was also here. Ready for "Let's Dance"

And Vesa was here. And Raggar-Pelle. Gothenburg.

My last deal was to sell this tough old IC-radiator to this tough guy.
Hope you have better luck with that, than I had!

Time to drive north again said Britt-Inger. Jeppe and family made the
long trip from Umeå to sell tools and instruments. But they didn't get
the long distance award, a small group from Vilhelmina got it!
Click that map again.

Kjelle Ahl and Dennis Edenfelt came by at the very end of the event
and gave me a gift "for your funny website" - a bag-o-surprises.
Thanks! Much appreciated!
Then Melle and I packed all things into the Dodge again and hit the
road back home to Gothenburg. After five minutes we started to yawn
and wished we were sleeping already...zzz...Zz...zz...zZ..
What a looong day.

February 12

Ignatius down and out

It's a heavy project to take down the "Ignatius" 4L80E out of the SS,
even when two people are working with it, or "ett jävla meck" as we
say in Sweden. And last night it was only a one-man-band doing it,
since the rest of our team - Agneta and Axel - are at the cottage.
The hardest part is to tip this mountain from the jack to the floor via
some planks and a foot and pull it out. This B&M oil tray makes the
piece so high so even if the car is very high up on the jackstands
you have to find a way for the front of the transmission via the wheel
well to get it out! Well, now it's done and I will bring it to the
Dragracing Swap Meet in Norrköping this Saturday to have it handed
over to Dr Kenneth Ståhl who once again will overhaul and update it.
But...how should I get it up in the van....? Without breaking
my back!? Hm...

February 9

Now Transmission focus

Ooops! I thought that ATF oil should be red and clear...
I knew it would be this color after last season with the final burnouts
for Fifth Gear Europe in October that really took the last of the 4L80E.
And since the partly new exhaust system now is fitted and done with
everything in its right place I can move focus on the big problem of
the Blackout SS - the transmission which can't shift to 2nd gear.
But now we have a good plan for it, including a Super Comp Sprag.
More later.

February 8

Exhaust complete

The last of the pieces TIG-welded by Jonas was the driver's side
pipe between the collector and the crosspipe. Before it could take
30 minutes to remove it due to the hard-to-reach 3-bolt flanges.
Now it takes only 30 seconds thanks to the Burns V-clamps! I love it!

Complete. To shield the carbon fiber drive shaft (removed here) from
the heat the crosspipe will be wrapped with an exhaust wrap.
Sorry about the dirt under here, but that's a street car for you.
All about it: >EXHAUST

Minda visits TBDGIT

Sweet Minda and her dad Vesa Ollila came by the garage today to
buy the old Camaro RS gas cap which is from my 1967 Camaro
"Whiplash". Minda and Vesa are working on their '68 Camaro
so now one more piece is found.

February 6

Congratulations Axel 11!

Our big boy. I missed Axel's birthday with one day because of my trip
to India but could celebrate him when I came home.

" Just a little note to wish Axel a Very Happy Birthday! Love,
Lauren, Scott, Denise & Mr Paul"
It was fun to see this picture from the snowy England and Axel's
friend Lauren.Thanks for all the cheering emails that came to Axel
from our friends all over the world!

Karl & Leni!

Congratulations to both of you! Karl Ellwein and Leni Weisl to be
married in Key West, Florida March 28!
We had no idea even though we stay in good contact with Karl but
now we know everything: karlandleni.weddingwindow.com
Karl, I saw you have a giant sale on ImpalaSSForum, does that
mean your engine building shop will turn into a kitchen again?
Also welcome to your Swedish family Leni.

February 2-7

8 flights in 6 days. At least a thousand miles on the busy roads.
Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolhapur and Mumbai. Our cameras were on all
the time! Several hundreds of pictures were taken, here are a few:

Landing in Delhi around 6 o'clock in the morning.

From left (?), Anders Haraldsson, one person who stood out from the
crowd, Helene Fernström and Lennart "Löken/The Onion" Lökholm.

Holy Calf! And cute too.

We are doing a film about IKEA's giant "Better Cotton Iniative"
project which help farmers to merge over to a more sustainable cotton
farming with less water, less pesticides and less fertilisers to get
better harvests, better cotton and therefore can earn more money.
Instead of failed harvests and no money, which has become more and

more common for the farmers over the years. And they are not as sick
as often as they were when pumping poison over the crops.

