Like the Pite report, also this long and detailed report is dedicated especially to our American friend
and guest Karl Ellwein who shipped his car from Maryland to race with us!

Thursday July 17 - Going there

Bad Byske Road. One slow hour bumpy rollercoaster ride from the coast.

Fällfors is another former "secret" airfield, once run by the Swedish Air Force, this one from the early
50's when Swedish made air craft like Tunnan, Lansen and Draken were in traffic surveilling the borders
of the our country. Then came Big Brother Viggen like on the painting "Mission accomplished" done
by my brother Sune. Click it to get a 1280 x 1024 wallpaper!

The largest strip of this air field is used for the really spacy pits and parking while the small one is just
the right size for racing. Congratulations SHRA-Skellefteå for getting the possibilities to race at this
great facility! And congratulations all the teams as well!

Our cars were still safely in the hangar where we had them parked all week after the Pite race.
Karl: My first memory is of how special the staff made me feel. That they let us store the
Blackout SS and The Heavy Eliminator in their hangar garage was one thing but they were
so nice to us when we arrived and it was nice that they visit us in the pits.

Not too welcoming wheather. Cold and drizzly but the tent had to be built so we could get started.

Nice to warm up again in our caravan, take a beer and talk todays' food with Agneta. Smoked Sik fish.
Then our special guest The Travelling Bolero Tomato needed some attention. The new pot bought at
IKEA in Haparanda was filled with new fresh soil from this Province of Västerbotten.

Our Impalas were changed to the drag racing set up again. Karl just needed to change tires and pull off
the tail-pipes. I had my own routine which takes a little more time. But time we had.

Agneta presenting tonight's Norrland Dinner: The Sik sallad with the fresh stuff brought from
Kukkulaforsen where we stayed last night. Now we're talking about truly enjoyable nordic food, for
everyone! Axel was lighting the candles and once again we had a home.


Teams were rolling in one by one during the Thursday evening. This is Emil Eriksson's nice pit layout.
Kent was expected to arrive from Umeå around midnight.

"Linkan" came by and got to see our collected pictures from our Norrland Tour above the Arctic Circle.
Karl borrowed my warm tuque which I bought in Jokkmokk. Karl didn't want to buy one but saw the
advantages with it this evening. As a matter of fact, that lumberjack jacket is also mine. I bought it
to keep up with Kent who started this Impala SS pit fashion. Looks like the change of wheels on
the Impala SS in the background was kind of slow. =)

Kent was finally here. The SS group was forming again. We had no problems with mosquitos either
because the trees were far away, and it was of course mosquito-killing-cold in the evenings.

Friday July 18 - 1st Qualifying Day

Good morning! This was the view Kent had when he woke up in his motorhome. Uh, was it Atlanta
Dragway or what?
Karl: Kent and his motorhome served as warm and comfortable hospitality when racing at Pitea
and Fallfors. I then had my bed here. Kent made my favorite breakfast while in Europe (that is
the European breakfast as opposed to the English breakfast) and he and I had the European
breakfast every morning in his motorhome dining room.

Poor Blackout SS. Transmission No Workie That Goody. But a beautiful weather and a new battery
sponsored by our friend Thomas Öhman which Kent brought with him! Thanks Thomas!

Kent and Karl signing in at the race office. Every racer got a big box of Race Candy! What a good start
of the day and the race! Karies & Baktus were of course the most happy ones.

And then time for some "Hardy har lardy dar yorgi borgi" at the compulsory drivers' meet in the morning.
Race Director Jörgen Eriksson was all positive.

The SHRA-Skellefteå team had been working all week with track preparation of the Fällfors Drag Strip.
The result was very good!

Race ready! But first start was scheduled to 3 PM.

First out was the new licence drivers. This '32 was so cool. The hand painted text on the roof said:
"The shop - best damn garage in byn" Byn is Swedish for village and that would be Bureå and the
owner/builder is Jonas.

