We wanted it to be clean when we did a comeback at the local Blackrace after a couple of years of
drag racing only. Our plan was to test the car before going to Moholmsstrippen the next weekend, to
see that all problems were solved? And these days they even offer 60-foot times at the Blackraces!

I said "No More 1-Day Races" after Säve because it is too much work for me to change the car from
street to strip and back to street - compared to what you get out of it. Especially if you have an issue
or two with the car. On a two-day event you at least have time to drink coffee. However, when Tony
Döbrösi offered his help this time, I thought it was worth it. Tony hasn't been a mechanic in our team
for years and it was wonderful to see all the transforming work now taking only half the time again.

Two boats in the same picture! The Blackraces are now held at the Göteborg City Race track which
was finished last year for the STCC-series circuit racing and it's in the middle of the city down by the
riverside! Hey! "There's a drag strip down by the riverside..." as Joe South sings in the 1970 hit
Note that new big foam fire estinguisher. No more powder around this car! Thank you drag racing
firefighters Jörgen Hult and Micke Schriever for your professional support in this matter! =)

The straight at Göteborg City Race is just perfect for a Blackrace. The blacktop is very smooth and very
even, but not prepared with trackbite or anything. I was promised to use my own trackbite, but I first
wanted to try it au naturel to see the hook factor. Then trackbite!

Felt very strong and sounded very fine tuned! Click it to get bigger one.

Why are they shielding their ears...? Isn't it music? =)

Au naturel wasn't good enough for the 1100 hp Blackout SS. Even if I caressed the throttle in the
beginning and slowly pressed it to the floor I had to lift it several times. Next time trackbite!
Even if the Blackrace christmas tree is made like a traffic light, the rest is like on a drag strip.
Bad ET was 7.7 something, bad speed was 150 kmh something and bad 60 foot was 1.8 something...

"What's dripping under your car, Mr Bostic?" Well, VP Synthetic 10W-40 Racing Oil.

"Poff!" The crank front seal was out! No more racing. At least tonight. See the oil drops all over...

It must be possible to clean the area and glue it back in its place? The alternative is to change the seal
and for that I need to lift the engine out and remove the crank and use 8 tonnes of pressure to get the
ATI Super Damper off the crank... Hm...? I'll try the glue alternative...for next weekend at least.
At least it seemed like the melting/burning-spark-plug-boots-problem was solved!

Well, no use of my trackbite cans. Damn it! It's always amusing to chat with your friends at a race, like
"Raggar- Pelle" (to the left in the middle picture) who now is a manufacturer of car body parts for racers
in both glassfiber and even carbon fiber, with an ever growing selection! Mårten Carlsson (right) is the
hard working daddy for Blackrace in Gothenburg.

Axel thought the Impala became very boring in a second and found more fun things to do as an burnout
official. He just walked into it and started to flap his arms. For a while I wondered where he was!?

"Bulten" steers up Kenny Lundberg's AC Cobra. Kenny tested nitrous for the first time and did a Break-
out, which is quicker than 7.50 (the quickest ET allowed in Blackrace). Break-out ET's are withheld
information to lower the excitement. Also you're only allowed to make two break-outs, then go home!
And that was my plan, to run a couple of low 6's with 60-foot times - get banned and drive back home!
Easy. The speed of the AC Cobra was 154.29 kmh. And the 60-foot: 1.712 seconds.

I think the Chicken Race stopped the clocks at 13 seconds something? I believe the 60 foot must
have been one of the best all night? The starter Emelie Andréasson - and all others - couldn't resist
laughing when this radio-controlled chicken staged his 4-wheeler. But it was even more funny
to see it flying over bumps in the pit. =)

Craziest all night was Kari "Miffo" Kalliomäki who really beat his Nissan 200SX to the limit and got a
lot of applauses from the cheering crowd! Noted a best of 7.971 @ 156.48 kmh.

- Axel! Axel, let's go home now! It's late!
- No dad, I must work here!

- AXEL!!!

Sorry if anyone of you racers was disturbed of Axel as an official. The real official Jörgen thought it was
just OK. And I'm sure Blackrace will have another guy in their team of officials in a while!

All are welcome to the time trials of the Blackraces, there's space for everyone and this is the final
list of this night. Sadly we didn't even get the pleasure in doing a Break Out! Which I did several
years ago with the
"stock" engine on nitrous...
More results and all about Blackrace here: www.blackrace.nu

After thouroghly cleaning with both a degreasing agent and methylated spirit it was time to put the seal
back, now with Loctite 5923 as a glue (old Permatex patent). It was so tight I needed to put some force
into it to geat the seal seated, which felt good. So hopefully it stays there now!?
Why did the seal blew out in the first place? Because the crankcase pressure was to high! Why?

The source of the problem was the new headers with that
PCV valve (arrow). That valve may work very
fine on a NA engine and open headers but it must instead be blocking the air from escaping on a blown
engine with a much higher crankcase pressure!?
The PCV valve was plugged and I again took use of two small stainless bottles from Biltema (40 SEK
each), drilled them and once again had a working crankcase ventilation with the tubes from the valve
cover and cam cover. I have always had it this way but threw away (!) my former bottles when getting
these new headers with the PCV valve... You always learn new things.

When under the car looking up, I noted that the blower belt had been slapping the Meziere WP118
water pump and shaved the wires! So even more had to be taken apart to solve this. I sent this picture
(left) to the Meziere support and asked if it was all right to turn parts B and C 90 or even 180 degrees to
avoid the belt slapping on the wires? They said it was, but only a 180 degree turn.

4 screws, turned. An easy maneuver.

Now we are ready for Moholmsstrippen!