These colorful cotton farmers are among the winners. And the Earth.
One of IKEA's partners is WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature. It was
started in Pakistan and is aimed for all of the cotton producing world.
Read more about this great iniative here: www.bettercotton.org

Inside the cotton mountain. A lot of Topz were found...

Indian cousine is exciting! They are masters of vegetarian like this
fantastic Tali plate with small portions of different things which are
refilled during your eating. Many strong things, but not all are. But
even the bread can be on fire! Oh it's soo good! Look at that cheese
with honey on it! Mmm! It's kind of importantish to have that cup of
yoghurt to drink because it makes up for all the strong spices.
None of us had problems with the food during our stay. You
select decent restaurants and you should be just fine.

Kingfisher is one of India's top beers. And they also have an airline!

Another cotton factory in another part of India. We could borrow a
forklift to boom a scene.

Traffic rule: All together now. It's left hand traffic but it sometimes
is right hand too, at the same time. Cars, trucks, buses, tractors,
cows, camels, dogs, cats, motorcycles, mopeds and the
3-wheeled moped taxis - Tuc-tucs!

Yes, we did get a ride in a Tuc-tuc and lived to show the picture.
It really is a very quick way of getting around in the city jam.
And they are absolutely everywhere.

Mumbai (former Bombay) had a lot of their old "classic" taxis still in
use. Kind of cool car. Now Tata is building very modern and cheap
models that will give Toyota a run for the money...

"Löken/The Onion" to the right, was proud of his "original Hawaii
shirt design" and it just melted in on the markets we visited.

A Blackout Tuc-Tuc!

February 1

Final exhaust work

I'm done with the puzzle of cutting and grinding pipes and tack
welding them with the MIG to make the two new pipes leading the
exhaust from the collectors to the crosspipe and further back.
I have also reworked the crosspipe to the better (straighter flow).
It's so nice to finally see these Burns stainless V-claps in the car!

Axel was together wih me in TBDGIT today to help out. He took care
of all the air grinding inside of newly cut pipes, for the sake of flow.
Note his hat from Pite Dragway 1991. Old souvenir I found.

Axel is growing up. He has his 11th birthday on February 6 and he
really wants to do the right things, like drinking coffee (a little, with
milk), wearing earmuffs, gloves and Tony Tight's garage sweater.

Here it is! 3" stainless crosspipe. Layed out as smooth as possible.
The exhaust fumes will just love to ride through this one!

Can you believe this thing will transport 1200 hp worth of air? Well,
the first version managed close to 1100 hp...and now it's better.

Axel now driving solo, just a short stretch behind the fences. He is
doing it with caution, very slow and calm, and absolutely in control.
Time to take our pipes to Jonas.

Jonas Alholt will do the final TIG-welding of the last pipes for us.

All about it here: >EXHAUST

"Welcome To My World"
Music and lyrics by Winkler-Hathcock, performed by Elvis Presley

Unbelievable! You are as many as the crowd Elvis Presley had when
he performed in what would be his last Memphis concert July 5, 1976
at Mid-South Coliseum - 12.000.
www.blackout.nu continues to grow! I have some amazing figures to
report to you for the best month ever for this website - January 2009!
A middle-of-the-Winter-month...!! Well...Wow!

12.061 Unique Visitors!
16.683 Visitors
59.609 Pages
1.656.743 Hits
61.18 GB

January 30

The Champ is dead

June 26 1959. Yankee Stadium, New York, USA. Sweden got a
Heavy Weight Champion in Boxing through Ingemar Johansson's
famous powerful right hand which took out Floyd Patterson, USA.
"Ingo" was from Gothenburg and all over Sweden people listened to
the match live on the radio and loudly cheered close to 4.00 AM
when it was over in third round! And our country stepped up a couple
of proudness levels for ever! BTW, my middle name is Ingemar,
a popular 50's name, especially after this event which truly made
him one of greatest Swedes ever.
Read more at Wikipedia: wikipedia.org/Ingemar_Johansson
Or look on a tribute at YouTube: youtube.com/Ingo_Johansson

A photo I snapped last week at Idrottscaféet across the street from
my work where they have a lot of nice framed old magazine covers.
Headline says: "Nobody knows the limit for Ingemar"

Boxing expert: "If you are not including paper titles and are only
looking for the linear, true and undisputed championship, then the
last white heavyweight champion was Ingemar Johansson, Sweden
1959-1960. The last linear, undisputed American heavyweight
champion was Rocky Marciano 1952-1956".

"Once A Champ - Always A Champ"

Have you seen our film?