In Super Street we saw another cool car, Halvor Överby's 1962 Opel Kapitän (German for Captain)

He's all the way from Grums in Värmland but as many racers usually do, he first went to the race in
Piteå and then stayed in Norrland for a week's vacation and raced in Fällfors too. I think these two
Norrland races in a row back up each other in getting long distance racers... Karl from Maryland! This was the first time an American raced at Fällfors!
Karl: I used nitrous on the motor for the 1st time at Fällfors. The thinking was that maybe the
nitrous is hard on the 4L60E transmission so I did not use nitrous at Pite Dragway because my
goal was to be able to drive on the roads of Norrland. Well, now that I had the Pite race under
my belt and a wonderful vacation to north of the Arctic Circle then I felt comfortable to try out
the nitrous. My thinking at that point was if the tranny broke "it's not the end of the world".

Karl had a 0.081 reaction but only a 13.00 @ 170 kmh / 105 mph, worse performance than without
nitrous! Aha, he forgot the nitrous switch and that can be easy to do when meeting that big black
noisy thang over there! Well, I still had transmission shifting problems showing 11.42 @ 202 kmh /
125 mph. And a moderate 0.100 reaction. "Moderate" sounds better than "bad" and it's my
website so I can write such description about myself. "It's good to be a King" ;)

Kent misfired to a 13.76 but had a great 0.035 reaction which put him in the top in ET Pro, so far.

This is a LT1 in a lighter car... Mats Germann from Umeå flies in 10.7's with his Stock Firebird.

Our Midsummer lunch, minus the snaps and beer. There were a couple of different sorts of herring,
boiled fresh potatoes, dill, thin bread and more. Thanks Agneta! The real Midsummer date was almost a
month ago but since Agneta and I skipped it due to my assembly of the Jesus engine we said that we
would have a small Midsummer lunch with Karl and Kent at the tour instead.
Karl is holding a spare Optispark, the LT1 front mounted distributor. Kent wants to disassemble his
MSD Optispark to see if he can find something causing the misfires.

Black & White. The Fabulous Norrland Volvos again! Both from Skellefteå, both 1972 model Volvo 142.
In white Daniel Johannesén ran 9.00 @ 250 kmh / 155 mph in Super Small Block. Fredrik Holmgren in
the Black one was No 1 qualifyer in Sport Compact Mod with a 8.92 @ 247 kmh / 153 mph
and Fredrik eventually won the class.

Umeå racer Mats "Masken/The Worm" Karlsson in his Super Gas which wasn't race ready in Pite last
weekend. Less moped, more T27.

In second round Karl met good racing friend and No 1 Qualifyer from Piteå, Angelica Fransson. Karl's
R-time 0.023 put him in Top 5. Angelica was not up to her reaction performance seen in Pite.
This time Karl remembered the nitrous button: 12.11 @ 186 kmh / 115 mph.
Karl: It was "more fun" using the nitrous because it's always more fun going faster. I jetted for
100 hp and that was in order to economize the use of my nitrous. I only had one 15 lb bottle and
it had to last a full race. I was happy with the nitrous system performance.

Jonas Lundgren, Överhörnäs, in his very tough 1934 Chevrolet station wagon in Super Comp.

To reach the Optispark means a lot of work, it feels that everything has to come apart, induction tubes,
throttle body, bars, cables, waterpump...stuff.

The MSD Optispark. The rotor assembly was loose, stainless center bolt had unscrewed itself! Loctite,
tighten and back with all the stuff again.

Agneta's warm crêpes with cloudberry jam helped up the inspiration when it was getting colder. Yes,
it's in the middle of July but it can be very cold when the sun dips behind the trees. We're far north.
Karl: I will bring a lumberjack jacket next time I visit.

Blackouted camp. I had gone through the TCI via the laptop again in my car. Why did the ?(&#"Y@ shift
at 6600 RPM when I've ordered 5900? Even when moving the shift point, the shift was always too late.
I didn't think it was the electronics anymore, the only conclusion I got was that the 4L80E transmission
couldn't handle the power/torque/weight ratio. Simple as that. It barely did it in 2006-07 but this year the
engine is renovated with new piston rings, valve springs and things, therefore more power.

We took a walk to see the posted qualifying list - based on reaction times and not how close you were
to a dial-in. You have to subtract 0.500 from the times listed. But this shows only the result after the
1st round and we had 2, so maybe someone "borrowed" the last one?

00.46 AM. It's already Saturday and it's getting lighter over the giant Fällfors pit area again.
Time to go to bed. As the last ones of course.

