I have now also collected all my videos and many others Impala SS-films too at
an YouTube Blackout Channel, for your convinence. At last!

Taking the camper down the dragstrip...

Hahaha! At last I found my old edited 3rd generation copy VHS of my race with the
camper behind the Camaro in its early iron-year of 1982! Wonderful memories!
It is 1 min 48 seconds.
And if you know the song and the band I would appreciate that information!

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350 stocker on Nitrous at Mantorp

Reaction Time: 0.013 seconds
60 foot: 1.653 sec
1/8: 7.925 @
84.57 mph
1/4: 12.574 @ 105.37 mph

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396 stroker with supercharger at Santa Pod

10.80 with problems...

60 foot: 1.532 sec
1/8: 6.896 @ 100.20
1/4: 10.802 @ 125.42

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At European Finals at Santa Pod

A ridiculous burnout...

Too much power - too little traction

Stumpy and Karl in an intelligent
discussion on the broken crank

Street legal Audi with Keith Black
Chevy goes mid 8's and 180 mph!

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The World Record for caravans 2005!
It is heavy, heavy...love! We did it!

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"Dyno Days"

The film that shows what really happened in Florida in January and February
when the Blackout Full Size Racing team worked harder than ever together
with the best in the world to straighten up their Impala SS!
Four weeks in 5.30 minutes. 24M - 600 kbs

Tony "Tight" Döbrösi
Karl "King" Ellwein
Glen "Stumpy" Koenig
Tim Takash
Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist
Birgitta "The Queen" Bergqvist
Job Spetter
Bostic "Anders" Bolero

Special appearance by:
Henry "Smokey" Yunick
Original music by:
Klas Insulán and AC/DC

Bilsport - Autoshop Racing Engines - Nordtrafik
Dockhouse Film & TV

You can also
read (again) about how we did the film. (Click bar below)

Getting ready for the European Finals
at Santa Pod 2006. For the first time
everything seems to work with the
car - at the same time - and it's
delivering a huge amount of torque
and horsepower and happiness!
Friend Tommy made this film,
without knowing it in a way...

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The Santa Pod 2006 video!
(Short version)

9.84 made the Blackout SS the
quickest street Impala SS in
The World! But executed 4 years
later than I planned in 2001...
...but who really cares now?!
Enjoy and Cheers!

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On October 14 2006 we had a Guys
Only Evening Axel and me, which
started with fixing things on the SS
in TBDGIT. Then we went to Burger
King and some cruising. Happy guys!

Just a small on-board video from the
1/8 mile track MECA Raceway in
Malmö at the season ending Winter
Nationals in September. Exploring
the fuel pressure drop.
Find the report from this race here:

Whoopsie Daisy!

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Is the transmission slipping or the slicks? Yes.
Two troublesome races in a row at Mantorp.

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More videos will come as long you want to watch!