Do you remember the NEWS from June 24-26 2008 when we were
out making a film about the City Safety feature on Volvo XC60 for
Volvo Cars of North America? It's out on YouTube now:

January 27 - 30

Polish adventure

Faithful Dodge Grand Caravan took us down to Poland and back in a
1570 km round trip without problems, when we were on a mission for
IKEA to film fantastic factories making their furnishing products.

Our client Helene used the GPS in her iPhone! Cool thing!
And it saved us a lot of time on the Polish roads.

A good photographer always finds his picture. Like Chris Condor.
Next week a team will go to India to film IKEA's revolution in the
cotton industry, for the same film production. I can't wait until I'm
back and can tell you more about it!

January 27

Our gift for Birgitta

We got the idea on our "Norrland or Bust Tour" in Umeå July 21 when
showing our American guest Karl Ellwein the original and first place
Autoshop had, which now is Roberto's Pizzeria.

We came back with a plan and tools. A quick hit when we replaced
the old rusty Autoshop mailbox with a new shiny white mailbox.
Under 1 minute! The owner of the pizzeria, Roberto, was not even
there. He must have been on his vacation? Anyway, when he came
back, this locally wellknown Italian must have thought that the
Swedish landlords always change the mailboxes every 30 years...?

I snapped a picture, framed it, wrapped it and placed in the mailbox
and sent it to Birgitta in Orlando.

Birgitta said she was moved to tears when opening the large
shipment. She recognized it immediately when unwrapping and we
surely proved that a cheap (and stolen) 50th Birthday gift can work just
fine, if the love, memories and the work behind it is big.
Birgitta sent this above picture to show how she has displayed the old
dear mailbox. El clicko.

Can you spot the mailbox? Click this picture from the outside of
Autoshop in the happy early eighties to see from the left; Lisa-Marie
(what a model pose!), Kent and Rosie-Marie, Birgitta, Bagarn, Mia
and me. Birgitta, this was as funny for us that it was for you!

January 24

A small step forward

I managed to get a little time over to get to TBDGIT to cut off the
3-bolt flanges on the crosstube and tack weld the new V-clamp rings.

Box nest factory

Agneta came up with the brilliant idea that Axel and I should make
a couple of box nests in our garage at home over the weekend.
We still have left over material from the garage-rebuild a year ago.

The Blue Tits are in abundance at the cottage in Dalsland so we will
help some of the families to a better and safer living so we can
continue to study them from the cottage when they eat at the bird
feeder just outside the window. Blue Tit is Blåmes in Swedish.

Well, Axel quickly lost interest of measuring, sawing and hammering
so this was my Saturday evening on my own. Beer. I made the
boxes so they're easy to open and clean them, if possible every
autumn, but since most of the Blue Tits are not migrating, they'll
stay here year round and maybe we cannot approach the nests.
Small problem... Cheers!

Blue Tits only need an opening of 30 mm / 1.18" so if it's larger than
that other stronger birds will take the contract. The ring of nails will
stop Woody Woodpecker from making the entry his size.

Sorry Hacke Hackspett!

And I found a couple of left over rolls of roofing tar paper, so the Blue
Tits will have some high quality homes which are dry!

I have slowly (very slowly) begun to decorate our garage at home.
I found the Don Garlits autograph from 1979. Cheers!

I was laying inside here looking up to the ceiling and the radio
played "Hey hey I wanna be a Rockstar!"

January 19

I splurged today

I really splurged when I went to Höjdargaraget once again...
I wanted Jonas Mr Al Holt Impalakungen Skruv to manufacture two
reducers for my new 3,5" headers collectors (to fit the 3" exhaust
system). I could have bought them at different shops, but prices
were ridiculous. It's better to visit Jonas and watch some live
handicraft - and get coffee and some laughter within the deal.
More here: >EXHAUST

Don't click here: SPLURGED

A growing business!

My wife Agneta is happy when she has a lot to do in her new factory
at home (our former sauna which she rebuilt). And she have had more
work than she expected. Not only do she sell her fermented
vegetables at home and to her growing circle of happy customers but
she also went to a health conscious grocery store and they were
willing to try to sell her products. After a short while they called back
and bought everything she had! A total sell-out for Undermat! =)
So now Agneta has ordered ten more large ceramic crocks (she had
only five) to be able to increase the production to keep up with the
demand. We think it's so very fun that it actually grows, especially
in times like these!

W A N T E D !