Saturday July 19 - 2nd Qualifying Day

Welcome Ola! He came early in the morning directly from Umeå, signed in, switched to the slicks
wheels and passed inspection. These wheels were in Stockholm a couple of days ago! Ola decided
that he wanted to play with us, and just set off to Stockholm in his Chevy Transporter van to get them.
870 miles round trip, without sleep! Hero stuff! Here a simple celebration with a coffee and a cigarette.

Karl: It was good to see Ola bring his car. I thought that now the Impala SS was dominating the
staging lanes. 4 Impala SS cars racing. How many total are in Europe? Certainly 4 cars are a
large percentage of the total amount of Impala SS cars in Europe? In the US we are lucky to get
20 Impala SS cars to attend an East Coast Impala SS Racing Series event.

Karl dipped into the red world with -0.030 and an 12.96 ET with no nitrous. Kent got no data, but it was
no improvement on that Optispark issue. Sounds great but weak performance. Very strange.

The Jeezus engine felt powerful as usual and the hard hitting sound was just great! It's been like that
all season. Again it was the transmission that was stopping the times.

R-time 0.058 / 11.09 @ 203 kmh / 126 mph. Still shifting problems, transmission can't hold it. I can't
go on like this, but what to do? I met Ola in this round who had a R-time of 0.220, he hasn't been racing
for years, but his 14.31 was a new personal best.

Albin Frank in his super nice and super quick JD which he raced for the last seasons. He has grown up
to a Super Comp dragster. So this state-of-the-art J-dragster was for sale. We've had an option on
dragster for Axel since long but it's now a bit too early for us to invest time and money also in JD.

The buzz in the pit said "Have you seen the ol' blue SAAB 99? It makes high 9's!" Gustav Nilsson was
competing in "Skellefteå Open" a class for local streetracers and he indeed qualified with an amazing
9.80 @ 227 kmh / 141 mph. What had he done to it? Well, putting a complete Audi driveline into it
and a SAAB 2.0 L with a giant turbo for starters. Very fun sleeper I can imagine! =)
However, it was Daniel Norberg over there in the other lane who was No 1 Qualifyer with a 9.63 and he
also eventually won the showdown.

"The Beach"

Another beautiful automotive image by Richard at Text on spoiler says: "In memory of a
hot rodder". Makes you think. Dragster is driven by Tomas Lindblad from Holmsund outside of Umeå.

Kent tried to get some stall before lift off which affected the R-time 0.733. Kent also have had problems
with his TCI 4L80E where it seems that it can't start on 1st gear, it leaves on 2nd which of course is a
kill of performance in all aspects. The misfires is really when engine hits the rev limiter at 6500 RPM.
Kent didn't want to raise the bar to 7000 RPM because then it would hit 30 PSI and more, which could
lead to another sort of kill. These are issues that Kent will take care of this winter.

I had burnt the automatic oil, so I decided to disconnect the blower belt and make a try in a natural run.
My thought was that maybe the transmission could work properly with half the load? And it could be fun
to see what it would do without blower and only 500 hp...zz z zzz z

Ola liked it when I had disconnected the blower! "This was good for my self esteem" he said and got
R-time 0.100 and 14.22 @ 154 kmh / 95 mph, yet another Personal Best! And I had a Personal Worst:
0.212 / 15.92 (a stock SS does it in 15.00!) The FAST system did not at all adjust that big gap of less
air so engine was soaked with gasoline. Same thing in the smokeless burnout, tires almost didn't turn.
But - it did shift earlier and the Lock-up did even apply! Tjoho!

Karl had a 0.033 and 12.22 with a little burst of nitrous. He was in control.

Gold town, it's referring to the little village Boliden outside of Skellefteå where the findings in the 1920's
showed that this place was the richest of gold in all of Europe! More here: wikipedia/Boliden

A moment of the flags. Karl relaxed in the pit, sewed on the swedish flag on his driver's jacket instead
of go the next possible run. Karl: Another memory is that we had a lot of practice runs,
qualification runs. At the sportsman bracket events I attend in the US, generally I'll just take one
or two practice runs and then eliminations start right away. At Fällfors I think I was using the
qualification runs as a sort of test-n-tune. I skipped one run because I had so many runs I was
comfortable with the car and saw no need to run it again.

I had to look twice! Did I just saw very young girls on dragbikes? Yes I really did! Junior Dragbike is
securing the future dragbike racing with youngsters between 12 and 16 years. So nice to see!

