Exhaust General

This was my first real bolt-on in the Blackout SS, an Edelbrock 2.5" exhaust system. Excellent fit.
Came in very good use with the stock Moses motor on nitrous.

Headers were matching Edelbrock headers with 1 5/8" primaries but of course a set of 1 3/4" headers
would have been better with all these nitrous runs.

The Edelbrock 2.5" system was sufficient for the 355 ci Moses but I needed at least 3" for the 396 Jesus.
I was told that Apple Racing's 3" straight mufflers were a good choice. Straight means straight...
Today I use four Apple mufflers like these on Blackout SS.

Mmmmm......if you know what I mean?

Exactly in the middle of the flow, the sensor probe for the EGT -
Exhaust Gas Temperature. The instrument is inside the car.

Best friend Tommy "Aga" Olsson is the welding artist behind this system, built for the needs of the
supercharged Jesus 396 ci. Now it is completed so I'll be back with an update ASAP.

Clean underneath. Quad 1 headers seem to handle the heat OK if you compare to the stainless pipes!
On top
in picture, mounted in the collector, there's the broadband lambda-sensor (pre-heated) which
is talking to the FAST system.

The rest of the exhaust system is getting together piece by piece after testing ground clearance.
Rear pipes are going under the rear axle because there's no space for them above the axle after
I lowered the car 2" with ST springs.

January 19 - 2009

I splurged today...

I really splurged when I went to Höjdargaraget once again... I wanted Jonas Mr Al Holt Impalakungen
Skruv to manufacture two reducers for my new 3,5" headers collectors (to fit the 3" exhaust system).
I could have bought them at different shops, but prices were ridiculous. It's better to visit Jonas and
watch some live handicraft - and get coffee and some laughter within the deal.

How to splurge a steel tube

This is the problem. The collector is 3,5" in diameter and it must connect to the 3" exhaust system.
A part of the solution is a Zbrojovka (pronounces Zbrojovka). A legendary 50's Czech lathe which Jonas
bought from the local fire department some years ago. When it was new it cost 22.000 SEK.
Zbrojovka also made cars and fire arms...

1. Jonas makes an aluminium cone with 3" in one end and 3,5" in the other - minus the tube thickness
1,5 mm x 2 = 3 mm.

2. The 3" tube fits snug on one end. 3. Grease first. 4. Pressure up to seven metric tonnes. 5. Splurged

6. TIG weld. Another chance to take a series of Dart Vader-pictures, which I never get tired of. Then
coffee and some jokes and laughters. Thanks Jonas, see you!

Back in TBDGIT. With the new reducers connected to the collectors it became obvious how the next
step must be executed to finialize the exhaust system.

Driver's side will be easiest, distance-wise of the gap.

Passenger side. Much more close and tighter to fix this. Easy for the race-tubes, but the cat-tubes
will certainly be a challenge. The cat is almost as big as the gap. Yes, also on the exhaust side there
will be V-clamps, but of 3" diameter of course.

To get rid of the 3-bolt flanges and instead introduce these V-flanges will improve the future when
making it much easier when shifting between the race-tubes and cat-tubes. Of course I need the
cats when going to yearly inspection for passing the emission test.

January 24

A small step forward

I managed to get a little time over to get to TBDGIT to cut off the
3-bolt flanges on the crosstube and tack weld the new V-clamp rings.

February 1

Final exhaust work?

I'm done with the puzzle of cutting and grinding pipes and tack welding them with the MIG to make the
two new pipes leading the exhaust from the collectors to the crosspipe and further back. I have also
reworked the crosspipe to the better (straighter flow). And it's so nice to finally see these Burns
stainless V-claps in the car!

Axel was together wih me in TBDGIT today to help out. He took care of all the air grinding inside of
newly cut pipes, for the sake of flow. Note his hat from Pite Dragway 1991. Old souvenir I found.

Axel is growing up. He has his 11th birthday on February 6 and he really wants to do the right things,
like drinking coffee (a little, with milk), wearing earmuffs, gloves and Tony Tight's garage sweater.

Here it is! 3" stainless crosspipe. Layed out as smooth as possible. The exhaust fumes will just love
to ride through this one!

Can you believe this thing will transport 1200 hp worth of air? Well, the first version managed close
to 1100 hp...and now it's better.

Axel now driving solo, just a short stretch behind the fences. He is
doing it with caution, very slow and calm, but absolutely in control.
Time to take our pipes to Jonas.

Jonas Alholt will do the final TIG-welding of the last pipes for us.
- Hello King! Can you fix this too?
-Yes, of course.
-See you in a week then.
-Yes, take care in India.

February 8

Exhaust complete

The last of the pieces TIG-welded by Jonas was the driver's side pipe between the collector and the
crosspipe. Before it could take 30 minutes to remove it due to the hard-to-reach 3-bolt flanges. Now it
takes only 30 seconds thanks to the Burns V-clamps! I love it!

Complete. To shield the carbon fiber drive shaft (removed here) from the heat the crosspipe will be
wrapped with an exhaust wrap. Sorry about the dirt under here, but that's a street car for you.

June 28

Exhaust system is now completed. It's a smooth system even if it doesn't look like that from this angle.
Blackout SS is a lot brighter underneath than on the outside.

I lied above. Not until now the driver's side header is finished. I had to fabricate a new heat shield in
aluminium first to save the transmission blanket and the floor from the heat. Not so much from this
coated header but mostly from the cat that will be mounted here when driving to the yearly inspection.
The shield has a 10 mm - 3/8" folded edge to maintain air circulation between shield and floor.

Now there is just some trimming left. On the passenger side nothing of this work is needed.

Exhaust doesn't touch shield anywhere and it also stands free from transmission blanket.

At Hot Rod Heaven (Biltema) I bought a roll of not to expensive fiberglass heat wrap with aluminium foil.
They say it's good for up to 1100° C / 2012° F. Crosspipe will be dressed.

Mix Megapol...

There you go! The heat control continues throughout the exhaust system with this wrap after the coated
headers. Doing it on the crosspipe is mostly to save the carbon fiber drive shaft from the heat.
It's only a finger in between.