She's also searching for a Vegetable Preparation Machine like the
Hällde RG-200 which would be her new engine in the business.
With this one she could slice up whole cabbage heads, instead of
doing it by hand with a knife like today.
If you know of any machines like this - new or used - please mail her:
undermat_agneta (at) hotmail.com

Today she packed her popular pickled carrot which among other
ingredients include Bay leaves and topped with Horseradish. Mmm!!

Fermented Good Healthy Vegetables

If you want to read more reports on Agneta and her growing business
Undermat you can flash back to Old News 2008 Part 2 and scroll to:
December 8
November 22-23
November 8
September 28
August 16
August 10
And Old News 2008 Part 1 for these:
June 11
June 3

January 18

Passenger side fix

Looking good! Now also the passenger side header is prepared and
on its place. Starter motor is cleared. Next step is to manufacture
the missing link between the 3,5" collectors and the 3" exhaust
system. More here: >EXHAUST

History of drag racing
in Ukraine

Ukraine became a free state in 1991, almost 70 years after this
picture was taken.

Drag racing is growing every year in Kiev, Ukraine. Kirill Balalin tell
us all at this page: >KIRILL_IN_UKRAINE

January 17

Guy's day

Axel and me doing our manly things without Agneta. Like an hour at
the Go-Kart renting place with driving both go-karts and games. Not
so many people were there early on, and that was OK for Axel who
then could drive as he wanted and be the undisputed King of Kart.

The Winner! Good training for future races? This is a thing you
can come away with when alone at the track and the officials
aren't that picky. Easier to win as well when you're the only one...

Then we of course went to our garage - TBDGIT. Axel wanted to ride
his Yamaha 50 cc PeeWee but we couldn't start it. Instead he got
more drive training in our Dodge, with focus on difficult reversing - and
according to Axel himself this was the funniest drive all day.

Look Tommy! I did just like you, I mounted one of my 1 KW heat
radiators over the work bench for especially cold winter days. Cosy!
The other one will be placed over the SS engine bay since most of
the work will take place there.

January 16

An Adventurer in Kiev

Our new B-body friend Kirill Balalin had help from his friend Artemiy
Surin to get the parts home that be bought from me. By coincidence
Artemiy passed Stockholm on his way home from an adventure in
Nordkap with his Cadillac Escalade (picture above).
See Artemiy's page about it: detroit.in.ua/CadillacToNordkap

The more we get to know Artemiy the more interesting cars show up!
Like the 2008 Corvette Z06 with a ProCharged 7L V8...from Livernois.
Take a look on his supercars and his films on his YouTube-page:
I don't understand Russian but it looks like Artemiy has managed to
block off an Ukrainian highway to be able to do a TV-interview and
show that the Corvette can do more than 300 KMH / 186 MPH!
And there are some dragraces there to.
And his Mustang he drove in GUMBALL 3000...

When I mailed Artemiy I stated that I was surprised to see such cars
in Kiev (just because I've never heard about them before). Then he
sent me a link - as an answer - to a 90+ page webforum which shows
the luxury cars of Kiev...and now I would be surprised if even the
whole country of Sweden had as many luxury cars as Kiev!
Check it out: luxurycars.org.ua/forum

Another very good gallery of cars with more American cars:

January 15

My own Mac laptop

At my work - Vingaland Film - everybody had a Mac laptop exept me
because I always thought it was too much money for not so much
extra. But since our organisation now is based on Mac from lap tops
into the editing room I thought I should show good will and
transformed my (cheapest) HP lap top to a Mac. A piece of chromed
candy wrap, scissors, tape and 5 minutes was all it took!
And the discussion is over.

January 13

Cutting and cursing!

Cut away to loosen # 1 tube (# 2 on the passenger side). This is to
make it easier to mount the headers (from underneath) and especially
for making it easier to access the sparkplugs.

The # 1 tube reworked flange.

And there it is, complete! Driver's side header mounted. No sweat!
Instead the gasket was the problem! I had to cut that %€¤"?£ Hooker
gasket to be able to get them on! The bolt pattern for these gaskets
must have been from 1962 Opel Kadett! Possibly 1968, im not sure.
But that's so typical, you place orders for hundreds of dollars at
these companies and they throw in a piece of shit gasket which
only takes away all the good mood.

More, more, more: >EXHAUST

Blackout Bargain days!

Well, the sale goes on and today the third member disappeared from
my list. More stuff for sale here: >4SALE
Make a bargain before I have decided on the prices on all things...