What a fantastic picture! Kristine Eide Moe from Heimdal, Norway can make the 1/8 in 13 seconds.

Nice tiger team also from Heimdal, Norway. Dag Wagenius on a Suzuki Haiabusa 1300 in Super Comp
Bike (8.80 index) and daughter Katrin on a Peugeot Jet Fire in Junior Drag Bike C, the 1/8 in 16 sec.

Now and then Karl had guests asking questions about his engines. And I had guests who I owed money
since years back and now came to collect (joke!). It was fun to briefly meet Mats Ångman and Anders
"Bävve" Forsberg again, they were friends of mine when I lived in Umeå until 1986. Anders and I even
growed up together in the same apartment house at Storgatan 1. First memory that popped up here
was that he actually had a Puch Cross 50 cc moped which today of course is a rarity. Mats "Brapp"
Ångman actually owns a prize winning 1965 Impala but he never told me that, Mats Alfredsson did!

So Karl skipped the last qualification round and just biked down to support us others in the SS group.
And have a good look on things around the starting area and the grandstand, just grooving about.

Last Qualification round. No one of us did any improvements. Kent 12 something, Ola 15 something
and me 16 something. I got a new problem on the rise - the whole car shook badly beginning after the
1/8 mile! What now? Underneath the car I found out that the transmission output shaft was kind of
loose! Strange. Darn. That was it. Absolutely no more racing, risking to further destroy my poor
transmission or the drive shaft. I knew I had to drive it back to Umeå after the race, so...easy decision. .

Ola's LT1 has a Powerdyne blower, a "supercharger light" without intercooler. Boost 6 psi. It's always
connected and Ola drove 4000 km with it this year, about 2485 miles. So far it has cut one full second
on the quartermile compared to factory performance, but more can be done with it. The PCM is tuned
by Brian Herter "PCM For Less" thanks to Karl who put them together.

Final Qualification list. (I've already subtracted the 0.500 off the R-times) All in, everybody's get to race
tomorrow. But I had decided to not show up at the race. I could at least enjoy that Blackout was the
second quickest car in the class even if it was far off its normal potential which would have made it the
quickest car. Easy to say. The same goes of course for Kent but he hasn't been in the 9's yet.
Based on what I've learned this year I would say that a mid 12-second car is the perfect Bracket car.
Karl: I was surprised to see Pitea #1 Angelica having some reaction time troubles and she
was my favorite racer and I wanted to see her do good at racing.

The Best Damn Taxi Company. That's us.

We liked to take a lot of pictures of our four Impalas, from all angles. When I tried to block off direct
sunlight, another bright element showed up. Linkan.

Axel is pedalling Ola's nostalgic Mini Rex in a bicycle drag race with me in the pit before dinner. This
time Agneta was bar-b-queing hamburgers so Karl could relax from the Norrland adventure for a while. =)

Ola took a walk in the field to get a quiet spot when calling home to his big family.

Karl: Agneta made every day bright and warm and fun. I would be thinking about engines and
transmissions and Agneta would say from a distance, "Karl, coffee?" Ahhh, such a perfect world
in the Norrland of Sweden. I am very thankful that Agneta would attend the races for her
company and for all the good food. I know she serves as team Blackout crew chief when needed
but I think Axel will move into that position soon. Agneta is an even better Chef than Chief and
every meal that she prepared I made sure to partake. Almost every meal was something new
and interesting and always tasty.

It's about some vanilla icecream? Topped by warm cloudberry jam.

Linkan's team Arne Nilsson and Jörgen Westling were good sponsors for Axel's Fund For A Junior
Dragster. They bought a lot of chewing gum from his money box. Fund was growing!

00.11 AM and the dew is moving in. Good night!

...just a couple of more pictures...

Sunday July 20 - Eliminations

Ann-Britt Gärtner, Coordinator, SHRA Skellefteå was stunned to tears at the morning meeting applauses
when Carina Marklund presented to her a secret gift from all the racers and all the officials for her hard
work with the Gold Town Dragrace - a money collection that the Tax Authority would've reacted on...
Good initiative Carina! And thank you Ann-Britt!

A good looking trio of tough guys! If you have T-shirts in small sizes you'll always have a fan club! Erik
Axroth, Mattias Johansson and Axel Envall liked the Blackout SS even though I didn't ran it on Sunday.

Unfortunately the Umeå racers Kent and Ola was up against each other in first round of Eliminations.
10th Qualifier Vs. 22nd Qualifier.
In the happy 80's Kent raced his nitrous Camaro while Ola raced his nitrous Mustang. Look at the
Semi-finals in this old Umeå Street Race ladder!
And now they will meet each other in their Impalas! Cool! This was Ola's first race in years while Kent
has had a couple of troublesome races this year. However, Ola has raced a lot of bracket races earlier
in his SS at Tullinge, Stockholm when that track was still up and running.
So this showdown was quite open, maybe with an slight advantage for Ola who just could race without
any mechanical troubles present. Karl Ellwein was thinking positive, instead of losing one of the cars
in first round he said that this is a guarantee of seeing at least one SS in second round...

Kent putting on the loud and powerful procedure to scare Ola in his much less noisy Impala. I guess Ola
didn't even hear his own engine. Mats Alfredsson doesn't miss anything with his camera, like when I
sneaked in to ringside with my video camera before the showdown between my two friends. No socks?

...and yes, it was decided already here at the three where Ola cut a 0.043 vs. Kent's 0.187. Then Kent
also had to bomb his 12.50 dial-in with a 12.40 to reach the finishline before Ola, so Kent was out both
ways. Ola had a 14.120 dial-in and delivered a 14.178. Wow, good bracket racing Ola!

Gentle Giants. Kent did a very good work together with Janne in coming this far in such a short time.
It wasn't that big of a surprise that it didn't work to 100 % in all details the first year, and I'm confident
that he'll be successful in his goals already next year. Kent have a wonder engine from Karl
and a super nice car. The Giant will soon start to walk all over... Keep it up Kent!

Karl's first opponent was a Plymouth Valiant, a model I'm sure he hasn't seen in years, even back home
in the USA. Owner Tommy Lundberg ran 13.20's so far but now offered a 13.37 which Karl didn't bought
with his 13.07 over the 13.00 dial-in! Very inpolite to the good ol' Valiant...
Karl: No nitrous on 1st run. I planned to NOT use nitrous and to just dial-in what the car might
run all natural. But, I did have the nitrous bottle open and ready to use just in case I thought the
car may not be running the dial-in (13.00). That is a tool to help just in case the tires spin off the
line I can push the blue button down track and catch up to my dail-in. Not used in the 1st round

Good friend and private sponsor Thomas Öhman (left) came Sunday to cheer me but of course missed
me. He also missed me in Piteå a week ago because he had to return with the truck. As a matter of fact
he also missed me last year at Mantorp because of the rain! So my biggest fan hasn't seen the car race
at all. I guess I have to continue race at least until Thomas has seen it. Don't give up Thomas!

Kent Edin's right hand and Umeå's drag racing wiz Janne Norberg in his own 1977 Trans Am with a Ford
engine in Super Gas. Lost in second round.

Jonas Staflund is the fastest man ever in Skellefteå in his Top Methanol Funny Car and quickest on
this track. He has the most important local sports team on his body - the Skellefteå AIK ice hockey -
(only Björklöven from Umeå is better. Yea yea, that arguing goes way back but that's the truth!)
Jonas had some shakedowns here before the Veidec Nitro Festival at Mantorp next weekend.

Jessica Andersson flying the flag in her Junior Dragster Mod! So cute to see her sponsors, among all
the company stickers we also read "Grand dad and Grand mother" And...she eventually WON THE
WHOLE RACE! Congratulations from Axel and the Blackout Full Size racing Team!

My God, these 9 second snowmobiles! I'm lucky I'm sitting in a car!

And whatever happened to gravity? It must be true that young people's brains aren't fully developed!
Latest trend of pause entertainment is youngsters on mopeds inspired by high speed trick stars like my
good friend Sune Andersson (which grown up brain isn't fully developed either...if there is a brain at all?)
Moped guys like these are everywhere in Sweden doing tricks on super market parking lots, my guess
is that they're also connected to each other via internet and YouTube? Aren't they? See all of it at the
super drag racing picture site: in courtesy of Richard Lindahl.