January 12

Weld Done - Session 2

Another good idea from Jonas, to add wings on both sides of the
collectors. See more about that on the exhaust-page.

V-clamp ring welds on. Jonas likes to weld upwards "so the weld can
float downwards a little during the process" Note ring position...

The view from the coffee table at Höjdargaraget...
Much more from this session: >EXHAUST

January 11

Under a Christmas
tree in Ukraine

Late Sunday evening in Kiev; Kirill recieves a pair of Quad-1 headers
and an original Impala SS spoiler under his christmas tree!
Kirill: "Headers are truly amazing: Dan is a master of his craft! And
they look exceptionally good for used parts too. I'm VERY happy
that we were able to make this deal..."

More: http://capriceproject.blogspot.com/2009/

BTW, that tree still looks very healthy for being in the second week
of January! No pins on the floor. What's your trick in Ukraine? In
Sweden we can put sugar or headache pills in the water...

January 10

Whiplash started!

Herman Racing has announced that they have started Whiplash!
New engine was NA, less blower. They have a link to the sound
at their website: http://www.hermanracing.nu/nyheter.htm

I want to celebrate this by adding this picture from a drag race in
Piteå 1982. Bigger version, and many more pics at >WHIPLASH

January 9

At Jonas' garage

In Mölndal south of Gothenburg. Jonas calls it Höjdargaraget and
the word "höjdar" means everything between "top notch", "tops"
and "big wig". Click the picture to get a very large one!

Jonas' workplace. He has built some smart tools to make his work
easier, like this stand with swiveling vise. And there is his loved
green Migatronic TIG.

It was time for the last leg of welding my new headers now that they
are adjusted and proven to fit in my SS. It was very tight to weld in
some places, like here between the # 2 and # 6 pipes.

The end of the tubes doesn't necessarily align evenly with the flange
level. It will be adjusted by the TIG-weld and a round headed hammer.
At the middle cylinders there a wall must be built by MIG-weld and
then grinded down to best fit.

There you have it! Super! Almost no grinding needed. Click it!

Weld done! Thanks Jonas!

This and more at >EXHAUST

January 8

More for sale for less

Complete, never used Ford 9" third member going for half price!

Same thing with state-of-the-art carbon fiber drive shaft! A must have!
Check out all items here >4SALE

January 7

Mr Al Holt at it again

Jonas came by again and that was necessary. Not only to amuse
parts of the OFAB Thriller Team who was discussing the 2009
season and the silly season rumors that are spread around.
Jonas was also needed because you need to be two people to be
able to see, adjust and work the headers when in the car and tack-
welding and all that jazz. Out here at the vise you need only to be
Jonas, without shields for your eyes even!

Well it were only some short tack welds to be done after cutting # 6
tube and straighten it out a bit. Pipe # 4 was lifted out from the flange
as much as possible before tacking it. These adjustment made the
tubes to clear the starting engine.

Tacked and ready for the final TIG welding which soon will be done by
Jonas with his own equipment in his own garage.
More here: >EXHAUST

Kent's exhaust system

Meanwhile in Kent's garage. Janne and Kent are soon finished with
the complete exhaust system in Kent's Gentle Giant. No crosspipe
is needed since Kent will be taking the exhaust system out of the
car at the races and only use the short race mufflers he used last
summer which gave that special LOUD BIG sound!

Kent's catalytic racing converters are very small but are said to
clear the emission targets at the yearly inspection.


January 6

The Ukrainian Connection

Kirill's friends at Nordkapp in a Cadillac Escalade.

Now in Ukraine!

Kirill in Kiev, Ukraine (see January 4) bought both my Quad-1
headers and the original SS spoiler! But it was under the condition
to avoid expensive shipping to Ukraine, which he emailed me about:
- Can you have the things at Scandic Ariadna in Stockholm before
2 PM tomorrow? I have some friends there on their way home,
they have been to Nordkapp with a Cadillac Escalade!

I instantly wrote an appeal for a quick transport from Gothenburg to
Stockholm at the national drag forum "Kotterplanket" / Nitroz.se and
I got a call from a "Kent" (thanks!) who tipped me about a guy in a
Ford van going up during the night. So I went to my garage, packed
my things and met the guy, payed him and handed it all over to him.
All this in just a few hours!
Around 5 AM the three packages was delivered at the hotel, when
Kirill's friend Artemi Surin still was sleeping.
It can always be done!

I also throw in a couple of Bilsport magazines so Kirill and his friends
in Ukraine can learn a little more on how the Swedish automotive
culture looks like.