Second run for Ola. Bye bye! Antenna is up (shows that radio is on). Ola "I never brake" Åbergh should
have tapped the brake a little at least this time. Instead he got 14.07 on his dial-in 14.10 and was out of
competition against Thomas Jonsson due to this breakout.. It began so well with a cobra reaction start
0.023 vs. 0.161!! But congratulations to yet another Personal best! Next year we're expecting the 13's.

Anders Brännström in his 1971 Camaro was next opponent in line to be executed by Karl Ellwein. Or?

Karl: I saw Anders Brainstorm's car pulling away from me and so at 1/2 track I pushed the nitrous
on and passed him...(but thinking to myself the whole time...don't use the nitrous....don't pass
him... you'll good too quick and will break-out). But my body did not respond to my mind.
I passed Anders and broke out much worse than he did (his better reaction time was the reason
he did not break out as much as me). On my second round loss to Anders Brainstorm I was
certainly disappointed. But when you look at the time slip Anders had a very good reaction
time and a very well deserved win. Thumbs-up to Anders Brainstorm.
Anders: 0.021 to Karl's 0.093. Anders: 12.84 under dial-in 12.91, Karl 12.76 under dial-in 12.93.

Anders Brännström (Brainstorm for Karl) politely came and shook hands with Karl and said that he
almost felt bad in putting the American guest out of competition. With the stress on "Almost" =)
Of course Karl knew he was a good trophy scalp for Brainstorm, for anyone. Good racing friends.

The last one I knew around here that I could cheer was Stefan "Linkan" Lindqvist. He was in the finals
in Competition Eliminator and cooled himself with a small fan. And he also had an cool (!) ice vest
close to the body so he was really the coolest guy around! "Birgitta at Autoshop found it for me"

He won in his Scan News A/Altered over Kristina Hägglund's dragster! Straight as an arrow!
0.026 and a 7.49 @ 290 kmh / 180 mph. Tjoho! And I got it all on video tape!

The winner, the self declared World's Most Handsome Man. I asked "Linkan" to describe his entry in
his own words (I thought it could be interesting and of course it was):
The car is owned by Arne Nilsson and Ulf Skytte. It's a chrome moly chassie with T23 body,
weighs about 800 kg / 1763.696 pounds. Ford 9" rear end 3.90 gears, will change to 4.11.
14,5 x 33 x 15 slicks to enhance the friction on the asphalt. Powerglide with original house,
transbrake Turboaction, 8" converter. In the car you'll find an 8 cylinder V-engine of 532 ci.
4.6" bore Bowtie block. 4" stroke Lunati crank. Manley 6.535" aluminium rods, Venolia pistons
give about 14.5:1 in compression. Old Pontiac Pro Stock heads 2.35 / 1.90 valves. The camshaft
which late friend Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist, Autoshop, chose for me is a CompCam
326A-R14 which showed to be right on, engine is easy on idle and I haven't had to shims a valve
spring yet. The alcohol that's left over after I got what I need is injected into the engine through
a system from Ron's Racing that's called Terminators.
Have so far gone 7.44 @ 292 kmh / 181 mph.
Aim: 7.3 @ 300 kmh / 186.4 mph.
I want to thank my mother who set birth to such a perfect boy child, good looking, smart and
humble (three others didn't came out that good). Thank you also Arne, Skytte, Mia, Jörgen
and Elina for all the help at the races. Also to Birgitta at Autoshop in Orlando who makes
it possible for me to do this. And of course to sponsor Pelle Lax at Scan News, Thailand!

Karl was awarded hugs and applauses and the Long Distance Award! Jumping salmons in the nearby
Byske river engraved in granite rock by local artist Jenny Löfvenius at Norrsten in Burträsk. This award
will certainly add some exotism among Karl's other awards on the shelves in his Maryland home.
Karl Ellwein: Overall, Fällfors was relaxing and there was a lot of racing going on.

Hit the road Jacks! A 2 hr cool SS cruise south on the highway to Umeå awaits. All three colors.
DGGM, BBB and DCM! See more at The Tour page (when finished)

Thank you all photographers for letting me use your nice pictures!
Without you it would've been only my own pictures and it wouldn't have been the same story!

Mats Alfredsson -
Richard Lindahl -
Katrina Greenwood - Polymoog
Ola & Karl & Kent

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Bonus video from Mats Alfredsson!
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