If you didn't understand the story above, please try Russian:

Fire stopped again!
It's getting more and more chilly at home...

SInce the use of old National Dragsters for my fireplace (below
January 5) was stopped by an International committee led by Tobbe
Ekström i Finland, I found a new box of papers to burn - Automotive
News - the weekly newspaper of the auto industry based in Detroit.
Example of interesting headlines found in the "Energy Issue"
I'm holding in the picture:

Car Industry on way to mammoth change
Marketing cars in a crisis
Dealers take varied steps to save precious energy
One-third cut in federal fuel usage is urged
Competitive fuels needed
Psychologist's view of energy crises
Wall Street leary of Big Four future

Big Four? Energy crises? Well this newspaper I'm holding is from
December 1973! That's why Big Four - American Motors is still
there! And yes, it was the Energy Crises back then. Shortages
of fuel, lines of cars to the gas stations, signs saying: NO GAS!
Not the same kind of crisis like we have today but almost, it's the
economics that decide everything.

That's why it was really very interesting to read reports like this one
in this issue! Still Swedish owned SAAB and Volvo of course grew
among all the gas guzzlers brands thanks to their smaller and more
economical engines. We don't see the same reports today...
Click and read.

It is more fun to read these 30-35 year old Automotive News copies
today than it was back then. I got them in the mail every week from
my brother Björn Envall who was the managing director of SAAB
Design then and subscribed to this newspaper. That kept me informed
of what happened in the business for years. I called Björn tonight and
told him about the burning and he answered:

So again, I have no paper to start the fire with in our fireplace!! If I
find any other boxes with burnable magazines I won't tell anyone...

Bonus: other fun headlines found in 1973:
Radial tires cut fuel consumption, Firestone reports

GM to delay intro of its Wankel Vega

Today we read Automotive News here:

January 5

Serious fire burnout!
Just tell me and I'll stop it.

Cleaning up my stuff in our garage at home and decided to start
throwing away things to get more space. And that will be a change
after years of collecting! Found this box with 30 year old National
Dragster newspapers! I must get rid of it, and frankly I have read
them already. Now it's fun to read old headlines and ads, like
Alston dumping prices on chassies in a war on its competition!

It's from 1979, 1980, 1984, 1985. I'll probably find more in the garage.
I'm beginning to use the latest ones in my fireplace until you email
me and can offer an equivalent box of burnable paper to swap.
anders.envall (at) vingaland.se

This is the issue of November 23 1979. You got the National Dragster
when you signed up as a member in NHRA and you also got the
stickers, sew-on NHRA patch and the rulebook. Newspaper came
once a week and this was the best and quickest way to follow the
NHRA drag racing in USA in the days before Internet.

Funny to find their own looking back note (a step of 8 years).

Even Keith Black was smiling when he read the always updated
"National Records" which also indirectly was the "World Records".
His blocks were everywhere in the quickest classes. Don Garlits in
Top Fuel held the 5.63 @ 250.69 MPH for years! It was the Bob
Beamon Mexico-jump of the drag racing community, but it
happened at the Ontario track in Californa in October 1975.
Ontario BTW was a then super modern dragstrip which didn't
last too long before the space was bought for more
lucrative construction business.
I lived in Umeå in North of Sweden back then, but I knew it all
thanks to "the Dragster"
Click above picture to get a more readable BIG ONE!
Or come and get the box...

OK! OK! It's stopped!

Tobbe said NO.
It didn't take many minutes after I released my news above on what I
burned in my fireplace, until Tobbe Ekström from Vaasa, Finland
bombed my email and begged me to stop burning National Dragsters!
"Please tell the OFAB team to bring that box to the FIA-race
at Alastaro this summer instead, so I can get it!"

These pictures from 1998 show when Tobbe won Super Gas at
the Malms airfield in Helsinki. The heavy El Camino was rocketed
by the 540 engine built by "Bagarn" at Autoshop. They later ran
8.72 @ 262 KMH / 162 MPH with the engine in a Super Comp Trans
Am and then later sold the engine to Håkan "Halmhatt" in Sweden.
"Damn I regret I sold that engine!"

January 4

Contact with Ukraine!

Owner of three B-bodies! Kirill Balalin from Kiev in Ukraine. Even if
this pictures is taken in a smaller town when he and his friend
were out searching for old cars.

The headline may be a bit silly but I wasn't prepared for the email
from Kirill Balalin in Kiev! He was asking for the price of the headers,
9" third member, transmission and driveshaft that I have >4 Sale but
then our email conversation revealed more about American Cars
in Ukraine. Kirill himself have no less than three B-body projects
going! One Impala SS and one 9C1 and one Caprice!

Very interesting! Please read it below.

Greetings from Ukraine, Anders!
At first, let me introduce myself, my name is Kirill Balalin, I'm from
Kiev, Ukraine and what is most important on this matter - I own a few
91-96 GM B-bodies... There aren't a lot of "true" American cars
in Ukraine and only recently we've formed a club for muscle/full-size
cars owners http://detroit.in.ua so we could share our experience,
gather together for the races, etc. Though still 95% of information I
gather about American cars comes from English-spoken resources
- including Blackout.nu as one of the most prominent for me! It's
great to see that we in Europe also could build such excellent setups,
especially when it come to my belowed B-bodies, he-he. Keep up
good work, Anders! Actually, I regularly read your website for a
couple of years and it was one of biggest sources of initial motivation
for me to start total restoration/modding of my 91 Caprice 9C1.
If you want you can check some pictures here:
Blog was started in November so no earlier information though.
Unfortunately, texts are in Russian - I promise myself to translate it
once in English but that will be done maybe in a month when I'll
receive a "half-finished" car...
The reason to call it half-finished is obvious: while aesthetically it
will be complete (currently frame-off body restoration is almost finished
and we're assembling the car) with reinforced and painted frame, shaved
body details, gunmetal pearl paint and grey leather interior from 92
civilian Caprice Classic (instead of awful blue 9C1 one, technically I've
just begun to work on it. I have a freshly rebuilt to stock specs LT1
from friend's 93 Camaro but I've decided to
not put it in right now....
...That's why we've installed L03 + 4L60 from the same 92 civvie as a
temporary solution and then started to elaborate suspension first (like
Energy Suspension body mounts and bushings, front end rebuild kit,
etc - I also currently decide which springs and shocks to install
and so on). Rear end and exhaust will come later and hopefully in
April or so I'll return to the quest of LT1 swap :)
Ok enough of my mumbling about plans for Caprice, let's get close
to the deal :) What I'm interested the most are Quad-1 headers you
put on sale and if it is possible for you to arrange shipping to Ukraine
and how much it can cost? It would be nice to know your estimates
for carbon driveshaft, Ford 9" third member and 4L80E too...
...and looking forward for your reply,

With best regards,
Kirill Balalin

Kirill saved this DGGM 1995 Impala SS from scrapping!
One of 10 imported Impalas in Ukraine!

Thanks for your mail Kirill and until you convert your unique Ukranian
B-body blog to English I'll host a page for you right here:
where more information and pictures already now can be found.
I think that using English on a website or blog is a smart thing to do,
because you of course get visitors from all over the world
- and even great emails =)
For me personally and the language blackout.nu it was also a choice
for keeping up the English language (even if Hawkeye thinks I'm not
improving at all!) and knowing that I could approach the B-body
community in USA, which has been delightful and have given
some fantastic friendships and adventures.

January 3

Congratulations and Hugs

The Raggarbrud No 1 from Umeå in our Hearts!

I get misty in my eyes of this picture! Taken by Bagarn some 30
years ago outside their apartment in Teg, Umeå, Sweden. This is
also my own memories of when everything was unfolded in Umeå!

"Bagarn" did not only build the quickest street-racer in town, he also
got (took) the sexiest teenager aboard - Birgitta Jonsson - and they
stuck together for all of life. Her story is the same as "Bagarn's".
They built Autoshop together, helped me and hundreds of others to
race successfully, had Lisa-Marie, married, suddenly left Umeå at
Christmas Evening in 1985 by train! Went to Orlando, Florida, USA
and showed us all what "The American Dream" was all about.
Grew Autoshop in the USA and had Austin. Grew even more. Grew
to the very top of the World when winning "Engine Masters 2005".
Then "Bagarn" sadly and suddenly was taken away by Cancer and
our world as we knew it just collapsed!
Birgitta Bergqvist is strong.
Birgitta is still waving the flag and is now more than ever running
Autoshop in the export business for us. Still talks and does business
with the biggest names in the industry. She's still considered The
Queen of Orlando in the USA!
Now that "Bagarn" has been gone for a couple of years we can fully
appreciate and enjoy her personal 30 years of knowledge of
state-of-the-art equipment.
Well, she's just a hell of a Lady!
And once again Congratulations on your 50th Birthday!
For me personally it's still you outside your apartment in Teg.

If you dare to take a look how it's at the Top level:

Birgitta somewhere in Örnsköldsvik (?) on the hood of "Bagarn's"
Nova '66. She's 17 years old here and have been together with The
Big Bad Wolf "Bagarn" since she was 15. And legendary Umeå
streetrace starter official Peltomaa's El Camino "Jälavaa" to the left.
And take a look at the daughter Lisamarie today...a copy of Birgitta!

From Karl Ellwein

"Birgitta, I wish that you have a wonderful day today for your
birthday and I hope that 2009 will be full of blessings and
health and good times with your business and family.
Birgitta, you have helped me with business and things in ways
that cannot be measured or put into words. I admire you.
You have been an example of strength, smarts, devotion and
loyalty. You have helped people many times without them
knowing it. That is why you will be blessed forever.
Happy Birthday to Birgitta from Karl at
Ellwein Engines, Maryland USA"

Karl is a very successful engine builder in Maryland, USA with
clients all over the world.

Four Umebos. From left Ola Åbergh, Impala SS, Kent Edin, Impala
SS, Stefan "Linkan" Lindqvist, AA Competition Eliminator and Karl
Ellwein, Impala SS. All of them friends and clients to Birgitta at
Autoshop. This was just a rainy evening in Umeå....on our
Norrland Or Bust tour.


January 2

Solutions of the New Year

I had to unwrap all firewall wiring to get the EGT-cable free so I could
relocate it and win some inches.

Lucky me. It was possible to win enough inches so I could enter the
EGT sensor from the side (left) instead of from above. This is also the
way the originator Janne Norberg of Norberg Race Cars in Umeå
designed these headers in the first place, to have this extra bung
on the left side of the left collector. One of the problems solved.

Next. Minus space for V-clamp and the vac-u-pan valve. OK, get rid
of the heat shield(s) bolted to the floor to begin with. I'll make some
new ones sometime in the future.

A good heavy instrument was used on the Impala SS floor.
Collector's car or not. After a fine adjustment like this, please make
sure that "full throttle" on your accelerator still is full throttle also
at the throttle body since the brutally raised floor may affect the
accelerator's ratio... (I check this every spring anyway)

Ahh! See! I like when you get fingers in between as a clearence
measure on things underneath the car.

All issues solved! Good hours in TBDGIT. Next step is actually to
loosen the tack welds of the primaries tubes on the flange at the
head, just to angle all of it a bit from the engine to win a few
millimeters in height clearence down here. So now let's find that
Black Tomten with his TIG-machine who seems to have disappeared
since last time. He doesn't even answer his phone. That's just him.

All about this and larger pictures here: >EXHAUST

And this means that my dear fine Quad1 headers are for sale! Remember, I don't sell them because
they've let me down in any way, I sell them because I need THAT LITTLE MORE POWER in the
never ending chase in the total Impala SS performance of the World! =) Price? 2.700 SEK / 350 USD

More exciting things to be added soon on the >4SALE page!

Still beating!

A "Strittan" has uploaded the TV-hour about Swedish Drag Festival
at Mantorp Park in 1991 at YouTube - in six parts. It covers the Top
Alcohol and Pro Stock classes. Dockhouse produced this to show
what could be done with drag racing for the TV media some 18 years
ago! With me as an eager director and 7 videographers and among
them legandary Chris Condor in the starting area (check his footage
from inside Steve Read's Top Alcohol Dragster on a start up!)
And now when it's up and running on YouTube it has again been
very well recieved at forums like Nitroz.se and people are asking
about DVD's! And I can see why...
You have the bad YouTube quality to begin with but this is also
from a well used VHS-copy! I do have the Betacam Master and
could certainly make some DVD's if the interest was big enough.

Click here for Part 1 The other 5 parts hang on at the page.

January 1

What a perfect start!

This must be a perfect light shot! The rocket is ignited but hasn't
lifted yet! A clear 0.000 Rection time! Yea I'm so good! Jää-äz!

On the first morning of 2009 I woke up with a bat-signal of the golden
raven, which I've designed myself...

In the morning we took a gentle ride around some small roads around
the Lake Svärdlång - Long Sword.

Not much snow, just frosty, but beautiful anyway. This is at the
beginning of the Lake Svärdlång.
More about our whole New Year's weekend here:
>NEW_YEARS_08-09 also found via: >VACATIONS

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